Yoga Oracle

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In a playful way, we learn the main principles of Yoga. Basically, the Yoga oracle is a game which helps us toward positive principles of life and strategies of wisdom. It also contains a complete system to practice yoga for beginners and advanced users.

The Yoga oracle consists of 180 single oracle statements. They can be found via a random generator. Simply enter numbers 1 through 180 and click on generate. You can print and play it with friends (left). Interpret the Yoga oracle always by the principles of truth and love. The message must correspond to your inner truth and be helpful for you.


1. Wikipedia: „Yoga refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines originating in India. Patanjali systematized the conceptions of Yoga and set them forth on the background of the metaphysics of Samkhya. Samkhya is one of the six schools ofHindu philosophy and classical Indian philosophy. The Samkhya school is dualistic (God and nature exist). Advaita Vedanta (non-duality, only God exists) is considered to be the most influential school of Hindu philosophy. Vishishtadvaita Vedanta is a sub-school of the Vedānta. Vishishtadvaita is a non-dualistic school. It is non-dualism of the qualified whole, in which Brahman (God) alone exists, but is characterised by multiplicity. In consequence the Advaita Vedanta says that only enlightenment is important. Vishishtadvaita and Samkhya say, that Enlightenment (God) and a good wordly life is desirable. We have to work for a happy world and our own happiness. These are the two fundamental spiritual positions.

Oracle = Realise yourself! What do you want to achieve in your life? What are your goals? Feel exactly into you. What does your inner wisdom say? You find your way by combining your clear thinking with a good inner feeling for yourself. Go the way of your inner wisdom. Your inner wisdom will guide you to your true self, to self-realization and inner happiness. Who’s going consitent the way of his inner wisdom, has the feeling to be on the right track. He feels good with himself and his life. Are you on the right track?

Saving the world

Mariatu without hands

2. I (Yogi Nils) regular donate for UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and many other charities. As a result I often get information brochures. Yesterday, a newsletter of UNICEF was in my mailbox. It told of the suffering in the world and also of the many people who are committed to helping. I was particularly impressed by a report of an African girl. The small Mariatu were at the age of twelve years chopped off both hands by soldiers as a cruel game. She then begged in the capital of Sierra Leone to her livelihood. Despite her cruel fate she did not give up. She played with a young theater group. Thus UNICEF discovered her, and today she lives in Canada with a foster family. She has written a book about her life (Mariatu Kamara, The girl without hands) and was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. As a former victim of war, she is now working against war and for the protection of children.

About one billion people around the world are starving. In the Western world, about 30% suffer from mental problems. The causes are the great pressure to perform in school and work, and the lack of love between people. There is plenty to do in the world. We need a lot of warriors of light. A happy world is possible. The world is rich enough to feed everyone. The science of happiness is available. Let us save the world. Let us do what is possible for us. Many small drops of water can become a great rain, which brings the world to bloom.

Oracle = Help in building a world of peace, love and happiness. What can you do? Walk the path of all-embracing love and grow into the light. Move a hand in blessing and think, „I send light to…(name). May all people be happy. May the word be happy.“ Success!

TV Meditation

3. If we watch TV every day it is difficult for us to stay on the path of inner happiness. The happiness research has clearly established that much TV consumtion leads to unhappiness. It causes attachment, aggression, fear and unwisdom. Not the outer pleasure but the inner happiness is the center of life. We need love, peace and spirituality to get a happy life. When we watch television, we should be aware of the negative influences. We should wisely select our television programs, watch only little or no television (one hour a day) and cleanse us spiritually after each television (self-reflection, spiritual reading, meditation, walking).

1st Globe = We visualize the earth beneath us, rub the earth with our feet and think, „May all beings be happy. May the world be happy.“

2nd Television = What man on television today touches you negative or positive? Clean the energetic connection, visualize him as a Buddha. Give him a positive sentence. Aggressive people you can send wisdom and inner peace. With happy people you can rejoice. Suffering beings you can give light and strength. Think the sentence as a mantra until you have overcome all attachment or rejection. Everything you see outside makes a knot in your soul. Create harmony in your mind. The first step to happiness is a positive world in your mind. We move a hand and send all the people in the television light: „I send light to .. I wish him / her wisdom, love and happiness. May all people on TV be Buddhas or Goddesses of love.“

3rd Mantra = We put our hands together in the lap, move our feet and think many times the mantra „Om Shanti“ in our body, in our legs and in the whole world. We stop a minute every thought. We relax. Practice love, peace and wisdom. Send every day all people light. This is the way to become enlightenment und to live in the light (in happiness, in God).

Oracle = Stay with perseverance on your way of wisdom. Live as a winner. Reach your goals. „My goals are … My way of a fulfilling life is …“ Success.


Hut Yogi Nils

4. For 24 years I live now in seclusion as a yogi. Before that I was a lawyer, had a family, many friends and stayed in the city center. The relationship foundered after 12 years. I took the great change, gave up my law career and went into my little house in the woods. Today I arrived at me and in my life. The separation from my wife was the hardest decision of my life. I have mourned for many years. Inwardly, I refused to accept my life as a yogi. I was always somehow mentally in my former apartment in the city. I had to dissolve the blockage. On the way of yoga dissolves everything. Normally the tensions are resolved by constant meditation, walking, reading, yoga and karma yoga (doing good work for a happy world). Some tensions require a little extra mental work. If you mentally focuse on the core of a tension that is connected with a neurotic thought pattern, blocked emotions appear and the soul can be freed. This often happens in situations of suffering, if you don´t repress the emotions. Then appears repressed pain and can be released. You just feel into your problem and think about it. Then meditate on the feelings of longing, sadness, anger, or fear for so long, until they disappear on their own.

Last night I suddenly had the idea to visualize me in my old room in the city. Then I walked mentally to my present location. I visualized me in my yogi hut as a secluded yogi. I thought about how to accept my new life. I concentrated on my spiritual goals. I accepted my suffering. I found a way to feel good in my life as a yogi. I developed for myself a moderate spiritual path with much pleasure. By this I broke up the blockade. The whole night flowed cleaning processes through my body (heat, cold, restlessness, dreams). In the morning I felt myself arrived in my current life.

Oracle = What is your mental core problem? What solves your problem? How can you arrive in your life? What do you need to feel well in your life? Give it to you. Success.


5. A venomous man in a philosophy forum has stated, that I have failed at life. Therefore, I had become a yogi. He intended to hurt me. I took his statement to think about my and my life. I felt into the depths of my soul, but I could not find the term „failure“, but the feeling of „rightness“. My path of life has developed alright in my opinion.

One could say, that my former relationship has failed. Relationships can fail. This happens often in this day and age. This is a tragedy, when you see the meaning of life in a good relationship. This is not a drama, if you see the meaning of life in enlightenment (in God). From the perspective of enlightenment it can be spiritually very happy if a secular path fails. As a yogi, one is growing fastest to enlightenment. Life forced me to grow quickly on the spiritual path. What could be wrong with that? A person with a great wisdom would cheer.

In yoga, there is the path of the four stages of life. In youth you learn. Then you work, marry and have children. If the children are grown up, you retire to the spiritual practice. At some point you are then enlightened, and you have a happy old age. After the death an enlightened automatically goes over to paradise. The four stages of life show us a way to a fulfilled life.

Oracle = Everything is correct, as it is.

Nils and the Women

Bologna marriage.jpg

6. Nils met Evelyn in a dance club in 1971. Evelyn had blond hair and large breasts. Nils paid more attention to the outer appearance than the inner quality of women back then. Evelyn’s looks were very much to his liking. Evelyn was searching for happiness in the context of a relationship. She was searching for the man of her dreams. For a time, she thought Nils could be just that man. Nils also tried to fulfill this expectation, but became overwhelmed after a time when attempting to live up to Evelyn’s idea of a perfect relationship. It’s hard to believe, but Nils wasn’t perfect. He was particularly inattentive when it comes to external things, and that annoyed Evelyn after a time.

Evelyn studied to become a foreign language correspondent. She had a difficult family life growing up as her parents had constantly quarreled with one another. She wanted love, affection, and a feeling of security. She hoped to find these things with Nils that she had lacked in her family and herself. Evelyn visited Nils often. They went dancing together, talked a lot, and were affectionate and physical with one another. After a half a year, they had sex for the first time, then again and again and more and more often. They wrote love letters to one another. A particularly lovely sentence from Evelyn read, “life is like a strong current. Everyone tries to hold oneself above water. Many do this alone, and others have someone they can hold onto. That is a wonderful gift.”

In their first year together, Evelyn and Nils were very much in love. That is normal. In the second year, they weren’t quite so smitten. That is also normal. In the third year, they began to fight a lot. That is unfortunately also quite normal in today’s world. Evelyn and Nils noticed that their relationship had reached a critical phase. They recognized that they had come to a turning point and that something needed to be done. That was no easy task. Many couples first wake up to the reality of their situation when they first fully recognize the negativity that has rised between them. Then it is often too late to do anything about it. Those who can change their relationship dynamic in time, can often hold onto a long term happy relationship. But what exactly is the way to attain this long term happy relationship?

Evelyn and Nils tried to communicate better. They bought books about positive relationships and worked through these books together, but it didn’t help much. The center of their difficulties lay with the fact that Evelyn expected Nils to live up to the demands she placed on him to be the man of her dreams. She expected him to make her happy on a deep level. Evelyn did not search for this happiness within herself. Those who cannot find happiness within themselves, need a partner to fill this void. Those who cannot be independently happy need extra happiness from the partner and often therefore overwhelm their partner with such a heavy burden. Evelyn and Nils didn’t know the way to achieve a happy relationship. A relationship often tends to be a sort of dependency, where those involved expect something from the other. They want love, sex, affection, security. When the relationship depends on wanting, the feeling of love becomes cramped and a constant power struggle ensues. The person who can fight the best gets the most. Love doesn’t stand a chance in such a situation.

In the beginning of a relationship, the constant need for love is normal. When the relationship becomes long term, it must be based on a more spiritual foundation. The basis of the relationbship needs positive characteristics such as wisdom, love, peace, and thoughtfulness. We need to anchor ourselves in a goal of inner happiness and not expect the partner to provide happiness. Often, we depend on outer happiness instead of looking for it within. We must find this within in order to provide positive thinking and a love based on giving. When we can live our relationship destinies out in such a way, we can be happy in the long term. We can grow in happiness and in love. A sort of love addiction burns out after a time. A love based on giving is true love and can grow without bounds. A pure heart chakra can open the individual up to the highest plain of enlightenment, until we are only love itself, and as such live love and radiate love into the world.

The way of superficial happiness is based on the tendency to expect to be happy through another person. This is the way of “addiction”. This means it is only destined to end in failure. Those who expect happiness from others will only be disappointed. At some point in time, the “honeymoon” phase is over and both people will revert to their usual tendencies. Most people blame the partner for their lack of happiness. They begin to fight or to draw back in frustration. We need to overcome this faulty philosophy of superficial happiness. Then we can live in long term happy relationships. Evelyn got her ideas about the perfect relationship from Hollywood. Nils based his ideas on the psycho-analytic theories of Sigmund Freud. Both of these notions were incorrect and lead to unhappiness. Most actors , who live in the world of film, have unhappy relationships and split up constantly. The same goes for psychologists. The best relationships are to be had by those who care for the relationships with spirituality.

Instead of exercising positive thinking, Evelyn concentrated on Nils’ personality flaws. A spiritual person busies him or herself only with his or her own flaws and concentrates on the positive characteristics of others. The Yoga greeting “namaste” means: “the light in me recognizes and bows to the light in you”. Those who see positivity in others thereby awaken their own happiness. Those who fixate on negativity strengthen the negativity in themselves. Evelyn saw the negative traits of Nils and this often enraged her. In the third year of their relationship, they had intense fights. Nils tried to understand what was going on. The sweet Evelyn had turned into a not so sweet individual. At some point, Evelyn began to see other men and Nils search for another woman. The happy fairytale came to a sad end.

Oracle = Anchor your relationship with a positive principle. Find a suitable name for this higher principle. Call it love, truth, spirituality or God. Connect yourself regularly in all beautiful and in all difficult situations with your higher principle. Live in the center of your relationship from your higher principle. Take your partner as he is. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. No man is perfect. Love means to love your partner with his weaknesses. Move a hand in blessing and think, „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

A Happy Family

Shiva family. Ganesha (happiness), Shiva (wisdom), Parvati (love), Murugan (peace) and the sacred bull Nandi (strength).

7. In modern times we are experiencing a breakdown of families. The normal case is separation, strife, selfishness and aggression. Education is hardly taking place. The education is taken over from the television. It educates children predominantly to negative values. They follow the false ideology of the outer happiness and thereby destroy their inner happiness and the happiness of their family. Families lack the path of inner happiness.

The basis of a happy family are positive values. These positive values must be fostered and promoted. This is in today’s life no easy task. Most people are influenced by the negative values of television. A positive life in a predominantly secular society requires of us daily inner work. A wise education is neither too harsh nor too freely. It sets clear boundaries and gives the child at the same time sufficient space for self-determination. In the long term the goal is to let the child find his own way, yet also assume the responsibility as a parent to a positive upbringing.

The greatest gift we can give our children is a spiritual upbringing. We give them the knowledge of the path of inner happiness. We make them masters of life. We empower them to a happy and positive life. Spiritual people are happier than unspiritual persons. In our spiritual practice it is important that we keep in touch with our inner truth. The daily practice should not be an empty ritual. We can often creative find new words and try new exercises, so the feeling is real. Only true feelings cause spiritual growth. Only mantras with true emotional involvement lead us to self-realization.

Oracle = Foster positive values. The most important values are love, wisdom, selfdiscipline, inner peace and happiness. Work with a spiritual role model. Ultimately, the model gives us the strength to go a long-term path of positive life. Most people need the inspiration of a positive role model. Each model includes positive stories. Often it is the stories that make a child related to a particular model. Have a happy family. What can you do? Find a family vision. Create positive rules in your familiy. What is your spiritual role model (BuddhaJesusShivaRamaKrishnaDurgaSaraswatiLakshmi)? What is your deed for a happy world family? Success.


8. Enlightenment can not be forced. It comes naturally to its time of grace. All what you can do, is to make consistent your spiritual exercises. It is only important, that one is on the right way for himself. At the age of 36 years, I became a yogi. The first fifteen years were difficult. I had many spiritual crisis. 2003 was the last great crisis of cleaning. Four weeks day and night I was under electricity. My body was burning so much, that I hardly needed a blanket, although it was winter. Then God switched off the power.

Since that time I am in a constant process of purification and growth. It feels like as if in me is circling an energy that cleanses all areas of the body. In yoga it is called the circling of the Kundalini energy (the serpent of Shiva). The cleaning power is metered, so that it cleanses me every day in just the right speed. It calls me every day up to my limit. If I could make a wish, I would want to grow less quickly. Unfortunately, God doesn’t interest this desire. He argues, that I have to grow quickly, so that I can fulfill my life mission.

Every week I have my spiritual crisis. But I can handle it. I take saving the world more important than my own little problems. I regulate myself with my spiritual practices. If necessary, I eat lots of sweets, watch TV or surf on the Internet. I make a long walk. So I come quickly into the light. Suddenly the little yogi laughs again. But the next crisis will surely come. I believe that life on earth is a constant cleaning path. Even after enlightenment the cleaning continues. The universe is so big that you can grow forever spiritually. And if you have saved yourself, then you can still save your friends and the whole world. In positive terms: „As Yogi you will never get bored.“

Oracle = A crisis. Forward! Stand up again. What is your goal? What is your way to victory? Success.

The Big Storm

Baum im Sturm.JPG

9. Three weeks ago there was a big storm. A huge fir fell from the neighboring property right in the middle of the roof of my little hut. I have a pitched roof with a slight slant. The fir tree fell exactly with the helix angle of the roof on my house. Thus there was a big bang, but the weight of the fir spread throughout the entire width of the roof. The optimal pressure distribution prevented the distruction of my house. Even all the roof beams remained intact. Only the roofing felt (corrugated roofing sheets) was torn to shreds by the fir branches. It rained just above my bed into my house. So I got a nice free shower. After the storm came a heavy rain. It was splashing on my bed like out of a tap.

The bed was immediately drenched. I pushed it into another corner of my room and put a bucket under the leaky spot. I felt like the poor poet of the famous painting. A poor writer sits in his bed with a stocking cap, a book in one hand and an umbrella in the other. Outside the storm raged. The night was black. My bed was wet. The house was broken. And the little yogi was remarkably peaceful. He took it calmly. Shit happens. It can happen in the great cosmos, that a tree falls on a house. Even little lovely yogis are not spared. Astonishing but true.

Oracle = Your path is difficult, but you will conquer. You have a good feel for the right track. Go your way constantly in good contact to your inner wisdom. What is your goal? What is your enemy (internal or external)? In what way can you achieve your goal? God makes you today the gift of success. Put your hands together and think: „Om all enlightened Masters. Please guide and help me on my way.“ You will win. Forward with optimism. Success.

After the Storm

10. I sat in my wet bed. The night was still black, but the storm abated slowly. I wondered what to do now. So I always do when there is a disaster: keep a clear head and do what is necessary. You can excite yourself later on.The bucket was placed under the leaking roof. I could repair the roof only tomorrow. Now it was dark and still raining a little. The neighbor was not informed. Therefore I trudged in a rain jacket and sturdy boots through the dark night to the neighbor. The house of the neighbor was behind the fir trees about five hundred meters from my house near a river. The water swelled mightily, but the house stands on a hill above the seething waters.

I rang the strong cast-iron bell that hung on the door of his wooden house. It took a while, then a sleepy figure lumbered towards the door. The door opened a crack. The neighbour asked me to come in. I thought about how to prepare my story interesting. I gleefully told him: „You do not need to scare.“ He was shocked and asked: „What happened?“ I replied, „Nothing. Bad only one of your firs has flattened my hut.“ He gulped in shock. But I reassured him: „That was a joke. Only the roofing felt is broken and it’s raining in my bed.“ Thereupon his features relaxed. Normally, my neighbor is very calmly and I’m always excited by any disaster. This time I wanted to make it a different way. But he was somehow not in the mood to joke. He did not have much money. And there would significant costs accrue to him, unless we could settle things in common. Luckily I’m a nice person with whom you can discuss everything amicably.

Oracle = After the crisis. Concentrate on the positive. Build yourself back up. Forward with self-discipline. Success.


The Fir is Sawn

11. My neighbor is a completely different person than I am. He lives a very secular life. He is 35 years old and spends his days watching TV, playing on the computer or drinking alcohol, if he does not just have to work. He has no girl friend. He is single as I do. Right now he has been unemployed for six months. He lives on welfare aid and often meets with his friends to drink and to fete. So you can live, although I prefer a life as a yogi.

We decided to wait until the next day and then to consider carefully the damages. The night was a little uncomfortable because of the wet blanket and the noisy raindrops falling into the bucket. But the next day the storm had passed, the rain no longer drops into the water bucket and outside it was bright. At last an exciting day in my uniformly yogi life. How strong the roof would be damaged? Would we be able to remove the fifteen-meter fir from my roof? I got dressed, breakfasted comfortably and then climbed with a ladder to the roof. A beautiful big tree with lots of fir cones was there, but unfortunately at the wrong time, wrong place. But I could change that. I got my chainsaw out of the house, turned it on and sawed with great noise the huge tree into small pieces. What needs a man more than a chainsaw to feel himself like a man. It lacked only the women who stood down in front of the house and clapped their hands in admiration. And then feasted the exhausted artisan with coffee and cake.

Sometime in the early afternoon my neighbor got up and came to help with his chainsaw. Every real man has a chainsaw. With mild derision, I noticed that my neighbor’s chainsaw was smaller than mine. Regardless, a chain saw is a chainsaw. The mighty tree quickly became a miserable piece of firewood. I kept the top of the fir for Christmas. Even disasters can be cleverly used for a spiritual life.

Oracle = In every life there is suffering. We have no claim to a long life, and also not to be spared from disasters. What is your suffering today? What is your positive thought? „My positive sentence is …“ Everything will turn out well. Forward with optimism. Success.


A Cheeseburger for a Vegetarian

12. After we had removed the fir from the roof, we examined the defects in the roofing felt. The fir branches had torn huge holes. I decided to buy five plates of roofing felt. Luckily, my neighbor has a big car. As it could start to rain again at any moment, we drove off immediately to a construction market. A man’s paradise. There are also the largest chainsaws. But we already had two saws, I a large and my neighbor a little. We went to the roof section. Unfortunately, the roofing felt was sold. In one week, the store manager could have had a subsequent delivery. That me was a too long time with holes in the roof. The store manager was very enterprising and told us, that half an hour’s drive away lies a further construction market. He phoned his colleagues and made sure we could get there immediately the roofing plates. So we headed to the neighboring village. Normally, I keep a short conversation with my neighbor. Now it was the time to get to know ourselves thoroughly. I told him that I was living as a yogi and that I rescue every day the world on the Internet. He could start not much with the term yoga. For enlightenment, he was not interested. It was enough for him if he had to drink something every day. Life after death? This idea he found pretty funny. I explained that I could save him after his death, if he would think of my name as a mantra. He would think about it.

The discussion became interesting for him as I told him, that yogis usually eat no meat. A life without meat, he could not imagine. In addition to the alcohol life must still have another sense. After all, he had heard, that it is unhealthy to eat too much meat. He decided to reduce his meat consumption perhabs. First, the debate aroused his appetite, and we stopped at McDonalds. Now my neighbor could surprise me. He showed me the Drive In and operated perfectly with all the announcements. He ordered two cheeseburgers for himself and a cheeseburger for his vegetarian yogi friend. Before this, I had told him that I am an undogmatic yogi. An undogmatic yogi may sometimes hit over the traces. I was thereupon immediately likeable to him. We munched delightfully our cheeseburgers and talked about the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.

Oracle = Today you are allowed to be lazy. Make yourself the life beautiful. Do what you like. Enjoy the day. What makes your mind today positive? Bring much joy into your life today.


The Roof is Nailed

13. The construction market had many roof plates in stock. We put it into the car and were back home in the evening. The next day the weather was kind enough to be dry. After getting up I began immediately with the roofing. I removed the leaves and the moss layer. Then I layed the roof panels and bonded it with tar. The adhesive was more fluid than I thought, and after a while I was more tarred than the roof. In addition, some tar dripped me on my head. At the end I was completely glued and smeared. Luckily I was dressed with old stuff, that might be dirty. I cleaned myself with a brush as far as possible, and then waited a few days, so that the tar could come off from my skin by itself. Good thing that my ex-wife did not see me so polluted. And also my mother did it not. Why must women always be so exaggerated clean? A man looks good with tar spots on the skin. He looks like honest hard work, dirt and good sex. Why I’m thinking about good sex? A yogi should not have such thoughts. After almost ten years without a girlfriend, I do not really know how women look like. I’ve apparently forgotten but not quite, that there in life other things as yoga and meditation. Also, I’m not a dogmatic yogi. Listen, you women!

Oracle = Rejoice the fullness of life. Enjoy life. Think positive. Who lives in the light, can laugh at everything. Who is rooted in the spirituality, needs to worry about anything. Everything is correct as it is. So be positive, optimistic and cheerful. Do not take anything too seriously. Live the good mood. Eat sweets until you are happy. Or do something else nice. Bring so many beautiful things in your day, that the laughter is in you.

The Next Fir

14. The next day it rained again. My eyes turned anxiously to the fir trees standing on the neighboring property. One fir tree was still closer to my house than the already fallen tree. The next big storm would destroy my house in full. I decided not to wait for the accident, but to intervene protectively. Next day I got my chainsaw out of my house and went to the neighboring property. My neighbor was just about to get drunk again with a friend. But since it was only noon, he was still approachable. For felling trees, he had no desire at the moment, however. I then tried to make the tree alone. On television, I had learned how to chop down large trees. One sawed on one side the stem a notch, and then cuts from the other side slowly towards the notch. The tree falls in the direction of the notch on the earth. Unfortunately, my notch was a little bit wrong. The tree began to crack and moved toward the power line. This direction I had not planned for the tree.

I ran to the neighbor and gave him quickly the responsibility for the tree. Finally, it was his property and his tree. He was none too pleased, but at least now he stands up and walked to the tree. The fir was still standing upright. The neighbor decided to put a rope around the top and to pull the fir with the rope away from the power line. His buddy sawed the tree, we pulled vigorously and the fir crashed to the ground. But the fir was heavier than we had thought. It roamed the overland power line. Sparks flew. And then the power line was dead. Shit happens. At least my house was safe now. All events have always a positive side, as I found out right away.

I called the electric company. In a very short time there was a car. A man looked at the power line, climbed up the mast and attached the power cord again. An hour later the power was turned back on. I realized that I am probably not perfect in felling trees. But my neighbor forgave me and invited me to drink the rest of the day with them. Meanwhile a third friend had come and brought a crate of beer. I sadly had to tell them, that I do not drink alcohol. Although alcohol drives away well all worries. But yogis prefer to think about the life and their own imperfection. So they grow in wisdom.

Oracle = Be careful, no matter what you do. Make no nonsense. Plan your life with wisdom. Do not cut large trees, if you are not able do it. Better go forward with small steps on your spiritual path. Grow slowly into the light. Success.


The Unperfect Yogi

Nils as a yoga teacher

15. As the fir crashed on my yogi hut, I had the thought: „I am insignificant for the cosmos.“ I immediately let go off my ego and therefore was remarkably peaceful. Finally bothered me much more that I had cut the second tree so unperfect. I find it easier to accept the imperfection of the universe as my own faults. Mistakes are part of life. You can learn from mistakes. Through mistakes life is always exciting. It takes unexpected turns, through which a person can grow spiritually. If he meditates on his mistakes and sacrifices his ego, he can develop his enlightenment energy. I would like to be perfect. This idea can inspire me to be better. But on the path of inner happiness, it is important first of all to accept in principle how you are. With all faults.

Oracle = Accept you as you are. What are your faults? What is your positive thought about it? „My positive thought is ….. (I take me as I am.)“


Dancing with the Chaos

16. Five fir trees are still standing. Two threaten the house and three the storm could blow on the power line someday. My neighbor has indeed declared that he wants to cut them down. But I think that it is not expected in the coming years. My neighbor is in my estimation a rotten sock, who nothing really gets together. I like him, but I rather rely on myself. The two trees standing in front of my house are so far away, that only their tips will touch the roof, if they decide to fall on my house. For the three trees in front of the power line, the electric company is responsible. She waits until a tree falls on the line and then sends a craftsmen. I did, what I could do. We’ll see what happens, when the next storm comes. Not every storm overturns firs. Sometimes it can take many years, until a new surprise is due.

Oracle = The yoga god Shiva is dancing with the chaos of life. He keeps himself constantly in the light with his wisdom, peace, self-discipline, love and joy. A yogi plans his life wise, but he cannot avoid all suffering. If the chaos of life strikes him, he takes things as they are. He retains his equanimity and brings himself with his yoga exercises quickly back to happiness. Then he can laugh again about life and himself. Forward with optimism.

The Insatiable Pussy


17. I’m not totally alone in the forest. There are many animals. A cat comes to visit me often. She wants to be petted by myself for hours. Unfortunately, I’m a very lazy yogi. We have now agreed to a brief caress each visit. My friend’s favorite joke is: „A good fairy said to a man that he has a free wish. The man wants an insatiable pussy. And then he gets a cat who has all day long hunger…“ For all children: This joke is not appropriate for minors. You do not need to understand it. The meaning becomes apparent only after a long relationship.

For my friend the meaning of life is a lot of sex. He met a nice woman. He was allowed to have sex with her twice a week. In the beginning he was enthusiastic about his wife. But after four years of relationship a pair has on average only 2.5 times a month sex. The man wants every day. The woman wants once a month. And both agree on twice a month and a failed attempt. My friend also got this cruel fate of a long-term relationship. Since some years he is on the internet in search of sexual adventures. He tries so to handle the sexual deficit in his relationship. Whether his wife likes this? Probably not. Anyway, I’m for loyalty in relationships, because everything else is a path of unhappiness in the end. It leads to injury of the heart chakra, which is difficult to heal again. A yogi should avoid unclear sexuality. The true meaning of life is inner happiness. If sexuality, then only in a relationship. If a relationship, then on the basis of loyalty, wisdom and love. That’s the clear message of the enlightened masters of all religions. Sexuality is not a bad thing, but it must be lived with wisdom.

Oracle = Be true to yourself. Stand true to your path of wisdom, to your family and to your partner. Who is loyal, is also loyal to God. Loyalty to the goal of enlightenment (to God, to happiness, to the path of paradise) will be rewarded one day immensely. What today is your way of loyalty? Success.


A Happy Single Person

Shri Lakshmi, the Goddess of love, happiness and good fortune.

18. Once a month I meet with a woman from a former yoga group. Samira is married and lives in a happy relationship. She and her husband practice every day positive thinking. They maintain the positive in their relationship and do each other well. They are constructively and carefully with each other. That’s the secret of a happy relationship. The power for a constant positivity Samira gets from yoga and her husband from Christianity. They connect every day in their way with their positive role models. Sometimes I envy Samira. It’s often not easy to live alone as a yogi. I miss contact, conversation and emotional support from a partner. And sex of course. But on the one hand, the cosmos has obviously provided for me a life as a single and for Samira a life in a happy relationship. And secondly, those who live alone as a yogi grow spiritually in general more quickly. These thoughts let me after a meeting with Samira always positively accept my lonely yogi life.

What is the way to be a happy single? The first major step towards a positive single life is to overcome the loss of a former partner. We should live our grief completely. If we repress our grief, it will dig further into our subconscious. Talk with other people about your suffering. Forgive your partner and send him positive sentences. Allow all your thoughts and feelings to come out. Think positive. The way of positive thinking is to focus on positive goals and to overcome grief with positive sentences. View the single life as an opportunity. Consider your single life as an opportunity for intensive growth to inner happiness. Make the path of inner happiness to the center of your life. Live with a spiritual plan for the day. A spiritual plan is the great victory over boredom and the loss of meaning of life. The days are now filled. The schedule gives the single life a positive structure. It gives you inner strength and positivity. You live based on positive goals and will thus become internally positive. Find the spiritual exercises who awake your happiness every day. The most important spiritual exercises are yoga, walking, meditation, reading, and positive thinking (cognitive work). The spiritual way is a cleaning path. You clean your tensions with persistence and creativity each day, until one day you’re living in permanent light.

As a single one you have a lot of rest. This is a great burden and a great opportunity. Plenty of rest is the main path to enlightenment. Plenty of rest, and the inner tension dissolve almost by itself. Connecting a lot of rest with regular spiritual practice is the optimal way to enlightenment. Those singles who do not refuge from the rest, maintain many contacts with other people or constantly turn on the TV, but go into the rest and combine it with spiritual practices, grow into the inner happiness. Enlightenment is a great grace for all singles. You are not lost. You can get to enlightenment in a relationship or as a single. But living alone usually offers significantly greater chance of reaching the goal. Living alone is the harder way of life. It is difficult for the most people to live alone. But a life as a single gives us the big opportunity to get enlightenment. Let’s use this chance. Let us realize ourselves. Let us become enlightened singles.

A great gift for singles is the path of Karma Yoga. He allows us to overcome our loneliness on a deep level. We can get into the energy of the all-comprehensive love. The center of the path of love is the goal of a happy world. We wish happiness to all beings. In our minds we are already seeing the goal of a happy world realized. We live with a positive vision. This gives us the power for a positive life. Our positive vision opens the gates of happiness within us. The main practice of Karma Yoga is to send all beings every day light. We connect us every day with our friends. We connect us with all beings that touch us emotional. We think their names. We move a hand and send them love and light. We send light all over the globe. We wish that all people in the word will be happy. We wish a happy world. We wish a happy cosmos. We break through our isolation as a single. We live in a constant emotional contact with all other beings in the world. At some point, our feeling of loneliness will disappear. We are full of love.

Oracle = Visualize yourself as a Buddha, Shiva and Goddess of Love. Think or speak the mantra: „I am a Buddha of Peace, Shiva of Power and Goddess of Love.“ Move a hand and send light (happiness, peace, love) to all beings: „I send light to … (name). May all people be happy. May the world be a happy.“ Rub your palms in front of your heart: „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help on my way.“ Rub the earth with your feet: „I take things as they are. I flow positive with my life.“ Come to rest, place your hands in your lap, make your spine straight up and think: „My positive sentence is …“ Forward with wisdom, love and optimism. Success.


Nils with son (small)

19. Tomorrow is my son’s birthday. He is 29 years old. I send him a birthday message per email. He’s like me a yoga teacher and now lives in the Yoga Vidya community in Westerwald. When he was seven years old, I separated from his mother and became a yogi. My separation was difficult for him. Before the separation, he was a happy child. After the separation, he was rather unhappy and introverted. For a time he was enthusiastic about yoga. Much to the dismay of my ex-wife. He followed his crazy father and not his materialistic mother. Later on he broke largely with his father. I welcomed it. Thereby he can find his own way. After high school my son studied psychology and got a degree as a psychologist.

Once he fell in love with a beautiful girl. Unfortunately, she did not love him. Another girl fell in love with him. But he did not fell in love with her. Shit happens. So that is unrelated to the offspring. My ex-wife and my mother would like to be grandmother and great grandmother. But it’s hard nowadays to find a suitable partner and build a lasting relationship. I do not care whether he finds a girlfriend or not. The meaning of life lies in enlightenment. All other games are secular, you can play it or not. Well, if it brings you forward on the spiritual path. Bad, if you lose at this yourself in the veil of Maya (the external illusory world). This is how a crazy yogi thinks.

My son is not seriously on the spiritual path. He tries out many things. He is looking after himself and his purpose in life. Before you find, you have to look thoroughly. Only by a consistent and reflected search you can find good results. I’ve been looking 30 years for my path. And now I’m on a deep level content with my life because my path has grown consistently from a long search. My experience is that there is no real outer life satisfaction without inner happiness. If you are not anchored in a spiritual practice, you will get no lasting contentment. And when you live in inner happiness, then you’re happy both as single and in a relationship. Enlightenment alone is sufficient. A life in God alone suffices. Through that follows all other real fortune. Who understands this, does not get lost in his life.

Oracle = Beginning. A good beginning leads to a good end. What are your goals? What is your way? Search systematic and get a lucky find. Arrive some day in the great satisfaction. „My goal is … My way to win is … “ Success. Good fortune awaits you.

A Happy Relationship

Epicurus meditating

20. Epicurus is a Greek philosopher. He is the father of positive thinking. He found the Philosophy of Happiness. I thanks a lot of Epicurus. In the search for the deeper meaning of life I met Epicurus and was rescued. In my life moved a deep satisfaction. On 20th day of each month we celebrate the birthday of Epicurus in a philosophy forum. The idea had Rhetorix. She is an avid follower of Epicurus. Rhetorix is ​​about 40 years old, a single woman and has two children. She studied philosophy. She knows very good how to bring men to read her texts: „How about love and sex? If you look at the matter from the point of Epicurus: Sex with passion is bad, because every passion is a serious threat to ataraxia (inner peace). In case of conflict, inner peace is preferable to sex. Passion often leads to trouble. Sex without passion is fine, because the resulting sensation is certainly pleasant. But we should not become addictive. All in all, love, passion, sex and marriage is a field full of pitfalls. At the best – but not mandatory – it is to stay away.“ I guess that Rhetorix had pretty had bad experiences with relationships.

How can one from the perspective of yoga lead a happy relationship? In every relationship both partners should be very sensitive to their special way to find a happy relationship. The most important rules are: 1. A good relationship takes work. It is a false belief that one can let go completely at home. It takes some effort to make a relationship succeed. 2. Live yourself and your needs so that you feel good in yourself. Do not work too much. 3. Avoid too much criticism. 4. Avoid cutting off your partner too often when he expresses his wishes. Say yes as often as is possible. 5.Solve conflicts constructively. Clarify the precise factual situation. Think about different solutions. Finde the good common ground. 6. Regularly spend time doing activities that give you and your partner pleasure. For example, sex, dining, travel, excursions and a common hobby. 7. Gladden your partner regularly with a little attention. For example, flowers, small gifts, hugs and affection. Tell him that you love him. Take him in your arms. Rejoice with positive words and gestures. 8. Avoid things that your partner does not like. Work on your own negative characteristics. 9. Fortify yourself adequately against negative behavior from your partner (for example tantrums, violations of positive life principles). Do not reward negative behavior. Stay in an neutral frame of mind or say „No“. 10. Be a good team. A good relationship is based on teamwork. A good team has a common goal. It knows its way to success.

11. Be gentle with each other. Stay out of the way, if you are aggressive. Be calm and peaceful before you communicate with your partner. Love grows on the basis of non-violence, kindness, wisdom and gentleness. 12. Compliment each other. Men love admiration. Women love gestures of affection. 13. Be honest with each other. Live in truth. Truth is the basis of every good relationship. 14. Anchor your relationship with a positive principle. Find a suitable name for this higher principle. Call it happiness, love, truth, spirituality, enlightenment or living in God. Connect yourselves regularly in all beautiful and in all difficult situations with your higher principle. Live in the center of your relationship from your higher principle. 15. Forgive one another your faults. Love means being able to forgive. Love means being able to apologize. 16. Have patience. Love means having patience. 17. Do not demand too much from your partner or from life. „Anyone who cannot limit his wishes becomes permanently unhappy. Who does not know his point of satisfaction will never be satisfied“ (Epicurus). 18. Take your partner as he is. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. No man is perfect. Love means to love your partner with his weaknesses. Accept the weaknesses in yourself, then you can accept the weaknesses in your fellow man. 19. The main happiness of a person comes from himself. Important for a lasting happiness are daily spiritual exercises such as yoga, walking, reading, reflection (introspection), positive thinking (cognitive work) and meditation. 20. They who wish the happiness of all beings grow in their own happiness. This is the highest spiritual wisdom.

Oracle = 1st We visualize the globe, rub the ground with our feet and send light to the world. We think, „May all people be happy. May the world be happy. “ 2nd We move a hand and send our partner light and enfold him with light, „Om … (name of partner). I want you to be happy.“ We imagine that our partner touches us with his hand and says, „I love you.“ 3rd We embrace our partner and merge with him energetically. We become one person. We think the mantra, „We are one.“ We feel love, tenderness and fusion. Finally, we dissolve the partner in us. He becomes a part of our own soul. We overcome all attachments through a full integration. 4th We visualize the cosmos around us. We make big circles with your arms and think, „I see the universe full of stars.“ We let our little ego go off. We focus on the wholeness of the cosmos. We rise from the level of duality to the level of unity. 5th We rub our palms in front of our heart, „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help on my way.“ Forward with optimism. The light is with you. You are protected.

Philosophy of Happiness

21. Rebecca is a girl-friend of Rhetorix: „Epicurus freed from the fear and made by this the people free and happy.“

Nils: Pain relief is one half of the Philosophy of Happiness. The other half is the awakening of inner happiness. Inner happiness can be caused by many things. Sex can make you happy. Good food can make you happy. Wine can make you happy when he is enjoyed in moderation. The main path to inner happiness is to live in peace (adequate relaxation), love and spiritual exercises. To cultivate inner happiness it is useful according to Epicurus, to practice meditation (rest) andpositive thinking.

Rebecca: „For Epicurus friendship was important. But friendship is a „means to an end.“ People are in principle alone. Who recognizes this, looks to get out of his loneliness. He looks for someone he can hold on, a friend, a beloved.“

Nils: That’s honest of you. You are looking for a friend not to give, but to get something. You want to escape your loneliness. That is okay. But the main path is to find happiness within oneself. Buddha taught: „Be yourself an island.“ Who is an happiness island in himself, can live his friendships primarily by giving. This is the way to get happy friendships at the long term. Man is not alone. He is lonely only by his ego. If he dissolves his ego, he realizes that he is a part of the whole cosmos. Man as isolated from others is an illusion of unenlightened persons. An enlightened feels energetically connected with all beings. They live in one energetic field. If the happiness in this field grows, all people become happier. I experience this in my yoga groups. I give the people the suitable exercises, the happiness in the energetic group field grows, and all people became happier. I live with my people in a field of universal love.

Oracle = The Greek philosopher Epicurus taught: „Who cannot get enough, gets never enough.“ Basically we have to limit our worldly desires, if we do not want to become its victims. We should think carefully about how much is necessary for us at external things. We should give it us. The aim of the cosmos is not our outer, but our inner happiness. Anyone who recognizes this is also thankful for the little things in life. Limit your worldly desires. Be content with what you have. Develop your inner happiness. Success.

Children of the light

Two angels walk into the light of God.

22. We are beings of the light. We are children of the light. The cosmos is our great mother and our great father. We play games of happiness in God and thus grows the eternal happiness of all beings. The problem with most of our fellow creatures is that they can not distinguish between good and bad games. Bad games often make happy the short term and unhappy the long term. Bad games are all games who focus of worldly desires.

If we anchor ourselves in external things, we always long for more. We become tensed inside, our inner happiness decreases and it takes everyone down. We are allowed to live the external things. We can have relationships. We can play relationship games. We are permitted to make us the outside world beautiful. But we must bring the spirituality at the center of our lives. We need to play our life games out of the focus of spirituality. We have to play on the basis of wisdom, love and peace. Only those games benefits us.

This is difficult to understand. There are many little devils in the world playing negative games. Little devils are always poor devils. They lack wisdom and they end up harming themselves primarily. We need many angels in the world who can teach the little devils to play in the right way. If the angels are centered in wisdom, in their spiritual practices and in all-embracing love, then they win and that will be good games for everyone.

Oracle = Life on earth is a game. Do not adhere on outer things. Take things not to seriously. Play your life, so that you grow in your love, peace and wisdom. Live your relationships, so that both partners grow into the light. Live on earth, so that the light on earth becomes more and more. „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“


23. Daria (internet-girl): Hi everyone, I would like to discuss with you the mysterious concept of „happiness“. What is happiness for you? What can make you happy? Do you believe that „all obstacles“ may be a chance? But before I share my thoughts about happiness with you, I would like to introduce myself. I am a 23-year-old Ukrainian girl. I am a happy person (with some exceptions of course). I’m studying for five years diploma translator. Soon I will make my degree. I love to laugh, to dream, and when people smile. The people around me think I’m a bright, cheery girl, even though many have no idea how I can be happy in my situation. I was born severely disabled physically. I can not go and not stand alone. When I’m home, I can make 99% of everything. I feel like a queen. But when I’m outside my apartment, I’m as helpless as a baby. I can move a little, but it is not enough to go anywhere without being accompanied. My mother is my legs. She is my everything. Without her help I would not be able to study.

Thank God my mental capacity is not affected. I am a normal person, with my own dignity, with dreams and desires. I only wish that I could go anywhere, go where I want. Sometimes I am sad because I will never be a person of normal life and enjoy its pleasures. I can never go to parties or discos, visiting friends or simply stroll along the white beach under palm trees in the South Seas hand in hand with a loved one. I console myself with the thought that my world is not really the worst. 🙂 Nothing happens for nothing. That’s what I have learned in my life. I think I’ve come with the job on the world to make a difference.

To find happiness in life is a real complicated art. I try to be happy about all the little pleasures. My greatest treasure is to see all the small moments of happiness and enjoyment. You must not have the body of a model. Happiness is when you can see the beauty of life with a non-standard body. I will not hide it. Sometimes it frustrates me to be obstructed. But I stand to me and my different kind of body. I just wish people could see me, as I really am – behind my body. I am glad, that some of my friends that actually can. Life is beautiful. No matter how it is external. It is the greatest gift we could receive from God. Thankfulness is my main way to inner happiness.

Oracle = What are you thankful for today?



24. What can I give you today? Material things you have in abundance. What you need, you can buy yourself. Do you need a perfect man or perfect woman? Then dream beautiful! A perfect men and women exists only in dreams. In reality there are only egoists who sometimes try to disguise their egoistic interests by little fairy tales. Only an enlightened being is not an egoist. Recognizes this fact and just forgive your fellow man their selfishness. Especially at Christmas.

You can be happy also with selfish persons, if the ego doesn´t grow too big. We should develop the qualities of love, peace and generosity. Especially at Christmas. Happiness comes from giving and not primarily from wanting to have. It does not matter what you get, but what you give today. Forgive your fellow man, if they give you less than you have expected. Center yourself in spirituality. Be happy by yourself. Then you can live primarily by giving. This is the way to create a world of love, peace and happiness.

Oracle = What is your gift to the world today? How can you make somebody happy? Do it. Success. Move a hand in blessing and think: „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

Christmas with my old Mother

25. My mother visits on Christmas Eve always my sister in the Black Forest. My sister cannot let her goats alone. And so we share our mother. I celebrate Christmas on the fourth Sunday in Advent, and my sister on the 24th December. Celebrating the birth of Jesus at my sister is symbolic for Christmas. The barn is existing, instead of the sheep we take the goats, and the shepherdess is my sister. My mother represents the three holy Magi with their gifts. Missing only Joseph, Mary and the Christ Child. They are somehow disappeared. Previously they were there. Mary was my sister Sabine, Joseph her husband Urban and the Christ child were her two young sons. Mary and Joseph have separated and live both as a single. Urban as a farmer in his own farm and Sabine with her goats in a goat shed. The sons were grown up and moved out. I like the idea that I am the Christ Child. The Christ child is now living in a snowy small hut in a forest. The snow in winter is wonderful. I even have a string of lights in my window. By that you can identify my house well. And here you can get always the christmas gifts. But only mental in the form of small stories.

I noticed that my mother can not really enjoy something. How many old people she thinks basically negative. Our Christmas party was a little chaotic. She told me about the latest deaths and diseases in her circle of acquaintances. Then I reported her how terrible it is in the world, according to television news. Then we lit the candles at Christmas and gave each other the presents. We tried to smile grimly, because we did not realy want to have what we got. Now comes the turn. As my main Christmas gift I told my mother that she can everything give back to me. And suddenly Christmas became relaxed. My mother got a surprisingly good mood. She gave me one of my gifts back and took the rest for Sabine, Urban and their children. This year the former family wanted to celebrate Christmas together. Because it is boring somehow, if all family members are spread over the Black Forest and fete Christmas alone as singles. Thus, all are happy at Christmas. The Holy Spirit also founds in the chaos of the Western family dramas his way to bring the light.

Oracle = Love, peace and harmony. Bring the light into the world. How can you make someone happy. Do it. Success. Move a hand in blessing and think: „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

How I spent Christmas

26. First I wrote a poem: „Sun rays penetrate the cold. The ice thaws. It becomes warm in the heart of the lonely yogi. He thinks on his many internet friends in the world.“ Then I looked what my friends in the online forums at Christmas wrote to me. Doro said: „A feeling of love, peace and happiness. This is Christmas.“ Isis went so far to declare: „Oh you wonderful Yogi.“ The day was saved. I replied: „Oh you wonderful Isis. Thanks, that you can see me in this way.“ Then there was a knock at the door. My musician friend from Berlin entered. He was visiting his widowed mother, who lives a few miles away from me. I proudly showed him my new blog on the internet and then escorted him through the forest to his mother. There we celebrated Christmas together. His mother is an evangelical Christian and church musician. We discussed the sentence: „Who believes in God shall be saved.“ And discovered her shocking disbelief. The longer she stayed in the church, the more she became skeptical. The many power struggles robbed her faith in the christian love. How do you convince a doubting Christian from God? That’s not easy. I gave my best, but I wasn´t very successful.

To rebuild me, I watched at home on TV the Catholic Christmas Mass in Rome. Pope Benedict told the Christmas story. Politically, I have a widely different opinion than he. He has blocked all progressive developments in the Catholic Church. He has profoundly misunderstood the idea of enlightenment. The Bible for him had come flying down from heaven. But I admire his humility. I looked at him with compassion, as he celebrated weak and limpy the endless ceremonies. The rituals became boring to me at sometime. I sacrificed myself into the boredom, my energy turned inwardly and happiness appeared. Suddenly I was able to accept the pope as he is. I saw in all Christians my spiritual brothers and sisters. The great religions of the world have different priorities. But they all can help us on our path to enlightenment. We only have to find out, what we personally just need.

Oracle = Accept your doubts, but be constructively. Exists God? Is there a life after death? Find your way of wisdom. Inform yourself. Think thoroughly. „My way of wisdom is … Unwisdom is…“ Success.


The Yogi and the Musician

Yogi Nils mit Tannenbaum.JPG

27. My musician friend is as his mother a doubting evangelical Christian. He knows well the modern theology. But a clear own spiritual path he has not. After school he became a freelance musician. He usually plays alone, because few others can follow his very unique style of music. He makes no compromises. He does not adapt with the times. This is not the way to become a popstar. He lives as a single as his yogi friend. Both complement each other well. The Yogi can talk for hours and the Musician can listen for hours. The Yogi has always a crazy idea in his head when the Musician visits him. Then they turn on the computer and the Yogi shows him his latest internet texts. Somehow the Yogi is also an artist, a writer. Not very well, but endless creative.

In the photo we see the Yogi celebrating Christmas with the rest of the fallen Christmas tree. Before him lies his yoga mat. Under a forest poster we see a table with Christmas gifts. Susanne from the yoga group had sent him a Christmas cake. Above his head hang some pieces of paper. We read: „Poor little Yogi“, „The spiritual path is difficult,“ and „A saint lives in God like a fish in the water.“ Well, from a saint the Yogi is still far away. Better fits the phrase „Poor little Yogi.“ A little self-knowledge has never hurt anyone. But self-pity is misplaced. The Yogi has chosen his way by himself. He could be rich, happy and famous. But he loves it small and miserable.

Oracle = What is your way of life? Live inside happy and outside unpretentious. Center yourself in spirituality and the happiness is with you. No matter how the external things turn. Success.

The Ten Points of Happiness

Bhuvaneswari Yantra. A yantra is a meditation image that can bring you by visualization into a unity consciousness.

28. The most important results of today’s happiness research can be summed up in ten points. 1. A Proactive Life is a Happy One Happy people have positive goals and positive tasks. Proactive people are 15% more satisfied with their lives than more passive people. Happiness researcher Ed Diener explains, “happy people set goals for themselves again and again.” 2. An Active Life is a Happy OneRegular physical activity keeps the body healthy and makes the spirit happy. Daily walks raise the level of happiness 12%. David Niven says, “people who stay fit via sports are healthier, more positive, and more successful.” 3. Doing Good for the World is a Source of Happiness Those who regularly do good things for others are 24% happier than those who only live for themselves. John A. Schindler wrote, “live as a giving person. Those who give are happier than those who only take. Those who give to others discover the beauty in the world.” 4. Rest and Relaxation Bring Happiness The central point of a healthy and happy life is to find the balance between rest and activity. Besides, work, physical activity, and time spent with others, we need time to rest and relax. We need to get enough sleep. Scientific research shows that relaxed people think more positively and are happier. Every hour of sleep missed lowers the positivity one can experience during the day. Where that point of balance between rest and activity lies, must be decided for oneself. Everyone needs to experiment a little to find this correct balance. We have to figure out who much sleep we need and how much relaxation time we need and at what speed we function at our best. We in the western world of „go, go, go“ who wish to stay happy and healthy, must also live extra clever. We need to organize our lives in an intelligent way to facilitate inner happiness and find one’s personal way to inner balance. 5. Positive Thinking Those who think positively double their chance to realize happiness. Those who wish to be happy should think positively. The positive characteristics of wisdom, love, peace, inner power and joy in life should be set as the central point of one’s life. One should exercise a conscious decision to be positive. Fo example, we can ask ourselves, “ how can I go through the day in a positive way?”

6. Too Much Television Makes You Unhappy Scientific research states, „ every hour of television lowers the general quality of life by 5%“. TV orients people around superficial things, and the concept of superficial happiness. It raises desire, increases aggression, and creates sorros. Those who would like to grow in terms of happiness, should stop watching TV. (David Niven: Die 100 Geheimnisse glücklicher Menschen. München 2000, Seite 32 f.) The way to positive TV viewing consists of : a) choose your programs carefully. Avoid negative films. B) Find the correct amount of TV. Children should watch a maximum of one hour per day of television. C) After watching TV, one should practice some form of spiritual exercise (such as yoga, meditation, walking, reading, contemplating the meaning of life). 7. Foster Friendship Build on your positive circle of friends. Women who talk to others reduce their worries by 55%. Cancer stricken women who met with a group once a week raised their survival chances to twice as high as those who didn’t meet with a group. In the western world, there is a strong tendency towards isolation. There are many single and lonely people. People who have a good circle of friends are happier and not isolated. We should take care of our friendships and practice positive activities with them. 8. Facilitate Joy Those who can find little elements of joy in their lives can raise their overall happiness by 20%. Nils once felt bad and in order to raise his spirits, he ate a lot of sweets. His spirit brightened more and more. Then he visualized the sweets in his stomach and awakened his kundalini energy. He awakened a strong energy which quickly brought him back into the light. Nils learned to thus connect outer enjoyment with spiritual exercises. One then needs less sweets. Just a bit of outer enjoyment is enough for inner happiness. 9. Humor Those with a good sense of humor raise their positivity by 33%. We should foster our sense of humor and learn to not take things so seriously. We should learn to laugh at our selves. Those who are able to do so, can live lighter and brighter. It is good to see cheerful films, read funny books, and to visit joyful people. 10. Self-ConfidenceHappy people believe in themselves. They believe in their goals, their wisdom, and their power. They see themselves as winners. They know they will prevail in the long term. In a world of doubt, all followers of the way of bliss need inner strength in order to go about their way successfully. The followers of inner happiness need a clear anchor in terms of wisdom, self-discipline, and self-confidence to avoid being brought back by materialism and doubt.

Oracle = Anchor yourself in wisdom. Remember every day on the way of happiness, peace and all-embracing love. Play an oracle, read a spiritual book or speak a prayer (mantra). „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“ The way of wisdom is … Unwisdom is … Forward with perseverance the path of happiness. Success.

The Woman with the Six Pugs

29. I just made my morning walk. For an hour I walk every day on the Alster river through meadows and forests. Here is the most beautiful piece of God’s great earth. What should I travel to the South Seas? Paradise is here. The sun shines, the flowers are blooming and the trees push out green leaves. The birds sing beautiful only for the little Yogi. The daily walking triggers inner tensions and brings the Yogi in a good mood. At the end of the trail is a dog meeting. A small wooden bridge crosses the river, which is exactly at this point so flat that the dogs can play there. The little Yogi sometimes observes the dogs owners. There are men with big strong dogs, and many women with small lap dogs. People look for the right dog for them. For many women, their dog is obviously a kind of partner compensation.

Especially funny is an older woman with six little pugs. Some dogs are on leash and some run around freely. It is a great bustle. As in a human family. Each has its own will and all enjoy the community chaos. The Western world is a world with little love. Dog owners get the love from their dogs. Dogs strengthen the heart chakra and therefore make the dog owner happy. They give their lives a meaning. The old woman needs a great family of dogs ​​to feel comfortable in her life. I have nothing against dogs. Although I prefere a life as a yogi. But to be enlightened and happy in oneself is a long way. There are stories of yogis with dogs which have softened their solitude. Even a yogi needs a little joy in his life. For me it is the surfing on the internet, watching TV and eating sweets. I especially love cookies with chocolate. I’m even able to bake me my own chocolate cake.

Oracle = Enjoy your life. What is your deed of joy today? What makes you happy? Bring so much joy in your day, that you can go your way positive.

New Year’s Eve Party


30. I usually celebrate New Year’s Eve, as it befits a poor solitary yogi. I’m just popping in front of the TV and look at the music shows. As a typical man, I constantly switch back and forth with the remote control. And can so see all programs at once. At some point I’m then totally drunk in the head and get a good mood. At midnight I walk through the forest and look from a distance at the New Year’s Eve rockets, flares and firecrackers. In 2000, I celebrated in a special way. The new era was dawning. This had to be celebrated. I decided spontaneously to drive with my motor scooter to the Tibetan Centre in Hamburg’s city. I knew that in the buddhist Tibetan Center a New Year’s celebration was held.

I sat down on my scooter and rattled merrily through the forest. The journey to the Tibetan Center lasted an hour. I used the time to make some spiritual practices on my scooter. I took some contortions, made fire breathing and thought mantras. I had just discovered a new mantra. It proved to be very effective. When I arrived in the Tibetan center, I smiled like a happy Buddha. In a large cloud of happiness energy, I entered the room. None of the present people in the Tibetan center noticed me. They mourned. The Master of the center had canceled! Without a Master, people could not do anything with themselves. They looked at boring spiritual videos. No party music! No candles! The only good thing was the big buffet, which loving women had made mainly for the master. But he would not come. Weep, weep, weep. Life is cruel sometimes.

Positive thinking is the art of making something good out of a hopeless situation. If there is no happiness outside, then a yogi makes himself happy. I sat on the floor and began to meditate. Through my new mantra, I came quickly back into a good state of energy. Suddenly I had the idea to expand the happiness energy and to bless all people with my mantra. Slowly, the mood in the room began to change positively. I meditated for about an hour. Then I found that the people are blessed enough. I went to the buffet, picked up a big plate and filled it. A solitary yogi can develop a good appetite when he sees delicious food prepared by perfect women. My own food tastes unfortunately mostly not so perfect. I am still working on it. I looked around carefully to see if anyone had any objection that I began with food before 24 clock. I was hungry now and not in an hour. My opinion was that I now received my reward for working as a Tibetan lama. At midnight everyone went outside and set fire to many small tea lights. Then everyone hugged everyone else. I chatted a bit with some people and then drove back to my forest. Overall, I felt it was a very successful beginning of the new millennium. May the age of the light begin.

Oracle = Make yourself happy with your spiritual practices. Bethink the positive in your life, read something happily, make Yoga happily, meditate happily or just laugh for a while (Laughter Yoga). What is positive in your life? What makes you optimistic? There are always enlightened Masters everywhere. They watch us from a higher dimension. They always help us, if we need help and connect us with them (oracle, prayer, meditation). A spiritual person can always be optimistic, because he always gets help in some way. Sometimes even through a small, insignificant and inconspicuous Yogi.

New Year’s Eve

31. New Year’s Eve is the time for an annual review and for good intentions. Anyone who keeps his past in mind and draws lessons for the future becomes a wise man. The highest wisdom is the development of inner happiness. We make the inner happiness to the center of our lives. We organize our lives so that we continually grow in our happiness. Until we one day live permanently in the light. The main path to happiness is the daily work on oneself. We develop our positive qualities and overcome our negative qualities. The central key to this is the systematic resolving of internal tension. A tensed mind thinks mostly negative. An untensed mind thinks mostly positive. If we resolve our internal tensions, our negative qualities disappear automatically. Anger, fear and sadness leave us. Suddenly we feel love, joy, peace and positivity within us. What prevents us from enlightenment, are only our inner tensions. What prevents us to live in paradise, are only our inner tensions.

Internal tensions are caused by external stress events and inadequate mental reactions. The main cause is unwisdom. Unwisdom is based on false targets and false paths. Unwisdom makes us seek happiness in external things and neglect the inner happiness. We become tensed when we do not get the things we want. A wise man sacrifices his ego and is happy again. We become tensed when suffering comes into our lives. A wise man sacrifices his ego and just takes things as they are. A wise man can bring himself with his spiritual exercises in the light. An unwise man has no spiritual practice or does not practice it enough. People with a spiritual path are considerably happier than secular-minded people. The happiness researcher David Niven therefore advises all people: „Keep your spiritual path.“

Oracle = Everyone needs a spiritual centering. Live by the five principles of health (healthy diet, no smoking, regular exercise, adequate rest and positive thinking). Set yourself clear goals, grasp a clear decision and go every day consistent your path of wisdom. Find the exercises that are good for you (reading, praying, walking, yoga, meditation or oracle). „My way of a succesful life is… My good intent is…“ Success.

Little Nils

Little Nils feeds the chickens.

32. When Nils was born, it rained. His mother thought he looked like a rat. Such was his mother. Very reality-based. No false sentimentality. Always the truth in look. His mother would of course also be able to think: „Is not he sweet.“ Nils was actually a sweet little guy. But in the first moment his mother saw the things as they were. We can therefore assume, that Nils at his birth had a certain resemblance to a rat. If a great Yogi is born, usually bells ring, rainbows appear, magic happens and the parents have auspicious dreams. At Nils birth such things did not happen. Maybe Nils was not a great Yogi. This interpretation is not entirely dismissed. On the other hand, there was this story about the rat. The rat or mouse is in Yoga the power animal of the God Ganesha. Ganesha has the ability to win even under difficult circumstances. He is the God of success. He is a master of the five elements. Depending on the situation, he wins with wisdom, love, ego sacrificing, self-discipline, or joy. He can make himself small as a mouse. Or he can be strong like an elephant. But mostly he is only a sweet little Yogi.

Oracle = Feel comfortable. Go joyful through the day. Look at life as a game. Enjoy your life. Be creativ. Do what you feel like. Anchoring yourself in wisdom, relaxation, love and joy. And then follow your spontaneous inner impulses. Ask yourself: „What do I want to do? What do I need now?“ Who is living by the pleasure principle, gets the power to succeed through the energies of love and joy. Success.

Difficult Life Circumstances

33. Now we will see, why it was raining at the birth of Nils. The rain points to difficult life circumstances. The Yoga God Ganesha needs difficult circumstances, to train his skills to be a Master of Life. If we look at the birth of Nils closely, we realize that there a Ganesha-soul was born. Fortunately for posterity, his mother wrote a diary over the first ten years of his life. This diary is now before us. The most important sections of it, we want to quote: „Now, our little son is four weeks old. On May 16, 1952 at 14.25 clock, crowed his delicate little voice for the first time. I was so glad about this little guy. What his father would say? How big might be his happiness about his little son?“

Current report of Yogi Nils: „After the crisis. I’m still slightly struck. I just went through a cleansing process. Many tensions in my body and my spirit resolved. Sometimes there are crises on the spiritual path. Then you have to go through it. I’m now very gentle to me. I make a lot of breaks. I give myself many nice things. I read helpful books and go for walks. So what do I complain? Although sometimes complaining feels good and frees the soul. Of course I would prefer an easier way of life. On the other hand, I want to grow spiritually fast. My positive thought for today is: „It all boils down to plan. I succeed on the middle path with perseverance, self-discipline and a lot of joy. Forward with self-confidence.“

Oracle = After the crisis. Overcome your grief. Let your sorrow go. Enjoy the day. Bethink on your positive goals. Get up, become active and succeed in your life. What are your goals? What is your way of a successful life? „My positive thought is …“ Forward with wisdom, love, joy and endurance. Success on the middle path. Optimism. The light is with you.


The Sweet Little Yogi

Nils riding on a broom

34. Let us continue with the report of his mother: „All marveled at the sweet little guy because they have never seen such a delightful baby. On sweetest is his smiling face. I call to him one thousand niceties. I tell him about a hundred lovely things. I can spend hours playing with him and watching him. His expression is so interesting and clever, as if he could understand me and wanted to explore everything.“ Here we already find the first forms of worship. The calling of the thousand nicknames reminiscent of the technique of the thousand names of God. A few months later, she wrote in the diary: „Our Nils is a cheerful kid. If someone smiles amicably, he laughs at once. And so hearty sounds his laughter. Very curious is our Nils. Everything that moves is interesting for him. He wants always to be busy. If one takes him into his crib, he gets angry and growls.“ (…) „Sitting is now his chief pleasure. With one hand he holds himself in some way. Then it lasts for a while, until his head becomes too heavy. And plop. He lies again.“ Later, as a Yogi, Nils found out, that one can meditate lying down best. He developed the technique lying, reading, walking and working for a happy world on the internet. The best spiritual path for a lazy Yogi.

Oracle = Let your false wishes go. Take the things that you have to accept in your life. Go consistently your way of wisdom and you will come into the land of light. Forward with power. Make your spiritual practices (yoga, meditation, reading, walking, doing good) and transform yourself into a happy person (Buddha, Shiva, Goddess). Success.


On the Potty

35. The mother: „Playing alone can our child for hours. It’s best if you do not care for him. But today Nils was very naughty. When he was sitting on his potty, he scooped up a handful out. He just wanted to put the shit into his mouth. I shouted: „Igitti gitti gitt.“ The mother of Nils did not know that for a Yogi everything is equal. Identification with a piece of shit can be a great advance on the spiritual path. The path to enlightenment goes through the resolving of the ego. Who looks at himself as a piece of shit, enters the great nothingness. He sees himself as unimportant, as somehow irrelevant for the natur. Life also will go on, if he does not exist no longer. The cosmos exists also if he is not there. The whole cosmic system is the center and not the individual person. This idea dissolves the ego. One defines himself by the whole cosmic system. One makes himself very small and can by the door of the ego resolving enter paradise. One lets go of all attachments, and thereby frees his energy of enlightenment. One can always flow positively with everything.

When Nils was fifty years old, he entered once by mistake in a piece of dog shit. He immediately identified himself with it. He recognized himself as a piece of shit, a sort of nothing, and arrived in a state of inner happiness. He was rolled over by waves of bliss. Seeing himself as nothing had awakend his Kundalini energy. He had let go off the attachment at his person and so entered the land of the light (living in God). This is called enlightenment through a piece of shit. A famous Zen master once described his state of enlightenment by saying, „Shit on a stick“. All of his students shuddered with awe. Enlightenment and emptiness are mutually dependent. How could the mother of Nils see that. The world of spirituality is a mysterious world.

Oracle = Let your ego go off. Take things as they are. Life is bigger than man. A man has a claim on nothing. He is ultimately subject to the laws of the cosmos. He can only try to flow positively with the given things. Become mentally a nothing, look at you as a subordinated to the will of life and let your false wishes go: “ I let go … I take …“ Flow positively with the situation. Success.

Small Steps

Nils exceeds a bridge.

36. Let’s return to the small Nils, who has just become one year old. „Now he is able to walk with little steps. Then he falls down. And goes further forward on all fours. He is a bold little guy. He risks much. And so he gets one little wound after another. But in spite of this, he goes on and on. Sometimes there is a terrible cry. Then he seeks solace at mom.“

Oracle = Little people succeed with small steps, cleverness and endurance. God protects you. Everything will be fine. Forward with small steps. Success.

Little Sweets

37. Yesterday Nils crept into the pantry and kneaded the butter with both hands. But one cannot be angry with him. He must get to know everything. Nils loves chocolate very much. But marzipan for him is also very good. At Christmas Nils slipped in the Good room, unwrapped a marzipan bread and bit to it from all sides. That was too funny. Yes, our Nils knows what tastes good.“

Oracle = Enjoy your life. Make your life beautiful. Do something nice. What is your deed of joy? What makes you happy? Do it.

Meeting a Little Girl

Nils and the little girl.

38. „Noteworthy was the acquaintance with a little girl. Nils saw her, rushed up to her, turned to her and smiled sweetly at her.“ In short: He came, saw and conquered. We know this of Julius Caesar. Even the small Nils knews exactly how best to deal with females. First smile and then eat up. Now we are a little confused. Eating up Nils did at that time only candy. This but all the more.

Oracle = Have some fun. Go your way with joy. What do you need to feel comfortable with your life? A little pleasure (eating, drinking), some socializing (conversations, discussions), somewhat leisurely (precede at own pace), some beauty (music, flowers) and a little pleasure principle (​​follow your inner joy)? When you live the joy on the spiritual path in the right amount (not too much and not too little), it helps you to victory. „My way of the five pleasures (enjoying, socializing, leisureliness, beauty and a little pleasure prinziple) is …“ Forward. Success.

The Little Atheist

39. Nils was getting bigger. His mother wrote: „For his age, Nils is mentally far advanced. His grandmother says she could chat with him like an adult, he knows everything.“ (…) „Recently, his Uncle Max died. His Aunt Liza was very sad. She said, that Uncle Max would now be in heaven. But Nils knew that Uncle Max was buried in the ground. He was not transported in his coffin up to the sky.“ At this little discussion, we see the atheistic education of Nils. From a life after death and the ascension to heaven little Nils never had heard.

Oracle = There was once a Sufi Master, who gave his students an apple with a bad spot. He told them: „This is the apple of paradise.“ His students focused on the bad spot and felt bad. The master saw the whole apple and lived in the light. Know your world as a paradise, and be happy. „I live in paradise, because I … (live in essence, focussed on god, on my spiritual way).“ Everything is good as it is.

At School

Nils sings a walking song

40. At the age of seven years, Nils came to school. The teacher noted that Nils was very idiosyncratic. Nils had to write and hang in his homes: „I do not want to be stubborn. I want to do what my teacher says.“ These sentences did not change little Nils much. Some years later, stands still in his testimony: „The attitude of Nils is not always perfect. He accepts not the meaning of school rules..“ When Nils was ten years old, he wrote in his diary: „What I think of school. Morning I have to get up so early. I would like to sleep a lot more. It is terrible to make homework. I can not play outside therefore.“ When Nils was sixteen years old, he declared about himself: „My strengths are my responsibility, my love at truth and my endurance. Once when I was on a long mountain hike alone in ice and snow, I thought of Immanuel Kant: ‚You can, for thou shalt!‘ So I reached the saving mountain hut.“

Oracle = Go your own way. Don´t believe always what other people say. Anchor in your own wisdom. „My way of wisdom is… Unwisdom is …“ Forward on the right way with endurance. Success.


First Love

41. His first love Nils had at the age of twelve years. In his class there was a girl who was wearing hiking boots. Nils fell in love in this little girl. But he was very shy. He dared not speak to the girl. Instead, he hung his coat in the cloakroom on her coat. He did this for many days with persistence. And one day her coat hung over his coat. She had accepted his love and reciprocated. Nils was very happy. When Nils was fifteen years old, a girl named Ursula fell in love with him. At a party, he danced with Ursula. When the music became slow, people danced closely. Ursula clung to him. Nils noted, that there are men and women on the world. Four weeks they threw amorous eyes to each other in the schoolyard.

Oracle= Forward with little steps. What today is your path of joy? Go it and be happy.

The Poor Devil

42. A year later, almost all boys in his class had a girlfriend. Only Nils not. He also wanted a girlfriend. But unfortunately all went wrong again. Bärbel was a beautiful girl and the daughter of a wealthy funeral businessman’s. All the boys wanted to go with Bärbel. Nils was very interested too. It was carnival time. Bärbel gave a party. The mother of Nils had the idea to dress him as a devil with red tights and a black tail. Nils set on his bike and cycled to the party. He rang the bell. Bärbel opened. Behind her stood the other boys of his class. All are dressed in suits and looked very grown up. Nils recognized that he had probably dressed himself some inappropriate. Nils would like to sunk into the earth. The advice of his mother was not so good. He had completely trusted on his mother. If his mother said, that he must dress up in disguise, then Nils did it. Bärbel reacted cool. She recognized the awkwardness of the situation immediately. She suggested Nils to go home and change his clothes. He did so, and went back to the party in a suit. He also owned a piece of this clothing. But his third attempt to get a girlfriend had failed. Bärbel later on married Klaus-Dieter. Klaus-Dieter became an undertaker and very rich. Nils became a yoga teacher and as poor as a church mouse. He explained, that the inner happiness is the highest goal of life.

Oracle = What is your way of happiness? Think by yourself. Don’t trust in outer richness. Happiness comes to 90 % out of your spirit. Live spiritually. Become a happy Buddha (Goddess) and not an unhappy devil. Are you on the right track? „My way of wisdom is… Unwisdom is…“ Success.

Happy and Unhappy

43. At the age of fourteen years, Nils founded the Happiness Theory. According to this theory, a person in his life has luck and misfortune in a constant change. This observed Nils in his life. He wrote a good school work. And after that, a bad school work. If he had bad luck, he from now on remembered his Happiness Theory. After bad luck must follow good luck. By this he could overcome often his inner suffering from bad luck. Having established the good and bad luck theory, little Nils was interested in the question of how to rise above the eternal game of good luck and bad luck. The answer is the way of inner happiness. Inner happiness can make you independent of external circumstances. The exact path of inner happiness Nils discovered at the age of thirty. He met the Greek philosopher Epicurus and learned a lot of psychological techniques. With regularly meditation, walking, reading and positive thinking he could rise on a higher happiness level.

Oracle = Luck and misery in constant change. Keep your inner balance. Anchoring yourself in your own inner happiness and you can flow positive with the constant change of life. Relax, make your spiritual exercises (walking, meditating, reading, mind word). Think positive. After the rain comes the sunshine. Success.

Father and Son

Father and son

44. The mother of Nils was by profession a kindergarten teacher. When Nils was born, she gave up her career. She devoted herself to the education of Nils. She was a strict mother, and Nils was a rather naughty child. He tried to undermine the educational activities of his mother, as far as he could. Often, he fled to his father and sought his protection. Nils wrote in his diary: „My father is very nice. It’s a shame that he is mostly at work and never at home. My mother is also nice, but sometimes she can get very angry….“ His father worked as an accountant for a small company. He loved to sing, was cheerful and had a big heart. When he sang, he sang often wrong. But that did not bother him. Nils learned from him how to sing false. At the age of nine Nils joined the Boy Scouts and remained there until the age of sixteen. There it was most important to sing loudly. It was not important to make the right sounds.

The parents of Nils had met after the second world war. His father had fought in Russia in the Crimea. After the collapse of the Eastern Front, he made his way back to Germany alone, although he was wounded. There he married before Nils mother another woman with whom he had three girls. But they were not happy together and parted. His father married a second time and made Nils. Nils grew up in postwar Germany. All people thought about reconstruction, getting rich and enjoying life.The economy prospered and everyone was very optimistic. This optimism lasted in Germany up to the 80s. Then, the economy stagnated, the commercial television was introduced, the positive values ​​fell, and the people became unhappy. Poverty and depression grew as in America.

Oracle = Learn from the past for a successful future. What is wisdom? What are your goals? What is your way on which you reach your goals? „My goals are… My way to win is…“ Forward with optimism. Success.


Sister Sabine with two little goats

45. Nils was largely an only child. At the age of ten he got a sister. Her name was Sabine. She looked like a little Buddha as a child. She was full of happiness and joy. When she fell, she did not cry. Pain did not matter her. That surprised her brother Nils much. He yelled very loudly as a child, if something hurt. „My sister Sabine laughs at all. When I come home from school, she is in the playpen and is happy.“ Sabine was a highly developed spiritual soul. But in school she had big problems. She suffered much under the pressure to perform. She finished school early and did an apprenticeship in organic farming. She married and had two children. Later she separated from her husband and now lives as a goatherd. Sabine is a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba. She makes each day her spiritual practices and is proud that her brother is a yogi. Sometimes she sends him goat’s cheese, which he then gives away in his group as a holy food (Prasad).

Among his other three sisters from the first marriage of his father, Nils has little contact. The three step-sisters are called Inge, Gesa and Ursel. Inge is the oldest and has worked many years as a teacher at the Goethe-Institut. She was a long time in Africa and is spiritually very interested. The second step-sister is called Gesa and was a teacher in a village school. She loves socializing and enjoys hiking. In her house often hosts large parties. Gesa and Inge have just visited their brother in his Yogi-hut. They talked about their father, on the spirituality and a little about themselves.

Oracle = What today is your way of socializing? Care your positive contacts (on the internet and in life). Man needs some friends to be happy.

Ursel from the Tantra Scene

46. The youngest stepsister was Ursel. As she grew older, she moved to Berlin. She was a follower of Wilhelm Reich and his psychoanalytic theory of sexuality. After that, sex is the most important thing in life. Who has lots of sex is a happy man. In yoga it is said, however, who does not live sex in the right amount looses quickly his life energy. This can be clearly seen at many people in the western tantra scene. After a few decades with much sex they are burned out inside. Ursel was one of the Berlin Tantra scene. She experimented with free love. She had a lot of sex in her life. But she got too little love. True love can not develop in open relationships. The heart chakra is often violated by sex without constancy. It therefore closes to protect itself. One becomes inwardly unhappy and gets psychosomatic illnesses. Ursel died at the age of fifty years by cancer. Nils was very sad. He had liked Ursel a lot, despite her spiritual errors.

Oracle = Beware of unwisdom. A small mistake can cause much suffering. Think long term. Live wisely. „My way of wisdom is … Unwisdom is …“ Forward. Success.


Mother, Nils, Grandma, Grandpa

47. Nils was in his childhood often with his grandparents. He admired his grandfather, because he had a great inner strength. His grandfather grew up in a carpenter family. After school he became a soldier and served at the Imperial Guard (an elite unit). He was stationed in Berlin. He was a handsome soldier and had many love affairs. During World War I, he moved to Russia. After the German troops had defeated the Russian army at the Battle of Tannenberg, France appeared as a new enemy. In France, the grandfather was severely wounded by a grenade. Then he could only hobble his lifetime with difficulty. In this way he carried out the bad karma from the war. After the war he married the grandmother of Nils. She had lost her husband in World War I and was looking for a new partner. The grandmother had a lot of love. Nils felt loved by her completely and unconditionally. This was an important experience for him, because his mother was very strict with him mostly. Nils learned the way of truth by his mother and by his grandmother the way of unconditional love. From his grandfather, he got his strength and toughness.

His grandfather became after the war like many other soldiers a communist and joined the Communist Party. In 1923 he took under the leadership of Ernst Thälmann part in an uprising in Hamburg. They stormed the police stations and so got many weapons. But the state crushed the rebellion and arrested many insurgents. One of them was the grandfather of Nils. He was imprisoned for one year. That was a very light punishment because at the revolt were killed over 100 people. This was contributed to the fact that the grandfather was revered by the judges as a great soldier. He got special treatment in prison and could be constantly attended by his wife. After he was released from prison, the grandmother came into some money. Of these, they bought a plot of land on the outskirts of Hamburg and built a small house. 1924 the mother of Nils was born. Nils later inherited the house and lives there now as a yogi. During the Nazi time his grandfather was active in the resistance. He was very lucky. His resistance group was discovered at a meeting and imprisoned in a concentration camp. The grandfather was warned by a neighbor and therefore took no part in the meeting. He told Nils many creative activities with which they had tricked the Nazis. They had planted tulips to a railway line in the fall, which blossomed in the spring. All travelers were able to clearly read by the Railroad: „Nazis go away.“ May we never have again such a big war with over 60 Million deaths. May be peace, love and happiness on earth.

Oracle = Interest you enough for politics. Inform you enough. Take part in elections. Strength the positive people on the internet and in society. Work for love, peace and fairness on earth. „My deed of love is…“ Success.

A Lawyer

Nils 2012

48. Nils did the high school, studied law and founded in autumn 1984 together with some friends a law firm. He was happy being a lawyer. His job was varied and interesting. In particular, he devoted himself to the disadvantaged people in his town. Once a poor woman came to him, she should lose all her money at an unfair contract. Nils caused the lawyers of the opposite side to renounce of the entire debt. The woman was very grateful. She brought him again and again flowers into his law office. Most of his processes he won. He worked thoroughly and was prepared well for his processes. And he advised his clients not to processes that were hopeless from the outset. In addition to his professional activities, Nils took about three hours daily spiritual exercises. He read in spiritual books, meditated and attended spiritual events. His energy was slowly increasing. Once his Sacral Chakra opened wide. Nils was enveloped by an aura of light. He felt a great strength in himself. It also noted the presiding judge, who suddenly had a great respect for Nils.

Oracle = Be honest in your profession. Do not work for your ego, but for the happiness of all beings. The center of life is not the outward wealth, but enlightenment (holiness) and universal charity.

Stress Management at Work

49. As a lawyer Nils watched as many of his colleagues got ill by the constant stress in their job. Nils therefore practiced systematically a spiritual stress management. He made lots of little breaks during the day. He trained positive thinking and serenity. In the afternoon he took a long walk. And he lived with a good time plan, so that he had no constantly time pressure. He preferred to work longer and easier than fast and stressful. It was particularly important that he saw his deeper purpose in life not in making money and in a professional career. He retained as a lawyer his spiritual orientation. This enabled him to avoid a lot of stress because his work was not too important.

Oracle = Avoid too much stress in your life. Have adequate recovery periods. Do sports regularly. Eat healthy. Meditate every day. Relax enough. Grow into the light and not to a burnout. God (enlightenment, inner happiness) is the center of life and not to become rich and famous. Live relaxed, positive and spiritually centered. Success. Move a hand in blessing and think, „I send light to… May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

Energy Experiences

The seven main chakras.

50. In 1985 Nils suddenly felt a violent breathing while meditating. After about fifteen minutes the breathing became normal again. Then the body began to twitch intensive about an hour long. Nils had such experiences often from now on. This were inner processes in which tensions were dissolved. Through the intensive breathing the muscles were supplied with energy. Then they could dissolve the stored stress from the past. Nils experienced muscle twitching, restlessness, feelings of cold and heat. The solution processes often lasted a day or two. In November 1986, Nils had his first major enlightenment experience. At a meditation suddenly a warm energy pillar rose slowly upward from the lower abdomen in the middle of his body. Nils watched the energy with interest. The higher the energy rose, the quieter he was. It felt like a thick warm stream of water. On reaching the middle of his head, Nils suddenly was one with the cosmos. He felt supreme bliss.

Very important for Nils was the feeling of a comprehensive correctness. His mother had never been content with him. She had produced in him a strong sense of inferiority through excessive demands. Up to that enlightenment experience he always felt, that he was not okay the way he was. He felt always somehow inadequate, inferior. Now he experienced that everything was right as it is. Also he was just right as he is. In him dissolved a deep inferiority complex. The state of bliss lasted about half an hour. Some hours after this experience, Nils was very restless. But after a while things calmed down. In yoga, this experience is referred as the ascent of kundalini energy. It is the highest level of hatha yoga. Nils was blessed at the very beginning of his spiritual journey with a high experience of enlightenment.

Oracle = Today is a day of grace. It happens something good. What is the event of grace? Be thankful. Forward with optimism.


51. Nils now knew the goal of yoga. He was able to practice goal-oriented and to teach goal-oriented. He could write his books on the backdrop of a deep personal knowledge of the purpose of yoga. He was suddenly able to understand all the holy writings of humanity on a deeper level. All holy books are written on the background of an experience of enlightenment. Who doesn’t have this experience cannot really understand the content of the sacred books. He interprets all the words by his view of things. He reads out from the sacred texts, what he wants to see. He looks with an ego into a world in which there is no ego. Those who have no real experience of enlightenment cannot really understand the Bible, the words of Buddha, or the Bhagavad Gita. Spiritual teachers with no enlightenment experience have a great problem. They know neither the goal nor the true path of yoga. It’s like a blind leading the other blind. To go the spiritual path successfully, you need a spiritual Master. A blind man cannot find his way into the light. He needs a seer, who leads him on the right track. The daily reading in the Holy Scriptures may be helpful for a beginner on the spiritual path. A spiritually advanced person needs for his future path an enlightened Master. In Yoga we talk of a satguru.

Oracle = Good karma. Fortune awaits you. You can be optimistic about the future. You will win. You’ll be happy. Who does good to the world and his fellow man gets a great harvest one day. This is the law of karma. Celebrate your lucky life. Optimism. Forward! Great success.

Space Consciousness

52. In March 1987 Nils got the unity consciousness. He had been invited by his step-sister Gesa to a birthday party. It was a big party with many people who were talking cheerfully. Nils did not know the most people. He was a little off and bored. He had not found a person with whom he could converse well. To overcome his boredom, Nils began to meditate. Suddenly his consciousness expanded. It filled the entire room. Nils became one with all. He outgrew of his body consciousness and felt like the room. He saw also his body only as a part of the room. He identified himself with the totality of space and all the people in it. He was filled with peace and happiness. And he was one with all people in the room. He felt the thoughts and feelings of all people. He needed no longer to entertain himself. It was talking in him. Nils just sat there and looked at all the people friendly. Some people looked back friendly. They probably thought that Nils was happy enough in himself. And so it was. It was a great party with much conversation.

Oracle = You can keep your energy best, if you act out of the calm. Practice Mouna (no talking). Speak only when it is necessary and helpful. Position yourself small, discreet and modest. Look at you as less important than your people. Look at yourself primarily as a servant of all people. Make not yourself, but the great treasure of enlightenment (God, inner happiness) to the center of your talking. Live as a secret yogi (small, inconspicuous, modest) and a worshiper (propagator) of the wisdom of inner happiness and universal love. Then your are victorious. Who acts out of the peace and the love, wins on the way of happiness.

Connected with God

53. In August 1987, Nils had one more energy experience. Again, the Kundalini energy rose in the middle of his body upward. But this time it did not stop in the head. It gathered at the apex (crown chacra) and then shot up suddenly with great force into the sky. After a while it came back and flowed on the outside of his body down to earth. Thus, the circuit was closed. Nils had been connected with the energy of heaven and earth. All this happened while standing in a yoga position. He was then bathed for an hour with happiness showers. Mother Meera teaches: „Reaches the Kundalini energy the crown chakra, you get the darshanof God. When the Kundalini rises over the head, one attains a constant connection with the light.“ Nils grew from now on constantly further into the light.

Oracle = Great blessing. Great success on the spiritual path. The light is with you. What is your way to connect yourself every day with the light (God, the enlightened Masters, the enlightenment energy)? Who consistently goes his way of wisdom, will one day surely realize a permanent life in the light (in God, in unity, peace and happiness). Follow your inner wisdom and your spontaneous needs. Rub your palms over your head, visualise your spiritual role model in the in the heaven above (Buddha, Jesus, Shiva, the Goddess) and think: „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit as a dove.

54. The culmination of his experiences was the entrance of the Holy Spirit. In December 1987, Nils was at a satsang byKeith Sherwood. Keith Sherwood was a non-dogmatic spiritual Master from the United States. He had come for a short visit to Hamburg (Germany). Keith Sherwood was an hour late for the event. He had moved through Hamburg by his intuition to find the event location. Perhaps he had better bought a better road map, rather than trusting in the guidance of God. During the event happened to Nils nothing special. But on the way home he felt a strong energy within and around him. He went home as in a trance. The next morning he woke up early. Suddenly a thick beam of energy flowed down from the sky and entered through the crown chakra into his body. The spiritual energy flooded his body and filled it out completely. The energy beam on the diameter was as large as the head of Nils. It just could pass through the totally opened crown chakra. On his head appeared a flame of energy. Comparable to the experience atPentecost, in which appeared energy flames on the heads of the early Christians. Nils spontaneously thought that he had now been blessed by the Holy Spirit. He felt the energy beam as a descent of the Holy Spirit. He had the feeling that he had now got a complete baptism directly from God.

Oracle = Transformation. Bring yourself with your spiritual exercises into the light. Awaken your energy of happiness (Kundalini energy). What exercises do you need? Yoga, meditation, reading, walking, positive thinking, doing good to others or doing good to yourself? Make yourself happy. Transform yourself into happiness, peace and all-embracing love. Move a hand in blessing and think: „I send light to… May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

The Eye in the Sky

55. A short time later Nils had another amazing experience. When he made his daily walk one evening, he suddenly had the feeling that he was seen from above. As if there was a large eye in the sky that saw him. The eye in the sky is in Christianity a symbol of God. Nils interpreted it as a common manifestation of his enlightened Masters. They wanted to say him that he is seen by God. He is guided and protected. The spiritual path is not always easy. It often leads through rocky terrain and difficult routes, where people need urgently help from a higher dimension. The message of the Eye of God was: „You can trustful go your spiritual way. You are seen and guided.“

Oracle = Go consistently your way of wisdom, love and happiness. You are protected by God (the enlightened Masters). Rub your palm in front of your heart chacra and think: „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“ Forward. Optimism. Success.

Rune Yoga

56. For Nils the Yoga path began with an amazing story. His late father appeared to him in early 1987 in a dream and asked him: „Do you need something?“ Nils replied, that he still lacked a path of practice with which he could quickly get inner strength. As Nils woke up, he went intuitively into a bookstore, looked at the shelves and suddenly saw a book on Rune Yoga. He knew immediately that this book contained the promise of the dream. Rune Yoga is the Yoga practice of the Germanic tribes, the ancestors of many people in Europe. The runes were carved in stone. So they could take over the millennia. Nils practiced two years every day for half an hour Rune Yoga. He turned on a beautiful music and began with a shaking in the knees, to loosen the body. He took a rune position, visualized the rune and thought a word as a mantra. By the Rune Yoga Nils received a sense of energy. His internal energy perception awoke. After six months of Rune Yoga, he could feel energies within himself and in other people. That was very helpful on his path of yoga. It was helpful for him personally and also for the teaching of yoga. Nils was able to feel inside, what the people in his groups needed, which physical and mental exercises were good for them. After two years of Rune Yoga Nils had the idea to try out the indian Yoga. He bought a Yoga book and tested the described postures. He noted, that the indian postures gave a person also a strong energy. Over the years, he moved more and more to the indian Hatha Yoga. Only his Shake Meditation reminds at his beginning as a Rune Yogi.

Oracle = Heal your stress. What exercises do you need? Do it! Success.

Shake Meditation

Shake Meditation.jpg

Shake Meditation spoken from Yogi Nils.

57. The Shake Meditation is a good way to quickly reduce stress and recharge with positive energy. We turn on a beautiful music, stand upright and move dynamically in the knees up and down. We can dance or go on the spot. The Shaking is a fast movement from the knees. The knees shake the body. The movement in the knees is small and fast.

1. Be angry. We shake all the stress of life out of us. We think the mantra, „anger“. We transform all stress unto motion and liberate us as this.

2. Be sad. We solve our pent-up grief. We think the sentence: „I am sad because …“. We move all the sadness out of us. What makes you sad today? Think the reason several times as a mantra.

3. Circle the shoulders. We circle our shoulders. We move the shoulders as it is helpful for us. We solve the tension in the shoulders and the neck.

4. Turn the spine. We rotate into the spine left and right. We solve all the tension in the spine. The head also rotates to the sides.

5. Massage your body. We massage our body with a healing color. We are wrapped in a cloud of a healing energy. What healing color is good for you today? Think of the name as a mantra, „Yellow, Orange, Purple …“. Massage the healing color from head to toe in your body.

6. Earth you. We rub the healing color with the right and left foot on the floor. We paint a healing circle around us. When painting with our feet, we feel the earth. We think the name of the color as a mantra.

7. Go on shaking, move one hand and send a person light. We send the whole world light and think, „May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

8. Move around a few minutes as you like.

Oracle = Feel what you need now? Do it!

Rune Series for Beginners

58. Try out by yourself. Find your personal way of Rune Yoga. Find your way of moving, visualizing and mantra-speaking (thinking).

miniature 1. Turn on a music and shake your knees. miniature 2. Bend down and rub the earth: „Earth.“ miniature 3. Stretch out your arms to the sky: „Heaven.“ miniature 4. Move a hand and send a person light: „May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“ miniature 5. Make large circles with your arms: „Cosmos.“ Runic letter isaz.png6. Relax in standing, sitting or lying. Think a mantra (Fa, Ur, Ing or Om) in the earth, your body and your belly. miniature7. Forward with power. Success (Jēra).

—> Rune Yoga with drums (Video, germ., 8 min.)Drumatical (Video, 3 min.)

Oracle = Find your way to get power and happiness. Success.

Living as a Yogi

Nils greeting.

59. Mid-1988 Nils moved into his small house in the woods and became a Yogi. He made a training as a psychotherapist and gave positive thinking courses in a health center. Sometimes individual clients visited him in his Yogi-hut. In early 1991 he sat in prior to his first yoga group. Twelve strangers looked at him curiously. This was their yoga teacher. What would he do now? Nils also did not know. But he was full of optimism. Basically one should make a yoga teacher training before passing a yoga group. But here was a special situation that required an exception to the rule. Nils felt the inner calling to be a yoga teacher immediately. After all, Nils had a daily yoga practice since four years. He had read many yoga books. And he had a good feeling for spiritual energy. He could feel which yoga exercises are helpful in a situation. First, Nils made a round of introductions. Each participant told what he personally expected from the yoga class. Thus Nils could give them what they wanted. Most group members wanted some relaxation, some gymnastics, and some health training. They wanted to reduce their stress and maintain good energy. Some participants were without any expectations. They simply wanted to know what yoga is. After the introductions Nils turned on some music. All the people danced for ten minutes on their way freely out their stress. Later on Nils develloped the Shake Meditation for the beginning of each yoga class.

Oracle = Many small problems. Keep yourself in the light. Flow positive with your life. Search the main happiness inside yourself, and not outside. Then the up and down of fate can not tangle you. Live in rest (in God, in a cosmic consciousness, inner peace, spiritually centered). Be a Buddha (Shiva, Goddess) of equanimity. Equanimity means to have a steady mind. Walk in a state of serenity through the difficult life situation. Keep your emotions (anger, sadness, fear, self-indulgence) small and therefore stay in inner balance. Think positive. Be optimistic. Slowly forward with small steps. Success.

The First Yoga Class

60. After the free dance they all lay on their yoga mats and relaxed. Nils then showed them simple yoga exercises in the supine position, the prone and the sitting. Basically, in a yoga class always all body parts are trained so that one gets an all around good feeling. After the dynamic yoga exercises they meditated ten minutes in sitting and fifteen minutes in lying down. After the yoga class, he asked the participants what was good and bad. He changed some yoga exercises and adapted them to the needs of the people. Over time he developed his special style of yoga. He called it intuitive Hatha Yoga. The focus of practice was on the inner feeling. Each participant was allowed to try out what was helpful for him. Later, Nils found the word Happiness Yoga for his style of yoga. He tought a yoga that makes happy. After a yoga session all participants were peaceful and happy. A real rush began on his group. Gradually he got more and more yoga classes, until he had almost every day in the week two groups. And on weekends, he regularly hosted a yoga weekend.

Oracle = Today helps you the way of compassion. It frees you from the attachment to your grief. It opens your heart and heals you emotionally. Concentrate more on the suffering of the world than to your own suffering. Wish that all men in the world are happy. Live for this vision. If you look at the world around you, then you know where your help is needed. What can you do? Forward. Success on the path of compassion and universal love. Move a hand in blessing and think: „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

Sivandanda Yoga

Mantra Om

61. In the fall of 1991, Nils visited for a few days his sister Inge in Berlin. A Sivananda Yoga course was offered in the neighborhood. Nils went there to learn perhaps something new. He asked the yoga teacher if he could join a trial lesson. Suddenly he was hit by a strong spiritual energy. That energy came neither from the group nor of the yoga teacher. Nils thinks, that Swami Shivananda has sent him this energy. He later on appeared Nils several times in dreams and gave him spiritual advices. Nils felt very connected with the Sivananda Yoga organization. He called at the headquarter in Munich and received a brochure about a yoga teacher-training. The training should take place in the summer of 1992 in Canada. The price and the time was good for Nils. He signed up immediately.

Oracle = Beginning. Plan your start well, then you succeed. What is your goal? What is the way to reach your goal? What is your first step to victory? Forward. The power is with you. Success.

The Yoga Teacher Training

62. In July 1992 Nils flew by plane to Montreal. With a car he was picked up from the airport and taken to the ashram in Val Morin in the Canadian mountains. Nils looked for a campsite, pitched his tent and was able to start. At 5:30 in the morning a large bell rang. A strict daily routine began, that lasted up to 23 clock at night. They sung mantras, heard lectures, practiced yoga and meditated a lot. Approximately 150 participants from around the world struggled four weeks through a comprehensive yoga program. Most participants were from the United States and Canada. The German group consisted of 20 men and women of all ages. The main trainer of the German group was Swami Durgananda. She was a true superwoman. With iron discipline she trained the budding yoga teachers. Every day there were four hours Hatha Yoga with Durgananda. Each student was accurately controlled. Each yoga position had to be 100% right. Durgananda later became one of the successors of Swami Vishnu-devananda, who died in 1993. As a young woman she traveled in search of a spiritual teacher for one year through India. She learned yoga in different ashrams under different Masters. In 1973 she met Swami Vishnu-devananda. She was excited about his spiritual charisma and became a member of his yoga organization. Her was given the name Swami Durgananda. Durga is the Goddess of Power in yoga. Ananda means happiness. Nils would like to have some of the great power of Swami Durgananda. She survives her spiritual crises with her self-discipline. Her motto is: „Yoga is a great challenge. Self-discipline must be activated again and again. A child who learns to walk, falls often. Who gets up again and again, succeeds on the spiritual path.“

Oracle = Stand up again and win. Forward with self-discipline. The power is with you. Success.

The Shared Meal

Johann Wilhelm Preyer Früchte.jpg

63. Very good on the yoga teacher training was the food. It was prepared by the participants themselves. Every day there were two large buffet, where everyone could put together his own personal menu. At morning they got fruit, bread or cereal. At 18 o’clock in the evening was the great common main meal. The meal was purely vegetarian. This pleased Nils. He had given up eating meat since he became a yogi. Instead meat, there was delicious Indian rice dishes, lots of salad and sweets for dessert. Nils was a fan of sweets since childhood. Once the dessert tasted him very well. He stood so often in the queue at the dinner table, that he finally got the whole bowl for scraping.

Oracle = Enjoy your life. Put every day so many elements of joy in your life, that you can go your way positive. What is your deed of joy today?

Karma Yoga

64. Karma Yoga is the path of all-embracing love. We reach enlightenment, if we take the happiness of our fellow man more important than our own happiness. We identify ourselves with all. We see us in all. We feel at last one with all. In this way we overcome our ego and get a unity consciousness. Ego sacrifice combined with a cosmic consciousness is the basis of enlightenment. If we train these qualities, we relax deep in our soul, because we take ourselves not so important. We visualize ourselves in all person and thus awake our Kundalini energie. Karma Yoga practised on the real way awakes our inner peace, love and happiness.

In the Yoga teacher training Karma Yoga has been understood as service to the community. All tasks in the ashram were distributed by lot to the participants. Nils was assigned to manual work. He was pleased. Not so pleased was a woman who had to clean the toilets for four weeks. She protested loudly against this task. But it did not help her. Someone had to clean the toilets. And she was the someone. Karma Yoga must not always be easy and pleasant. Especially on difficult tasks we can resolve well our ego. A man just grows on his internal resistance. God loves sacrifice. He who sacrifices his ego every day, one day lives in the light. But sacrifice is a great art. Who sacrifices too much, is tensioned internally. And who sacrifices too little, does not resolve his ego. The sacrifice must be dosed sensitive. In particular, we need wisely to manage our thoughts. The great problem in the teacher training was, that no specific instructions were given for positive thinking. So the poor toilet woman tensed herself with her negativity. If she had practiced positive thinking, then the toilet cleansing could have been a real breakthrough into the light.

Oracle = Working for the happiness of all beings is a way into a life in the light. Success. Take things as they are. Think positive. Be a winner. Succeed over your difficulties. Look at yourself as an enlightened Buddha (Shiva) or Goddess, who works for the happiness of all beings. Move a hand in blessing and send all people light: „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

The Examination

Swami Vishnu-devananda and Sukadev, the founder of Yoga Vidya

65. At the end of the training each had to give a yoga class. Everyone was very excited. They prepared themselves thoroughly for their teaching practice. Nils learned how much the personality of a yoga teacher influences the yoga class. One can say that about 50% of the effect of a yoga class makes the yoga teachers and 50% the yoga exercises. A powerful yoga teacher strengthens the group members in their power. A loving yoga teacher gives us the energy of love. A yoga teacher must consider exactly what he wants to bring in his group. Most important is that he teaches yoga authentically. He has to bring the energy of truth, love, peace, joy and strength on his personal way to the group.

After the yoga classes, the prospective yoga teachers were tested in a written examination on their knowledge of yoga. They had to answer questions about yoga philosophy and yoga exercises. Most of the students passed the exam. After the tests, there was a big celebration. All yoga teachers gathered and received from their trainers the yoga teacher certification. Every yoga teacher was called up individually. Nils also had passed the examination. He walked to the podium and received his certificate from Swami Durgananda signed by Swami Vishnu-devananda.

Oracle = Everything is well. You are on the right track. Be content. Do not demand more than you have. What is today your cause of contentment? Think the mantra: „I am happy because …“ Celebrate the day.

Swami Vishnu-devananda

66. Swami Vishnu-devananda died in 1993. In 1999 he appeared Nils in a dream and embraced Nils. He accepted that Nils teaches his own style of yoga. The great doctrine of Swami Vishnu-devananda was „Unity in Diversity.“ There are many yoga paths. But all yogis should work together for the goal of a happy world. They should see themselves as a great spiritual family.

Great were the words of Swami Vishnu-devananda: „I’m not a super guru. I am a searching soul like you. I can fall on the spiritual path like you. The daily prayer to the enlightened Masters or to God is very important. I will never go my way without praying. I pray morning and evening. It is of no importance, at what stage of spiritual development we are. Hold the prayer in your heart. Ask God to give you the strength to stay always on your spiritual path.“

Oracle = Stay on your spiritual path. Be careful. Make no mistake. Live wise. Plan your life well. Think of the end. Be successful at the end. Be at the end content with your life. „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“ Wisdom is … Unwisdom is … A great mistake would it be … Forward. Succeed.

Trimurti Yoga

Shiva statue on the altar of Nils. Trimurti Yoga is the yoga of the trinity of hatha yoga (wisdom), karma yoga (love) and bhakti yoga (master yoga).

67. The first four years as a yogi, there was good progress. After Nils had about half a year adjusted to his new situation, defined his goals and found the right spiritual exercises for him, he resolved much old stress and often came in blissful states of consciousness. In his dreams he saw past exam situations, difficult relationships and negative experiences from his childhood. All the stress from his former life disintegrated. His mind became calm, peaceful and happy. One night in 1991 Nils dreamed even of his birth. In the dream, he flowed through a long dark tunnel. He made a birth cry and woke up by it. He breathed like a newborn. Nils had a difficult birth. Thus many tensions arose. These tensions went away now. Later on Nils felt a deep longing to be a baby again. He wanted to be in his mother’s womb. That was impossible. But possible was it to be enlightened and to live in a cosmic consciousness, in the womb of God.

Oracle = Success on the path of Trimurti Yoga (Triple deityTrimurti). Trimurti Yoga is the path of love (do good, work for a happy world), spiritual practice (yoga, meditation, mental work) and daily connection with the enlightened energy (reading, praying, oracle). Find your personal way of connecting, your daily exercises and your path of doing good. Then you will live in inner peace, love and happiness. Your life will be happy and healthy. And in the afterworld you will stay in the light. Trimurti Yoga is the easiest way to enlightment. You can go forward in your speed. You only have to practise consistently every day.

Being or Exercising

68. In 1990 Nils wrote a book about positive thinking. In writing this book, he came across the question of the best path to inner happiness. Is it more important to exercise consistent or to live in a relaxed way? Enlightenment appears, if we resolve our inner tensions. Tensions heal, if we live relaxed. But they also dissolve, if we do consistent spiritual exercises. There are two different schools of thought in yoga. One school emphasizes the life of unattached being (Ramana Maharshi, Lao Tzu, Buddha) and the other school focuses on the spiritual practice (Swami Sivananda, Sai Baba, Mata Amritanandamayi, Mother Meera, Dalai Lama). Who is right? Nils had to clarify this question for himself. He thought a day so intense about the problem of being or exercising, that after falling asleep in the night the thinking goes on. When he awoke in the morning, he was in a deep state of enlightenment. His mind had solved the problem in the night. The answer was conclusive. Enlightenment, inner happiness and the state of unattached being are closely linked. If you let go of all attachments to external things, you relax so deeply into your soul, that the inner happiness can unfold. Being can be described as a precursor to enlightenment. A yogi must come into a state of unattached existence. Then eventually enlightenment develops by itself. On the other hand normally nothing happens without consistent practice. According to Nils both doctrines are right. Practicing and being are both important on the spiritual path. Every person has to find his personal way. Who is prone to laziness, should emphasize the exercises. Whoever is uneasy inside, should come to calmness and live without attachment to worldly things. Nils path is it primary to live in rest, to work a little bit for a better world and to do steady some spiritual exercises. On his way Nils feels each day very sensitive, if he has to focus on exercising, doing good or relaxing.

Oracle = Forward with wisdom and a good inner feeling for the right way. What do you need now? What lets your happiness grow? What brings you to enlightenment in the long term? What is your personal way to a lasting life in the light (in God, in happiness)? Success.

Role Model

Trimurti of Brahma (peace, unity consciousness), Vishnu (Love) and Shiva (power). We need wisdom, love and self-discipline to be spiritually successful.

69. One day Nils visualized himself before bedtime as a Buddha. When he awoke in the morning, his spirit had turned him into a Buddha. He was turned overnight into a small Buddha. He woke up as a Buddha. The identification with Buddha as a role model had awakened his enlightenment energy. Inner peace and the image of a Buddha are closely related. They aimed precisely at the point, that prevented mostly his enlightenment. Nils as a restless person needed primäry techniques of rest to unfold his Kundalini energy.

Oracle = What is your spiritual role model? Who inspires you? Who activates your Kundalini energy and gives you a positive focus in life? „I visualize myself as … (Brahma – unity consciousness, Buddha – inner peace, Vishnu or Lakshmi – love, Shiva – power, Ganesha – enjoying life).“ Forward. Success.

Opening the Heart

70. In early 1991 Nils visualized on a walk the whole universe full of happy beings. He wished that all beings all over the world might be happy. He identified himself with all beings and their desire for happiness. He thought the mantra: „May all beings in the world be happy.“ He opened his heart for all beings. Suddenly he got into a dimension of universal love. The entire landscape around him changed completely. It was bathed in bright light. In Nils appeared the thought: „I am love.“ He never had had such a strong experience of love. The whole universe consisted of happiness and love.

Oracle = Walk your way of wisdom and love. Start each day with a positive sentence or a prayer (oracle). Move a hand in blessing: „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“ What is your deed of love today? Success.

Alternating Joy and Sorrow

Goddess Lakshmi. Inner purification.

71. In 1992, Nils had reached a stage where very often breakthroughs took place in enlightenment dimensions. It was an exciting but also very stressful time. Nils often got great inner happiness and a cosmic consciousness. This usually lasted for several hours. Then by the strong energy dissolved many internal tensions and Nils came in difficult cleaning processes. In his body it was raging and his mind became negative. Nils then immediately made spiritual exercises. He walked for an hour. He read in spiritual books. He meditated a few hours. So the inner rage calmed down. If this did not help, Nils rescued himself through sweets or watching television. The first half of 1992 was a very stressful time. Nils lived in constant alternation of joy and pain. This constant change was very stressful. Although the many experiences also inspired him. But he was happy when the high energy processes calmed down after a while. There were, in the opinion of Nils two reasons. First, Nils was something gentle with himself. He practiced his exercises sensitive and not so radical. Second, he was now living on a good daily plan. He combined wisely cleaning and recovery phases. Thereby he could largely avoid negative states of mind.

Oracle = Inner purification. A difficult situation. Live in the right balance between rest, work, spiritual exercises and enjoyment of life. Go forward in your speed. Success.

A Difficult Time

72. In December 1995, after seven years as a yogi, started again a difficult time. Intense energy processes passed through his body. At night he could not sleep and during the day he was limp and exhausted. It was particularly bad in the thirteenth year. He had one after another an illness, an accident and his girlfriend parted from him. The last major cleaning phase was then in March 2003. In a short time dissolved a lot of internal tension. Nils had for four weeks the feeling as if he had stuck his hands into a socket. He was glowing so much, that he needed sometimes no blanket at night. Although it was winter. After four weeks the cosmos turned the power off. Nils had to recover for one week. He ate one day very much cake. And then he felt good again.

Oracle = Problems. There is some pain in your life. Flow flexible through the situation. Consistently follow your inner wisdom. Stabilize your spirit through yoga, meditation and positive thinking. Stop negative thoughts. Think the mantra: „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“ Optimism. Success! All is going well.

Sitting, Walking, and Cognitive Work

Buddha blessing.

73. Spiritually, humans can be compared to onions. Tensions and inner conflicts (inner stress) must be dissolved layer by layer. When one layer is peeled away, the next quickly appears at the surface until the inner core is revealed. At this point, a lasting inner joy is found, and the Yogi or Yogini lives in light. Inner joy appears in a person when the tentions (Samskaras) in body and soul have been dissolved. We need exercises for the body (Yoga, Meditation) and for the soul (reflection, Positiv Thinking). Buddha developed a very simple yet genius practice. This consisted of “sitting, going, and thought practice.” This is the center of a successful Hatha Yoga Practice. You need body work (Yoga, walking), mental work (reflection, reading, praying, mantra) and meditation (sitting or lying). And everything in balance, in the right moment and with the right technik.

When one varies one’s activities between body work, mental work and meditation, the inner conflict and tension can be done away with. When a person only meditates, the spirit becomes dull and listless. Routine movement makes the spirit clear, keeps the body healthy and gives the person inner energy. If you only go or do Yoga asanas, the mind is restless. Inner happiness comes from inner peace. If the body is kept very quiet, well you can get into deeper dimensions of meditation. Meditation can be practiced either in a sitting position or lying down. Some people can meditate better when sitting, others when lying down. Those who fall asleep easily when lying down, should meditate by sitting. Those who cannot sit straight for a long time should practice meditation lying down. In addition to periods of sitting and relaxing in combination with movement, working with the thoughts is important in getting rid of inner conflict. A Yogi or Yogini should develop his or her thoughts with love, wisdom, and self-discipline. He or she should learn to bring the thoughts into stillness, until the thoughts are always tranquil. Then he or she only thinks when thinking is required.

Oracle = The highest form of yoga is the clever combination of yoga and life. With spiritual exercises you can activate the Kundalini energy. You can put yourself into a state of strength, serenity, positivity and happiness. You can get with your exercises so much power, that you can succeed in your life. What exercises do you need to come successful through your day? Rescue yourself by your spiritual exercises. You will be a winner, if you make in the right moment the right exercises. Success!

The Five Activities

74. The five most important spiritual activities are: lying down (or sitting and meditating), reading, walking (or Yoga asanas), doing good for others (work), and to enjoy life. Meditation is a way to get inner peace. Reading spiritual books helps to cleanse the spirit. Walking, jogging, biking, swimming or yoga gives you health and inner strength. Even the Dalai Lama rides a stationary bike every day, for a half an hour. Swama Shivananda liked to take walks. There are appropriate exercises for everyone. Yogis living in caves developed the very well-known sun salute, for example.

The fourth activity is that of Karma Yoga (doing good). Karma Yoga opens the heart and develops the consciousness towards all-encompassing love. Karma Yoga can be practiced one to six hours per day. Swami Shivananda recommended one hour, while Sai Baba is for six. Yogi Nils found three to four hours per day to be a good amount for him. Karma yoga can also be practiced by working people, but of course money is needed to exist in today’s world.

The fifth activity consists of enjoying life. We should bring joy into our lives. Everyone is predisposed towards something. You can listen to music, eat something delicious, read a good book, watch a movie, find time for your favorite creative hobbies, and so forth. It is important though, to pay attention to the amount with which we busy ourselves with enjoyment. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing, too little makes life sad.

Oracle = Find your way of health and happiness. Integrate the five activities daily reading (oracle, spiritual books), meditation, sports (yoga, walking, jogging), doing good (work for a world of love and peace) and enough enjoyment in your life. Plan your life so that you grow spiritually. Grow in your inner happiness and in your love to all beings. „I send light to (name). May all beings be happy. May the world be happy.“ Forward on your spiritual path. Success.

Plenty of Rest

Sivananda Yoga

75. Too much direct contact with other people during the development of inner happiness should be avoided. A yogi should find out how much contact with others is good for him or her. At a certain point, physical rest can cause the energy of a person to go inward. This turning point must be discovered by each yogi for him or herself. It is difficult to find and difficult to hold onto. Life energy tends toward an excess of activity or towards dullness. Both need to be avoided with daily self-discipline. When we keep inner calm, inner happiness appears. An effective yogic life feels like a constant swimming against the tide of ones own neurotic impulses. It’s like living in a pressure cooker. First rest is extremly boring and then the energy starts to work intensive in the body. It tingles and pulls and you want to move. But if you stay at rest, then suddenly inner peace and happiness arises. We become happy in ourselves. We grow in our enlightenment engergy. We enter into a life in the light. According to Swami Sivananda, enlightenment occurs via relaxation, practice, and love. When a Yogi or Yogini lives in an area of peace, he or she is already halfway there. The second half is tackled with spiritual practice (yoga, walking, meditation, mental work). We pass through the gate to a life in light, if we live in focus for a happy world and train the quality of love to all.

Oracle = Forward on the narrow ridge of rightness. Go with a lot of inner feeling through the day. Feel exactly when it’s time for a break and when it’s time for activity. Live well on the fine line between doing too much and doing too little. Avoid excessive activity and avoid inertia. Feel how intense your outer actions must be. Do a lot of breaks. Go slow. Live like a Buddha of peace, happiness and love to all: „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“ Success.

The Spritual Daily Routine

76. For Nils, the spiritual daily schedule is the central technique on the path into the light. It is based on letting go of tensions in the body and soul. Nils meditates for six hours and goes for an hour walk twice a day. He practices Yoga for an hour and reads a spiritual book for one hour. He also works towards the happiness of others three to four hours per day. He exercises constantly. He divides his spiritual exercises in a way that enables him to constantly undergo the inner purification process. Eating, sleeping, working, and even watching TV are Yoga exercises for Nils. If we meditate before going to sleep, meditation continues while sleeping. When we work in a state of relaxation, work becomes a type of meditation. Nils spiritual techniques are simple. They consist of walking, reading, helping others, and lying in bed. Everyone can do that. The secret here is the right application of the right technique at the right moment. You can lie in bed, read, and take walks in a way that only causes you to feel dull and lazy. Yogis know when they need which technique. When the body is dull and lacking energy, the Yogi goes for a walk. When he or she feels restless, he or she practices Yoga or meditates. When the spirit seems to rebel against the spiritual way, a book on spiritual topics helps to bring back the conviction towards enlightenment. A Yogi senses his inner conflicts and uses the proper techniques to dissolve the tensions. That is usually what the body and soul wants the least at that moment. Wherever the neurotic defense is, is usually the way into the light. On the other hand, we need to sometimes give the body and soul what they would like, otherwise tension is built. The way to happiness requires a lot of wisdom and inner sensitivity. Nils begins his day with a positive attitude and assessment of the day, to get himself situated. Which exercises does he need in which order? What should be emphasized? If he feels dull, he emphasizes exercises to activate himself. If he feels restless, he emphasizes rest. He asks himself, ”What do I need today?” He builds an image of the day in his mind in a positive way. And then he turns it into reality consistently.

Oracle = Rescue yourself with a spiritual day plan. The optimal daily schedule consists of spiritual exercises in the morning, noon and evening. Start the day with a reflection on the tasks that lay ahead of you. Put enough spiritual exercises always at the right time in your day (meditation, walking, yoga, reading), so that you built up good energy. Live every day as a spiritual winner. Go every day a step forward to enlightenment. Success.

Master Yoga

Padmasambhava blesses us with wisdom.

77. Yoga is a great treasure. Yoga keeps the body flexible, strengthens our muscles, dissolves tensions in the internal organs, activates our life energy and makes our mind positive. Yoga helps us to cope our life, to preserve our health and to let the happiness grow in our world. Through yoga we can become a Buddha, a Shiva and a Goddess. Kings have given up their kingdom to gain the wealth of yoga. Yoga is so vast that it can hardly be imagined. Many people nowadays are on an intensive search for the great good fortune. They seek it in relationships, in career and consumerism. They seek happiness in the wrong place. Where they seek, they will not really find it. All external happiness is fleeting. Lasting happiness a person can find only in himself. 90% of the happiness comes from the consciousness of a person. It depends on his mental attitude, his inner qualities and his ability to think positive. This is the clear recognition of the current happiness research. The ancient yogis knew these facts for thousands of years. They have focused their lives on the realization of their inner potential.

A big help on our spiritual path is the daily Master Yoga (Bhakti Yoga). Nils begs his enlightened Masters every day for guidance and help. The Masters lead him through his inner voice (the feeling of rightness) through the day. Nils prays at least twice a day, and especially in any dangerous situation. Nils owes the daily Master Yoga from the founder of Tibetan Buddhism Padmasambhava. He taught: “Whenever you doubt or hesitate on your way, pray to the enlightened Masters. Then follow the voice of your inner wisdom. Feel within yourself, think for yourself and find your way of wisdom. The voice of your inner wisdom is the voice of the enlightened Masters. If you proceed in this way, you will be victorious along the spiritual path.”

Oracle = Success on the path of Master Yoga (daily reading, prayer, visualization, mantra or oracle). Feel inside yourself and follow your inner voice of wisdom. „Om all enlightened Masters (God, Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Goddess). Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“ What does your inner voice tell you? What ist your way of wisdom? Forward. Success.

The Path of Love

78. The path of all-encompassing love gives life a deeper meaning. It gives us the power to overcome barriers and burdens. When we facilitate the desire for a better world, then we grow further towards enlightenment. The secret to this wish is the connection from the inner to the outer world. We are not spiritually separated from other beings. Their happiness or lack thereof affects us. When we visualize other beings as happy, then we also feel happy. Those who foster and encourage this goal to a happy world creates positivity within. When we send light to all beings, then one day light will come through to our souls. When we do something good for the world, the world will reward us with a positive psyche. But there is a danger along the path of unconditional, all-encompassing love. We can overwhelm ourselves and work too hard and have no energy left for happiness. A karma yogi must practice equally rooted in love and rest and balance rest with activity. A karma yogi must take care of him or herself, as it is impossible to take care of others unless the self is cared for. Furthermore, a path of exhaustion only leads to burn-out, not to enlightenment. Jesus stated, “love God and love your neighbor.” (Meaning, practice spiritually for the development of the self and help others.) Swami Shivananda declared, “love, serve, give, meditate, purify, and realize your true self.” Sai Baba said, “helping hands are holier than lips which pray.“ Those who work towards happiness for all beings are holier than the yogi who only searches for self-enlightenment. But Sai Baba also taught the balance and the connection between personal practice and all-encompassing love. He recommended six hours per day of helping the fellow man, six hours per day of meditation, six hours per day to enjoy life, and six hours of sleep. There are two great goals a human can have. He or she can seek enlightenment or work towards a happier world. At best, we combine the two. The vision of a happy world provides motivation in a life as a Yogi. When Nils doesn’t feel like practicing Yoga, he fills his practice with the motivation of a happier world. He connects himself with all suffering beings in the world and gets energy that way.

Oracle = The situation is difficult. It is hard to see the path clearly. Look carefully at your situation and your personal options. Consider various strategies to your goal and decide for the best. Forward with wisdom and endurance. Succeed with small steps. Move a hand in blessing and think: „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“ Success.

Save the World

Starving girl in Africa

79. The external wealth has doubled in the West in the last fifty years. At the same time the number of depression has increased tenfold. The unregulated capitalism leads to large external wealth for a few people and hunger and unhappiness for ever more people. Capitalist globalization will bring a few super-rich, a little wealth for a small middle class and a massive impoverishment of a large underclass. It creates huge slums, crime and a lot of substance abuse problems. One billion people still live in absolute poverty. Each year die about 8.8 million people, mostly children, from starvation, representing a death every 3 seconds. If we do the capitalist globalization with no wisdom, we will destroy the environment, poverty will become uncontrollably large and the unhappiness will grow. There will be many senseless wars.

We need a globalization of love, wisdom and peace. The world community should be centered in the principles of universal love, world peace, happiness for all, enough work for all, enough food for all and adequate health care for all. The combination of ecological and social thinking with the modern happiness research can help us in building up a better world. Help that all people in the world have something to eat. According to the Human Rights Charter of the United Nations food is a sufficient human right. The rich are therefore obliged to leave the hungry people of their money so much that everyone can buy enough to eat. Help that all people in the world have suitable work. According to the Human Rights Charter of the United Nations work is a sufficient human right. The rich are furthermore obliged to give the unemployed work, enough land, or money for job creation programs. Jobs may occur in the future much in the social field, if the overall economic wealth is distributed responsibly.

Instead of the superfluous luxury of a few we should primarily develop the common happiness of all. There is the possibility of adequate taxation, protection laws for the poor and an agrarian reform. There is the possibility of a Global Marshall Plan and a global eco-social market economy. And there is the possibility that the poor organize themselves and jointly enforce their rights. Harvard Professor Jeffrey Sachs published in 2005 the book „The End of Poverty“. In it, he makes concrete suggestions as to how extreme poverty can be overcome in Africa. His main finding is that Africa itself can not escape the economic hardship. The rich Western countries need to help financially and with personnel. There are examples of ecological self-sufficient communities, where aid workers can be based on. That sustainable development works, proved the actor Karlheinz Böhm in Ethiopia. He has personally supervised four villages and collected donations in Germany. He established an organic agriculture and thus preserves an entire tract of land from starvation. It took more than a decade, but today, the villages are self-sufficient in everything necessary.

We need a global change. This can happen only through a global alliance of all positive forces in politics, science, religion and society. And by the intensive efforts of many individuals, each in his place and within his means. We are a world family. A good family will help the most vulnerable members and does not let them starve. In a good family everyone helps everyone. All work for the happiness of the whole family. So all become happy.

Oracle = There are everywhere people who need help. There is always something that we just can do. Anyone can send light to his fellow man. Anyone can participate in a charity. Anyone can donate some money. We can distribute our wisdom on the internet, send friends helpful links, or organize social activities. The internet offers great opportunities to work for a better world. Live as a world savior (Bodhisattva, Karma Yogi), as a mother and father of all beings. Work for a world of love, peace and happiness. Today a good deed effects a great harvest. Forward with force. Success.

The Middle Way

80. The Dalai Lama was born on July 6, 1935 in Tibet. After the Chinese invasion, he moved to Dharamsala in northern India. From there he travels widely in the world giving many lectures. In 1989 he received the Nobel Peace Prize. The Dalai Lama is the head of all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Buddhism is a rational system. The Dalai Lama said, „When science discovers something else, we will change the Buddhism.“ The 14. Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) has promised to save all beings. But he does it in his own way. He goes strolling through life. He practices a littel, saves the world a little, teaches wisdom a little and laughs a lot, especially. He convinces the people in the West because he is a Buddha of Joy. His biggest joke is the claim that he is not enlightened. The Dalai Lama likes to appear modest. Thus he is loved by the most people. His teaching is simple, „Be a good person. If all people are good, there is a good world. It does not matter whether you’re Christian, Buddhist or Atheist. It is only important that we all strive to be good people.“

In 1991, the Dalai Lama initiated Nils into Tibetan Divinity Yoga and in 1998 into the way of all-encompassing love (Bodhisattva initiation, Avalokiteshva/Chenrezig). Nils could feel the energy of the Dalai Lama flow into his crown chakra. Later on, the Dalai Lama appeared to him often in dreams and presented helpful teachings to him. The most important aspect of the teachings of the Dalai Lama is that humans are like one big family and that we need to be responsible for the earth and each other in order for peace and love to exist in this world. As a special message for all Yogis, the Dalai Lama said: „In Tibetan Buddhism we believe, that there are enlightened beings in the cosmos. When we call them, we get help.“

Oracle = The spiritual way of a Bodhisattva (Karma Yogi) is a light path. Although he knows dark phases, mostly he will lead more and more into the light. Create your life as a light path. Orient yourself at positive role models, live by positive principles and realize a happy life. Go ahead on a middle path. Stride forward in your speed. Live the right balance of peace, love, wisdom, self-discipline and joy. Make your spiritual path beautiful. Practice so that you feel good on your way. Success.

The Blessing of the Karmapa

Meditation painting (Thanka). Avalokiteshvara with his thousand hands (helping all, working for a happy world, blessings to you).

81. The Tibetan Buddhism is based on the teachings of Buddha, but were extended by the mahayana path of love and by a lot of techniques from Indian Yoga. In principle the Tibetan Buddhism is very simple. It consists of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and the path of all-embracing love. With Kundalini Yoga the Kundalini energy (enlightenment energy) is awakened through yoga postures, breathing exercises, mantras and visualizations. The center of tibetian meditation is the Deity Yoga. Through the visualization of various deities the energy channels are cleaned, the chakras are activated and the enlightenment consciousness is created. The Karmapa is the representative of the Dalai Lama. In 2003 Nils son Florian traveled to Dharamsala in northern India, seat of the Tibetan government in exile. He was initiated by the Dalai Lama in the way of love (Avalokitesvara) and got the darshan of the Karmapa. Florian had bought for his father an embroidered meditation painting (Thanka) with Avalokiteshvara (the Karma Yogi) andAmitabha (the Buddha of Light, on the top over the head of Avalokiteshvara) against a background of mountains. He asked the Karmapa to bless the meditation painting. The Karmapa threw a few grains of rice on the painting. As Nils later meditated on the Thanka, much energy came out of it. Nils became one with the gods and thus activated his Kundalini energy. The blessings of Avalokitesvara and Amitabha had come to him. The mural now hangs in the yoga hall of Nils. Let the blessing also come to you. Visualize yourself first as a Bodhisattva (Avalokiteshvara, Karma Yogi, God/Goddess of Love), then the overall picture (in the unity of the cosmos) and then meditate on the figure in the painting, that you want to be.

Oracle = People need hope. Live as bringer of hope. Give the people in your living environment the way of wisdom, love, peace and happiness. Make your contribution to a happy world. What is your path of love? Do what you can. Move a hand in blessing and think: „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“ Success on the path of all-embracing love (Karma Yoga).


Satsang Nils.jpg

82. Satsang is the company with an enlightened Master or with other truth-seekers. Sat means truth, true essence, being (enlightened existence) and to live in the light (God). Sangha is a word in Pali and Sanskrit meaning „association“, „assembly,“ „company“ or „community“. Swami Sivananda taught: „Brothers and sisters. Meet, speak and meditate together. Built up centers of peace, brotherhood and unity. Invite good and holy man, and let inspire you. Satsang is the biggest helper and illuminator of people. Where Satsang is, is the presence of God (the enlightened Masters). Satsang is very helpful to obtain spiritual deliverance. One minute satsang with an enlightened man is better than the rule over a kingdom.“ In the West exists a Satsang movement. Enlightened people offer around the country everyone the possibility of contact with the enlightened energy. The Satsang donors are very different. An important starting point in the Western Satsang movement was the Indian saint Poonja. He is one of the main disciples of Ramana Maharshi. Poonja advised many of his enlightened Western students to give satsang. He explained: „The request to give satsang does not mean, that all teachers of Satsang are already fully realized Masters.“

Nils gave his first Satsang in 2002. In the summer, he invited every Friday evening his yoga people in his little yogi hut. The first Satsang was terrible. All participants told their problems. And people in the West have many problems. One problem was worse than the previous one. During the evening the group became more and more depressed. Nils was shocked. The next Satsang, he changed the program completely. He focused on the positive. There was meditation music. He served tea and biscuits. Each person got a positive oracle card and could read fifteen minutes in a spiritual book. They meditated together and asked the enlightened Masters for guidance and help. Then they made a small round table. Everybody could tell five minutes something positive about himself, his life or other people. Nils developed positive subjects, of which the group chose one at the beginning of a discussion. „What I’m grateful for? What is beautiful in my life? What makes me optimistic?“ Then they talked a little personally with each other. Finally they meditated five minutes with a beautiful music. It was a successful evening.

Oracle = A great success. A great victory. You have fought a lot. And you have won. The enlightened Masters cheer to you. What is your big win today? Celebrate the day. Be happy about your victory. Enjoy your success.

How to practice Yoga?

Cama Portobello.jpg

83. Before you opt for a particular style of yoga, you should consider what you’re looking for. Do you want strenuous exercises (stretching, muscle building, bodystiling) or relaxation (stress reduction, health, peace)? Sporting challenge you will find with Power YogaIyengar Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. Relaxation you can find in the normal Hatha Yoga (Sivananda YogaIntegral Yoga) and in the Viniyoga. Try out what is good for you (List of yoga schools). Ultimately, every yoga teacher has his personal style. Every yoga teacher has weaknesses and strengths. Learn from any yoga teacher. Find your own way to practice yoga. Take the best for you and accept in any yoga class the things that are personally not effective for you. And above all, always stay on your path of truth and accuracy. Don´t give up your mind on the door to Spirituality. Ideal is a practice time of fifteen minutes. If you do four weeks yoga every day at a certain time, your mind gets accustomed to your daily practice. Then it is easy for you. Yoga becomes for you a simple way to preserve your health and your inner happiness.

Oracle = A day of self-reflection. Find to yourself. Think about yourself and your life. What do you really want? What is your way of life? What is your way to become happy in yourself? How do you get a fulfilling life? „My goals are … My way of life is …. Wisdom is …. Unwisdom is …“ Forward. Success.

The Main Practice Rules

84. Yoga is a path of health, relaxation and inner happiness. The ultimate goal of yoga is to live permanently in the light. We cleanse systematic our body and mind of the tensions (samskaras). This gives us inner happiness, healing and ongoing health. The body becomes healthy. The mind becomes positive. We get the properties of inner peace, inexhaustible energy, mental clarity, embracing love, joy and kindness. Yoga provides a variety of techniques (List of asanas). It has techniques for the body and the mind. We should practice each yoga exercise so, that it works well for us. What hurts us, we omit it. What is good, that we do. We can vary all yoga exercises creative. We ask ourselves constantly: “What do I need now? What’s good for me? What triggers best my tensions?”

Find your individual rhythm and your priorities. Do the breaks at the right moment and in the right track. If you do not want to spend much time for yoga, just do a little break at the end. Through the exercises you will gain experience with yoga. You learn the key techniques. You get a lot of exercise tips. After a while you’ll know what is good for you. You’ll find out what yoga exercises you need personally. You’ll find your personal way to practice yoga. Yoga is an ongoing experiment. On the way to self-realization, you will need many different yoga practices. There are specific techniques for each stage of development. If you know the basic exercises presented here, you will find quickly in any situation the right technique.

Oracle = Forward with perseverance. Make your spiritual exercises until you are in the light (until you feel well, peaceful and positiv). Find the exercise that you need straight now (read, meditate, yoga or walk, do good to others, a little pleasure for yourself). Success.

Yoga and Breathing

Yoga4Love Freedom Gratitude.jpg

85. Breathing in yoga is basically a natural breathing. The breath is calm and relaxed. Nils recommends not to focus on the breath, but on the body and the postures. The breath finds on its own its optimal form. If a yoga exercise is strenuous, we breathe more calm and relaxed. We do not hold your breath. Thus we could cramp inside and block the process that releases tensions. It is better to breathe deeply in the stomach. Deep breathing is the natural way at a strenuous exercise. The body can absorb more oxygen and perform strenuous exercises with internal relaxation. Many schools of yoga teach to focus on the breath while doing the yoga postures. Sometimes even the yoga exercises are done in breathing patterns. You breathe in, go into a yoga pose, exhale and go into the next yoga pose. This is especially at the sun salutation, a series of well-known yoga practice. Yoga thus is a breathing meditation. This can be good for you. Then stick to it. But Nils found out in his yoga groups, that the concentration on the breathing leads to a loss of body awareness and inner relaxation. Yoga becomes ineffective. Most yoga practitioners can not concentrate on breathing and at the same time stay relaxed in the body. They are overwhelmed and tense up. The best way is to practice yoga exercises and breathing exercises separately in principle. Breathing exercises are important. We can absorb energy through respiration and resolve our tensions. Nils usually makes breathing exercises in the sitting position to calm the mind.

Oracle = Find the right path for yourself. Forward with wisdom, perseverance and good feeling for your personal needs. Success.

The Best Time to Practice Yoga

86. Get used to a certain time for your yoga practice. At best you do every morning and evening for about 5 to 15 minutes yoga or meditation. If yoga twice a day is too much, you can practice yoga also once a day. Even once a day regularly yoga is a great asset to the health and relaxation. A daily practice is ideal for long-term tension reduction, for the maintenance of physical health and mental wellbeing. The yoga exercises in the morning will make you ready for the day. You bring your energy system in motion and go with positive mood through the day. Yoga exercises or meditation in the evening are important to resolve the tensions accumulated during the day. As a result, the recovery value of your sleep increases significantly. You recover better and have so much more from your life. Scientific studies have shown that the stress of the day is stored in the muscles. This stress is still largely present in the body in the next morning. It has not gone away. This shows the need for a regular tension reduction. Otherwise it may be that your inner stress is getting bigger over the years and causes great harm in the long term. Give yourself a shake and practice yoga or meditation every day. The time is really quite small and the effect is huge in the long term. It is important to develop self-discipline. You need it to win spiritually. When we practice yoga in the long term, it will always open up new dimensions of practice. The seemingly simple yoga exercises unfold deeper effects. We feel energy that is created with each yoga postures. Yoga is a game with energy. And at some point the energy will then flow more strongly, and we remain a long time in a yoga position with a sense of ease, peace and bliss.

Oracle = Most Westerners have no staying power on the spiritual path. They lose the big treasure of living in paradise (in the light of God) and end in the internal and external disaster (in a suffering world). Many people exercise wrong. They practice yoga only formally (as an external form) without inner feeling. They do not resolve tensions. It is important that we practice goal-oriented, effective and regularly (every day). Live as a winner. Forward with self-discipline. Success.

The Best Motivational Tips

Lululemon Yellow Yoga.jpg

87. An important point in the daily practice of yoga is the motivation. We all have to reckon with the fact that, although we recognize that a daily yoga program in the long term has a very positive effect on our health and general well-being, we all have very little self-discipline and perseverance. We can counter it by working regularly on our motivation. First, we should never let go of our daily routine. Once we have slipped from the right path, we take up again our daily practice immediately after our period of weakness. We oppose our self-destructive thoughts through the positive thought of spiritual victory. We think about the benefits of a daily health and relaxation program. Second, it is important to make our daily yoga practice in a way, that we enjoy doing it. An important tool for this is beautiful music. If we do the yoga exercises with beautiful music, it is a lot easier. Third, we feel what is effective and good for us. We can vary our yoga exercises. We do yoga corresponding to our personal needs. A big help is to make yoga in a group. A group strengthens us to take Yoga important. The energy of the group carries us through the yoga exercises. A solid yoga group gives us great support for a continuous yoga practice. About 20% of people can keep their yoga practice alone, but 80% with a group.

Oracle = Your situation is difficult. Be a champion of life. Live wisely. Go cleverly through all difficulties. Get a goal. Make a good plan. Strengthen your energy regularly through a spiritual practice (yoga, walking, reading, meditation). Stretch a hand with a victory sign to the sky and think: „My goal is …. My way of victory is … I’m a winner. I will reach my goal.“ Follow your inner wisdom. Forward with endurance. Success.

More Energy at Work

88. Too much stress is one of the main problems of today’s professional life. Who is constantly under great stress harms the long run his health and his inner happiness. He becomes mentally negative, weak and often plagued the rest of his life from various diseases. Those who do not learn to deal clever with stress consume quickly their life energy. Every working person has to do enough exercises every day for his body and his soul. With a lot of stress at work for everyone a daily health and relaxation program is absolutely necessary. The law of life is relentless. Who does not care for his body has not very long something from it. A well maintained car lasts twice as long as a badly treated car. A human body can live 20 to 30 years longer if he is properly fed, sufficiently relaxed and moved well. Who wants to live healthy, must first take a clear decision. Only this gives him the self-discipline for a healthy life. He must clearly define his health goals and create a strong will to do the necessary things. Just then man has the strength to live a long healthy and positive life. Second, one must look closely at his life situation. One has to recognize what his body and his mind exactly needs. One must consider how to organize his life so that long-term he maintains his health and increases his happiness. One must create a clear daily schedule of sport, relaxation and a healthy diet. Third, you have to implement your health care plan at least two months every day consistently. Then your mind gets used to it. The daily health practices are then part of your life.

Oracle = Incorporate the necessary health exercises creativity in your life. At least you should go for a walk on the weekend for an hour. The big secret for more energy while working is to put sensitively many small breaks in the workday. Anyone who takes a break five minutes every hour, doubles his work force. The most important thing in life is to live in the essence. The essence of life is health and happiness. Take good care of you. Success.

Computer Yoga

Computer Yoga with Yogi Nils (sound)

89. Learn yoga easily on the computer. First try out what is good for you. Find your personal way of yoga. Then you can watch the video (Relax in 5 to 10 minutes.) or hear the sound beside. Maybe you’ll get some tips.

1. Move your head and think the mantra 5 to 10 times „Om“ in your head. Turn your head left and right. Forward and backward.

2. Move your shoulders, so that all tensions resolve. What is the best way for you? Move forward, and another way round. Move with your elbows and think „Om, Om, Om…“ And another way round. Om..

3. Move your spine to the right and left side. The head also. Think „Om , Om, Om.. “ in your spine.

4. Move your feet on the ground. Say „Om“ in your belly, in your legs, in your feet and in the earth. Concentrate on the whole earth and think the mantra „Earth“.

5. Put your hands over your head together, rub the palms, visualize the sky above you and say the mantra „Heaven“. The light comes down and you massage the light into your face, your eyes, your ears, your whole body and think „Light, Light…“ Fill yourself with light. Move your feet, fill light into the earth and think, „Light …“

6. Move your hand and send light to your people, „I send light to … May all people be happy. May all the world be happy.“

7. Rub your palm together and think, „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“

8. Now you can ask a question. Think about your life. What are your goals? What is your way? Hear the answer within you. Feel the answer inside. What is the answer?

9. Put your hands on your legs or your belly. Make your mind calm and think the mantra „Om“ in your head, your thorax, your belly, your legs, feet, in the earth and in the whole cosmos. „Om Om Om Shanti Om Peace Om Peace Om Shanti Om Peace …“

10. Stop one minute all your thinking. Sit only there. Don´t think.

Oracle = Don´t work too much. Don´t rest too much. Find your personal balance. Stay healthy and happy. Do every day some spiritual exercises. Do yoga and meditation every day. Go positive through your life. Success.

The Ten Principles of Yoga

90. The basis of Yoga are the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In it, Patanjali recommends a two-step way. The first stage is the development of positive ethic qualities (the ten yoga principles). Without positive qualities in meditation inner peace will break through the chaos of the outside world again and again. The second stage of the yogic path is to practice meditation. One can say, that Yoga in the essence is based on positive thinking and meditation.

1. Non-violence (ahimsa) = No killing other beings. Be meek. Be peaceful.

2. Truthfulness (Satya) = Live in the truth. Basically, be honest with yourself and others. Also no little lies of convenience. A lie is permissible only in well justified situations, for example, if you save with a lie the life of another human being. A Yogi is silent in doubt. Those who consistently lives in the truth radiate truth. Their fellow men trust them.

3. Righteousness (Asteya) = Not stealing, not cheating. A Yogi is in professional life generally honest. He does not seek unwarranted advantage, but he is looking for fair trade.

4. Wisdom (Brahmacharia) = Live in the spiritual focus (in the light/in God = Brahman). Do not serve the money (outer luck) but the inner happiness (God, Brahman, enlightenment). Be centered in your inner happiness and peace.

5. Simplicity (Aparigraha) = Be moderate in external enjoyment and consumption. A spiritual person lives modestly outwardly and inwardly rich. A Yogi uses his energy not in outer actions, but lives so peaceful that it turns inward and cleanse his body from the inside. One day, he lives permanently in the light.

6. Worship of the spiritual goal (Ishvara-Pranidhana) = Thus we do not lose our spiritual path, it is necessary that we remind ourselves again and again to our spiritual goal. We can worship an image (Goddess, Shiva, Patanjali), we can bow before a statue (Buddha, Jesus, Shiva) or speak a mantra (prayer).

7. Sacrifice the ego (Shaucha) = Purification / cleaning. The way into the light passes through the crucifixion of the ego. Without a crucifixion there is no enlightenment. True sacrifice is an art. He who sacrifices too much braced themselves internally. Who sacrifices too little, does not solves his tentions.

8. Selfdiscipline (Tapas) = A clear goal, a clear life plan and a clear way of practicing. Tapas means to lead a disciplined life.

9. Reading (Svadhyaya) = The daily reading (mantra, meditation) keeps us on the spiritual path, cleanses our spirit, connects us with the enlightened masters and makes us to spiritual victors.

10. Contentment (Santosha) = Satisfied with what one has.

Oracle = Contentment. Which idea will help you to get to contentment with yourself and your life? „My thought of contentment is …“

Computer Meditation (5 Minuten)

Brahma (God as person) meditates at all directions at once, identifies with all beings, and therefore gets a cosmic consciousness (Brahman, God as transcendence).

91. A guided meditation on the computer is a fast way of relaxation. Through simple yoga movements in connection with positive sentences you can resolve emotional blocks and get a positive spirit in five minutes. See also the video.

1st Visualize yourself as a Master of life (Buddha, Shiva, Goddess) and rub the earth with your feet, „I am a Master of life. I go my way positively. “

2nd Move a hand and think: „I send light to … (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

3rd Connect with the enlightenment energy (God, enlightened Masters), rub your palm in front of your heart and think, „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“

4th Get inner peace, rub the palms above your head and think, „I take things as they are. I let my false desires go off.“

5th Put your hands on your legs. The spine is straight and the belly is relaxed. Stop one minute all your thinking. Sit only there. Don´t think. Then relax.

Oracle = Positivity. What is your positive thought today? „My positive sentence is …“ Forward with optimism. Success.

The Five Principles of Health

92. The five principles of health give us a long, healthy and happy life. If we live by these principles, we can avoid most diseases. If we are sick, we become significantly faster healthy.

1. Eat healthy. A healthy diet consists of fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk, potatoes, pulses, etc. It is advised to eat little or no meat and much raw food (raw fruits and vegetables). Raw food gives the body lots of vitamins and minerals that protect him from disease.

2. Avoid drugs, smoking and alcohol. That causes many diseases and usually shorten your life significantly. Too many sweets (sugar, fat), lots of salt and lots of meat are also unfavorable. Don´t eat too much calories. You live longer, if you eat less (but not too less). Hear to your body. He knows what is good for you. Live wisely and stay healthy.

3. Do sports. Go walking, jogging, cycling, swimming once or twice a day (one half to one hour), to keep the body strong and healthy. It is also sufficient to train on an exercise bike (bicycle, treadmill) or to do dynamic yoga (creativ hatha yoga) for half an hour a day. Or to go for a walk on the weekend for an hour. It is important, that the body is well warmed through (practice until a slight sweating). It kills disease germs.

4. Relax sufficiently. Stress should always be put away by adequate recovery periods, yoga or meditation. For the inner happiness, it is important to live in the right proportion of personal activity (work) and rest (relaxation).

5. Think positive. Avoid negative thoughts. Keep your mind through conscious control predominantly positive. Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings and positive emotions have a positive effect on your body. Motivate yourself with positive phrases and ideas. Read positive books and have a positive task (hobby).

Oracle = Keep your health. Live by the five principles. Do regularly sports. Eat healthy. Avoid drugs, smoking and alcohol. Relax sufficiently. Think positive.

Yoga Stretching


93. Yoga stretching strengthens the agility of the body. By stretching, combined with a relaxed concentration on the body, the tensions in the muscles is released. See also the video BEGINNING YOGA FOR STRETCH AND STRENGTH (10 min.).

1. Plier = In standing or sitting. We stretch our legs forward. The hands grasp the feet. We pull the head as far as possible to the feet. We move the feet gently back and forth. We send light from the head to our feet and think: „Light, light, light.“

2. Butterfly = In sitting. We pull the feet to the body, put the soles of our feet together, grasp the feet and stretch the knee sideways to the ground. The back is straight. We move the knee like a butterfly gently up and down. We think the numbers from 1 to 20 in the legs.

3. Spine = We sit cross-legged. The spine is straight. We rotate several times in the spine. The head spins also. The eyes look left and right to the horizon. What do we see there?

4. Blessing = We move a hand in blessing and think: „I send light to … (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

5. Meditation = The back is straight, the head upright, and we relax the belly. The hands lie in the lap. We circulate light in the head, in the whole body, in the legs, feet, arms and hands. At the same time we think the mantra „light, light, light“. It is summer. The sun is shining. A butterfly flies freely through the air. You are the butterfly. Relax. Feel free and happy. Enjoy your life.

Oracle = Who exactly lives himself, finds his way to self-realization. Be yourself. Live yourself. Realize yourself. Feel comfortable with yourself and your life. Go your personal way. Anchoring yourself in wisdom and love. And then follow your spontaneous inner impulses. „Wisdom is … Unwisdom is…. My way of life is…“ Success.

Anandamayi Ma

Sri Anandamayi Ma

94. Ananda means happiness. Anandamayi Ma is the mother of happiness. She lived from 1896 to 1982 as a yogini in India. By her nature, she was friendly, calm and serene. She was a beautiful woman. She could tell wonderful stories. She loved to dance. She taught her followers to laugh, “Whenever you have the opportunity to laugh, lough as much as you can.” We can see Anandamayi Ma as the incarnation of the Goddess Lakshmi. As Lakshmi she was happy in herself and gave consistently light to her fellow men. She gave us the way of the complete Hatha Yoga. The complete Hatha Yoga consists of physical exercises, mental exercises, meditation and the path of embracing love (Karma Yoga). As a young woman Anandamayi Ma practiced several years the physical exercises of Yoga, visualized herself as a Goddess and lived three years in a great rest. She practiced the body postures (asanas) from her inner feeling. She practiced creative and intuitive Hatha Yoga. She visualized the Goddesses she needed. One after another the various Goddesses flowed through her mind. She visualized their forms, identified herself with them, said their names as a mantra and thus activated the Kundalini energy in herself. After Anandamayi Ma has charged her body and her mind with spiritual energy, she spent three years in the great silence. She hardly spoke, acted a little and mostly just sat there. She needed no more exercises. The awakened Kundalini energy cleansed from its own her body, her spirit and her soul. She needed just a lot of rest. She had to prevent that the Kundalini energy went out in external activities. She had to live so calm, that her energy turned inwardly and dissolved by itself all the tensions. Then the inner happiness awoke in her. The people felt the light and wanted her blessing. Anandamayi Ma from now on lived as a Karma Yogi, and traveled through India. She gave everyone her darshan and inspired the people to lead a spiritual and happy life.

Oracle = Gratefulness. Be aware of the great treasure of spirituality. You live in grace. You know the meaning of life. You have enlightened Masters to help you on your way. Celebrate the great gift. What are you grateful for today? „I am grateful for…“

Shiva Meditation

Bangalore Shiva.jpg

95. Shiva is the supreme God in Yoga. We can see him as the symbol of a victorious yogi. Shiva has a cosmic consciousness. He lives above the world of duality. He lives in the light (sat-chit-ananda, peace-unity-bliss). Shiva as cosmic consciousness can occur in many forms. The most famous incarnations of Shiva are the meditator, the blessing (the karma yogi), the ego sacrificer (subordinated under the goddess Kali/under the will of God) and the dancer with the life (Nataraja). Shiva is the Master of life. He lives his life with the qualities of earth (associated with Brahma, happiness), fire (associated with Rudra, power), water (associated with Vishnu, love), air (associated with Muni, wisdom) and ether (associated with all that exist, space, unity, transcendence).

1. The Winner = We shake the fists near our head and think: „I am a winner. I reach my goal. … My goal is….“

2. The Strong = We rub the feet on the ground and visualize the Mount Meru among us, „I’m sitting on the Mount Meru (Himalaya Mountains). I maintain equanimity in pain. I’m going with perseverance my way.“

3. The Egoless = We make large circles with our hands around us, visualize the cosmos full of stars and think, „I live in the great system of the cosmos (nature). I take things the way they are.“

4. The Hatha-Yogi = We visualize within ourselves the Kundalini Serpent, twist in the spine, move our toes and think: „I am a Hatha Yogi. I save myself with my spiritual exercises.“

5. The Karma-Yogi = Shiva means „The Good“. He works for the goal of a happy world. We move our hand, send all beings light and think, „I send light to (name). May all beings be happy. May the world be happy.“

6. Master Yoga = We rub the palms before our heart chakra, visualize the sky above us and think, „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help on my way.“

7. Shiva Picture = Concentrate on a picture or a statue of Shiva. Move one hand and take the energy from Shiva. Think several times the mantra „Om Namah Shivaya“ (I connect myself with Shiva) or „Shivo Ham“ (I am Shiva) and feel how the energy of Shiva flows with the mantra in you.

8. Meditation = We put our hands in the lap, move your toes and think one minute the mantra „Om Shanti. Om Peace“ in the belly. Then we stop a minute every thought. The spine is straight and the belly is relaxed. Sit only there. Don´t think. Then relax.

Oracle = Be a positiv dancer with life. You are Shiva (or Shakti). Succeed on your spiritual way. Blessing. The light (the spiritual energy) ist with you. You will win.

Mata Amritanandamayi

Mata Amritanandamayi

96. Amritanandamayi (Amma) was born in 1953 in India. Her full spiritual name is “Mata Amritanandamayi”, which means “mother of bliss-energy”. She began her spiritual journey at the age of five, praying to Krishna everyday. While working, she repeated Mantras silently and found enlightenment at the age of 17. At first her enlightenment was unstable, but with the age of 22, the light flowed into her being. Her inner voice told her to help everyone on earth to follow the spiritual path to self-realization, to become a sort of mother of all beings. She taught the way of all-encompassing love and meditation. Amma built up an extensive humanitarian organization in India. She financed schools, universities, and hospitals. She also set up an organization for single mothers which gave enough money for them to live, which is quite extraordinary in India. Amma also engaged herself in the efforts towards equality for men and women. She renewed the Brahma cult. Brahma is the Indian god of wisdom. Equal to his side is Brahmani, the priestess of the comprehensive love. Amma is a living proof of the ability women possess to achieve enlightenment, equal to that of men. In the year of 2002 Amma was awarded the Gandhi-King prize from the UNO. At the World Parliament of Religions in 2004 in Barcelona she explained, “love is our true self. Love and empathy are the essence of all religions”. She said that in today’s world people suffer from two kinds of inadequacy. The first is a lack of nourishment, and the second is a lack of love. We need to overcome both types of poverty. In order to fight wars, people spend billions. If only a small portion of that could be invested in peace and harmony, all the hunger and poverty in the world could be overcome. More than a billion people on earth suffer from hunger and poverty. That is actually the biggest enemy of mankind. When we develop love in ourselves, then we can really defeat the enemy that is suffering and misery. Amma travels every year around the world, and has been doing this since 1987. She gives everyone her Darshan, her blessing. Her particular spiritual method consists of hugging people. She shows everyone that they are loved. She makes love tangible. “Let’s concentrate on what we can give, and not what we can get from others, then we can experience happiness and fulfillment in life”.

Oracle = Your situation is difficult. Go in close contact with your inner wisdom (your feelling of rightness) through the day. You are victorious with the daily connection with the enlightened energy (oracle, prayer, reading, meditation). Rub the palms before your heart chakra and think, „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help on my way.“ Forward. Optimism. Success.


Yoga Walking.jpg

97. Yoga Walking is enlightenment while walking. This is the ultimate kick! This is health training, stress reduction and inner happiness in one. Yoga Walking is your daily pilgrimage into the light. If you really pilgrimage, the pilgrimage will you turn into a goddess of happiness. Go first rather quickly (power walking) and at the end rather slowly (slow walking). You can also go at home on the spot (10 minutes to music) or in a gym (treadmill).

1. When walking stomp your anger into the ground. Let all the pent-up anger out. Think the mantra „Anger, Anger, Anger …“ What annoyed you today? Free yourself! Solve then when walking your sadness. Feel in your sadness inside. What makes you sad today? Think several times the mantra: „I’m sad because …“

2. Shoulders rotate. Solve the tension in your shoulders and your neck. In what way do you have to move the shoulders so that you achieve a good effect?

3. Spine rotation. Turn yourself when walking several times in the spine to the right and to the left. Also turn the head with.

4. Massage a healing color from head to foot in your body, and think the color name as a mantra. What color do you need now? „Orange, blue, gold, pink …“

5. Concentrate when walking on the ground. Feel the earth. Think the mantra „Earth“ and breathe a minute into your feet.

6. Move one hand and send a person a positive sentence. What do you want to say to him today? Think the phrase several times as a mantra. Send light to the world and think: „May all beings be happy. May the world be happy.“

7. Imagine the numbers 1 to 20 in the head, chest, abdomen, legs, feet, and in the ground (beneath the feet). Solve so every day quickly and effectively the tensions in all major areas of the body.

8. Visualize a beautiful sun in the sky and clothe yourself with a golden ray of sunshine. Fill you with light and think many times the word „Light“ as a mantra.

9. Stop all thoughts. Move five minutes when walking all the stress out of you, until your mind becomes calm.

10. Walk freely. Let all thoughts come and go as they want. Go the way you feel you want to do. Enjoy it. Observe how your mind becomes slowly positive. You are now back from your pilgrimage into the light. You did an important fact for your physical health and your mental well-being. Keep your happiness. The light will accompany you through your whole day.

Oracle = Go the way of wisdom and love. Care well for your own inner happiness and work for a happy world. Move your hand, send all beings light and think, „I send light to (name). May all beings be happy. May the world be happy.“ What is your path of all-embracing love. Forward. Success. Never give up. Then you will one day live in the light.

Mother Meera

Mother Meera

98. Mother Meera is an enlightened master who lives in Germany. She was born on 26/12/1960 in India. 1982 she married a German. She now lives in Thalheim near Frankfurt. On weekends, she gives satsang (meeting) in the castle Balduinstein. Everyone can visit her and receive her free blessings (darshan). She gives darshan also in the USA and Canada. A darshan is an important purification step on the spiritual path. Often enlightenment energy is transfered, which one day develops in a great grace.

Mother Meera receives thousands of visitors for darshan which she conducts in total silence. Her darshan consists of a ritual, where she will touch a person’s head, and then look into his eyes. During this process, she reportedly ‚unties knots‘ in the person’s subtle system and permeates them with light. She teaches the unity of all religions. Everyone can go his own way. It is only important to be connected with the light (the personal spiritual role model) by praying, reading or meditating.

Mother Meera has lived some time in the ashram of Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo was one of the great Indian saint of modern times. He taught the Integral Yoga, the combination of meditation and Karma Yoga (doing good). Mother Meera has said that she works together on a spiritual level with the Dalai Lama for the good of the world.

Statements of Mother Meera: „Each religion has its basic books. It is helpful to read these major works of religions. You may enjoy material life, but centering yourself in spirituality. (Live the joy as part of the spiritual path.) (…) Whoever comes to me for darshan, receives always what he needs. I look at everything within you to see where I can help, heal and give strength. I take anyone who comes sincere to me. The grace works automatically when the quest is sincere. Prayer always helps.“

Oracle = You can look optimistically into the future. You will win. You’ll be happy. Who works for the happiness of the world and of his fellow man, one day gets a good harvest. This is the law of karma. Celebrate your happy life. Optimism. Good karma. Fortune awaits you. Forward. Success.

Basic Yoga Series

Basic Yoga Series.png

99. The Basic Yoga Series takes about 10 to 20 minutes. Decide how much time you want to invest every day in your path of yoga. Practice the Basic Yoga Series so that it is good for you. Make small relaxation breaks between the exercises, if it is helpful for you. In a yoga group, there is basically after each exercise a short break. At home you can relax at the end of the series. The relaxation at the end is important because most of the tensions resolve there and we get into a good mood.

1. Cycling = Cycling strengthens the abdominal muscles. It strengthens the hips, knees and wrists. It releases tensions in the internal organs. And it is easy to perform. We lie on our back on the yoga mat (blanket). We are raising the head, arms and legs. We move the arms and legs like riding a bicycle. We breathe deeply and relax in the stomach. We visualize a large sea around us and think the mantra „Water“. We distribute the water with our arms and legs around us.

2. Pelvic rotation = We lie down outstreched on the floor. The arms surround the head. We rotate the pelvis to the left and head to the right. And vice versa. We focus on the spine. We do this gently several times, so that we solve well the tensions in the spine.

3. Candle = From the supine position, we stretch the legs to the sky and prop up us on the back with our hands. We move the legs, such as cycling and distribute blue water all around us. We think the mantra „Water“. The head turns at the same time slightly to the left and right.

4. Swing = We roll gently from the candle in the supine position and pull our knees toward our chest. We embrace our legs and relax rocking from side to side. It is as if we swing lovingly a little kid.

5. Arm-leg raising = We turn around and lie on our stomach. We lift the right arm and the left leg stretched as far as possible. We then lift the left arm and right leg. We do this several times and count the numbers from 1 to 20 in the body.

6. Pelvic rotation = In the prone position we lie our head on the hands and turn with our breath several times the pelvis relaxed to the left and right. We focus on the spine and twist as much as possible.

7. Feet = We stay relaxed in the prone position and move softly our feet. The head rests on the hands. We focus on the feet and move it relaxed and gently on our way. The energy of consciousness goes into the feet. We come in our mind to rest.

8. Meditation = We rise up in a sitting position (heel seat or cross-legged) and put the hands in our lap (or on the legs). The back is straight and the belly relaxed. We think the mantra „Om“ in your head, your thorax, your belly, your legs, feet, in the earth and in the whole cosmos. „Om Om Om…“

9. Blessing = We move our hand, send all beings light and think, „I send light to (name). May all beings be happy. May the world be happy.“

10. Relaxation = We lie down comfortably and relax. First we stop one minute every thought, focus on the feet and move it gently. Then we relax for a few minutes completely. We feel peaceful and happy.

Oracle = Celebrate your happy life. Be thankful for what you have. What is your positive thought today? „My positive thought is …“ Forward with optimism. Fortune awaits you. Success.

Yoga with Positive Thinking

Yoga with positive thinking.jpg

100. Yoga with positive thinking is very helpful for many people. It allows one to quickly overcome negative tendencies and reach a happy and healthy life. Positive thinking and daily meditation are the two basic techniques of enlightenment. All the negative characteristics are ultimately based on attachment (to external pleasures, other people, to his ego) or rejection (of suffering situations, pain). If we accept the suffering in our lifes and let go of our worldly desires and longings, the tensions in our minds resolve. Our inner happiness creates a positiv feeling of life. We get into a life in the light (in a paradise view of life). The main way to overcome the negative qualities is to focus on the positive qualities of wisdom, self-discipline, peace, love and happiness.

1. Go = Jog on the spot, with your arms moving by your side. Visualize light, turn around and think, „I go the positive way.“

2. Windmill = Straddle your legs apart, bow forward, turn like a windmill into the spinal column and think: „My goal is …“.

3. Frog = Bring your feet together. Bow your upper body forward. Push yourself up with your hands on the floor and move your buttocks down in a crouch and back up in the air. The head goes up to the sky and down to the earth. Practice the frog several times and think: „I have strength and endurance.“

4. Arm-leg raising = Lie down on your stomach. Raise your left arm and right leg. Bring both back to the earth and lift the right arm and the left leg. Do this several times. Think, „I take things the way they are.“

5. Upper body raising = Lie in the prone position, with your hands on the floor and repeatedly press the upper body up and down. The head goes to the neck and forward. While breathing in and out, think, „I let go of my false desires.“

6. Pelvic rotation = In the prone position, turn your pelvis to the right and then to the left. Your head must lie on your hands. Think, „I am sad because …“.

7. Feet = Get your feet moving in the prone position. The head lies relaxed on your hands. Think, „I forgive… (my partner / parents / the cosmos / God), that he/she…“. Whom do you want to forgive today? Think these words until a feeling of sadness arises in you, of letting go and forgiveness.

8. Cycling = Turn on your back, lift your head and move your arms and legs. Think, „My positive thought today is….“.

9. Candle = Stretch your legs to the sky. Your hands support you at the back. Visualize the sky, move your feet and think many times the mantra „Optimism“.

10. Meditation = Roll from the candle into your meditation seat (cross-legged or heel seat). Put your hands in your lap. The back is straight and the stomach is relaxed. Move one hand and wrap them and think, „I send light to … May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“ Stop all your thoughts for a minute. Relax.

Oracle = Be aware of your personal strengths. Recognize your opportunities. What are your goals? In what way can you reach them? „My goal is … My way to victory is…“ Forward with optimism. Success.

Yoga with Meditation

Yoga with Meditation.png

101. Yoga with meditation is slowly and quietly. The various yoga postures activate our chakras (inner energy channels) and load us with good energy. Meditation while the yoga exercises brings our minds to rest. We meditate on each yoga posture 1 to 3 minutes. We feel how each yoga posture forms a specific energy field (aura field) around the body. Through the creation of certain energy fields, we clean our body and mind of tensions. It is helpful, if we can feel the spiritual energy. But it is not necessary. It is enough to concentrate relaxed on our body and the postures. We take breaks as needed between the yoga exercises.

1. Leg raising = We lie on our back and lift a minute the stretched right leg. We meditate on the right leg. The toes point to the head. The head rests on the ground. We set off and lift the stretched left leg as far as possible. The toes point to the head. We meditate for one minute on the left leg. The arms lie relaxed at the sides.

2.Two-leg raising = In the supine position we lift up both legs. The toes point to the head. We raise our head towards the feet. We send a light beam from the toes to the head and think the mantra „Light“. We breathe in the stomach. We meditate one minute on the posture.

3. Candle = We go into the candle, straighten both legs to the sky and support us with our hands from the back. We breathe one minutes relaxed into the body.

4. Feet = We roll from the candle again in the supine position, stretch our legs, put our hands on the belly and move gently our feet. We stop our mind and focus a minute on our belly.

5. Cobra = We turn on our stomach and lift as far as possible a minute the upper body with our back muscles. The head is in the back, the hands are placed laterally from the body on the floor. We breathe relaxed into the cobra. We send a beam of light from the head down the back and think „Light“.

6. Locust = We set off the head and lift the right leg stretched as far as possible in the air. We meditate one minute on the leg. We lift the left leg for a minute and concentrate relaxed on it.

7. Arch = We raise like in the cobra the upper body and head. The hands are placed laterally from the body on the floor. In addition, we now lift both legs and bring the feet as close as possible to the head. We breathe relaxed in the stomach and hold the bow for a minute. We send a beam of light from the feet to the head and think the mantra „Light“.

8. Pelvic rotation = In the prone position we lie our head on the hands and turn with our breath several times the pelvis relaxed to the left and right. We focus on the spine and twist as much as possible.

9. Meditation = The back is straight, the head upright, and we relax the belly. The hands lie in the lap. We circulate light in the head, in the whole body, in the legs, feet, arms and hands. At the same time we think the mantra „light, light, light“. We visualize in the earth a small star (dot of light). The star circulate in the earth and we think, „Earth“. Then we let the star circulate in the sky above us, around our body and in our body. Thereby we think the mantra „Star, Star, Star.“ We rub in circles with one hand our stomach and the star comes to rest.

10. Relaxation = We lie down or sit in a comfortable position and move gently our feet. We stop one minute all thoughts. Then we relax completely.

Oracle = Go your way positive. Take things as they are. Concentrate on your goals. Work for a world of love, peace and happiness. Move a hand, send all people light and think, „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“ Forward. Success.

Office Yoga

Schultz in Italy.jpg

102. Today’s professional life is marked by a lot of stress and strain. The Office Yoga helps us to preserve our health and inner happiness.

1. Stretch = We put our hands together, turn up the palms outside and stretch our hands pleasurably over the head. We keep our hands above the head and breathe several times deeply in and out.

2. Right and left stretch = We stretch the right and left side of the body. We continue to hold the hands over the head and breathe several times in the stretched side of our body.

3. Spine rotation = We continue to hold the outstretched hands above our head. We turn the spine several times to the right and to the left side.

4. Elbow circles = We lay the hands on the shoulders and make dynamic circles with the elbows. We resolve the tension in the shoulders and neck. We feel that movement we need and what is good for us. We make small and large circles.

5. Head moving = We lay our hands on the legs. We stretch the head backwards, to the right side, to the left side and let him hang forward. Each time we breathe relaxed in and out.

6. Massage = We rub the eyes and face, so that we can see clearly again. We visualize a color of healing and massage it from head to foot on our body. What is your healing color today? We think the name of our color as a mantra: „orange, blue, gold, pink …“. We bow down and rub also the ground.

7. Meditation = We put the hands in our lap, thinking the mantra: „I am a Buddha (Shiva, Goddess) of the rest. I live in the rest. I go the way of rest.“ Then we move a hand in blessing and think: „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

8. Little Bird = We rub our feet on the ground, visualize ourselves as a tree with roots, trunk, leaves and crown. Thereby we think as mantra: „Tree.“ We let the roots grow deep into the earth and think our mantra until we are well rooted in the earth. A little bird comes flying, sits on the tree and gives us a positive sentence. What is your bird? What does he say to you?

Oracle = Optimism. The light is with you. Forward. Success.

Switch Breathing

103. Alternate nostril breathing is an important yoga technique. It brings us into the inner balance. In the body there are three main energy channels: the left (Ida, moon, peace), the right (pingala, sun, activity) and the central energy channel (sushumna, Kundalini channel). If we have filled the left and the right channels with prana, increases the Kundalini energy by its own in the central channel. Then appears peace, happiness and inner strength.

1. Bellows breathing = We place one hand on your stomach and practice a minute bellows breathing. We breathe at a higher speed with the abdominal muscles and fill our body with spiritual energy (prana, light).

2. Switch breathing = We press our thumb on the right nostril and breathe with the bellows breathing through the left nostril, move the left toes and count from 1 to 20 in the body. We press with your index finger (middle finger, ring finger) on the left nostril and breathe with the bellows breathing through the right nostril, move the right toes and count 1-20 in the body. Then we switch back and forth between the left and right nostril and forth, count the numbers, until a feeling of inner peace and harmony is created.

3. Pelvic Floor = We tense the pelvic floor, count there are the numbers 1 to 20 and move the toes of both feet. We relax.

4. Circles with the upper body = We put the hands on our knees and circle with a straight upper body several times to the left. We tense the pelvic floor and visualize a large sea around us. We think the mantra „Water“. Then we revolve several times in the other direction and think again the mantra „Water“. We relax the pelvic floor.

5. „Om“ in the belly = We put our hands together in her lap, think a minute the mantra „Om“ in our belly, breathe into the belly and move the toes. We stop a minute every thought. We relax.

Oracle = Go with your spiritual exercises through the day. Make in the right moment the right spiritual exercise (yoga, walking, reading, mediation, doing good). Boost you with inner strength. What exercises help you? What positive thought makes you optimistic? You will win. Forward. Success.

Goddess Yoga

Shridevi of Lakshmi (fortune, flower), Parvati (Durga / trident, Kali / sword) and Saraswati (creativity, musical instrument)

104. Goddess Yoga means to pray to the Goddess, visualize the Goddess, identify with the Goddess and realize the Goddess within oneself. To visualize and to meditate on the Goddess awakes the energy of healing, happiness and enlightenment (kundalini energy). The four main Goddesses in Yoga are Durga (the Goddess of power on a tiger), Kali (the black Goddess with a sword), Sarasvati (the white Goddess with a book) and Lakshmi (the Goddess of luck with giver hands). They embody the four properties strength, peace, wisdom and love. If we want to be happy in our lives, we need all these four properties. The Goddess Yoga is the highest form of Yoga. With him we can awaken the kundalini energy (the inner happiness). We can quickly get into the light. Important in Goddess Yoga is, that we are always in touch with ourselves and our inner wisdom. We should never practice formally (without internal involvement). We should find creativity in our personal form of Goddess Yoga.

1. Durga Durga is the Goddess of power. She rides on a tiger (or lion). She has the force of a tiger within herself. What she decides to be her goal, she reaches it. She is a winner. She has many weapons around her, meaning, that she uses creative methods to reach her goals. We shake both fists near our head and think the word „power“, until we feel the power of Durga in us. What are the goals in your life? In which way you can reach them? „My goal is … My way to be victorious is …“

2. The black Goddess Kali has a sword. She is able to sacrifice her ego and thus to get peace in her mind. We put our hands in the lap. We rub the earth with the feet, we feel the ground and think: „I let go of my false desires. I take the things as they are.“

3. Sarasvati is the Goddess of wisdom and creativity. She holds a book and a rosary in her hands. She roots herself in the holy books and in her own wisdom. What is your wisdom today? Track the index finger beside the head to the sky, move it a little and think, „Wisdom is … Unwisdom is …“

4. Lakshmi is the Goddess of luck and happiness. Beside her head are two flowers. She sees the beauty in her live. She recognizes her world as a paradise. She is enlightened and has a paradise view of the cosmos. In her lap she holds a pitcher full of gold pieces. She has inner and outer wealth and spend it to her followers. What is your wealth? Recognize yourself as the Goddess of wealth. Rub your hands on your belly and think the mantra: „The wealth in my life is… I am grateful for … „

5. Be a mother of the earth. Consider all beings as your children. Identify yourself with them. Wish them luck and happiness. You are now Lakshmi with the giver hands. Move your hands and think, „I send light to … May all people be happy. May the world be happy .“

Oracle = Doing good to all makes you happy. Working for a world of love, peace and happiness gives you love, peace and happiness in yourself. What can you do for a happy world? Live your task. The light is with you. Forward. Success on the way of all-embracing love.

Temple Meditation

105. In front of your mind’s eye appears a beautiful island. It is surrounded by a large ocean. The water laps gently on the beach. In the center of the island stands a great mountain. Its slopes are covered with spicy-smelling bushes. Up on the hill is a temple (or a church). It is the temple of your inner wisdom. You walk the path from the beach up to the temple. You enter through the door. The temple is half dark and very quiet. In the middle sits a wise woman or a wise man on a throne. It is the embodiment of your own inner wisdom. Who do you see in your temple? A master, a goddess, a wise woman, yourself? The highest wisdom is superior to all forms. It can express itself through all forms. You can now ask your wisdom being a question. Think about your life. What experiences have you had in your life? What are your goals? What is your current situation? How do you imagine your future? What is your life plan? What is your way to develop your inner happiness? What is your way of a wise life? What is your way to victory? Meditate on the question, until you can see your way clear. Listen inwardly to the answer. Find your way of victory. What says your inner wisdom to you? Think the answer is several times as a mantra. Stop a minute every thought. Linger after a few minutes in the meditation. Return back from meditation.

Oracle = Thinking about life. Is there a life after death? Exists enlightenment? Is there a path of love, peace and happiness? Be a master of life. What is your way? Look closely at your situation, think thoroughly and meet a clear decision. „My way of a successful life is …“ Go your way consistently. See you strong, wise and successful. Forward. Optimism. Success.

The Laughing Zen Master

106. We should not forget to laugh. Laughter belongs to the yoga path. Who rests in inner happiness, likes to laugh. Who is enlightened, has the laughing within himself. For a Buddha laughter arises spontaneously out of his belly. He does not need big events. A Buddha also can laugh about little jokes. He has therefore always something to laugh, because life is full of little jokes. There once was a Zen master who meditated alone high atop a mountain. Suddenly the moon appeared from behind the clouds. The Zen master laughed so loud, that the people in the valley below could hear it. They called him the laughing Zen master. When the little Yogi in 2006 summer had a meeting with his people, everyone was very sad because a woman was seriously ill with cancer. Her life was coming to an end. She died a short time later. On four evenings Nils taught Laughter Yoga. They laughed so much this summer that all forgot their suffering. They transformed themselves through the laughter into the light. They overcame by regular laugh the suffering of life.

Oracle = Today there is a reason for mourning. Live your grief. Resolve your inner tensions by mourning. Think several times, „I’m sad because …“. Resolve your grief, but do not sinking in the grief. Come back to the positive. What is your positive sentence? What makes you positive again? Forward with optimism. Things change to the positive.

Five Tibetan Rites

Five Tibetan Rites.png

107. The Five Tibetan Rites are well suited as morning activation. They clean our chakras and give us inner strength. They get our blood circulation moving and strengthen our muscles. It takes only about 5 to 10 minutes. The Five Tibetans presented in a modified form. Instead of the knee stand we make the windmill. The leg lifting is practiced in a back-friendly form. The sixth Tibetan (abdomen tightening, breath holding) is replaced by a sitting meditation.

1. Circle = We are running a minute on tiptoe on the spot, turn us in a circle (around our own axis, the spine) and shake our arms. We can turn around the right or left. While circling around, we visualize a cloud of light around us and think the word „light“ as a mantra. If we become dizzy, we turn more slowly. We then massage the light in the whole body and think the mantra „light, light, light …“

2. Windmill = In triangle stand (feet apart) we bow forwards with a straight spine. We extend our arms out to the sides and turn ten times in the spine backwards and forwards. The hand points to the opposite foot. We think the numbers 1 to 10 in our body.

3. Mountain and valley = We go forward in the push-up on the floor and stretch our butt up. We alternate between mountain (dog) and valley (push-up) back and forwards. We visualize a cloud of light around us and think the numbers from 1 to 10 as a mantra. The head goes in the valley position to the back and in the mountain position to the earth.

4. Pelvis up and down = We rotate into a sitting position, support us with our hands behind the back on the ground and push the pelvis forward up into the air. We stand backwards on the hands and the feet. We form a rectangular table with the body. We move our pelvis back to earth. We go ten times with the pelvis between the earth and the air back and forwards. The head goes forwards (table position) and back. We visualize light around us and count the numbers from 1 to 10.

5. Leg lifting = We sit on the ground and support us from behind our back with the elbows on the ground. The legs lie outstretched on the earth. We move the stretched right leg ten times up and down. Then we lift the left leg ten times. We visualize light around us and think the numbers from 1 to 10 in each leg.

6. Meditation = We sit in the meditation position (cross-legged or heel seat) and put the hands in the lap. The back is straight and the belly relaxed. We move a hand in blessing and think, „I send light to … May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“ We span a minute the abdominal and pelvic muscles, and stop all thinking. We relax. We lie down for a minute.

Oracle = Forward with power. Concentrate on your goals: „My goals are … My path is …“ Success.

Breathing Meditation

108. Through the breathing meditation, we can absorb spiritual energy and fill our bodies with light. Our mind becomes peaceful and positive.

1. Breathing out = We concentrate on exhalation. We breathe out deeply. We breathe out all of our worries. We give all our worries to the earth (universe, life). Rename all your worries, „My grief, my worries, my problems are ….“ Enumerate all of your worries. Breathe out all your worries. Give them to the earth, „I let go of my worries. I take all things the way they are.“

2. Inhalation = We focus on inhalation. We visualize a sun in the sky and breathe in the light. We fill our body with light. We connect us with the positive,„Positive in my life is …“

3. Reflection = We reflect on the deeper meaning of life? What is important in your life? What is your way of wisdom? Think the mantra: „My way of wisdom is … Unwisdom is …“

4. Blessing = The back is straight and the belly relaxed. We move a hand in blessing and think, „I send light to … May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

5. So Ham = We put the hands in the lap. We think „So“ by inhalation and „Ham“ during exhalation. So is the sun (light) and Ham is the body. We focus on the breath and the mantra. Thus we fill us a minute by breathing with energy. Our mind becomes calm and positive. We observe one minute just our breath. We breathe in and out normally. We can observe the breath in the abdomen, chest or in the nose. We focus on our breath and stop all thinking. We relax.

Oracle = What is today your way to become happy? „My deed of happiness is …“ Forward with optimism. Success.

Sun Salutation

  • 1. Visualize the sun and think, „Om“

  • 2. Inhale and think, „Sun“

  • 3. exhale, „Om“

  • 4. inhale (hands at the earth ), „Sun“

  • 5. exhale, „Om“

  • 6. inhale, „Sun“

  • 7. exhale, „Om“

  • 8. inhale (hands at the earth ), „Sun“

  • 9. exhale, „Om“

  • 10. Circle with the arms, inhale, „Sun“

  • 11. relax

109. The Sun Salutation is one of the most popular yoga series. It exists in many forms. Here is an abridged version. The secret of its potency is the combination of simple body movements with a strong visualization of light. We really see the sun in the sky. We feel how her love, light and heat radiates down on us and fills us with strength. Best we perform the Sun Salutation facing the sun, so that we can directly take the light. We make the Sun Salutation fast or slow. Normally the movements are associated with inhalation and exhalation. Do the (1 – 10) Sun Salutation 5 to 10 minutes. Then relax in lying down.

1. Sun = We stand upright on our yoga mat. We put the palms together in front of the heart chakra. We face the sun and think (or speak) the mantra „Om“. We welcome the sun, the light and the life.

2. Sky = We stretch out our hands to the sky and think, „Sun.“ We breathe in.

3. Earth = We bow the straight upper body down, hands lay next to the feet on the ground and think, „Om“. The crown chakra shows to the feet. Thus, the root chakra is activated (earth energy). We breathe out.

4. Step backwards = We put a foot wide backwards and stretch our face back up to the sun. We breathe in and think, „Sun.“ Our hands are beside our feet.

5. Dog (mountain) = We also put the other foot back. We breathe out and push our butt up to the sky. The head points to the feet, „Om“.

6. Cobra = We move our pelvis to the ground and stretch our head back and up to the sun. The two legs are on the ground, we push the upper body with our arms up, and the back hanging down relaxed. We breathe in and think, „Sun.“

7. Dog (mountain) = We strech again the butt to the sky, the head shows to the feet. We breathe out and think, „Om“.

8. Step forward = We put a foot forward between the hands. The head rises again to the sun. We breathe in: „Sun“.

9. Earth = Feet between our hands, the butt to the sky, head to the ground, breathe out, and think, „Om“.

10. Circle with the arms = We get up and make a big circle around us with our arms. We visualize the unity of the cosmos, breathe in and think, „Sun.“

11. Relax = We lie down, move our feet, stop one minute all thoughts and then relax.

Oracle = Today be gentle with yourself and your fellow people. Concentrate on the positive in your life and your world. Be happy with what you have. Count to five positive things, „Positive in my life is …“ What thought makes you feel your world as a paradise? „My paradise thought is … (I live in the essentials. I have all what I need to be happy. Everything is fine.)“

Flower Meditation


110. You can do the flower meditation in sitting or lying down.

1. Movement = We move the shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet. We turn our head and make faces. Then we relax.

2. Feet = We visualize in the middle of the soles each a flower. We try to see the flowers as clearly as possible. What color are the flowers? We breathe to the bottom of the feet and think 10 times the mantra „flower.“

3. Chakras = Similarly, we visualize flowers in the pelvic floor, sacral chakra, navel, solar plexus, heart chakra (in the center of the chest), throat, forehead and crown chakra. We breathe into the individual chakras, visualize flowers there and think „flower.“

4. All flowers = We visualize all flowers in the chakras at once and think „All flowers.“ We combine all the chakras together. We think the mantra until we see all the flowers or feel them. Which flower type we see?

5. Light circle = We let a beam of light circle around our body. We wrap us totally with the light. We think the mantra „light.“ We let the light flow into our body and fill us with light. We circulate in our body with light and think „light“. We think the mantra so many times, until we are full of light.

6. Medium energy channel = We visualize a twine from the pelvic floor up to the crown chakra and let light circling around the twine. We think the mantra „light.“ We move our toes. We meditate on the energy channel (the twine) in the center of the body between the pelvis and the crown chakra.

7. Resting point = We circle with light in the heart chakra, abdomen, forehead, crown, root chakra (pelvic floor), hands and soles of the feet. We place the light in that chakra, where it wants to be placed. For most people, it is the heart or sacral chakra. We focus on our chakra and thus bring our mind to rest. We stop a minute every thought. We relax.

8. Coming back = We return. We move the hands and feet. We stretch ourselves. We sit on. We take our peace with in everyday life.

Oracle = Great satisfaction. Everything is good. Take yourself the way you are. Accept your life with all the happy and unhappy sides. Concentrate on the positive. Get a paradise view. Recognize your world as a paradise. Today, no criticism is allowed up to you. Today only think positively about you. Forward on the path of happiness. Success.

Hatha Yoga

111. Hatha Yoga is a system of Yoga introduced by Yogi Swatmarama, a sage of 15th century India, and compiler of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. In this treatise Swatmarama introduces Hatha Yoga as a way of physical purification that the body practices for higher meditation. The word Hatha is a compound of the words Ha and Tha meaning sun and moon. A Yogi has to join together sun (masculine, active) energy with the moon (feminine, receptive) energy, thus producing balance and enlightenment in an individual. Hatha Yoga is a strong practice done for healing and purification. Hatha Yoga is what most people in the Western world associate with the word “Yoga” and is most commonly practiced for mental and physical health. The most comprehensive text of Hatha Yoga is the Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Yogi Swatmarama. It includes information about shatkarma (purification), asana (postures), pranayama (subtle breath energy), chakras (centers of energy), kundalini (enlightenment energy), bandhas (energy control), kriyas (purification techniques), nadis (energy channels), and mudras (energy gestures). Traditionally, Shiva is credited with propounding Hatha Yoga. It is said that on a lonely island he gave the knowledge of Hatha Yoga to Goddess Parvati, but a fish heard the entire discourse und gave it to the fisherman and yogi Matsyendra. The fish is a symbol for the contact to your own intuitive wisdom. Matsyendra has heard Shiva and Shakti in himself. For us this means that the Hatha Yoga is an intuitive and not a dogmatic spiritual system. Each person is allowed to develop his own best way of practicing yoga.

Oracle = What is your intuitive practicing today? Feel in you, what spiritual exercises you need? Practice it in a way that is good for you? How can you best resolve your inner tensions? What exercises are your fastest way to happiness (into the light)? Yoga (Sun SalutationFive Tibetan Rites), walking (sports), mind work (positive thinking), meditation, doing good to others or some enjoyment?

Creative Hatha Yoga

Creativ Hatha Yoga.jpg

112. In the Western world we have relaxation yoga, power yoga, stretch yoga, meditation yoga and different kinds of spiritual yoga. Creative Hatha Yoga works with all of these techniques. Most western yogis first learn one special yoga way and then they practice creative yoga. Whatever you choose to do, the main point is to follow your own wisdom, to feel what you need and to find your personal yoga practice. The Creative Hatha Yoga is a way of spontaneously and creatively develop the currently useful yoga exercises. Listen to the voice of your inner wisdom and feel in your body. What exercises do you need right now? How you must practice it, so that your inner tensions dissolve, that your Kundalini energy awakes and you get in a state of happiness and well-being? Try different yoga exercises. Feel what is good for you. Developed your personal yoga series.

Watch the video (Creative Hatha Yoga). The video is in german language, but you can understand it, when you read the following text.

1. Circle = We start with the shaking. We run on tiptoe on the spot and shake the body. We turn around. We massage light in the whole body and think the mantra ”Light, Light, Light … “

2. Cobra = We slowly bow forward. We lay on the ground. We base our head on the hands. We highlight the knees slightly and swing the feet back and forth. We count in the kidneys the numbers 1 to 20.

3. Pelvic rotation = We lay with our head on the hands and relax. We rotate the basin far to the left and right, back and forth. We focus on the spine.

4. Feet = We move the feet and toes slightly. We circle the feet over the ground. We feel the feet. Relax.

5. Massage = We come up and kneel down on the heels. We turn in the spine to the right. The head is also turning. We turn to the left. The head is also turning. We massage the body from top to bottom. We rub all the stress and tension out.

6. Earth rubbing = We bend forward in the heel seat. We rub the ground with our hands and think the mantra “Earth”. We draw with our hands a circle of light on the earth around us. We sit in the circle of light. What color has the circle of light? Yellow, orange, blue, gold?

7. Cycling = We turn around and lay on our backs. We move with the feet a bike ride. We lay our hands on the belly, lift the head, the legs turn to the right and left. The head always shows in the opposite direction.

8. Shoulder stand (Sarvangasana) = We go into the candle. The feet points to the sky. We base with our hands up at the back. We go on riding a bike with our feet, see the light around us, thinking the mantra “Light” and turn our head slightly to the left and right.

9. Blessing = We gently roll down from the candle into our meditation seat (cross legged). We move a hand in blessing and think, “I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.”

10. Meditation (Shavasana) = We lie down on the back. We lay our hands on the belly. We move the feet and toes. We think “Om” in the body, legs and feet, “Om, Om, Om ..” We send all people over the world our “Om”. We feel the cosmos. We feel one with our world. Everything is fine the way it is. We do not have to be perfect. We rest until we feel well. Then we slowly come back. We stretch and loll us. We are back and in a positive mood.

Oracle = The situation is difficult. Find creatively your way in to the light. Awaken your power. Solve your problems. What triggers your problems? „My goal is … My way is …“ Forward with power. Success.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

(Quotes from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika)


113. Hail to Shiva, who expounded the knowledge of Hatha Yoga which guides us gradually to the highest peaks ofRaja Yoga (enlightenment yoga, meditation and mind work). Yogi Swatmarama now explains the Hatha Yoga. Matsyendra, Goraksa and other great yogis knew about the wisdom of yoga and thanks to their benevolence Yogi Swatmarama learned it. All the great masters broke the power of death and roam as free souls in the universe. A Yogi should practice Hatha Yoga in a secluded place. He should live in a country where is peace, where are good people and where you can get food easily. The effects of yoga can be destroyed by the following six causes: too much food, too much effort, too much chatter, too extreme practicing, too much contact to other people and too much inconsistency. The following 6 causes bring quick success: courage, boldness, perseverance, good understanding, trust and seclusion. Important are: self-discipline, confidence, compassion, determination, reading, morality, wisdom, simple needs, renouncement. Whether you are young or old, skinny or sick, the one who overcomes inertia will be successful in yoga. By reading books on yoga alone, no one can attain success. Practice alone is the way that leads to success. That’s for sure. Through asanas (yoga exercises) and kumbhakas (breathing exercises) the inner power awakens. Asana, kumbhakas and other techniques should be practiced until success in yoga comes. Due to the impurities of the energy channels the energy flows not through the central channel. How then can success be attained in enlightenment? Once the yogi has cleaned the energy channels through his yoga practice, he is able to direct the energy (to do Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga). If the dormant kundalini energy awakenes by the blessing of a Guru (inauguration, power transmission), then all the power blocks are removed. Sushumna (the center channel from the pelvic floor to the head) is the main pathway for the flow of energy. Then the mind is free from all bonds. The fear of death is defeated. The yogi whose kundalini is awakened by the grace of an enlightened master and who renounces of all activities (living in the rest) achieves effortlessly samadhi (enlightenment). Oh Parvati! Diseases are destroyed by yoga and even the death will overcome. When the mind is united with God, there is no dualism. Unceasing joy arises.

Oracle = Train the positive qualities that you need for a successful life. What do you need today? Courage, self-confidence, self-discipline, endurance, clarity, serenity, love or joy. In which way can you achieve them? Train it, practice it and get it. If you regularly exercise a positive quality, it forms an appropriate energy structure in the mind. Forward with …..(self-confidence). Success.

Fitness Yoga

Fitness Yoga.jpg

114. Fitness Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga. We can eliminate our stress after work and recharge us with positive energy. In 10 to 20 minutes we are fit again.

1. Shake Meditation = We make five minutes the Shake Meditation and move out all the accumulated stress: Dissolve your anger (think the mantra, „anger“). Dissolve your grief („I’m sad because …“). Circle your shoulders. Twist your spine. Massage your body. Rub the earth with your feet.

2. Windmill = In triangle stand (feet apart) we bow forwards with a straight spine. We extend our arms out to the sides and turn ten times in the spine backwards and forwards. The hand points to the opposite foot. We think the numbers 1 to 20 in our body.

3. Pushups = We do ten pushups. We count as a mantra in the body the numbers 1 to 20.

4. Arm-leg raising = We turn around and lie on our stomach. We lift the right arm and the left leg stretched as far as possible. We then lift the left arm and right leg. We do this several times and count the numbers from 1 to 20 in the body.

5. Pelvic rotation = We lie our head on the hands and turn with our breath several times the pelvis relaxed to the left and right. We focus on the spine and twist as much as possible.

6. Butt knocking = We turn onto the back, put our feet on the ground near the butt and knock a minute dynamic with the butt up and down on the ground. We work all our stress and aggressions out. We focus on our body. We lift the butt while knocking so much in the air, that we resolve the tensions in the upper body.

7. Abdominal muscle training = We put our hands together behind your head and pull thirty times the head to the knees. The knees are bent and move to the head. We move our upper body 10 times in the middle high, 10 times to the right and 10 times to the left side. We count in the body of the numbers 1 to 30.

8. Candle = We go into the candle, straighten both legs to the sky and support us with our hands at the back. We breathe one minute relaxed into the body.

9. Meditation = We rise up in a sitting position (heel seat or cross-legged) and put the hands in our lap (or on the legs). The back is straight and the belly relaxed. We think the mantra „Om Shanti“ until our mind comes to rest. We move our hand and think, „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

10. Relaxation = We lie down comfortably and relax. First we stop one minute every thought, focus on the feet and move it gently. Then we relax for a few minutes completely.

Oracle = Think about your life. What is positive? What is good in your life? What gives you optimism, hope and power? What is your positive sentence today? Forward with optimism. Success.

Swami Sivananda

Swami Sivananda

115. Swami Sivananda (also written Shivananda) lived from 1897 to 1963 in India. He was one of the greatest Indian saint of modern times. By profession he was a doctor. He taught the yoga of the trinity (Trimurti Yoga), the combination of Hatha Yoga (spiritual exercises), Karma Yoga (work for a happy world) and Master Yoga (daily connection with an enlightened master). He pushed for the cooperation of the religions. All yogis should cooperate too. In 1958 he organized a conference in Venkatagiri with Sathya Sai Baba, another great indian saint. According to Swami Sivananda, enlightenment occurs via relaxation, practice, and love. When a Yogi or Yogini lives in an area of peace, he or she is already halfway there. The second half is tackled with spiritual practice. In order to pass through the gate to a life in light, all-encompassing love must be at the heart of the seeker of enlightenment. When a Yogi lives for the happiness of others, then the ego can be dissolved. When the ego disappears, the person is in light. Swami Sivananda loved the humor. He wrote the song of the eighteen properties that a Yogi should have. Humor is the top priority. Other properties are regularity, truthfulness, integrity, purity, endurance, flexibility, strength, calmness, equanimity, simplicity, humility, kindness and generosity.

Oracle = The main path to inner happiness is living in rest. Most people in today’s world flee the silence. They flee from the inner happiness. Use every opportunity to live in rest, love and spiritual exercising. Go through the uncomfortable feelings of boredom and come into an enlightened consciousness (unity consciousness, inner harmony, a life in the light). Rub your palms in front of your heart chakra and think; „Om all enlightended Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“ Forward with wisdom and endurance. Success.

Yoga and Enlightenment

(Quote from Swami Sivananda)

116. Enlightenment is not an accident or fortune. It is achievable through a thorny path with many steps. I climbed the arduous journey, step by step, but on each lap the enlightened Masters helped me. And I was easily lifted to the next level. As a teenager, I loved gymnastics and sports. With a teacher I learned fencing. He was a Harijan (outcaste). I was informed that it is not befitting for a Brahmin like me to be a disciple of an untouchable. I thought carefully about it. I felt that God dwells in the heart of this untouchable. I went with flowers, sweets and clothes to him, crowned him, laid a flower at his feet and prostrated myself before him. So God came into my life, to lift the veil of caste differences. I took the medical profession to serve all. Any type of healing and relieve human suffering gave me great pleasure. If there was a good recipe for malaria, I had the feeling that the whole world must know it immediately. I wanted to know everything about disease prevention, health promotion and treatment of diseases. Later, when I worked as a doctor in Malaysia, God came in the form of sick and suffering to me. For some, life was a lingering death. When God created this world not only as hell, there must be something beyond this. At this crucial point in my life I met a wandering monk. He gave me the first lesson in the philosophy of enlightenment. It pulled me out of Malaysia to the Himalayas, to a life of a yogi. Every day I did consistently my spiritual exercises and after some years I reached the goal of enlightenment.

Oracle = Pick an inspiring role model. It does not matter which model you have. The important thing is that it symbolizes for you the enlightenment energy (God, love, happiness). Connect yourself daily through prayer, reading or an oracle. Feel how your role model speaks to you through the oracle, reading or your inner voice of wisdom. „My role model is … (Buddha, Shiva, Jesus, a Goddess, an Enlightened, a Philosopher). Move a hand in blessing and think: „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“ Forward with wisdom, love and endurance. Success.

Trimurti Meditation

Saraswati (wisdom, creativity), Ganesha (power, joy, son of Shiva) and Lakshmi (love, doing good).

117. Trimurti Yoga is the path of the threeness. It is the combination of Hatha Yoga (asana and meditation), Karma Yoga (love, doing good) and Bhakti Yoga (praying, reading, oracle). We connect us with the properties of all three main Gods in yoga, with the love of Vishnu (Lakshmi), the wisdom of Brahma (Saraswati) and the power of Shiva (Shakti). We combine the way of love, the way of exercising and the way of praying (getting help from the enlightened Masters, God).

1. Deities-Yoga = We visualize Vishnu (Lakshmi), Brahma (Saraswati) or Shiva (Shakti, Ganesha) bevor us. What do you need right now? Love, wisdom or power? We put our hands in our lap, rub the feet on the ground and think, „I connect myself with… (love, wisdom, power, creativity, joy).“ Think several times your quality as mantra.

2. Cosmos = We visualize the cosmos around us, a universe full of stars. We make large circles with our arms and think: „I take things as they are. I flow positive with my life.“

3. Love = We move a hand, send all people light and think, „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

4. Bhakti Yoga = We rub the palms before our heart chakra, visualize the sky above us and think, „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help on my way.“

5. So Ham = We put our hands in the lap, move the toes and think one minute the mantra „So Ham“. So Ham means „I am that (Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Ganesha)“. We think „So“ while breathing in and „Ham“ while breathing out.

6. Meditation = We stop a minute every thought. We relax.

Oracle = Succeed with wisdom, self-discipline, love, joy and creativity. The light (God, the enlightened energy) is with you. Forward with optimism. Success.

Alice Christensen

118. Alice Cnristensen is the founder of the American Yoga Association. In her book „Yoga of the Heart“ (1999), she describes the exciting path as she took to yoga. Swami Sivananda in India saw Alice in the U.S. from his higher cosmic perspective. He saw her good heart. A good heart is the main on the spiritual path. Through yoga exercises one gets a lot of inner power. This power can be steered in the wrong direction, if it is used without wisdom and love. Alice was a homemaker and mother. One night in the summer of 1952, she woke up and saw a large pillar of light standing at the foot of her bed. The whole room was filled with light. The pillar of light came toward her, enveloped her and melted into her. She lost consciousness and woke up the next morning as a new woman. Suddenly she was a clairvoyant and could feel the energy of others. In her mind popped the word ‚yoga‘ on. She read all the books about yoga, she could get. Some time later Swami Sivananda appeared her in a vision and introduced himself by name. He pointed her to a particular book, in which his address was. She bought the book and then communicated mainly writing with him. Alice had several experiences of enlightenment. In 1960 she was spiritually so developed that she could teach yoga. In her book she recommends a daily yoga practice from twenty to thirty minutes. She also writes, that daily reading a spiritual book is very important: „If you do yoga every day and also practice the positive qualities love, peace and truth, you will bring your inner power source to bubbling. You will get health, inner strength, self-confidence and contentment.“

Oracle = Get health, strength, self-confidence and contentment. Do Yoga and Positive Thinking every day. Practice love, peace and truth. Wisdom is … Unwisdom is … Forward. Success.

Today’s Yoga

Yogi Nils

Computer Yoga with Yogi Nils (sound)

119. In the last century Hatha Yoga was brought into the West by Indian yoga master as Yogananda (Kriya Yoga), Vishnudevananda (Sivananda Yoga), Maharishi (Transcendental Meditation), Iyengar (extreme stretch-yoga), Desikachar (Vini Yoga, gentle healing yoga), Swami Rama (Himalayan Institute, gentle Hatha Yoga), Kali Ray (Tri-Yoga, flowing movements) and Yogi Bhajan (dynamic Kundalini Yoga). The victory of yoga began with the 1960th student movement. Many Westerners opened themselves to Eastern spirituality, very much helped by the Beatles, their partially spiritual songs (My Sweat Lord) and the famous meeting with Maharishi Yogi. Since the millennium, yoga is widely accepted in the west and has become a trend sport. It is propagated by many media celebrities such asMadonnaBarbara Becker and Ursula Karven. Today there are many different types of yoga. There is yoga for children, for seniors, for managers (Business-Yoga), for women and for recovery (Wellness Yoga). The Chinese haveTaoist Yoga. For good mood we make Laughter Yoga. Very good is the combination of endurance sports (jogging, walking, cycling, swimming) and yoga. We keep our circulation fit, our body heathy and our mind positive. We build on inner strength. We stay healthy in old age and can enjoy our life. Gym Yoga is more dynamic and Relaxation Yoga is more gentle and calm. Between these two basic types, there are many different styles. And there are many different yoga teachers. Everyone should try out which yoga style is best suited for him. He or she should find a yoga teacher, to whom he or she has confidence. A yoga student should first informe himself. He should buy yoga books / DVDs or watch videos on the internet, and try out various yoga styles. Then he or she should choose his personal path of yoga and practice it with perseverance. The big gain of yoga develops after several years. Who practices yoga lifelong, receives a healthy life, happiness, contentment and a rise into the light after death.

Oracle = Stay on your path of truth, wisdom and love. Do exercises every day. Forward with endurance. Success.


120. The steam locomotive activates our Kundalini energy. It gives us inner strength. We can do it in running or going. Some people love it rather quickly and some slowly. For the duration of yoga practices, there are two principles: We do each exercise as long as it is good for us. If in doubt we make any yoga exercise for a minute.

1. Steam locomotive = We run on tiptoe on the spot. We feel the ground beneath our feet. The arms we move as two steam piston forward and back. The hands are clenched into fists. We breathe loud as a steam locomotive quickly and deeply from the belly. We breathe through the mouth and make noises like a steam locomotive. We first run a little on the spot and then turn us around our own axis (the spine). Depending on our intuition, we can turn around the right or left. We begin with a slow turning. Later we turn on the dizzy limit. Thus, the energy moves into our midst. She pulls into our center and strengthens our self. If we become too dizzy, we turn more slowly. We should not stop quickly. This increases the dizziness. It is better to slowly untwist and then walk a little on the place. While circling, we visualize a cloud of energy around us and think the word „Cloud“ as a mantra.

2. Bend forward = We stand in the triangle (feet wide apart). The hands are together behind our back. The arms are stretched and pulled upwards. In the triangle we bend with the torso forward. We breathe relaxed into this position. The knees should be slightly buckled.

3. Candle = We lie on the back and go into the candle. We stretch our legs up, move the toes and think the mantra „Light.“ We visualize the sun in the sky above us and fill us with light. We can also meditate in rest one minute in the candle.

4. Meditation = We roll off from the candle in the medition seat (cross-legged, heel seat or chair). The hands are placed in the lap or on the legs. We breathe in the belly and think one minute while breathing the mantra „Om“.

5. Relaxation = We lie down. We move a little our feet and then stop a minute every thought. We relax a minute.

Oracle = What are your goals? What is your way to victory? Get the power to win from your daily spiritual exercises. Forward with optimism. Success.

Kids Yoga



121. The greatest gift we can give our children is a spiritual education. If we teach our children positive values​​, they will be able to lead a happy and successful life. If we bring them close to inner happiness as the center of life, one day they will find their own way to get there.

1. Sun = We stand in a circle and put our hands together in front of the heart chakra. We bow to each other and think, „We welcome the sun.“

2. Sky = We raise our arms to the sky and stand on the tip toe. „We welcome the sky.“

3. Moon = We stand like a moon, bow to the left and then to the right side in the hips, and move the outer arm over our head. „We welcome the moon.“

4. Stars = We make big circles with our arms, visualize the entire cosmos full of stars and think, „We welcome the stars.“

5. All children = We’re turn ourselves with outstretched arms in the spine left and right, see the children around us and say, „We welcome all children.“

6. Grass = We bow the upper body forwards and rub with our hands in circles the earth, „We welcome the grass.“

7. Fun = We stand again up straight, put one foot on the opposite knee, standing on one leg like a yogi and shout: „This is fun.“ For this we applaud vigorously with the hands, until we have all the good mood.

Oracle = Become a child. See the sun in your life. Don’t worry. Be happy. What makes you happy today? Do it. Find your way to happiness. Make spiritual exercises, be creative (paint, write, make music, help others), talk or chat with a nice person, hear good music and eat sweets. Enjoy your life.

Shanti Meditation

Anse Sévère-La Digue-Seychelles.jpg

122. Shanti means peace in yoga. The term „Shanti“ refers to both the outer and the inner peace. As yogis, we wish a world of love, peace and happiness. So that we can successfully work for a happy outer world, we should first make peace and happiness within ourselves. Those who have no peace within themselves, can cause very limited external peace in his world. It is important that we create every day the peace in ourselves.

1. Body = We gently move our head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet. We turn in the spine right and left. We resolve all tensions in the body by feeling in our body and moving the tensed parts. Where you are tensed today? Move and relax this area.

2. Breathing = We breathe deep into the pelvis. We fill the whole body with prana (breath energy). We breathe in the legs, the feet, the arms, the hands, the head, the thorax and the abdomen. At the same time we think the mantra „Om“.

3. Lighting circuits = We see a beautiful sun in the sky. The sun emits light and heat down on us. We feel the warmth on our skin. It is as if we lie on holiday in the sun. We enjoy the sunlight. We take a golden ray of sunshine and wrap ourselves with it completely. We circle with the light around our body and think the mantra „Light, light, light.“ We let the light flow into us. We fill our entire body with light and think often the mantra „Light.“

4. Sending light = We send another person light. We envelop him with light and let the light flow into him. Who do you want to send light today? Think many times the word „Light“. After that we send light all over the world. We wrap the whole world with light, fill it with light and think often „Light.“

5. Om Shanti = We think inhaling „Om“ and exhaling „Shanti“. We stop all other thoughts. We feel calmness, serenity and peace in us. We stop a minute every thought. When thoughts arise, we push them away. We move the feet and toes. We relax. We lie a few minutes relaxed just there. We are in harmony with ourselves, our life and our world.

Oracle = Come in harmony with you and your life. Get inner peace, happiness and love. Think positive. What is beautiful in your life? What thought brings you to peace and harmony with yourself? „Positive in my life is …“

The Happy Housewife

123. There was once a woman who had two children. Her husband went to work during the day, and she cleaned the house, cooked the food and cared of the children. She had a good life. But it does not filled her out. Her lacked a deeper meaning of life. Ultimately lacked the deep happiness in her life. To do something for herself, she took part in a yoga class. She read a yoga book and learned that by yoga one can awaken his inner happiness. One who practices a lot of yoga may thus come into a life of light and to lasting happiness. The woman decided to live as a yogini. From now on, she took all the freedom in her housewife life, to do spiritual exercises. While cleaning, she thought mantras. When shopping, she did a walking meditation. Playing with her children she practiced karma yoga. Before falling asleep, she meditated. Thus she sparked further tensions during sleep. It’s called Sleep Yoga. Every morning, she prayed to her enlightened Master. She made a hour yoga every day. She blocked her talkativeness and kept her spiritual energy. This is Mauni Yoga. She practised every day consistently her spiritual path. After twelve years she was enlightened.

Oracle = Get a a happy and fulfilled life. Center yourself in God (in wisdom, in your spiritual practise) and not in the outer life. Take things as they are. Problems come and go. Difficulties are gifts when they are used for spiritual growth. What is your problem? How can you solve the problem? How can you heal yourself emotionally? How can you awaken your inner happiness? Make sufficient spiritual exercises, think positively and center yourself in your spiritual path. „Om all enlightenend Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“ Forward. Success.



Yoga-Meditation with Yogi Nils (8 min.)

124. We sit upright in our meditation seat (cross-legged, heel seat, chair) and in our meditation posture (hands on the legs or lap). The back is straight and the belly is relaxed. The eyes are open, semi-open or closed.

1. Sun = We see a beautiful sun in the sky. She sends her rays down on us. We wrap our whole body with light and think the mantra „Light.“ We take a golden ray of sunshine and wrap ourselves with it completely. We circle with the light around our body and think the mantra „Light, light, light.“ We let the light flow into us. We fill our entire body with light and think often the mantra „Light.“

2. Body = We bring our mind to rest by a mantra. We think the numbers 1 – 20 in the head, chest, abdomen, feet and into the earth.

3. Cosmos = We make big circles with our arms, visualize the whole universe full of stars around us and think the numbers 1 – 20 in the whole universe.

4. Blessing = We move a hand in blessing and think, „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

5. Master = We rub the palms in front of the heart chakra, connecting us with the enlightened Masters and think, „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“

6. Mantra Om = We put your hands in our lap. We think a minute when breathing out (at breathing in, or at the inhalation and exhalation) the mantra „Om“ in the belly.

7. Stop thinking = We stop a minute every thought. If thoughts come, we push them away. Then we relax for a minute.

Oracle = Forward with optimism. You are guided by the light (by the enlightened Masters, by God). Follow consistent your inner wisdom and your love. Make every day your spiritual exercises. Bring the light on your way into the world. Success.

Three Abdominal Exercises

125. We lay our hands on the legs. The back is straight. The belly is relaxed.

1. Pelvic floor = We tense the pelvic muscles, stop our breath, think the numbers 1 to 20 in the pelvis and move the toes. Then we relax the pelvis.

2. Belly = We move the abdominal muscels to the spine, exhale, stop the breath, think in the belly 1 to 20 and move the toes. We relax.

3. Chest = We draw the belly in the chest, exhale, hold our breath, think in the chest the numbers 1 to 20 and move the toes. We relax.

4. Spine = We tense again the pelvic muscles, pull our stomach in the chest, hold our breath and turn us several times in the spine to the right and left. We also rotate the head. We think the numbers 1-20 in the body. We relax.

5. Healing = We rub our hands in front of the heart chakra and ask the enlightened Masters (God) for help. „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“ We now can make a question of healing. We hear the answer inside. What is your problem? What is your healing question? What is the answer of your inner wisdom? What solves the problem?

6. Healing salve = We visualize a healing salve in our hands, think her color as a mantra and rub it into our whole body. We massage the ointment especially on our sick body areas. What is your color of healing? Rub it for so long in the diseased area of ​​the body, until it has absorbed all the healing energy.

7. Blessing = We rub with our feet the earth, move a hand in blessing and think: „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“ We relax. Feel into your body. How do you feel now? Feel the relaxation and well-being in you.

Oracle = Heal yourself. What is your problem? What solves your problem? Forward on the path of healing. Success.

Bones Meditation

126. This meditation strengthens our life force. It heals our internal organs, we center us in our body and get the power to act positively.

1. Moving = We make faces, move our head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet. We turn in the spine backwards and forwards. We relax.

2. Internal organs = We visualize our brain and think several times the mantra „brain.“ We think the mantra „brain“ until we feel that our brain is well filled with healing energy. We also visualize successively all other internal organs and think their name as mantra: „Lungs, stomach, intestines, bladder, kidneys (right and left at the back), liver (front right), spleen (front left), solar plexus, heart.“ In conclusion, we visualize all the organs at once and think several times: „All internal organs“.

3. Bones = We visualize one after another all bones and think at least twice: „Skull, spine, chest bones, arm bones, hand bones, pelvis, leg bones, feet bones, skeleton.“ So that we can feel the individual bones better, we move them easily. Finally, we visualize all the bones together and revolve light around us. We think the mantra „light.“

4. Sun = We see a beautiful sun in our belly. We think the mantra „Sun“ and thereby radiate light in our body. The sunlight becomes stronger and fills the entire universe around us with light. We move our arms and think the mantra „Stars“. We see the whole universe full of stars and light.

5. Stop = We stop all thoughts. We bring our mind to rest. We relax. If we have meditated enough, we return slowly. How do you feel now? Feel the relaxation and well-being in you.

Oracle = Beware of unwisdom. A small mistake can cause a lot of suffering. Think long term. „My way of wisdom is … Unwisdom is …“ Forward. Success.

Shambhavi Mudra

Ajna chakra is also called the third eye.

127. We activate with the star circling the Kundalini energy and then meditate with the Shambhavi Mudra on the light within us. We thus get quickly inner peace and happiness. Sitting in the Shambhavi meditation the light flows more and more into us. The bliss grows more and more. The Shambhavi Mudra is Shivas main meditation. It is the easiest way to stay in the light (in Sat-Chid-Anananda).

1. Earth = We visualize a bright star. We imagine the earth beneath us and circle with a star in the globe. We think the word „Earth“ as a mantra. We circle as long with our star in the earth, until the whole earth among us is full of light. We rub the ground with the feet.

2. Sun = We see a beautiful sun in the sky. She sends her rays down on us. We let the light flow into us. We fill our entire body with light and think often the mantra „Sun“. We move the feet and toes.

3. Body = We circle with the star around our body and think the mantra „body“. We clean all the tensions around our body. We wrap us with light. We massage our body.

4. Inside = We circle with the star in the body. We clean all areas of the body sequentially from their tensions and fill it with light. We think the mantra „Light.“ We circle with the star particularly in our head, chest, abdomen, legs and feet. We massage the special part of the body.

5. Blessing = We move a hand in blessing and think, „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

6. Om Shanti = The hands are in the belly. We tense the muscles in the pelvis, in the abdomen and chest. We keep the tension. We relax. We do that once again. Then we breathe deeply several times in the belly. We think by inhalation „Om“ and by exhalation „Shanti“. We come with the mantra „Om – Shanti“ more and more toward inner peace. Our thoughts become quiet.

7. Shambhavi mudra = Shambhavi is the mudra of Shiva. It means blessed and is his main meditation technique. By the star circling, our energy has turned inwardly. The back is straight, the head upright, and the belly relaxed. We open half or whole our eyes and focus on the energy in us (the light, a chakra, or the Kundalini channel in the middle of our body). Thus the energy of the eyes flows inwardly and stabilizes our meditation. We stop all thoughts. We concentrate on the Kundalini channel, a chakra (heart or sacral chakra) or the light within us. We spend some time in quiet meditation. Then we come back slowly.

Oracle = Keep the light (peace and happiness) in your everyday life. Forward with optimism. Success.

Breakthrough to Enlightenment

Sahasrara chakra on top of the head.

128. There is in all people a thought which hinders the enlightenment and the inner happiness. This thought mostly has something to do with unwisdom, immodesty and lack of love to all. We need either wisdom, humility, resting, self-discipline, some fun or universal love. We need a special thought which awakens the lacking quality. Suddenly the happiness, the love, the light and the peace is in us. The right word in the right moment for the right person causes a breakthrough to inner happiness. What is now your magic word?

1. Shower = We visualize a shower above us. We turn on the shower and clean us with enlightenment energy. We think the mantra „Water“ and massage water (or light energy) from head to toe in our body. We rub all tensions and stress from the body.

2. Earthing = We rub the earth with our feet. We draw a circle with a color of healing around us. We think the name of our healing color several times as a mantra. What is your healing color (purple, orange, yellow, red)?

3. Friend = We go in the shower on the spot. We move our feet. We visualize a boyfriend or a girlfriend and say a positive word. What is your positive word? Imagine that the word actually reaches your person. Think your word several times as a mantra: „My word for… is… (I love you.)“

4. Enemy = We remember an enemy (aggressive person). Whom do you feel in this moment as an enemy? Who is your opponent? Give him a positive word. What do you say to him? Forgive him and get inner peace. Move a hand and send him wisdom and love. Think your word so long as a mantra, until you are in peace with your enemy.

5. A word for you = Investigate your own mind. Is there a thought that blocks your inner peace, your happiness and your love? Which positive word can overcome it? „My negative thought is … My positive thought is … (Forward on the way of wisdom, love and happiness.)“

Oracle = Get enlightenment. What thought enlightens your mind? Which word brings you into the light? See the positive in your life: „Positive is …“ Concentrate on the crown chakra and think 10 times, „I am richly blessed by life.“

Power Animal

The Goddess Durga blesses us with power.

129. The power animal meditation (see Wikipedia: Animal worship) makes us aware that we have helpers on our way. In Yoga, each deity is associated with a power animal. Shiva has as a totem a white bull (Nandi). The bull is a sacrificial animal. Shiva sacrifices his ego (he takes things as they are), concentrates on his goals and thus enters a life of light. Vishnu has as helper an eagle (Garuda). The eagle is a winged creature, which brings love and wisdom in the world. Brahma has a white swan (purity, cosmic consciousness). The elephant Ganesha is holding a bowl with sweets in his hand. He goes his way with joy. The Goddess Durga rides a tiger and swings many arms around her head. Who lives as mother of all beings (as a spiritual master / mistress), needs the power of a tiger and many methods (weapons) in order to help his fellow man successfully.

1. Moving = We gently move the arms, legs, the feet and the head. We think ten times the mantra Om in our body. Then we relax. Our thoughts come slowly to rest.

2. Our life = We look at our life. What are your main goals in life? What is your way of life? Through which scenery leads your way? Is the sun shining? Does it rain? Is the landscape flat, mountainous, a desert or full of flowers? Is your way rocky, hard to walk, easy, twisted or straight?

3. Power animal = We go our way of life. On the horizon lights up our goal. Create a pictorial vision of your goal state. Focussing on the pictorial vision of our goal, we can recognize the path we must take to reach our goal. Along our personal winner way we meet our power animal. It embodies the qualities we need in order to achieve our goal. What is your power animal? What does it say to you? Think his words several times as a mantra. Get the victory in your life by concentration on your power animal.

4. Stop thinking = We stop a minute every thought.

5. Relaxation = We move our feet and hands. We rotate the spine left and right. We relax.

Oracle = What is your goal? What qualities do you need to reach your goal? What is your power animal? A bull (enough rest, inner peace, equanimity), an eagle (wisdom), a swan (purity), the flower of love, an elephant (joy), a lion (quiet strength) or a tiger (dynamic power)? Which power animal gives you a successful life. Take it with you on your way. Remember it every day and especially in difficult phases of life. Thus you will win in your life. Forward with … Optimism. Success.

Principles of Enlightenment

All fear thoughts pass. The enlightened one stays in the inner calm and remains in the light of love and happiness.

130. Enlightenment occurs when the tensions in the body and mind are dissolved. In the Bible, this is described with the words: „Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.“ The tensions are caused by the stress of life and mental false reactions. Tensions can lead to mental abnormalities (neuroses) and psychosomatic illnesses. You can put it like this: „An enlightened person is inwardly healthy (whole, a holy).“ Meditation and mental work are the two main techniques to resolve inner tensions. In meditation, there are various techniques. You can work with visualisations. Positive images can resolve internal tensions and mental disorder. The center of the meditation is inner peace. Then all of the stored stress ultimately emerge by itself and dissolve. The enlightened mind is characterized by inner peace. From the inner peace unfolds a higher consciousness. One can suddenly think better. The tensions are eliminated. The mental capacity is multiplied. One can think holistically (excluding an ego from the entire cosmic system). By the purified mind one can recognize what God is. God is not a concept but the basic perception of man. A person sees all things as they really are. He sees everything in context. Where previously a man by his ego was fixated on himself, he now thinks and feels egoless as one with the cosmos. If the tensions disappear in man, from the deep inner peace arises a deep inner happiness. The man is one with himself and the world. He feels peace, happiness, strength, love and clarity in himself. He gets special abilities. He can suddenly think in the higher dimensions in the cosmos. The space-time limitation is lifted. He can see in the past and future. He can see things on distant places. And he can transmit thoughts and energies to other persons. And an enlightened can test this. There are many levels of enlightenment. The more one grows in his enlightenment, the more abilities one has.

Oracle = Walk your way of truth and wisdom. Who lives spiritually lives happier. Those who live wisely harvest a great profit. The profit is so great that you can not really imagine it at the moment. Forward on the path of wisdom and spirituality. Success.

Enlightenment and God

131. Enlightenment is the core of all religions. Religions will lead to enlightenment. All founders of religions have made an enlightenment experience. In this experience, they saw a higher reality which they have referred as God. This higher reality is difficult to describe. Therefore, there are many expressions and many pictures. In Buddhism, Nirwana is described as a higher dimension of consciousness associated with the feelings of emptiness (egolessness) and abundance (unity, happiness, love). In Hinduism, it is called a state of being (Sat-Chid-Ananda). No word describes God perfectly. All terms will ultimately lead us to God, to enlightenment (holiness) and to a life in God. Moses was enlightened, as he saw a shining (burning) bush after many years of a secluded life in the desert. He saw the light of God in the bush. He got this through living in rest for a long time and through Kundalini Yoga, learned from the egyptian priests. In the Bible it is described by the words, „So Moses threw down the staff, and it turned into a snake!“ The snake is the Kundalini snake and the staff his spinal column. He made spine practices of visualization and thus the Kundalini snake (energy) awoke. Jesus became enlightened, after John the Baptist gave him the Enlightenment energy (Kundalini energy). After this Jesus meditated 40 days in the desert. Then the devil (his ego) left him and the angels ministered to him (he was able to help with the enlightenment energy his fellow people). Buddha got enlightenment after six years as a yogi under the Bodhi tree. Mara (the devil) disappeared and Buddha rested in happiness.

  • Yogi Nils: „I have six arguments: 1. The statements of the enlightened. They see God as light in the world in the form of love, peace, and happiness. God is a term for the perception of the enlightened. Every real religion establishes itself around an enlightened master. Every real religion has a word for God, (Tao, Nirwana, Brahman, Allah, Yahwe). 2. The near death research refers to the independence of the soul from the body and the continued existence of the soul after death. The most important witness is Pam Reynolds. She has seen the light of God in the afterlife, and learned that there is a paradise area. She has also demonstrated that her otherworldly experience was real. She heard the doctors during her out-of-body experience and could reproduce exactly the conversation later on. The gauges showed during her out-of-body experience that her brain could not think. There were no brain waves. And yet she has heard the conversation. Pam Reynolds could have heard the conversation of the doctors only with her soul. Her ears were stoppered while the operation. 3. Physics refers to the existence of a higher cosmic information field (Amit Goswami, God as higher consciousness). The string theory supports this point of view. 4. Parapsychology researches spiritual abilities such as thought transfer and to perceive and sense over large distances. 5. Scientific happiness research has proven the context between enlightenment, peace, happiness, and love. They have recognized the principles which lead to a happy life. They have researched Matthieu Ricard as an enlightened person. 6. I live as a hermit. I have been in various states of enlightenment. I have seen God as light in the world, and felt as happiness, love, peace, and truth in myself. I maintain that enlightenment and God exist. I maintain that it is better and happier to be enlightened than unenlightened. I maintain that it is good to live in God.“
  • Wikipedia: Mysticism is the knowledge of, and especially the personal experience of, states of consciousness, or levels of being, or aspects of reality, beyond normal human perception, including experience of and even communion with a supreme being. (…) Many if not all of the world’s great religions have arisen around the teachings of mystics (including Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tze, and Krishna); and most religious traditions describe fundamental mystical experience.

Oracle = Find your personal spiritual path. What is effective for you? What strengthens you in your health, your peace and your inner happiness? Forward. Success.

Enlightenment and Prayer

Little Ganesha with a flower.

132. God is a mystery that can be described personal and impersonal. According to Amritanandamayi (Amma) there are fully enlightened souls in the afterworld. They are through their cosmic consciousness one with the cosmos (with God) and also one with each other. We can therefore pray to God or to the enlightened souls in the afterlife. According to Amma, a prayer is always heard and reacted to or upon by one of these higher beings. It doesn’t matter what name humans use in the process. The only point of importance is that the person praying would like help from a higher force in the cosmos. God is often described as a cloud in Christianity. This image goes well with the idea of the aforementioned great enlightened souls. We could consider these souls as an energy cloud of highly developed consciousness. They are capable of affecting every dimension of the cosmos with beams of light. This often transpires via symbols such as books, images, and statues which appear in certain locations. More spiritually developed humans are able to sense these beams of energy which emanate symbolically through the statues and images. People can focus and turn this energy into inner power, peace, or positive thoughts.

  • Nils: A big question on the spiritual path is wether praying is helpful. I believe that God is connected with our inner voice of wisdom. For me, the personal God is a collective term for all enlightened Masters. They live in God and are one with God. They are one with everything and also with us. They are especially one with us in our inside. They got through their purified consciousness special abilities. With these abilities they can help us. If we want it. In my experience, it is sufficient to connect with God or the enlightened Masters through a prayer, and then follow ones own inner wisdom. A prayer has two areas of impact. First, it is an appeal for help, and secondly it works as a mantra. A mantra is a spiritual technique that cleans ourselves internally and fills us with happiness energy. A mantra can be thought as often as you like. It brings us forward on the spiritual path. It builds up inside us positive energy.
  • Rafa: It is said of God, he would answer prayers, but when you pray, it’s pure chance whether something happens.
  • Nils: Those who pray for selfish goals, only exceptionally gets a wish-fulfillment. But who prays for his enlightenment and for help on his way of all-embracing love, always gets help. But not always the way he wanted. Not in a way that he feels great, rather in a way that his ego dissolves. God lives in a dimension above our material cosmos. He is able to act that it seems to be happend by chance but it wasn´t.

Oracle = Rub the palms in front of the heart chakra and think: „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“ Think about your life. What are your goals? What is your way of a wise life? What does your inner wisdom say? „My way of wisdom is… Unwisdom is…“ Optimism. Forward. Success.

Goddess Yamuna

The Goddess Yamuna

133. The Yamuna is one of the sources of the Ganges. It brings the water from the glaciers of the Himalayas to the Indian plains and unites there with the second major source of the river Ganga. At the point of uniting meet regularly pilgrims from all over India and ask for light, happiness and abundance in their lives. They visualize the Ganga and the Yamuna river as Goddesses. Ganga is a girlfriend of Shiva. She gives us the power to succeed on our spiritual path. Yamuna is the sister of the God of death, Yama. She is the Goddess of piety. She reminds us that we all have to die one day (meet Yama). We should use the time of our lives to grow spiritually and to rise after death into the light.

In February 2008, the Goddess Yamuna appeared Nils in a vision while meditating. Nils found himself in a group of people who knelt in front of a small white statue of a standing Goddess. It was a Goddess of fertility, a Goddess of wealth. Nils spontaneously heard from inside the name Yamuna. As if under a force he put his forehead on the ground at the feet of the Goddess. His mind kept thinking the words, „pray, pray, pray …“ The blessing of the Goddess was transferred to him. Nils felt how her energy connected with him. Nils did not knew anything from a Goddess Yamuna. A few days later Nils read in a book that Yamuna is the Goddess of devotion and teaches the daily praying. Nils got by his vision informations that he had not had before. This is in Yoga seen as a typical sign of a genuine vision.

Who every day connects himself spiritually with God (the Goddess, the enlightened Masters), can be seen permanently from the higher dimension. Thereby him can be helped permanenty. Who prays every day, gets blessing every day. The Goddess Yamuna gave Nils no specific prayer, but simply the words „pray, pray, pray“. Every spiritual person may pray in his own way. He or she may speak mantras, read a spiritual book or perform other rituals (yoga, meditation, chanting, pujas, oracle).

Oracle = You can preserve your energy best if you act from rest. Speech only when it is necessary and helpful. Position yourself small, discreet and modest. Don’t put yourself, but the great treasure of spirituality at the center. Connect yourself daily with the light and the light will guide you. Forward with endurance. Success.

Is There a Life After Death?

134. Essentially there are five references to a life after death: the quantum physics (Professor Dürr), the near death research (Pam Reynolds), the after death research (Karmapa), the reincarnation cases (Shanti Devi) and the statements of the enlightened (the clairvoyant).

  • Quantum physics has proven by physical tests that a higher dimension in the universe exists (Alain Aspect). The former head of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, Professor Hans-Peter Dürr believes that the brain by thinking forms a field of consciousness (quantum field) that can exist after the death of the body in the higher dimension further. Professor Dürr: „What we consider the here and now, this world, is actually just the material level. The beyond is an infinite reality that is much bigger, which this world is rooted in. In this way, our lifes in this plane of existence are encompassed, surrounded, by the afterworld already. If I imagine that I have written my existence in this world on a sort of hard drive on the tangible (the brain) and that I have also transferred this data onto the spiritual quantum field (the spirit, the indepenendent consciousness), then I could say that I do not lose this information, this conscioiusness. The body dies but the spiritual quantum field continues. In this way, I am immortal.“ (P.M. Magazin 05/2007)
  • Enlightened Tibetan masters traditionally stay in their bodies for three days after death. This is recognized by the fact that their bodies do not begin to decompose and that the heart chakra is warm. This fact can be explained with the continuation of life after death. The 16th Karmapa died in 1981 in a hospital in Chicago. He stayed three days after his death with his soul in his body and he showed the special abilities of an high enlightened. The body did not rot in that time and the heart region was warm. Dr. Levy cared for him until his death: „Early the next day he died actually. We saw the change on the monitors. The heart pulse changed in a way, that clearly shows that the heart fails. (…) With all the drugs we could not get him high again. We continued to work, gave medications, and then his heart stand still. I realized that it was over. You could see his heart die on the monitor. This was the point when I gave up. His Holiness had been lying there dead about 45 minutes. We started to pull out the feeding tube, when I suddenly saw that his blood pressure was 140 to 80. My first reaction was that someone leans against the pressure monitor. It was impossible that he became alive again. Then a nurse screamed: „He has a good pulse! ! He has a good pulse.“ One of the older Rinpoche patted me on the back, as if he wanted to say:“ It is impossible, but it happens.“ The heart rate of His Holiness was 80, his blood pressure 140 to 80th in that moment. No one said a word now. It was a moment of „That does not exist. It can not be.“ It was clearly the greatest miracle that I had ever seen. I mean, it was not only an extraordinary moment. It happened an hour after his heart beating had stopped. I ran out of the room to tell Trungpa Rinpoche, that His Holiness is alive again. I had the impression that His Holiness returned to try if this body can still carry his spirit. So he came back to see if his body was still usable. Only the power of his returning consciousness could do that.” (Quotes
  • Nils: Feeling inside, I really want to know only two things. First: How will I be happy in my life? Second: How do I live happily after my death, if there is a life after death? The first question can be answered by the happiness research. The second question can be answered by the holy books. If there is life after death, then the rules of enlightenment bring me into paradise. I plan my life so that I can live well after my death and also enjoy my life here on earth. So I have nothing to regret, if with death is all over. And if life continues, I celebrate this in paradise. With this strategy, I personally feel most comfortable.

Oracle = Profound reflection. There are always times of doubt on the spiritual path. We have to go through constructive and grow in our wisdom. Doubts emerge in particular when tensions release in our head. If we suppress the doubts, we would block the internal cleansing process. It is better to flow clever with our doubts. We take it as an opportunity to think thoroughly. Diving doubts on your spiritual way, look for information, read in spiritual books, think carefully, weigh up all the arguments and meet a decision.

Near Death Research

135. The doctor Elisabeth Kübler-Ross published her book „Interviews with the Dying“ in 1969. She stumbled upon the amazing fact that many people were able to encounter the other side during their brief deaths. In 1975 Raymond Moody wrote the book „Life After Death“. In this book, he documented the near-death experiences of 150 people. Many reported that after death they travelled through a dark tunnel and then arrived at a dimension of light. In the light world, they met holy light beings and even their already death relatives. The biggest scientific breakthrough occurred in 1991. The 35 year-old Pam Reynolds underwent a brain operation. Her blood was routed from her brain and she was placed in a state of artifical coma. Her head was attached with wires to measure brain waves. It was ascertained that no brain waves could travel during this half an hour. The thought processes were blocked, and as such no hormone release could occur. Hallucinations were not possible in this state. And it just so happened that Pam Reynolds had her out of body experience at this time. She floated with her soul out of her body. She observed from above all of the details of her operation. She then floated through a tunnel to a world of light. There, she met her dead grandmother and other people. The beings there lived in a paradise dimension and possessed positive energy. With their energy, they strengthened Ms. Reynolds so that she could go through her operation successfully. In a BBC interview, Pam Reynolds explained that she had experienced the breath of God. The special aspect of the case of Pam Reynolds lies with the fact that modern measurement equipment showed that the consciousness of a person exists even when the stuff of the brain is shut off. This leads one to conclude that there must be an independent consciousness separate from the body. The body and soul are two independent manifestations of energy. If the soul is independent from the body, it can live further after the death.

  • The newest finding: Interview with Cardiologist and NDE Researcher Dr. Pim Van Lommel (video 2010)Even if the brain does no longer work, people can have a clear awareness – an awareness that forces us to rethink about life and death. People who were on the verge of death, report after her recovery, often of extraordinary conscious experiences: they took advantage of a beautiful landscape and a healing light and felt indescribable happiness. They saw themselves from above, and could afterwards give details information on the environment – in spite of their unconsciousness. How is this possible? Pim van Lommel found out that consciousness need not be tied to a functioning body. A result which attracted much attention and has been published in the leading medical journal The Lancet. Van Lommel’s thesis is: The brain acts only as a recipient of an infinite consciousness that does not cease to exist after death.

Oracle = Consider the positive points in your life. Think of the mantra “Positive in my life is…” What do you wish? Fulfill your wishes or let go of them here. Define the point where you have reached enough. Create contentment with your life. “My way to contentment is…” Move a hand in blessing and think: “I send light to… May all people be happy. May the world be a happy world.”

The Afterworld

Two souls walk into the light.

136. The other side (the spirit world) consists of many regions. The most well-known concept is that of seven heavens. When we die, we first come to the lower astral world. In Yoga, this is considered part of the earth and named Bhurloka. The second heaven is the middle astral world. The souls can move about the entire cosmos. They can go to the region of stars. Every star has a different sort of energy, and every soul can settle itself in the realm of a star. They can meet similar souls in this region. The fourth heaven is the world of positive souls. They have a positive system of beliefs. They follow love, peace, and truth. They are not totally enlightened in that they still have strong egos. But they can control the negative tendencies of their spirits and concentrate on positive. The fifth heaven is the first world of light. This light world is a paradise. In paradise, souls live in a state of enlightenment. One can only get to this paradise by being happy with oneself. It is helpful to exercise spiritual practices. The main technique for entrance into the world of light is the disintegration of the ego. The souls in paradise live in a state of love and the giving of love. They are not egoistic, rather altruistic. The sixth heaven is the world of the holy. In the seventh heaven, all outer forms cease to be. The soul rests still within God. Love, happiness, and peace in the seventh heaven are so big that there is no more room for movement. The holy beings here are simply enjoy their rest within God.

  • The eighth heaven is found above the seven heavens. It is everything in one, the connection of light and love in one dynamic, unified entity. It is life in light and the ability to affect in the lower worlds (earth and the astral world). When we allow our happiness and enlightened bliss to permeate beyond the world of light, the happiness grows. The further we succeed in dissolving the ego, the more expansive is our level of happiness. If we live for the happiness of others, rather than our own happiness, we then become a kind of cosmic mother or father of all beings. God exists in essence as a mother and a father of all beings. He or she wants all beings to come to live in happiness and to come to the seventh heaven one day. This ist the way of a spiritual master. A spiritual master devotes his or her life to the service of others. Who wants to live as a spiritual master, should first of all even walk the spiritual path to the destination. Or he should practice a dual path. He should make himself spiritually to the target and simultaneously take all of his fellow men. Both ways are possible in yoga. One can live many years as a yogi first and then return after his enlightenment in the world in order to help his fellow human beings. Or you live simultaneously as a yogi and a Karma-yogi (spiritual teacher). Who lives in the eighth heaven, lives in the ultimate double happiness. One lives in the light (in God) and additionally in the dimension of love. But this way is to go even harder than the normal spiritual path. It requires much wisdom, if you want to help the many souls in the cosmos. One often has to take grief into account, in order to lead his fellows well on the way into the light. A spiritual master takes it into stride by bringing all the elements into balance within. The inner calm is achieved through outer peace in the form of time for oneself, spiritual exercises and trust in God. He deliveres essentially the leadership of the great masters and the spontaneous activity of life. The path of love is a mystery. He feels like a way of sacrifice and ends in the overall happiness. One day, suddenly starts to flow the inner happiness and fills the whole world.

Oracle = Great Transformation. We move a hand and send all suffering beings light. We surround them with light and think of the mantra, “I send light to all suffering beings”. We think of all the problems in our lives and surround these problems with light. We integrate our problems into our life. We become masters of our lives. We surround all our life’s situations with light. We visualize a sun with strong energy composed of peace, love and happiness. The hands lay relaxed in the lap. We think of the mantra, “Om sun, peace, love, happiness, living in the light.“ We fill our souls with peace, love, happiness and light. We connect ourselves with the enlightened Masters. We rub the palms of our hands in front of the heart chakra and think, „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide me and help me on my way.” Success.

Mantra for Dying

137. In the year of 2001, Nils saw himself as a jellyfish in a dream. This jellyfish was about to be eaten by a sea spider. The little jellyfish could not escape the spider. In the jellyfish’s state of desperation, it called to God. God gave the jellyfish the mantra “yes” (in German, “Ja”). The little fish thought of the mantra over and over, and went through death in a state of affirmation, constantly repeating the word “yes”. The black spider killed the jellyfish and the fish continued to think „yes, yes, yes, yes…“ while Nils noticed how his consciousness lapsed. His life disappeared. That was a very unpleasant experience, but through the mantra „yes“, he was able to keep his spirit stabile and positive. He did not get tense in the course of the death experience, and did not lose positive energy. After his consciousness was extinguished, he moved ahead spiritually. Suddenly, Nils was there again, and everything was light, peaceful and beautiful. The spider was no where to be seen. Nils was in a light dimension of the other side, and he felt good.

After a time, Nils woke up from the dream. He lay in bed again and found himself at home, as a person. He still felt happy though, and that day he took a long walk through trees and fields where flowers grew, as the sun shone on this beautiful day. Nils still had this paradise feeling from his dream. He felt a large sense of peace, joy, and all-encompassing love for all beings and plants around him. He stayed in this state for three days after the dream. Nils saw this dream as a gift. In the dream, Nils learned that one can go through death more easily with a mantra. Those who die repeating a positive mantra can land in paradise after death. The knowledge of the death mantra was a saving grace for him. The concept of such is hardly known in the western world. That Nils is able to share this dream, imparted to him by his enlightened Masters, is a great gift. Everyone must die one day. It is good to have a mantra at hand for this experience. Everyone can choose whichever mantra serves him or her. Christians might have a prayer at hand. Nils can confirm that the mantra „Yes“ has a very strong force and brings a soul good through death. He recommends this mantra to all people. In yoga is usually the mantra „Om“ related. A very powerful mantra is also the name of the personal enlightened Master.

Oracle = Think long term. What is your mantra for dying? Meet the firm decision to remember it at your death. Practice it enough before your death. „My death mantra is …“ Make a wise plan of your life and stick to it. Develope your inner happiness and your love to all. Success. Move a hand and think; „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“


Reincarnation in Hindu art

138. Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body that may be human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life’s actions. This doctrine is a central tenet of the Indian religions and is a belief that was held by such historic figures as Pythagoras, Plato and Socrates. One of the most well-known cases of reincarnation in India is Shanti Devi. She was born in 1926 in New Delhi and could remember her previous life as a house wife in Mathura. Although she was never in that location, she was able to describe her previous husband, her previous house, and the city itself. She could even remember where she had always hidden her money in her former life.

  • Hindus provide several reasons why the soul (jiva) takes on various physical bodies: 1. To experience the fruits of one’s karmas: This is the main reason for rebirth. Sattvika (good or righteous) karmas reward one with the pleasures of Svarga (paradise). 2. To satisfy one’s desires: When a person indulges in material pleasures, he or she subsequently develops a stronger desire to enjoy more of it (Vāsanā). This unending craving to satisfy one’s desires causes the jiva to assume new physical bodies. 3. To complete one’s unfinished sadhana: When an aspirant making spiritual efforts for liberation from maya dies without attaining his or her goal, the jiva gets as a natural cause-effect another human body to complete its sadhana. 4. To fulfil a debt: When a jiva is indebted to another jiva, it gets a human birth to fulfil its debt and receive what is owed to it. The jiva comes in the form of a relative, friend or an enemy. 5. To attain moksha: By the grace and compassion of God or a God-realized guru, a jiva gets a human body to purge itself of the layers of base instincts.
  • Nils: My beliefs are based mainly on my own experiences. I have seen about thousand previous lives in the course of my spiritual cleansing processes. After seven years as a Yogi, I was suddenly overcome by the wish to know my earlier life. I went back in my meditation to a previous time and felt resonance with a particular time. I looked in that direction and could spiritually “see” four earlier lifes. If you dissolve systematically all tensions in the body and in the spirit with spiritual exercises, one day you reach the stress situations of your earlier lifes. This is what happened at St. Anthony, the founder of the Christian desert fathers. He saw how he was eaten in his past lifes by bigger animals. Visions of demonic beasts appeared in his mind’s eye. All the major stress is stored in the soul. If the tensions dissolve, dip in dreams or visions short scenes (short films) of the stress situations. The solution process is often associated with intense physical reactions such as restlessness, tremors, heat or cold. First I resolved the tensions of my present life. In short movie scenes I saw stressful exam situations, relationship conflicts and repressed accidents. Since I still had the stressful events in the memory, the connection between spiritual practice, the resolution of inner tensions and the appearence of solution dreams became clear. I learned to distinguish solution dreams from normal dreams. After eleven years as a Yogi, many former lifes came in dreams to the surface of my consciousness. Differing from the conscious perceptions while meditating, very clear films like short videos appeared. I could see the details of the situations and the environment I was in at the time of the previous life. From the single pictures I could see geographical details.

Oracle = Walk the path of your own rightness. Do you believe in reincarnation? If reincarnation exists, what do you want to be in your next life? „I want to be …“ Create a positive vision of your next life.

Yogi Bhagiratha

Shiva gets the blessing of the Goddess Ganga.

139. Bhagiratha was an Indian king. All his brothers and sisters lived in the hell. They lived in the world of suffering. They were inwardly unhappy. They were tormented by the seven demons anger, pride, envy, greed, fear, addiction and unwisdom. Bhagiratha knew that his brothers and sisters could not recover by themselves from their spiritual unwisdom. The path of inner happiness is hard to understand. The consistent spiritual practice is difficult to learn. And still more difficult it is the way of effective practicing to be found. Most people lose themselves in the formal practice and do not come forward. Without an enlightened master is not easy for a normal man to come into the light successfully.

Bhagiratha decided to save his brothers and sisters from the hell. He became a yogi and brought first himself into the light. After having practiced twelve years intense yoga and meditation, one night Shiva appeared in his dream and asked him what he wants. Bhagiratha replied: “I want to free my brothers and sisters from hell. I want to bring all people of the world into the light. I wish a happy world full of happy people. “

Shiva then opened the sky and let water (enlightenment energy) flowing down on the earth. The impact on the earth was so great that Shiva had to soften it. He let the water run through his matted hair, and it was spread on the ground in many small streams. The streams splashing from the Himalaya mountains into the Indian plains and irrigated the land. All India began to flourish, the people were happy and the animals too. The result was the river Ganges, which supplies northern India with water. Bhagiratha transformed into Shiva. The enlightenment energy flowed inside and outside over his head and his hairs down on his body. After some time Bhagiratha was quite full of happiness and surrounded by a cloud of light. Where he stepped his feet, the earth started to bloom. Red roses and white lilies lined his path. Near him the wild animals were tame, and the birds began to sing. When he looked like a God, beaming with happiness, he went back into the world of suffering and told his people from the way of inner happiness. As he himself had achieved this, they believed him and followed him. Thus, the paradise was brought to earth.

Oracle = Win through the way of love. See the suffering in the world and find your way of all-embracing love. What is your contribution to overcome the suffering in the world? How can you work for a world of love, peace and happiness? Center yourself in rest (inner peace), your spiritual exercises and love to all beings. Go every day the step, that is possible for you. Don’t overtax or undertax yourself. Forward with love and endurance. Success.

Sun Meditation

Celestia sun.jpg

Sun Meditation (sound). Main meditation in the groups of Yogi Nils.

140. We lay or sit down comfortably. We cover us with a blanket while lying down, so that we do not get cold. We turn on a beautiful meditation music.

1. Relaxation = We tense the muscles of the legs and feet. We keep the tension, stop all thoughts and breathe into the legs. Then we relax. We stretch the muscles of the arms and hands. We breathe into the arms and hands. We relax. We tense the muscles of the head and face. We breathe into the face. We relax. We tense the muscles of the whole body. We breathe into the whole body. We relax.

2. Numbers = We count several times the numbers from 1 to 20 in the head, focusing on the head and breathe into the head. Our mind calms. We focus on the chest, breathe into the chest and count the numbers 1 to 20 in the chest. We breathe in the belly, and count there the numbers 1 to 20. We focus on the legs and feet, and count there the numbers 1 to 20. We visualize under the soles a large ball and count the numbers from 1 to 20 in the ball.

3. Sun = We see in the sky a beautiful sun. She sends her rays down on us. We feel her light and warmth on our skin. It is as if we are on holiday in the sun. We enjoy the sunlight. We wrap our whole body with light. We take a golden ray of sun and let the sunlight everywhere circle around us. We think the mantra „Light.“ We let the sunlight flow into us and fill us with light. We think the mantra „Light.“

4. Sending light = We move a hand and send another person light. We envelop him with light and let the light flow into him. Think many times the word „Light“. After that we send light all over the world. We wrap the whole world with light, fill it with light and think often „Light.“

5. Om Shanti = We think inhaling „Om“ and exhaling „Shanti“. We stop all other thoughts. We feel calmness, serenity and peace in us. We stop a minute every thought and move gently our feet. We focus on our feet and move on, until our mind comes completely to rest. We relax. We lie a few minutes relaxed just there. We are in harmony with ourselves, our life and our world.

6. Coming back = We come back slowly. We move our feet and hands. We stretch and move ourselves. We sit up and are back. Life can come. We have the sun within us.

Oracle = How can you go your way positively? What do you need? „My way of light is …“ Forward. Optimism. Success.

Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi

141. Ramana Maharshi (December 30, 1879 – April 14, 1950) was a Hindu spiritual master („jnani“). He was born to a Tamil-speaking Brahmin family in Tiruchuzhi, Tamil Nadu. After experiencing at age 16 what he later described as liberation (moksha), he left home for Arunachala, a mountain considered sacred by Hindus. He lived at the mountain for the rest of his life. Although born a Brahmin, he declared himself an „Atiasrami“, a Sastraic state of non-attachment to anything in life and beyond all caste restrictions. The ashram that grew around him is situated at the foothill of Arunchala, to the west to the pilgrimage town of Tiruvannamalai. Sri Ramana Maharshi maintained that the purest form of his teachings was the powerful silence which radiated from his presence and quieted the minds of those attuned to it. He gave verbal teachings only for the benefit of those who could not understand his silence. His verbal teachings were said to flow from his direct experience of Atman as the only existing reality. When asked for advice, he recommended self-enquiry as the fastest path to moksha. Though his primary teaching is associated with Non-dualism, Advaita Vedanta (only the light exists for him), and Jnana Yoga (wisdom), he recommended Bhakti Yoga (love) to those he saw were fit for it, and gave his approval to a variety of paths and practices.

At age 16, Ramana Maharshi had a life-changing experience. He spontaneously initiated a process of self-enquiry that culminated, within a few minutes, in his own permanent awakening. In one of his rare written comments on this process he wrote: ‚Enquiring within Who is the seer? I saw the seer disappear leaving That alone which stands forever. No thought arose to say I saw. How then could the thought arise to say I did not see.‘. As Sri Ramana reportedly described it later: „I was sitting alone in a room on the first floor of my uncle’s house. I seldom had any sickness and on that day there was nothing wrong with my health, but a sudden violent fear of death overtook me. I just felt I was going to die and began thinking what to do about it. It did not occur to me to consult a doctor or any elders or friends. I felt I had to solve the problem myself then and there. The shock of the fear of death drove my mind inwards and I said to myself mentally, without actually framing the words: ‚Now death has come; what does it mean? What is it that is dying? This body dies.‘ And at once I dramatised the occurrence of death. I lay with my limbs stretched out still as though rigor mortis has set in, and imitated a corpse so as to give greater reality to the enquiry. I held my breath and kept my lips tightly closed so that no sound could escape, and that neither the word ‚I‘ nor any word could be uttered. ‚Well then,‘ I said to myself, ‚this body is dead. It will be carried stiff to the burning ground and there burn and reduced to ashes. But with the death of the body, am I dead? Is the body I? It is silent and inert, but I feel the full force of my personality and even the voice of I within me, apart from it. So I am the Spirit transcending the body. The body dies but the spirit transcending it cannot be touched by death. That means I am the deathless Spirit.‘ All the conscious activity connected with the body was centered on that I. From that moment onwards, the „I“ or Self focused attention on itself by a powerful fascination. Fear of death vanished once and for all. The ego was lost in the flood of Self-awareness. Absorption in the Self continued unbroken from that time. Other thought might come and go like the various notes of music, but the I continued like the fundamental sruti note.“ After this event, he lost interest in school-studies, friends, and relations. Avoiding company, he preferred to sit alone, absorbed in concentration on the Self, and went daily to the Meenakshi Temple, ecstatically devoted to the images of the Gods, tears flowing profusely from his eyes. He decided to leave his home and go to Arunachala. Knowing his family would not permit this, he slipped away, telling his brother he needed to attend a special class at school. After walking about 11 miles (18 km), he reached the temple of Arayaninallur, outside of which he sat down to rest. When the priest opened the temple for puja, Ramana Maharshi entered and sat in the pillared hall where he had a vision of brilliant light enveloping the entire place.

Oracle = Heal yourself from the stress of life. Practice the five principles of health (healthy diet, avoiding harmful substances, regular exercise, positive thinking and getting enough rest). Find your personal way of healing. Rub your palms in front of your heart chakra and think the mantra, „Om all enlightened Masters. Please guide and help me on my way.“ Consistently go the way of your health. Healing. Success.

Healing Meditation

The Buddha of Healing sents you from the center of the mandala (unity consciousness) light and power.

142. We sit or lie down. We relax.

1. Sun = We visualize above ourselves a beautiful sun, raising both hands to the side at head height and think several times the mantra „sun.“ We let the light of the sun flow down on us and massage it into the body.

2. Earth = We visualize the earth below us, rub the earth with our feet and think: „I send light to the earth. May all beings in the world be happy.“

3. Healing Massage = We consider what part of our body needs healing in the moment. We let light flow into it, massage it in circles and think the word „light“ as a mantra. By the light massage we resolve the tensions in the particular area of ​​the body and enable it in the self-healing. We can visualize the light in a color we feel that it heals us. We think the color name as a mantra. We can successively rub the light of healing in several parts of the body, thinking always the mantra „Light“.

4. Cosmos = We visualize the cosmos around us full of stars, make big circles with our arms and think, „Om cosmos. I take the suffering in my life. I consistently walk my way of health and healing.“

5. Buddha of Healing = We visualize before or above us the Buddha of Healing (an enlightened Master). We rub our hands in front of the heart chakra and think, „Om Buddha of Healing. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“

6. Question of Healing = We focus on a part of our body who needs healing or on a personal problem. What is the way of our healing? What do we have to do? What triggers our problem? We think so long until we are satisfied with the result. When we hear no answer, we are either blocked inside (we don’t want to see the real causes of the problem), or we have a bad contact to our inner voice (we sense ourselves poorly). The best way then is slowly to get into thinking about our problem.

7. Sick people = We move a hand, bless all people with light and think, „May all the people who have the same problem as I be healed. My problem is … The way of healing is …“

8. Om Shanti = We think inhaling „Om“ and exhaling „Shanti“. We stop all other thoughts. We feel calmness, serenity and peace in us. We stop a minute every thought and move gently our feet. We focus on our feet and move on, until our mind comes completely to rest. Then we linger in a slight meditation. All thoughts and feelings may come and go as they please. We relax.

Oracle = „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“ Forward with optimism. You are protected. Healing. Success.



Sarada Devi (1853–1920), wife and spiritual counterpart of Ramakrishna

143. Ramakrishna (18 February 1836 – 16 August 1886), was a famous mystic of 19th-century India. His religious school of thought led to the formation of the Ramakrishna Mission by his chief disciple Swami Vivekananda – both were influential figures in the Hindu renaissance during the 19th and 20th centuries. Ramakrishna was born in a poor Brahmin Vaishnava family in rural Bengal. He became a priest of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple, dedicated to the goddess Kali. Ramakrishna attended a village school with some regularity for 12 years, he later rejected the traditional schooling saying that he was not interested in a „bread-winning education“. Kamarpukur, being a transit-point in well-established pilgrimage routes to Puri, brought him into contact with renunciates and holy men. He became well-versed in the Puranas, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the Bhagavata Purana, hearing them from wandering monks and the Kathaks—a class of men in ancient India who preached and sang the Purāṇas. He describes his first spiritual ecstasy at the age of six: while walking along the paddy fields, a flock of white cranes flying against a backdrop of dark thunder clouds caught his vision. He reportedly became so absorbed by this scene that he lost outward consciousness and experienced indescribable joy in that state. Ramakrishna reportedly had experiences of similar nature a few other times in his childhood — while portraying God Shiva in a drama during Shivaratri festival, and worshipping the Goddess Vishalakshi (the mother of the universe). As the divine eye can perceive the entire universe, the Goddess is called Vishalakshi, the vast-eyed.

From his tenth or eleventh year on, the trances became common, and by the final years of his life, Ramakrishna’s samādhi periods occurred almost daily. Rumors spread that Ramakrishna had become unstable as a result of his spiritual exercises. His mother and his elder brother Rameswar decided to get Ramakrishna married, thinking that marriage would be a good steadying influence upon him—by forcing him to accept responsibility and to keep his attention on normal affairs rather than his spiritual practices and visions. The bride Saradamani Mukhopadhyaya (later known as Sarada Devi) was found and the marriage was duly solemnised in 1859. Sarada Devi became a strong follower of his teachings. After the marriage, Sarada stayed at Jayrambati and joined Ramakrishna in Dakshineswar at the age of 18. By the time his bride joined him, Ramakrishna had already embraced the monastic life of a sannyasi; as a result, the marriage was never consummated. He regarded Sarada as the Divine Mother in person, addressing her as the Holy Mother, and it was by this name that she was known to Ramakrishna’s disciples. Sarada Devi outlived Ramakrishna by 34 years and played an important role in the nascent religious movement.

The most widely known amongst his first spiritual teachers was an ascetic woman, called Bhairavi Brahmani skilled in Tantra and Vaishnava bhakti. Tantrism focuses on the worship of shakti and the object of Tantric training is to transcend the barriers between the holy and unholy as a means of achieving liberation and to see all aspects of the natural world as manifestations of the divine shakti. Under the guidance of Bhairavi Brahmani, Ramakrishna began with mantra rituals such as japa to purify the mind and establish self-control. He later proceeded towards tantric sadhanas, which generally include a set of heterodox practices called vamachara (left-hand path), activities like eating of fish and meat along with drinking of wine and sexual intercourse. Ramakrishna did not directly participate in the last of those activities, all that he needed was a suggestion to produce the desired result. Under the tutelage of the Bhairavi, Ramakrishna also learnt Kundalini Yoga. Later an Advaita Vedantin ascetic taught him non-dual meditation, and according to Ramakrishna, he experienced nirvikalpa samadhi under his guidance.

Ramakrishna also experimented with other religions, notably Islam and Christianity, and said that they all lead to the same God. In 1866, Govinda Roy, a Hindu guru who practiced Sufism, initiated Ramakrishna into Islam. Ramakrishna said that he „devoutly repeated the name of Allah, wore a cloth like the Arab Moslems, and said their prayer five times daily.“ At the end of 1873 he started the practice of Christianity, when his devotee Shambu Charan Mallik read the Bible to him. Ramakrishna said that for several days he was filled with Christian thoughts. Ramakrishna describes of a vision in which the picture of Madonna and Child Jesus became alive and had a vision in which Jesus merged with his body. In his own room amongst other divine pictures was one of Christ, and he burnt incense before it morning and evening. There was also a picture showing Jesus Christ saving St Peter from drowning in the water.

Oracle = Who walks with the enlightened Masters will win on the way of life. His life is blessed. What are your goals? What is the way on which you reach your goals? Celebrate the day. You will win or have won.

The Mountain of Religions

Religious symbols.png

144. There were five people who sought God. One was an atheist, an other a Christian, the third a Yogi, the fourth a Muslim, and the fifth a Buddhist. One day the five seekers came to a large mountain. Up on the mountain shone a bright light. The atheist said: „This is the sun.“ The Christian said: „This is God.“ The Muslims gave it the name of Allah. The Buddhist thought it was the Nirvana (emptiness / unity / bliss). The Yogi called it Brahman (the higher reality). The five-seekers debated long about the light, the happiness and God. The atheist insisted that there is no God. The Buddhists did not believe in a personal God. Which the Muslim and the Christian contradicted violently. The Yogi surprised his friends by stating: „This question cannot be clarified by an unenlightened man. God is a mystery. We all must get enlightenment, then we will understand what God is.“

The five seekers had a long talk about God. They learned about their respective viewpoints. The talk was a great enrichment for all. But they could not come to a final result. They therefore decided to climb the mountain and to investigate the light exactly. There were many paths leading up the mountain. Everyone rose up on his own path. When everyone had arrived at the summit, they decided to enter into the great mystery. They took each other by the hand and went into the great light. They passed through a great darkness (the ego resolution) and found themselves in God (transcendence). They stayed some time in God and then went back into the world of matter (the duality of things). In God all had been speechless. But now her mind began to work. Excited, they told each other about their experiences.

The Yogi felt God as unity consciousness, the Christian as universal love, the Buddhist as inner peace (no attachments), the Muslim as a great power and the atheist experience God as a higher truth. The Muslims got the word „Allah“, the Christian the word „God“, the Buddhist the word „Enlightenment“, the Yogi „Sat-Cit-Ananda“ (unattached being-unity-bliss) and the atheist „Cosmos“. If they thought their particular word, they could immediately go back into the light. The word was their personal key to entry into the great mystery. Anyone who has met God, can come with the power of the memory and his personal mantra again into the state of enlightenment. Each of the seekers kept his word as the greatest. They were arguing about their prayers and could not agree on a verbal level. So they decided to end their conflict and prefer to concentrate on the spiritual practice. They lived many years together on the mountaintop. They read in their scriptures, meditated a lot, pilgrimaged every day to the mountain summit and met once a week to a joint celebration. Some day all arrived the permanent light. And the great light transformed them. They saw the light in all beings and all things of the world. They realized that they are all brothers and sisters. May we stop all religious wars in the world. May we be build a golden age of love, peace and happiness on earth.

Oracle = Everything is fine. Everything runs optimally. You are on the right track. What is your reason of contentment today? Think the mantra: „I’m happy because …“ Celebrate the day.


ShantiMayi with her master.

145. ShantiMayi (mother of inner peace) is an American from the hippie era. She demonstrated to the slogan „Make love not war“ and wore flowers in her hair. After the end of the 80 she married. She had three children, and now has four grandchildren. Her marriage failed and she became a forest guardian in a national park. There she had much time to think about the meaning of life. She learned yoga and meditation. One day in her the desire arose to travel to India. She sat down on the plane and the next day she was in Rishikesh. Rishikesh is a small town in the Himalayan mountains. In this place live many sadhus (beggars), yogis and swamis (monks). In summer, the yogis meditate in the mountains and in winter they move into an apartment in Rishikesh. Through Rishikesh is flowing the river Ganges. On both sides of the place rise the majestic peaks of the Himalayas. In Rishikesh, there are many famous ashram (spiritual centers). ShantiMayi was strolling through the small town, looking at the many strange people and also visited a nice little ashram. She spontaniously liked the Master of the Ashram. He looked so serene, peaceful and happy. She spoke to him the significant words: „I would be like you.“ The Master knew her future and said, „You will.“ She became his successor. ShantiMayi stayed many years in his ashram. The Master showed her the secrets of Kundalini meditation and transferred her shortly before his death his spiritual power. ShantiMayi had to promise him that she once a year travels to the West. In May 1999 she moved to Germany. In a protestant church in Hamburg, a large space was decorated solemnly. Many people came and sang songs with her. The little Yogi Nils went also to her satsang. ShantiMayi lived in a cloud of enlightenment energy that filled the room. Nils has been hit by this energy, she turned him, and at the end of the satsang he beamed even as Shanti Mayi. First in him resolved much grief and then he became happy inside. ShantiMayi winked at him. What this meant, we do not know. But he likes ShantiMayi because she is just as undogmatic as he.

Oracle = Inner happiness is caused by the resolution of the tensions in the body and in the spirit. The greatest tension is the ego tension (ego-clinging). Who himself and his personal desires takes too seriously is much strained. The ego-clinging may be dissolved by the spiritual technique of sacrifice. Today is a day of sacrifice. You have to accept or let go of something. „My sacrifice is …“ Take things as they are. Let your false desires go. Forward with optimism. Give you enough pleasure so that you can go your way positively. What is your pleasure?

The Three Wishes

146. There was once a poor woman. She had a tough time in her life. She tried to be happy in a relationship. But all her relationships had failed. She tried to be happy at work. But in her profession she learned only stress, struggle and selfishness. Over the years, she more and more exhausted her internal energy. She now lived alone, without a man, without a job, without a deeper meaning to life and frustrated. Every day watching TV and eating candy was in the long run not the way to great happiness. Somehow the woman was looking for a fulfilling life. One night her appeared the Yoga God Shiva in a dream. He said to her: „It’s your lucky day. You have three wishes.“ The wife wished for love, strength, and happiness. The next day she went out leaded by an unseen hand to a bookstore. She bought a yoga book and worked through it thoroughly. She made every day in the morning, afternoon and evening her spiritual practices. She read in a spiritual book, walked, practiced her favorite Yoga series and meditated before bedtime. She did not practice much, but regularly. And above all, effective and with an inner sense. She felt every day what she exactly needed. With her yoga exercises, she managed to awaken her Kundalini energy. Suddenly, she had a lot of strength and happiness within. She gave her knowledge in her own way to her fellow human beings and thereby opened her heart chakra. She got into the energy of the all-encompassing love. She lived from now on focus on the goal of a happy world, found her personal mission and became a bringer of light. Yoga had made her life to a path of grace.

Oracle = Good Karma. Happiness awaits you. You can look optimistically to the future. You will be victorious. You’ll be lucky. Who does the world and his fellow good, one day reaps luck. This is the law of karma. Optimism. You will be victorious. Victory is assured. Great success. Forward!

Desert Fathers

St. Anthony’s trials in the desert.

147. Desert Fathers is a term for the early Christian yogis, who lived in the third century a reclusive life in the deserts of Egypt and Syria, either as a hermit or in groups. The main principle of the Desert Fathers was to sit down in the hut (cell) and then „feel the path of effective spiritual practice from within.“ They called it „your hut will teach you.“ The skill on the spiritual path is to find exactly the right degree of personal rest and activity. Decisively on the path of enlightenment (inner happiness) is to deal wise with the thoughts. We have to find a way to resolve the mental blockades. Then there is suddenly an inner transformation and man is in happiness. The victory over all suffering is the awakening of the inner light (God consciousness). An important problem of the Desert Fathers was dealing with sexuality. They have talked about it openly. Who represses his sexuality, gets tensions and blocks his enlightenment. On the other hand, too much sex causes attachments and in turn creates internal tensions. The Desert Fathers have been trying to find sensitive their personal way of resolution of sexual addictions and relationship desires. A desert father convinced himself of living alone with the thought, that he had to work much for a relationship. The life of a hermit is much more quiet and friendly. Another desert father saw women only as people (sisters, daughters, mothers, goddesses) and not as sexual beings. A third desert father had a girlfriend in a nearby village. When he was visited by his fellow monks, he hid her. A holy father discovered her, but he did not betray. He only told the monk to give good care of himself. This can be understood that one can have a relationship, but without losing his spiritual path.

The desert fathers dealt also with the question, of whether it is more important to help a fellow human being, or to pray. Who is holier, the helper or the prayer (contemplation)? Basically both is important. But the helper is holier than the prayer. The helper could consume in helping and lose his peace of mind. Therefor a helping man needs the rest and prayer, if he wants to find God. The Desert Mother Syncletika knew that the hermit who wants to live a life in God, stands before a lot of inner work and hard fighting. But in the end there would be an unspeakable joy. On the path to God one should not overwhelm oneself. Some hermits need a flower in their hut, and some do not. Suppose someone can not live without a flower, he should plant one. Who needs joy on his way should give himself sufficient enjoyment.

Excerpts from The Sayings of the Desert Fathers:

  • Abba Moses, „Sit in thy cell and thy cell will teach thee all.“
  • „Take care to be silent. Empty your mind. Concentrate on God, whether you are resting or at work. If you do this, you will overcome your problems.“
  • „A man who keeps death before his eyes will at all times overcome his problems.“
  • Abba Lot went to see Abba Joseph and said to him, ‚Abba as far as I can I say my little office, I fast a little, I pray and meditate, I live in peace, and, as far as I can, I purify my thoughts. What else can I do?‘ Then the old man stood up and stretched his hands towards heaven. His fingers became like ten lamps of fire and he said to him, ‚If you will, you can become all flame.‘

Oracle = Sit down or go for a walk. Keep quiet. Observe your thoughts. Think positive. Forward on the middle way of rest, work, exercising and enjoyment. Optimism. Success.

Yoga and Christianity

Coptic icon of Saint Anthony the Great.

148. Christianity is a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus. There are many christian groups with different opinions. Some accept Yoga and some do not. First of all Yog is in the west mainly a body exercise. In this way everbody can do Yoga. Yoga is good for relaxation, fitness and mental health. In Yoga each may go his own spiritual way. Christians are allowed to keep their faith in Jesus. Most important is to which spiritual Master you pray or what role model you have. If you pray to Jesus, Jesus will lead you in your Yoga exercises. There are in Yoga many different spiritual paths and concepts of God. A Yogi can be an Atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or follower of other faiths.

  • WikipediaSome Christians integrate yoga and other aspects of Eastern spirituality with prayer and meditation. This has been attributed to a desire to experience God in a more complete way. Christian meditation is a form of prayer in which a structured attempt is made to get in touch with and deliberately reflect upon the revelations of God. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola (1491–1556), the founder of the Jesuits, contain numerous meditative exercises. Saint John of the Cross (1542–1591) viewed Christian meditation as a necessary step toward union with God, and wrote that even the most spiritually advanced persons always needed to regularly return to meditation. Saint Padre Pio (1887–1968) said: „Through the study of books one seeks God; by meditation one finds him“. St. Teresa of Ávila (1515–1582) viewed Christian meditation as the first of four steps in achieving „union with God“, and used the analogy of watering the garden. She compared basic meditation (thinking) to watering a garden with a bucket, Recollection (praying) to the water wheel, Quiet (contemplation) to a spring of water and Union (enlightenment) to drenching rain.
  • Christian websites for yoga: ( „More and more Christians discover yoga and other Far Eastern meditation techniques. The Catholic educational centers are long on this trend and offer a variety of courses. The practice of yoga is not contrary to Christian teaching. Yoga affects not only beneficial to the body and mind, but also enables new approaches to Christian spirituality.“ Catholic parish of St. Michael in Stuttgart-Sillenbuch: „Yoga is an ancient system of physical and mental exercises that addresses the whole person in his unity of mind and body. Yoga tolerates very well with Christian meditation. Yoga exercises are offered in St. Michael for more than 25 years very successful.“
  • Nils: All the holy books of the world form a whole and complement each other. Enlightenment is difficult to understand and can be described by many different ways. Who thinks across systems understands the contexts. In the Second Vatican Council (1963 to 1965) it is stated that God is found in all religions. In Christianity, there is much uncertainty about the path of enlightenment. A major criticism is that the mystics want to redeem themselves and the Christians are saved by the grace of God. In Yoga, we focus on the spiritual practice. On the other hand one can not force enlightenment. It finally comes spontaneously, by itself, by grace. —> Discussion

Oracle = Take things as they are. Look closely at your situation. Find flexible your spiritual path: „My personal way is …“ Forward. Success.



149. Gangaji (born Texas, 1942) is an American born spiritual teacher and author. She lives in Ashland, Oregon with her husband, fellow spiritual teacher Eli Jaxon-Bear. Gangaji was born Merle Antoinette Roberson in Texas on June 11, 1942, and grew up in Mississippi. After graduating from the University of Mississippi in 1964, she married and had a daughter. In 1972, she and her family moved to San Francisco. There, she was soon divorced and pursued many paths to change her life including relationship, motherhood, political activism, career, and spiritual practice. She took Bodhisattva vows, practiced Zen and Vipassana meditation, helped run a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center, and had a career as an acupuncturist in the San Francisco Bay area. Feeling unfulfilled by her seemingly successful life, she and her new partner, Eli Jaxon-Bear, sold their house and moved to Hawaii in 1989, where they were married. At this time she met Andrew Cohen, a spiritual teacher and student of Sri H.W.L. Poonja, also known as Papaji. Impressed by Cohen’s „enormous confidence“, she returned to California to sit with him for two months. In the meantime, her husband, Eli, traveled to India and located Papaji. Struck by the letters she received from Eli, in the spring of 1990, Gangaji herself traveled to Papaji. In the biography of her life, Just Like You, she said, “The extraordinary event in this life was that I met Papaji. Until then I looked everywhere for the transcendental or the extraordinary, but after meeting Papaji I began to find the extraordinary in every moment.”

Papaji, a student of Ramana Maharshi, gave her the name Gangaji, and asked her to share what she had directly realized with others. Today, Gangaji travels the world as a teacher and author. Her teachings find wide acceptance among spiritual seekers interested in self-realization. She teaches that the truth of who you are is already free and at peace, and that it can be discovered. In her satsangs Gangaji often asks a person to the stage. She then performs a meditative conversation, during which many people get short or long term to enlightenment. Gangaji focuses on the enlightenment potential of her counterpart and releases emotional blocks through targeted questions. “I invite people to just stop and be still. And in that you discover who you are. I use inquiry as a way of getting the mind to turn inward to the silence. It could be the question, “Who am I?” Or it could be “What am I avoiding in this moment?” Or, “Where is silence?” “What is needed in this moment, right in this very moment, what is needed for true peace?” In facing strong emotions such as fear and anger, or in dealing with traumas which keep people locked in personal misery and unable to experience freedom, Gangaji teaches “direct experience.” Although Gangaji states that her realization and meetings are not part of any particular religion or philosophy, her teaching has sometimes been described as consistent with Advaita Vedanta.

—> Video: Gangaji What’s my core message?

Oracle = You are good! You’re a winner. With power and skill you master your thoughts and feelings. You overcome all worldly desires and false wishes. You overcome your anger, your fear and your grief. You release systematically your inner tensions and wrong thought patterns. Forward with power. Success.

Yoga Series against Anxiety

Yoga against Anxiety.jpg

150. 1. Anger = We lie on our back and put our feet on the bottom near the butt. Our knees are upright. The head is on the earth. We pound our fists on the ground and stomp our anger alternately with our feet in the ground. We solve all the pent-up anger. To whom or what are you angry today?

2. Butt Knocking = We knock a minute dynamic with the butt up and down on the ground. We work all our stress and aggressions out. We focus on our body. We lift the butt while knocking so much in the air, that we resolve the tensions in the upper body.

3. Bridge = We put in the supine position our arms around the head and press the pelvis as much as possible upwards. The shoulders and the head rest on the floor. We make large circles with our pelvis in the air. First ten times left and then ten times right around. We visualize water and think the mantra „Water“.

4. Candle = We go into the candle, straighten both legs to the sky and support us with our hands at the back. We breathe one minute relaxed into the body.

5. Meditation Posture = We’re rolling out of the candle into the heel seat (or cross legged). We stretch our arms to the sky. We breathe in. Then we bow before us and put the hands on the floor. We breathe out. This exercise we do several times and count the numbers 1 to 20 in the body.

6. Blessing = In our meditation seat we move a hand in blessing and think, „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“ We then think the mantra „Light“ and send light a) to our friends b) to our enemies c) to ourselves. We massage the light into our body.

7. Meditation = We sit in the meditation position (cross-legged or heel seat) and put the hands in the lap. The back is straight and the belly relaxed. We stop one minute every thought. Then we remain in meditation, thoughts can come and go as they please. All feelings of anger, fear and grief appear and dissolve by themselves.

Oracle = Forward with power. What are your goals? Who is your opponent (internal or external)? Who are your helpers (internal or external)? What is your winner way? On which way can you achieve your goals? See clearly your opponents, connect with your helpers and live victorious. Success.

The Anxious Yogi

151. There was once a man who was very frightened. He wanted to overcome his fear. So he went to an enlightened Master and asked his advice. The Master advised the man to become a yogi and to disband his neurotic anxiety with his spiritual exercises. The man pulled into a lonely hut in a large forest. In the forest, there were tigers, snakes and jackals. The yogi feared all. Therefore he read in his clever yogi book what a yogi has to do in such a case. First advice: Look closely at every fear. Who closely looks at frightening situations can optimally protect himself. Fear is caused by negative thoughts. Fear thoughts can be overcome with the eight major techniques: reflecting (alone or talking with another person), mantra (thinking a positive word), thought-stopping, acting wisely, doing something good, walking, yoga or meditating (resting in inner happiness and let all thoughts come and go). Who exactly looks at his fear, finds his negative thought and can dissolve it with a appropriate positive thought. Second advice: Sacrifice the ego. Unchangeable things we have to accept as they are. We have to let go of our false wishes. All fears are only mental constructs based on an exaggerated rejection. Who sacrifices himself into the center of his fear, triggers the fear by this. It is the best to hand over yourself to the will of life (God). Who can let go of his ego, can flow positive through all suffering. Third advice: Ask the great Masters (God) for help. Then think about the problem and go with endurance the path of your personal wisdom. The yogi looked closely at his problems. Jackals just howl and don’t bite. Snakes only bite when they feel attacked. When a yogi is careful and moves slowly the snakes will do him nothing. Only tigers eat people, but it is rare. It is the best to go such a tiger out of the way. And if that is not possible, a yogi sacrifices his ego, takes the situation, and continues practicing Yoga in the next life. The Yogi went his way with courage and perseverance. And one day he was enlightened, and all the fear was gone.

Oracle = Look closely at your problems. Overcome your fears. What is your way of wisdom? Forward with endurance. Success.

Neem Karoli Baba

Neem Karoli Baba

152. Neem Karoli Baba was a Hindu guru and devotee of the Hindu deity Hanuman. He is known outside India for being the guru of a number of Americans who travelled to India in the 1960s and 1970s, the most well-known being the spiritual teachers Ram Dass and Bhagavan Das, and the musicians Krishna Das and Jai Uttal. His ashrams are in Kainchi, Vrindavan, Rishikesh, Shimla, Bhumiadhar, Hanuman Gadi, Lucknow, Delhi in India and in Taos, New Mexico, USA. He was born in an affluent Brahmin family and his father’s name was Pundit Durga Prasad ‚Vedacharya‘. He was married to Rambeti (daughter of Pundit Rewati Ram) and had three children. But he left his married life to become an independent yogi. He wandered throughout northern India as a sadhu. Neem Karoli was a lifelong adept of bhakti yoga, and encouraged service to others (seva) as the highest form of unconditional devotion to God. He worshiped all the gods and all religions. From 1967 to 1973, many young people came from the West to Neem Karoli Baba. He showed them different spiritual practices. Some he gave the path of Hatha Yoga and others the path of Karma Yoga. For the majority of his followers, he taught the way of the Master Yoga (Bhakti Yoga). The Way of the Master Yoga is to connect oneself every day with an enlightened Master. Neem Karoli Baba taught the individual spiritual path. His exercises were tailored individual to each student. On his festivals, there were lots of candy. One of his favorite sayings was, „Eat sweets, drink tea.“ In the book Miracle of Love, compiled by Ram Dass, a devotee named Anjani shares the following account: There can be no biography of him. Facts are few, stories many. He seems to have been known by different names in many parts of India, appearing and disappearing through the years. He said, that he was ‘nobody.’ Simple stories were his teachings. Usually he sat or lay on a wooden bench wrapped in a plaid blanket while a few devotees sat around him. Visitors came and went; they were given food, a few words, a nod, a slap on the head or back, and they were sent away. There was gossip and laughter for he loved to joke. Orders for running the ashram were given, usually in a piercing yell across the compound. Sometimes he sat in silence, absorbed in another world to which we could not follow, but bliss and peace poured down on us.

  • Love everyone, Serve everyone, Remember God and Speak the truth.
  • Whenever you’ll think about me, I will come to you.
  • MusicvideoHomepage

Oracle = Sometimes, the soul needs much sweets. What makes your soul happy today? Give it to her. Have enough enjoyment, so that you can go your way positively. God is abundance. Celebrate the day.

Laughter Yoga

153. 1. Clap your hands = We clap our hands in front of the heart chakra. We focus on the stomach and laugh „Ho, ho.“ We focus on the chest and laugh „Haha.“ Third, we change constantly between the abdomen and the chest up and down and shout, „Hoho, Haha, Hoho …

2. Body = We lay our hands on the head and laugh in the head „Hehehe.“ So we can clean the head of tension. Then we lay hands on the chest and shout „Hahaha“. We lay hands on the stomach and yell „Hohoho“. We concentrate on the feet and trample with our feet on the ground: „Huhuhu“.

3. Laughing Wave = We bow the upper body to the earth. The hands are facing down. We focus on the ground. The hands go to heaven. We wail like a siren: „Hahahaha.“ We make the laughing wave several times. We connect through our laughter heaven and earth.

4. Welcome laughter = Within a group, we keep eye contact and laugh, until all people are happy. At home we look in the mirror and welcome ourselves. When we look into the mirror there is always something to laugh about.

5. Hands to heaven = We extend our hands to the heaven, concentrate on our chest and laugh a minute „Hahaha.“

6. Happy Mantra = We think the mantra: „May all beings be happy. Let there be a world of laughing.“ We see all people in the world and ourselves as a laughing Buddhas, laughing gods or laughing holinesses.

7. Om Song = At the end of our Laughter Yoga we sing one minute the mantra „Om“. We sing it in own our melody. We sense in which part of our body Om resonates best. We sing the Om until we are calm. Then we go optimistic through our lives.

Oracle = Do not take things too seriously. Concentrate on the funny side of life. Go laughing through the day. Practice Laughter Yoga.

Sri Durgamayi Ma

Durga Puja Cologne 2009

154. In August 2005 the first great Yoga Festival took place in Berlin. Six thousand people flocked to the many offered Yoga sessions, meditations, lectures and musical events. The highlight was the darshan of Sri Durgamayi Ma. Durgamayi Ma is one of the enlightened Yoga Masters in Germany. Her Master is Neem Karoli Baba, the laughing guru of the hippie era. Durgamayi Ma was born in Germany. She worked as a teacher. In 1972, she saw a picture of Neem Karoli Baba and immediately set off for India. When she met her Master, she could not help crying for three days. All her heartbreak in her life dissolved. Neem Karoli Baba gave her the love she had always longed for. Durgamayi was aware that her heart was broken for a long time and now could be healed. She later told her students:„The most important on the spiritual path is to be aware of ones broken heart. Most people in the West suffer from a broken heart. They are blocked in their love and in their happiness. Enlightenment heals the brokenhearted. Enlightenment is the only way of permanent cure. Enlightenment means opening all the chakras, especially the heart chakra. Who is aware of this fact, walks the path of enlightenment up to the end.“ (Morning darshan, 2001). After the death of Neem Karoli Baba in 1973 she went to Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati in America. After seven intensive years on the path of Bhakti Yoga her ego was burnt in the fire of love for her spiritual teacher; Sri Durgamayi Ma recognised the divine in her Ma, in herself and in all human beings. Back in Germany, Mataji’s first students soon found their way to her. She says: „Peace in our society can only be attained if we find it in ourselves. Achieving this peace is the aspiration of all religions. That is why it is important not to focus on what separates them but to concentrate on what unites them, not to emphasize their differences but to recognise and live that which they have in common.“

Oracle = Difficulties are challenges for a Yogi. He grows through them to enlightenment. Live as a victor. Master your life. Success.

Ram Dass and Krishna Das

A terracotta sculpture of Panchamukha Hanuman

155. The two main western disciples of Neem Karoli Baba are Ram Dass and Krishna Das. Both work in their own way as karma yogis in the West. Ram Dass is a psychology professor at Harvard University in the U.S. He looked for the deeper meaning of life, according to a state of inner peace and lasting love. In the sixties, he experimented with drugs. But it took him only a short time in higher states of happiness. Most people brings it to a life of dependence, addiction and self-destruction. Drugs are not the way to a happy life. 1967 Ram Dass traveled to India and met Neem Karoli Baba. At him he got the happiness that he had always wanted. He went back to America and worked for the American peace movement, founded several social organizations and gave many spiritual lectures.

Krishna Das is a musician. He spent many years in India and moved after the death of his Master back to the United States. Over the years, he got through the singing of bhajans a great inner transformation. His songs now radiated from authenticity, love and spirituality. Krishna Das is one of the leading bhajan singers in the West. People flock to his concerts to be inspired by his songs. In July 2004, he first came to Germany. Yogi Nils visited him at his concert in Hamburg. He could feel how the energy of Neem Karoli Baba flowed through Krishna Das to him. Nils experienced a strong presence of Neem Karoli Baba in the concert hall. First dissolved in him much mourning. Then his body manifested spontaneously many different yoga postures. Fortunately, he was sitting in the back of the hall, so that other people did not frighten. In the end Nils rested long time in a great happiness energy. Nils saw the concert as a personal blessing by Neem Karoli Baba.

Oracle = Love everyone, serve everyone, be centered in essence (God, enlightenment, love) and work for a happy world. Move a hand in blessing and think, „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the word be happy.“ Great success on the path of love.

The Path of Joy

156. Basically, the way of the outer pleasure and the path of inner happiness are opposites. On the way of outer pleasure we create attachment to the material world. This results in the long term to tensions in the mind (addictive tendencies) and makes us inwardly unhappy. The path of the outer pleasure causes long-term growth in the inner unhappiness. We will never really satisfied internally and always trying to get more and more. On the way of inner happiness we dissolve consistently all our internal tensions. We reduce systematically our attachment to external things. When the mind is completely freed from attachments, suddenly inner relaxation and happiness appears. Man lives in inner peace, all-embracing love and bliss. For the path of the outer wealth we normally need much activity, fighting and egotism. For the path of inner wealth we need silence, love and spiritual practice. One a few people can live as strict ascetics. But many people can be successful on the middle path to enlightenment with some enjoyment. If we live the outer enjoyment in the right amount and in the right moment, we can also grow on the path of joy into the light (to enlightenment).

Oracle = What’s your way of a happy life? Life in essence, in inner peace and happiness. Make enough spiritual exercises every day. Work for a world of love. Succeed on a middle path with the right mix of enjoyment, work and spiritual exercising. Forward with clear goals and enough enjoyment. Success. „My deed of enjoyment is …“

Sathya Sai Baba


157. Sathya Sai Baba (23 November 1926 – 24 April 2011) was an Indian guru, mystic and philanthropist. Sai Baba had ashrams in 126 countries and also ran a network of hospitals, clinics and schools that were often free. Sai Baba said that his followers do not need to give up their original religion, saying „My objective is the establishment of sanatana dharma, which believes in one God as propitiated by the founders of all religions. So none has to give up his religion or deity.“ The Sai organization promotes and advocates five human values: Sathya (truth), Dharma (right conduct), Ahimsa (non-violence), Prema (love for God and all his creatures) and Shanti (peace). The materializations of vibhuti (holy ash) and other small objects such as rings, necklaces and watches by Sathya Sai Baba were a source of both fame and controversy; devotees considered them signs of divinity, while skeptics viewed them as simple conjuring tricks.

Wikipedia: A 1995 TV documentary accused Sathya Sai Baba of faking his materializations. However, the scientist Haraldsson stated that, on investigating the DD video, researchers did not find evidence of fake materialisation. According to Haraldsson, the video was taken to a company which investigates corporate fraud. In spite of improving the graininess of the low quality video with enhanced filters and running it through advanced image processing systems, Haraldsson stated the DD video did not provide firm evidence of sleight of hand. The guru and his followers consistently denied the charges of misconduct, which were never proved.

Quotes about Sathya Sai Baba:

  • I have a „Task“: To foster all mankind and ensure for all of them lives full of ananda (bliss). I have a „Vow“: To lead all who stray away from the straight path again into goodness and save them. This means that I will never give up those who attach themselves to me.
  • I have come to restore Love among mankind. The Golden Age will come.
  • Help ever, Hurt never. Love all, Serve all.
  • Sathya Sai Official Web Site

Oracle = Look closely at the situation. Find your way of truth. Even enlightened people can have failings. It is important to deal constructively with it. Where mistakes are, they should clearly be stated. If it is possible, we should overcome the mistakes. What are your weaknesses? What is your way to overcome them? Success.

Sai Baba and Nils

158. In a bookstore, Nils saw in 1995 the book of Samuel Sandy Weis „Sai Baba the Holy Man and the Psychiatrist.“ Nils bought the book, read it and loved it. In 1997 showed Sai Baba him in a dream, how he helps him on the spiritual purification path. He took away some of Nils bad karma (destiny). In another dream Sai Baba appeared to him and constantly changed his faces. He pointed to the fact that a Karma Yogi should be flexible. In 2000 appeared the yoga gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma in a dream. Nils saw the three gods as beautiful statues side by side made of dark green jade. They gave him the path of Trimurti Yoga, the combination of praying (Bhakti Yoga), love (Karma Yoga) and spiritual practice (Hatha Yoga). In 2001 Nils received the paradise dream. He saw himself walking with many people through the mountains (Himalayas) to a beautiful village in the paradise. Everyone got there his own house (way of living in paradise). Later, also the yoga god Ganesha appeared to him. Ganesha embodies the middle spiritual path with some enjoyment. In 2003 Nils knelt before a king in a red robe (love). The king sat on a golden throne and had a suit of armor (strength). The king pushed his sword into the crown chakra of Nils. Sai Baba activated his Kundalini energy and gave him all the power he needed to be succesful on his spiritual path. Two weeks later, Nils saw himself on a congress for the unity of all religions. Nils got the task to work as a Yogi for the cooperation of all spiritual people.

Oracle = Many small problems. Stay in the light. Flowing positive with things. Be a Buddha of peace and serenity. Work on your thoughts, keep your emotions small (anger, fear, addiction) and preserve your inner balance. Forward. Success.


159. Anita Blanke is a student of Sai Baba, who realized enlightenment through the path of a spiritual relationship (My way to the source, 2003). She was born in Austria and had in school a special talent for music, dance and theater. After high school she went to Berlin and became an actress. From the age of fifteen on she danced from relationship to relationship. Her subject of life was searching for the right man. At a theater in Berlin she met Norbert. He was a technician. Anita was thrilled by his calm and strong male type. They moved together. But after a while Anita noted that Norbert was not perfect. There were sides in him that she did not like. She expected the great enduring happiness from her partner and thus necessarily had to fail. The great happiness can only be found within oneself. It was a long road for Anita to recognize this. She started nagging. She focused on the negative aspects of her partner. Her relationship cooled more and more. Anita began to search her luck in other men. She had several love affairs.

In 1986 she heard of Sai Baba and went to India. When she saw Sai Baba, she knew at once that he was her Master. She had arrived at the end of her search. Her Master was her great love. Unfortunately, she had to realize after some time that a purely spiritual relationship with an enlightened Master was not enough for her. She needed also a real man. She asked Sai Baba for guidance and help. In a dream, Sai Baba said to her that she would find a husband and have two children. But where was the right man? Anita had to think by herself. In a book she read that the mental and spiritual harmony in a relationship is more important than the physical level. The sexual desires in a relationship usually disappear after a few years. What remains is the mental and spiritual level. Anita wondered with what man she mentally best corresponded. With whom she could imagine a happy relationship in the long term. The only suitable partner she remembered was Norbert. But her heart refused. Norbert promised her, to give her more love. That opened her heart. They married and had two children, a son and a daughter. In the beginning they were very happy. But then the children began to niggle, Norbert sought his task of life, and Anita went from theater to theater. Since she was never really happy, she made a training as a psychotherapeutic healing practitioner. She moved with her husband and children to Kassel. There they rented a big house and pulled together with lots of friends. Anita became the head of the Sai Baba group of Kassel.

The main path to enlightenment for Anita was to accept life as it comes. She constantly tried to live inwardly unattached. Sometimes she broke through into deep states of happiness. But mostly it was a tough inner rings. She remained on her way about twelve years. She prayed every day to her Master and got helpful dreams. She also meditated and practiced regularly yoga. In a dream she received the message from Sai Baba: „The outer guru-worship has to be given up. Visualize yourself as Master. Live for the happiness of your fellow people. Serve all beings and everything serves you spiritually. If you take all things in the right way, everything becomes a helper to enlightenment.“ The Community in Kassel collapsed. Inwardly, she felt heavy, tired and dreary. Until suddenly disappeared her I consciousness. She transformed into a unity consciousness. The Kundalini energy in her began to flow and she lived from now on permanently in the light. The outer things always changed, but the inner happiness remained.

Oracle = Come to rest. Recover from the stress of life. Meditate, relax, enjoy life.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

160. Progressive muscle relaxation is a relaxation technique by alternately tensing and relaxing the muscles. The presented form was developed by Yogi Nils in his Yoga groups. We can do it in sitting or lying down.

1. Muscle tension = We tense the muscles of the legs and feet. We stop every thought. We can hold our breath or breathe normally. Then we relax the muscles of the legs and feet. We tense and relax in the same way the arms and hands, the head (face) and the whole body.

2. Numbers = We count several times the numbers from 1 to 20 in the head, focusing on the head and breathe into the head. Our mind calms. We focus on the chest, breathe into the chest and count the numbers 1 to 20 in the chest. We breathe in the belly, and count there the numbers 1 to 20. We focus on the legs and feet, and count there the numbers 1 to 20. We visualize under the soles a large ball and count the numbers from 1 to 20 in the ball.

3. Sun = We see in the sky a beautiful sun. She sends her rays down on us. We feel her light and warmth on our skin. It is as if we are on holiday in the sun. We enjoy the sunlight. We wrap our whole body with light. We take a golden ray of sun and let the sunlight everywhere circle around us. We think the mantra „Light.“ We let the sunlight flow into us and fill us with light. We think the mantra „Light.“

4. Sending light = We move a hand and send another person light. We envelop him with light and let the light flow into him. Think many times the word „Light“. After that we send light all over the world. We wrap the whole world with light, fill it with light and think often „Light.“

5. Stop thinking = We stop a minute every thought. Then we linger in meditation. Thoughts may come now if they want to. We feel our the body and enjoy the peace and well-being. If we have meditated enough, we come back again. We move our feet and hands. We stretch and move ourselves. We sit up and are back.

Oracle = Avoid too much stress in your life. Have adequate recovery times. Do sports regularly. Eat healthy. Meditate every day. Think positive. Be centered in spirituality (God, light, inner happiness). Grow into the light and not into the burnout. „May way of wisdom is… Unwisdom is…“ Forward on the path of wisdom and love. Success.

Sai Baba of Shirdi

Sai Baba of Shirdi. Blessing.

161. Sai Baba of Shirdi, also known as Shirdi Sai Baba, was an Indian guru, yogi, and fakir who is regarded by his Hindu and Muslim devotees as a saint. He had no love for perishable things and his sole concern was self-realization. He taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, and devotion to God and guru. Sai Baba of Shirdi lived from 1838 to 1918 in India. The Master (Guru) of Shirdi Sai was Venkusa. He went to him as a young man and learned from him Hatha Yoga (physical exercises and meditation). His main technique was to meditate on his Master. He visualized himself as one with his Master and said his name as a mantra. At the age of twenty, he came to Shirdi. Shirdi was then a small village. He moved into a dilapidated mosque and lived there for the rest of his life. Every day he went through the village and begged for some food. He often wandered into the surrounding forest and meditated many hours. He planted a small flower garden and watered the flowers every day. After three years, the flowers were grown and contributed many beautiful flowers. Shirdi-Sai cut the flowers and gave them to the temples in Shirdi. He had been raised by Muslim parents. His master Venkusa was a Hindu. Sai Baba of Shirdi felt therefore that he belongs to both religions. In his mosque, he practiced the customs of both religions. An important ritual in Hinduism is the kindling of light. In his mosque burned all night several oil lamps. The oil he got from the oil traders in the village. One day the oil traders had no more desire to give him free oil every day. They refused to share the daily donation. It is said that Shirdi Sai filled water in the oil lamps, blessed the water and light the wicks. The oil lamps were lit by itself all night. When the villagers realized that Shirdi Sai can do wonders, they began to worship him. Sai Baba of Shirdi accomplished during his lifetime many miracles. He healed the sick, blessed women with the birth of a child and raised the dead to life. We can see the wonders of Shirdi Sai as spiritual tales. People in India love fairy tales. Maybe the miracle are really happened. We do not know. It’s been a long time. The biggest miracle of life is the possibility of enlightenment.

Oracle = Develope the happiness in yourself. Walk the way of the health, happiness and universal love. Use your lifetime to do good and to grow spiritually.“ Never give up. Forward. Success.

The Poor Dog

162. An older woman supplied Shirdi Sai daily with food. One day he cried, „Oh Lakshmibai, I’m very hungry!“ The woman ran immediately and made him a nice meal. She handed it to her Master and he gave it to a dog. Shirdi Sai said, „To satisfy the hunger of the dog is the same as to satisfy my hunger.“ Shirdi-Sai’s love was especially for the poor, the small and the weak. He taught, „God loves the poor and the rich, but especially he loves the poor. I came to help the small and the weak.“ The main teaching of Shirdi Sai was the daily Master Yoga (Guru Yoga), „Who every day connects himself with an enlightened Master and sees God in all creation, will be saved.“ 1918 Sai Baba of Shirdi left his physical body. He meditated on the light, saying the syllable „Ah“ and transferred his consciousness into the unity (God).

Oracle = Love all. Follow your inner voice of wisdom. Save yourself with your spiritual practices (Yoga, reading, meditation, doing good). Success!

The Five Sacrifices

163. There was once a king who wanted to realize his inner happiness. A priest told him that a five-fold renunciation is necessary. The king had a lot of wisdom and a strong will. He was willing to perform a sacrifice, if it was necessary to achieve his goal. First, the king renounced his kingdom. He moved to a secluded forest and lived as a yogi. Second, the king renounced on sexuality. He lived without a relationship to better focus his energy on his spiritual exercises. That was for him the greatest sacrifice. Third, the king renounced on his thoughts. He meditated a lot and lived in great peace. Fourth, he renounced his ego. He let go of his ego, went through the vast emptiness (becomming internal nothing, no feeling of an independend self) and came into the light. It feels uncomfortable when the ego dissolves. But behind this is waiting the inner happiness. Who knows this, can easily sacrifice his ego. The king enjoyed some time in the happiness of enlightenment. Then he thought of the suffering of his people. They needed an enlightened Master who guided them along their way. The king renounced so fifthly on the happiness of seclusion and went back to his kingdom. He lived as a Hatha Yogi (physical exercises, meditation) and as a Karma Yogi (love to all) permanently in the light (in unity consciousness, Nirvana). The five sacrifice were found to be the greatest grace in his life.

Oracle = Who wants to achieve a goal has in principle to sacrifice something. Do the necessary sacrifice for your goal, and you’ll get a great profit. What is your goal? What is the necessary sacrifice to reach your goal? Forward. Succeed.


164. There once was a yogi who meditated for twelve years in a cave. He lived for twelve years in seclusion and consistently made each day his spiritual exercises. He really made an effort to reach to the goal of enlightenment. He practiced persistent and intense. But nothing happened! He did not break through in great dimensions of happiness. The yogi was frustrated. In the thirteenth year he left his cave. He came down from his great mountain. All his dreams of an eternal bliss flew away. He seemed not to be able to free himself from the prison of samsara. On his way back he met an old woman. She was sick, lonely and hungry. He gave her all his yogic things. He needed them no longer. He gave ultimately himself and his ego. As result of this act of compassion in the yogi happend an interior solution. His blocked heart chakra opened. His I-attachment disappeared. The spiritual energy began to bubble. The yogi could suddenly see the light in the world and in all beings. He now wandered from town to town, helping all people and grew more and more in his enlightenment energy.

Oracle = Walk the way of compassion. Live as a helper of your fellow man (Karma Yogi). Thus you will overcome your problems and develope your inner happiness. Move a hand blessing and send light to all beings: „I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be a happy.“ What is your act of compassion today? Forward. Success.


Fortune on the spiritual path.

165. The rainbow is a symbol of fortune in yoga. He points to large inner or outer fortune. As Yogi Nils in 1998 got from the Dalai Lama the Bodhisattva Initiation (blessing for the path of love), in the sky appeared two huge rainbows. A rainbow is a half circle of light. Enlightenment can be well represented by a whole circle. Man is inwardly whole (holy). The circle symbolizes the cosmos, the wholeness, the inner harmony. Anyone who has cleaned his physical and mental tensions, by the grace of the universe he becomes enlightened. Our responsibility is to practice spiritual and the task of God is to turn us at the right time into an enlightened one.

Oracle = Great fortune. The heaven blesses you with good luck. Something very lucky has happened or will happen. When you start something, this card points to a big success. Be thankful. Celebrate the day.

The Yogini with the Dog

166. There once was a woman who wanted to realize her inner happiness. She wanted enlightenment immediately and in this life. She longed to live permanently in the light and in the love. There was only one problem. The woman did not like to be alone. To come to enlightenment usually one has to live many years in seclusion. Those who want to quickly reach enlightenment need a lot of rest, a spiritual daily schedule and a way of all-embracing love. These three things cause a fast growth in the light. The woman solved her problem. She bought a dog and moved together with the dog in a remote cabin in the woods. Twice a day, she walked an hour with him. If she did yoga and meditation, the dog was lying peacefully beside her. So she was never lonely. The dog gave her every day love, inspiration and joy. The dog guarded her house and protected her from pushy men. She practiced for many years with the dog her path of yoga. The dog was a positive center in her life. After twelve years she realized enlightenment on an easy way.

Oracle = Today helps you the way of compassion. It frees you from attachment to your suffering. It opens your heart and heals you mentally. Think more of others than of yourself. Concentrate more on the suffering of your fellow human beings as to your own suffering. Wish that all people in the world are happy. Live for this vision. If you just look at the world around you, then you know where you can help. Forward. Success on the path of love. „I send love to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy.“

Comming into the Light

Kali sacrifices her ego and comes into the light.

167. The bad news is: „You live in a field of suffering.“ The good news is, „that you can be happy in spite of this and because of this.“ You can turn your field of suffering into a Buddha field. Your field of suffering is your great helper on the way to enlightenment. Without the suffering in your life you would probably never practice consistently spiritual. The secret of a happy life is, that happiness is mostly (to 90 %) an internal and not an external matter. If happiness is primarily an internal affair, then we can also grow in the outer suffering to inner happiness and even live permanently in deep inner happiness. The path of transforming from suffering to happiness is to remove systematically all internal tensions by physical and mental exercises. You need to organize your life in the field of suffering so that you grow spiritually. You have to live with a spiritual exercise plan. Your life must be organized so that you grow to enlightenment. You need to practice effectively yoga and meditation. And you should live in focus as karma-yogi. You must take your fellow man more important than yourself, so that your ego-fixation dissolves and you live in a field of love.

Oracle = There is suffering in your life. What is the suffering in your life? The suffering in your life can be a great loss (separation, unemployment), a troubled relationship, an illness or loneliness (a single life). Your path of enlightenment is to live after a spiritual daily schedule and to transform your mind into a happy spirit. Get a positive mind through your spiritual exercise. What spiritual practices do you need (yoga, meditation, reading, doing good, enjoying life)? How many exercises do you need a day to create happiness in you? Forward. Success.

The Frog Family

168. There was once a frog family. The frog mother showed her children the world: „This is the water. The Lord has made it​, so that we can swim beautiful.“ The frog children jumped into the water, swam around and cheered: „Wonderful. This has the Lord done well.“ Then the frog mother pointed to the many insects that flew across the pond: „The Lord has made the insects, so we have something to eat every day. Otherwise, we would starve.“ The frog children jumped for joy into the air: „God did well. Praise the Lord. He is our great father and breadwinner.“ The frog mother took her children to the colorful flowers on the shore: „God has made the flowers so that there is beauty in our lives.“ The frog children admired every single flower, smelling its delicious scent and sang a song in honor of the great father. The frog mother sat down with her children in the green grass. They let the sun shine on their stomach. The frog mother said: „God has made the sun, so there is light in the world, otherwise we would live forever in the dark.“ The frog children thanked the good Lord for the great light. Suddenly a serpent came and ate one of the frog children. The frog children were horrified: „What is about the snake?“ The frog mother said, „God has made also the serpent.Through the snake we have to recognize that the center of life is the inner happiness and not the outer enjoyment.“

Oracle = Bethink yourself on your strength. What are your goals? What is your path? Succeed on the threefold path of Master Yoga (daily connection with the enlightened Masters), Jnana Yoga (spiritual practices) and Karma Yoga (living in the all-embracing love). Forward. You can do it. You will reach your goals. Success.

The Frog

Ceratophrys ornata (Pacman Frog).JPG

169. Once there was a frog who lived with many other frogs in a small well. Once at midday the sun shone briefly in the well. Apart from that it was in the lives of the frogs rather dark and sad. Our frog wanted to live always in the light. He wanted always to feel love and happiness within. One day at lunch time, the frog jumped out of the well and followed the sun. He followed the light in his heart. After some time he came to a great sea. He jumped in and was transformed. The frog had realized his spiritual self. He had jumped in the great nothingness of egolessness. He had let go of all attachment to all external things. He had given up his search for his dream girl. He had gone through the feeling of loneliness and boredom. Through his spiritual practices, his mental tension structure had disintegrated, and the light within was awakened. From his chakras bubbled the life force energy. The frog had found the sun in himself. He lived now permanently in happiness. It did not matter if it was raining outside or not. The frog was so happy with his new state of bliss, that he told it to all the other frogs. Most frogs did not believe him. They believed more in the great luck in the little frog pond. They believed that they would be happier if they would catch more flies. But some frogs trusted him and followed him on the way of light.

Oracle = Realize yourself. Do not listen to your unwise fellow man (the consumerist ideology of television), but to the voice of wisdom in you. Follow the wise human teachers (Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Patanjali) and not the unenlightened hedonists. „My way of wisdom is … Unwisdom is …“ Self-realization. Forward. Success.

The Dancing Shiva


170. How can we stay inside in balance in a changing external life? A wise man adheres not on outward appearances and keeps his soul in balance with his spiritual techniques. It is the best to act from rest. When the body and mind are quiet, we can stay easier in inner peace and happiness. We stop our negative thoughts and focus on positive thinking. We flow positive with life. In yoga, there is the figure of the dancing Shiva. First the yogi sacrifices his ego. He takes things as they are. He lets go off his false wishes. Shiva crushes with his feet his own will (his ego). He hands himself over to the will of life (fate, destiny). Around Shiva we see a large circle of fire. Shiva lives in the cosmic consciousness. He sees the cosmos as a great system of nature. Second he dances with the life. He goes flexible and consistent his personal way of wisdom and rightness. He walks step by step forward and does the next right thing. Third he focuses on the suffering in the world and his fellow man, lives in giving (blessing hand) and forgets his own problems. A master of life keeps his mind permanently in the light and dances wisely with the external manifestations. He renounces his ego, and thus gets a life of happiness.

Oracle = Difficult situations alternate. Dance with the chaos. Be a master of the dance with life. Practice yoga, walking, meditating, doing good, positive thinking and enjoying life. „My positive sentence is … (I flow positive with life. I keep my happiness also in difficult situations.)“ Flexible forward. Success.

Yoga Teacher

171. Working as a yoga teacher (spiritual adviser, spiritual master) is a way to sacrifice the ego, to live in the all-embracing love and to attain enlightenment. Many spiritual people have lost themselves on the way of helping. If a not enlightened man wants to work as a spiritual teacher, he must be aware of the ego traps and able to control his negative qualities. After any contact with his unenlightened fellow men he must spiritually cleanse his mind. Who is not fully enlightened and works as a spiritual teacher has to be aware of his actions. He should focus on his own practicing, connect every day with the enlightened Masters and check himself on pride, greed, attachment, careerism, and sexual lack of clarity. A real spiritual master is more a beggar than a Buddha. He is anchored in the egolessness and not in the idea to be ​​a great enlightened. He is more a servant of his fellow men as their king. He lives in being and giving and not in wanting to be admired. Basically, it says in the yoga scriptures that a yogi should first bring himself to enlightenment and then to work as a spiritual master for his fellow man. Who is not enlightened endangers his energy on the way of helping. He builds up a big ego (pride) and developes many negative qualities. One is admired and feels great. One gets power over his fellow man and feels like a god, although one has many faults. Then helping is for him a path to hell and not to heaven.

Oracle = Working as a spiritual master gives you the strength to bring yourself to enlightenment. Help your fellow man. Rescue spiritually your family, your children and all people associated with you. Give them the great knowledge of inner happiness and the path of all-embracing love. Keep yourself small. Stay humble, modest and as a servant of all. Connect yourself every day with the enlightened Masters (God). The enlightened Master will lead and protect you. „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“ Success.

The Princess Lakshmi

Sri Devi.JPG

172. A thousand years ago in India lived a beautiful princess. She was known as Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune. Lakshmi was a gentle and loving young woman. According to the tradition in India at that time she was married by her parents to the son of a friend of the King. The princess then traveled with a large entourage to her future spouse. When she reached the gates of the town, the king’s son came back from the hunt. He was a rough fellow. He was surrounded by fierce warriors. On the saddle of his horse hung many killed animals. When the princess saw her groom, she was horrified. So did not want to marry a rough and unspiritual man. She waited for the night, fled out of the palace and hid in a cave in the woods. Friendly people gave her something to eat. The Princess Lakshmi spent her time with yoga and meditation. After seven years awoke her kundalini energy. She broke through to enlightenment. She lived in the light and radiated light. She had now become a real goddess of bliss. Many people came and visited her. Lakshmi spent her life happily in God and in the giving of love and bliss. The prince married another woman. She was just like him and believe in the happiness of a worldly life. He therefore made no attempt to find Lakshmi. Bur one day the father of the prince, the old king, discovered Lakshmi in her cave. He immediately realized that she had reached enlightenment. He bent down in front of her and asked for a lesson. Lakshmi said, „Life in the world is mainly suffering. Constantly happy is only the enlightened one.“ The king took the words to heart, abdicated and became also a yogi.

Oracle = Who wants to develop his inner happiness has to invest time and energy. It is good to live in rest and to practice consistently spiritual. The more time and energy one invests in the spiritual path, the faster one is moving forward. What is your inset to reach your spiritual goals? What is your worldly waiver? What is your way to victory? Forward. Success.

The Evil Magician

173. Once upon a time there lived in northern India an evil magician. He possessed great spiritual power and dominated his fellow people. All were afraid of him. No one could break his power. The magician was a friend of the Maharaja (ruler) of his district. The secular and the spiritual leader of the district lived in an unholy alliance to oppress the local population. But one day the Maharaja visited the enlightened master Mahaprabhuji. He was so impressed of Mahaprabhujis sacred aura that he became his devotee. At home, he immediately gave up his exessive worldly life and practiced all-embracing love. Mahaprabhuji protected him with his spiritual power against the influence of the evil magician. But the magician was furious and wanted to destroy Mahaprabhuji. He walked to Mahaprabhuji. On the way he was injured severely on the leg. He had two dreams. In one dream, he saw himself in hell and suffered great anxiety and great pain. In the second dream, he saw himself in heaven. His soul was filled with peace, love and happiness. When he came to Mahaprabhuji, he beamed all his negative energy on him. But Mahaprabhuji remained calm and unperturbed. The negative energies could not harm him. He said to the magician: „The light is stronger than the darkness. It wins by inner peace and all-embracing love.“ The magician recognized the spiritual greatness of Mahaprabhuji. He understood what his two dreams meant. If he would continue on his path of black magic, he would come after his death in hell. If, however, he repented of his wrong doings and does only good things in the future, he would be saved. His eyes were opened to the true path. Mahaprabhuji healed the leg of the magician and took him as his disciple.

Oracle = Go the way of love. Recognize your task. What can you do for your fellow man? What is your path of truth, wisdom and love? Rub your palms in front of your heart chakra and think: „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Om all-embracing love. Please guide and help me on my way.“ Success.



174. Mahaprabhuji was a great enlightened master, who lived from 1828 to 1963 in Northern India (Rajasthan). He taught the unity of all religions and the way of universal love. He was a great poet and could sing beautifully. From all over India, people came to visit him. His follower was Swami Madhavananda, who in 1972 sent his chief disciple Maheshwarananda to Austria to inaugurate the people there in the yoga path. He wrote the famous book „Yoga and everyday life“ and founded a spiritual center. In 1990 Maheshwarananda came to Hamburg and met Yogi Nils. Some times later Mahaprabhuji appeared in a dream of Yogi Nils and blessed him.

Oracle = Beginning. Something begins. Plan your beginning well, then you succeed in the end. What are your goals? What is your good plan? What is your way to reach your goals? Forward. Blessing. Success.

The Widower Kankaripa

175. There once was a man who had a beautiful woman. The two loved each other dearly. They thought positively and therefore could lead a happy relationship for many years. The man was Kankaripa. Kankaripa had a successful career in his job and a happy relationship. He was very happy with his life. But nothing lasts forever in the outer life. One day his woman died. Kankaripa was inconsolable. He depended entirely on his deceased wife. He could not rid himself of the attachment. So he went to a spiritual Master and asked him for advice. The Master said, that at a great love the emotional connection is very strong. It can be resolved only through spiritual exercises over a long period of time. The Master recommended Kankaripa to make three hours every day spiritual exercises. He should take a walk, do yoga, mental work, meditation and read in a spiritual book. He should practice his profession in focus as a Karma Yogi for the goal of a happy world. He should concentrate more on the happiness of his fellow man than his own happiness. In addition, he should practice every day mentally Tantra Yoga. He should visualize himself in a sexual union with his wife, enjoy the happiness, think the mantra „light“, envelop both in light and then resolve both persons in the unity of the cosmos. He should visualize the universe full of stars around him, thinking the mantra „stars“. Then he should stop three minutes his thoughts and after that he should linger in a relaxed meditation and let his thoughts and feelings flow. This Kankaripa did a few years and then he was cured of his relationship addiction. He could now live a new relationship and also good to be alone, just like life it brought with it. His firm roots in spirituality allowed him to flow positive with all the changes in his life and always to preserve his inner happiness.

Oracle = Something is changing. Think positively and you are victorious over your difficulties. Build every day so many elements of joy in your life, that you can go your way positively. Forward with wisdom, creativity and power! Success!

The Old Weaver

176. In India, there lived an old man, whose name was Tantipa. By profession he was a weaver. He made many beautiful woven rugs and blankets in his life. But now in the age his hands were stiff. He could no longer practice his profession. Now he was missing a task. Tantipa sat alone in his hut. His wife had died several years ago. His profession and his wife had been his purpose in life. He had children, but the children went their own ways, and wanted to have nothing to do with him. The only thing they did for their old father, was to give him something to eat every day. Externally Tantipa had enough to live on, but inside he was bored. Tantipa lived many years sadly to himself. Loudly he complained his cruel fate.

Then one day a yogi came and heard Tantipa lament. He said to him, „You’re a fool. You don´t see the great treasure in your life. You could live as a yogi and develop your inner happiness. Through your daily yoga practice you could get a meaningful age. Instead of using the big opportunity, you spend your days complaining about your fate and increase your pain.“ Tantipa knew that the way of inner happiness exists. The ideal of life of Hinduism is to learn in the youth, to work as an adult, to have a family, and to attain enlightenment at the end of the life. Tantipa realized that the yogi was right. He asked the yogi for the right exercises for him, and immediately began an intense spiritual practice.

In his career as a weaver Tantipa had been very busy. He had worked hard and with endurance. These qualities brought him fast forward on his path of yoga. Tantipa practiced diligently every day reading, going, yoga, meditation and positiv thinking. After twelve years he reached enlightenment. All internal tensions broke up, and his Kundalini energy began to flow. His body was full of energy and his mind full of happiness. He radiated love and light. All people came to see him, to hear his wisdom and to get some of his good energy. Tantipa became never bored again. He was very happy about his well-used life on earth.

Oracle = Be careful. Make no mistakes. Live wise. Plan your life well. Think of the end. Live so that you content with your life from the view after your death. Wisdom is … Unwisdom is … A mistake would be … Rub your palms in front of your heart and think: „Om all enlightened Masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help me on my way.“ Forward. Success.

The 24 Places of Power

Panthera tigris tigris.jpg

177. A young man in India was keen to achieve the goal of enlightenment. He longed to develop his inner happiness and lasting inner peace and to live in the all-encompassing love. Unfortunately, he had a lot of tension in his body and his mind. He was inwardly very nervous. He constantly changed his residence, his relationships and his jobs. He could not meditate long time in sitting. His master so gave him the exercise to make a pilgrimage to the 24 places of power. For twelve years the young man wandered from one place to another. He always felt his right line between too much rest and too much action. While walking, he said a mantra or thought about the meaning of life. While sitting he meditated in silence. He honored all the holy statues of all religions along his way. He visualized himself as Shiva, Buddha, Jesus and father of all beings (bodhisattva). Thus he activated his Kundalini energy. He practiced constantly positive thinking and reflecting the life. After twelve years of persevering pilgrimin awoke in him the light. The pilgrimage to the 24 holy places opened his 24 inner gates of energy (chakras). The most famous places of power are the seven chakras (vertex, forehead, throat, heart, solar plexus / navel, lower abdomen, pelvis ground). But there are chakras at the back, along the spine, in the mid-channel, in the hands and the soles of the feet. There are even outside the body chakras above the head in the sky and in the earth. The greatest chakra is God. Whoever meditates on the cosmos, all living beings, and the enlightened, awakens his inner power the fastest. Find your way of daily inner and outer pilgrimage and grow by this into the light.

Oracle = Be a master of life. Flow positive with the changes of life. Bethink yourself on your life goals, make each day your spiritual practices (yoga, walking, meditation, mental work, oracle, doing good) and go successful your way of life. Find your way of daily pilgrimage (spiritual exercises). Make at least five minutes of daily spirituality. What can you do? What do you want to do? Do it for two month every day at a special time and than you get used to it. Than it is easy and you are connected with your spiritual goals a lifetime. Than you will succeed. You will get help from the enlightened Masters (God) in every difficult situation. Forward. Take the great blessing of a spiritual life.

The Yoga Group

178. Somewhere in the autumn of 1991 a small group of yoga students sat closely amassed to a small insignificant yoga teacher. Outside, the cold wind was blowing. The yoga room was sparsely furnished. But at least it was nice warm: The heater worked. The room was dark. In the middle burned a solitary candle. With quiet words the yoga teacher spoke to his people. He gave them a brief introduction to yoga. After that, all participants introduced themselves. Then the yoga class started. They practiced some basic exercises and finally made a long meditation while lying down. The yoga instructor looked at the participants of his yoga class. Most of the people he did not know. There were predominantly women who had signed up for his course. Only a few men had the courage to do yoga. For most students yoga was a new experience. They were excited about what would happen. Mostly they wanted to relieve stress and get some good energy. Most participants were employed and by their profession strongly stressed. She urgently needed a relaxation program. What did they think about the yoga teacher? For most participants, he was just a man whose labor they had booked for a certain time for little money. They hoped that he would do his job fairly well. They wanted that he was nice. That was as all they demanded. Enlightenment for most of them was a foreign word. From inner happiness they had never heard. Some women saw the yoga teachers with special eyes. For them he was an alpha male, a kind of leader, a chief of the primal horde. Secretly, they projected onto him their longings for love and tenderness. They developed unrealistic fantasies and beamed their sexual energies on the poor yoga teacher. They thought he did not notice that. He noticed it. He knew their thoughts and feelings. He could feel their energy. But on the other hand he was on top of things. He looked at sexual desires as a normal part of life. After some time, things would calm down. With the yoga exercises he would focus them on themselves. They would then mainly deal with their bodies, their minds and their yoga processes. Moreover, he saw all people generally positive. He practiced the universal love. He was basically a helper and friend to all his students. Their weaknesses, he barely noticed. He focused on the positive in them. He concentrated on how he could help them best. He wanted them to relax well, become positive and also a little bit to understand the deeper meaning of yoga.

Oracle = You are good! You’re a winner. With power and skill you master your thoughts and feelings. You overcome all worldly wishes and false desires. Forward on the path of wisdom and all-embracing love. Success.

The Yoga Woman

Shiva and Parvati.

179. But then there was this woman who radiated absolutely too much energy on him. Energy of love and sexuality. He felt that she wanted him. The poor little yoga teacher sent a silent prayer to heaven: „I can’t resist this woman!“ God did not answer. So it was probably his karma that he did not resist. After the yoga class, he asked whether they could meet once. A few days later a letter came to his yogi hut. It contained her phone number. Nils visited her, rang the doorbell and she opened the door. They looked at each other. They embraced. And a tremendous energy of love captured them. The Yoga Woman said that they actually do not need to have sex. The energy was already completely strong enough. Nils saw things differently. And so they made love. The energy grew more and more. They became one in love and happiness. Every weekend began a new dance of love. The woman said that she had never experienced such a thing. She had no experience with Tantra Yoga. Nils believes that he had been guided by his enlightened Masters. They took him to an intuitive form of Tantra Yoga. He did not practice rituals and difficult body positions. He felt his path from inside. The Yoga Woman and Nils had a harmonious relationship. Nils gave her at the beginning of the relationship his book of positive thinking. She read it and loved it. She explained that she would like to know this earlier in her life. The Yoga Woman and Nils practiced intensely positive thinking. Therefore, the time of their great love lasted a long time. She was his Lakshmi (Goddess of happiness), his Parvati (Goddess of love), his Saraswati (Goddess of spiritual instruction) and sometimes his Kali (Goddess of suffering). They danced the eternal dance of man and woman. With joy, love, happiness and a little with pain. There were also difficulties and disagreements between them. But with positive thinking, the will to a good relationship and the grace of God, they overcame all the problems and always found back to love. They stayed together for ten years. But all things chance. A yogi lingers in the light and the enlightenment. He flows with times of relationship and times of seclusion. And is always happy. Anyway mostly. Some sadness is part of the life on earth.

Oracle = Live your sadness. Bethink your goals. Be a winner in your life. Forward with power. Success.

The God of Happiness Ganesha

Ganesh Sujit Kumar 01.jpg

180. Ganesha is a thick Yogi (Buddha) with an elephant head (wisdom and power). He has a big belly. He concentrates his energy in his belly. This happens because he is living at rest (doing nothing, pure existence in nirvana), in the all-embracing love and with the pleasure principle. He works for the happiness of all beings, but he does it out of the pleasure principle. He feels every day exactly what is good for him and for his fellow people. He does not work too much und not too less. He gives himself every day the outer pleasure that he needs for his inner balance. Ganesha wears on his head the crown of wisdom. In his hands he holds the axe of spiritual self-discipline, a rope to be always connected with his spiritual goal, and a bowl of sweets. With his right hand he blesses us with inner happiness. Ganesha sits on a lotus flower. He is well grounded. He lives in a cosmic consciousness. He remains, even in difficult situations, in inner peace, because he flows intelligent with the life. He is a Master of the connection of life with spirituality.

There are three ways to happiness. There is the path of strict asceticism. One lets go of all worldly pleasures, and arrives to inner peace. The second way to happiness is the maximum worldly pleasure. Who has sex until saturated, money in abundance and gets all what he wants, is no doubt happy inside. Unfortunately this worldy happiness did not last long, because the human mind has the crazy capacity to adapt to the outer pleasure. And he developes unceasingly new desires and makes himself dissatisfied. The third way to happiness embodies the yoga elephant Ganesha. He is centered in the spiritual path of happiness. And he lives sufficiently his worldly needs. He gives his body and mind, what they need, without being tyrannized by them. He knows how to curb their excesses. He defines his point enough to external things. Thus he gets contentment and grows spiritually.

Oracle = Forward with the five qualities of wisdom, peace, love, self-discipline and joy. What do you need now? „My way of a successful life is …“ Blessing.

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