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Yoga, God and Enlightenment. The Path to Inner Happiness. What is God? Newest Findings. Near-death Research. Reincarnation Research. Amma embraces the World. Darshan with Mutter Meera. The Great Atheist Debate 2009. Reform the Church. The Unity of all Religions.

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What is God?

Threefold Proof of God

The Path to Inner Happiness

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Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount

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Yogi without food, eating and drinking. Is it possible?

Proof of God’s Existence?

God’s existence can be proven through the reality of enlightenment. Those who are enlightened, can sense and even see God. These individuals live in God. One sees God as a form of light, which shines through the entire world. One feels God as energy surrounding the self and within oneself. One feels God as a form of inner bliss, inner peace, and inner power. Such enlightened individuals recognize that a higher truth exists which could also be described as complete and utter love of a deeper kind.

There are millions of people in the world who bear witness to the reality of enlightenment. A million people from every culture and from every era of history have experienced this ultimate spiritual epiphany. There were enlightened individuals in the form of Shaman, known by a variety of names in a slew of cultures. Among the Celts were the Druids, who held trees sacred and found God within the groves of trees they so revered and in nature itself. Similar were the experiences of the Native Americans, whose Medicine Men (as they came to be called by the European settlers ) divined the almighty within rocks, trees, plants, animals, and had ecstatic visions of the spiritual dimension. Similar practitioners existed (and still exist today in some cultures) among the tribes of all of the Americas, Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Their experiences were too similar to be dismissed as simply coincidence, so parallel were the results of their deep commune with a higher power. They named God by many words which all referred to the same entity: Nature, Cosmos, Tao, Brahman, Nirvana, Manitu, Allah, Yahweh.

Among the most well known of the Enlightened are arguably Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Laotse, Socrates, Krishna, and Patanjali. Today, thousands of enlightened inviduals exist in one form or another. This reality has not been accepted by Western mass media, as it is contradictory to the goals of a consumer oriented lifestyle. Those who simply look to their local book sellers might stumble across some literature which does in fact exemplify a more enlightened outlook.

Modern science has even researched these aforementioned enlightened individuals and has confirmed their abilities. Everyone can look into this topic and satisfy his or her own scepticism by either following the path of the enlightened or by trusting the evidence of those who have come before and who have written or talked about their experiences.

It should be stressed that God as a term comes from the perception of those who have walked the path of enlightenment. Those who have never experienced this path cannot truly speak of God from a personal perspective. It would be like someone who has never been in love attempting to write heartfelt love poems.

Instead of discussing one’s own perception of God, one can consider modern science’s indication of the existence of God. Albert Einstein considered energy to be the basis of the cosmos. Energy is like a power line to God, but there is more to it than that. As science advances in its understanding of energy in general, more developments will lead us to even more comprehensive indications, examples, and ultimately proof of God.

There are several religions in the world. Every real religion is based on the teachings of an enlightened individual or several enlightened individuals. Judaism was based on the teachings of Moses, Christianity on the teachings of Jesus, Buddhism on the wisdom of Buddha, and Hinduism on that of many. Religions without enlightened founders are not real religions. (Scientology is one such example of a phony “religion”).The center of a religion is that of enlightenment. Religion should lead to enlightenment.

A problem that has arisen from religion in its organized form is the tendency to not emphasize happiness or bliss (the human’s way of perceiving God) on the part of its members, rather to emphasize the strengthening of the organization itself. From that standpoint, many difficulties between said organizations have arisen, which could mainly be classified as ego issues.

What is the Meaning of God?


In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, God is mainly seen as a person with whom the followers deal. God is a higher being people can talk to and ask for help.

In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism, God is more of an abstract term. God is seen as a higher form of energy, as a state of being, a state of consciousness, and as the cosmos itself. God has been named Brahman, Nirvana, and Tao in this light.

In every major religion, there are many various definitions of God. There are followers of the personal concept of God, and of the abstract concept of God. In Hinduism, God is seen as an all-encompassing Brahman (cosmic energy), and at the same time depicted as a more solid entity in the Bhagavadgita. As Krishna, God took on human form and gave the inhabitants of India the gift of knowledge of the path of love (Karma Yoga).

When God is incarnated in an earthly body, some enlightened soul in the energy dimension of the cosmos has emerged from this dimension into that of material and has taken on a solid body. We all possess the ability to direct and develop our consciousness toward enlightenment and die as one of the enlightened. Then we can stay in the world of light as long as we wish or return to the earth for a time. According to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity, that is the freedom of the enlightened. In Buddhism, such particular souls are called Bodhisattvas, while in Hinduism they are referred to as Nitya-Siddhas or Karma Yogis.

In the case of Moses, the abstract concept of God was the most prevalent. In his central definition he described God with the words “I am”. These words refer to the central state of enlightened bliss. In the words “I am”, the path to enlightenment is contained. Humans must develop a cosmic consciousness in order to lose the concept of self, the ego. They can thus experience a pure consciousness that is in harmony with everything and then say “I am”, from this persepective. One cannot say “I am the person who…” One must identify with everyone and everything and see oneself as nothing, as completely devoid of ego in this state of being. In Yoga, Sat-Chid-Ananda is referred to in connection to a united state of consciousness.

Although both definitions of God can be found in every major religion, one can still say Christianity is more commonly associated with the personal concept whereas Hinduism is more connected to the abstract point of view. For this reason, many conflicts and misunderstandings have been encountered by the followers of the aforementioned religions. Each side claims to possess the real understanding of God.

A significant gap among the religions has been bridged by Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi). Amma is to date the main representative of Hinduism in the West. According to Amma, there is a great enlightened force composed of fully enlightened souls. This force possesses a cosmic consciousness which is at one with the cosmos (with God) and with one another. One could view this as a mass of souls who see themselves as one, or a mass of souls who view one another as friends.

According to Amma, a prayer is always heard and reacted to or upon by one of these higher beings. It doesn’t matter what name humans use in the process, whether it be Allah, God, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, or Odin, it is all the same. The only point of importance is that the person praying would like help from a higher force in the cosmos.

God is often described as a cloud in Christianity. This image goes well with the idea of the aforementioned great enlightened force of souls. We could consider these souls as an energy cloud of highly developed consciousness. They are capable of affecting every dimension of the cosmos with beams of light. This often transpires via symbols such as books, images, and statues which appear in certain locations. More spiritually developed humans are able to sense these beams of energy which emanate symbolically through the statues and images. Such people are able to focus and turn this energy into inner power, peace, or positive thoughts.

The positive force helps everyone who calls out to it. The mass of enlightened souls do not always help us exactly as we imagine or would like. The main goal of this enlighened force of souls is to wake up other souls to the higher power and to build a blissful cosmos. They can only go so far with egotistical wishes. When an individual seeks cosmic bliss and enlightenment and peace for all, then such prayers are answered without reservation.

God is a cosmic consciousness and a being capable of action. God as cosmic consciousness urges us to enlightenment. God as a being is incarnated as the enlightened master. The best way is to strive toward enlightenment for oneself (inner bliss and inner peace) and to allow oneself to be assisted along this path by a spiritual master in whatever form said spiritual master appears to us. In this way, our paths will lead us to God one day and we will then know exactly what the meaning of God is.

It is good to live in God. It is better to be enlightened than not to be. To long for enlightenment is the deeper meaning of life. This goal must not be reached within one life time. We should each go about our ultimate spiritual goal in the best way for each of us.

Threefold Proof of God’s Existence


In Christianity, God is defined as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. From this point of view comes the threefold proof of God’s existence. The threefold proof is attained by bringing spirituality and science together into a cohesive harmony of concept.

1. God as the Father is Cosmos. God is cosmic energy. Albert Einstein proved that the cosmos are composed of energy. God as energy is easily prooved. According to Amit Goswami (The Conscious Universe, 1992) consciousness is the highest form of energy. This point is yet to be researched in detail, but one can already see that modern atomic physics and spirituality are coming closer and closer to one another with their conclusions.

2. God as the son is every enlightened being. This encompasses God’s consciousness. There are many enlightened people on earth. The reality of enlightenment can be scientifically proven. One only needs to ask these enlightened individuals questions and test their specific abilities. This is already being practiced via brain research.

Christians need to drop the notion that Jesus is the one and only enlightened to have ever existed. This idea is psychologically understandable but scientifically unacceptable. Every small child thinks his or her father is the biggest and best, but it is evident upon reaching adulthood that there are many worthy fathers, just as there are many enlightened individuals.

3. God as the Holy Spirit is the spiritual energy (aura, energy field) that every sensitive being can sense around him or herself. This can be perceived as light, water, power, love, peace, unity, and bliss. The Holy Spirit can disolve tension and heal sickness. It can strengthen the ability to heal oneself. It can affect peace, inner bliss, and enlightenment.

The Holy Spirit can be generated via spiritual exercises or from enlightened masters. If an indivual doesn’t possess a form of spiritual energy, the existence of God is emotionally difficult to comprehend. In 1987, Nils practiced Yoga every day for thirty minutes for half a year when he suddenly perceived this trace of energy. He had a brush with transcendence. He could feel the energy of his students when instructing Yoga. He felt united with the entire world in grace and mercy.

In order to classify this spiritual energy, it still needs to be researched in a scientific fashion. One can assume that it has to do with a sort of connection to a higher field of cosmic information (a higher cosmic dimension) via a highly developed consciousness that deals with humans and animals. Whatever the name used for this energy, its existence has been no mystery to the various groups, tribes, and nationalities of people throughout the course of time. This spiritual energy has an especially significant meaning for the healing of psychological ailments, in terms of working with this energy to heal. Energy healers use this energy to cure various ailments and sicknesses of a mental variety. This has been documented in many films and also on television.

Spiritual energy could be referred to as a holy ghost because it seems to come from an entirely different dimension. With this energy, enlightened and highly developed spiritual people can help others. The bible describes how Jesus poured this energy onto his disciples on Pentecost. He filled his followers with this spiritual energy. The followers felt radiantly and divinely happy and radiated an aura of pure light and felt tiny flames of energy from their heads (this could be interpreted as a form of the skull chakra, which Nils also experienced after an intense session of meditation in 1987.)

The Path to Inner Happiness


Inner tension and inner conflict occur when people prevent themselves from being at peace and from experiencing true happiness at a deeper level. This inner tension and conflict takes energy, destroys any chance for contentment, and lower one’s overall spiritual positivity. A highly tense and conflicted person tends to have negative thoughts. Love for oneself and others is blocked mentally and spiritually.

Inner conflict can mainly be traced to one’s childhood. In a conflicted society, where pressure to perform and competition is a daily reality engrained upon its members, a tendency toward conflict and tension is passed on from parents to their children during their upbringing. Parents live out their worries, doubts, fears, aggressions, addictions, and thus influence the spiritual development of their children. Other childhood sources of learned conflict stem from television. Tension in turn then comes from professional stress, strained relationships, divorce, and more, as these children grow up to face similar challenges as their parents face or once faced.

The good news is, whenever this inner conflict builds up inside, it can also be eliminated. The bad news is this can take quite a while. Whenever tension builds over the course of several years, it will also take years to relieve. It is always worth the effort, however, to take on the challenge of curing oneself of such inner negativity. For example, illness later on in life can be avoided as a life full of peace, energy, and positivity is a healthier one.

The amount of inner peace a person possesses correlates opposingly to the amount of tension in one’s body and spirit. The lower the tension, the more positive the life force present. Every person has the potential to find absolute peace and contentment. Everyone can achieve enlightenment. The only thing standing in the way of this goal is our own tension and negativity. Once these darker feelings subside, our inner positive energy grows.

A good way to go about curing oneself of this life force robbing negativity is to practice several spiritual exercises every day. We have to live in a way that facilitates a gravitation towards the light, instead of the dark. Most people in today’s day and age are on a march in the opposite direction. They live day to day feeling egotistical and stressed out. They live their lives focused on creating more tension and end up burnt out, sick, negative, and depressed.

Tension can reside in the body and the soul. The body and the soul are connected, and in order to relieve ourselves of inner tension, we should practice spiritual exercises for both elements. Inner happiness can manifest on a deeper level only when we cleanse ourselves of this inner tension. As people are very individual, no two have the same sorts of tension and negativity. Everyone should therefore experiment with said exercises to find what is best for him or her to direct one’s path in the appropriate way for him or herself to find inner happiness. True contentment can be found as one of the enlightened. The deeper purpose of life is to reach enlightenment.

Levels of Happiness


Many people’s capacity to experience happiness stays at a relatively unchanging level for their entire lives. Of course there are highs and lows to this stable level of contentment in the form of joy and of suffering. Everyone experiences joy and sadness. But after these exceptional periods, many people return to their typical level of contentment and happiness and remain at this capacity for their whole lives.

This reality is cause for joy in terms of less than positive situations where suffering is the usual reaction. We are thus able to overcome our pain and suffering. After going though a mourning period or a period of particular hardship and depression, we are able to go back to our standard frame of mind, our usual state of happiness (to whatever personal degree that may be.) When we go through suffering without blocking it in an unhealthy manner and experiencing it for what it is, we are then able to easily go back to our standard, balanced state.

In contrast, the average person’s self-regulation is defined in terms of the ability to experience joy in relation to the good things in life. We become accustomed to the good things, and often take them for granted. The joy we are able to experience declines, and we stay at our usual level of happiness. We could have the perfect career, more than enough money, the man or woman of our dreams, and all the luxury imaginable, and we still wouldn’t be any happier than we were before.

The state of being in love can last months, a year, and sometimes even longer. When we are in love, we believe that it will last forever. We are then often rather disappointed, when our bliss comes to an end. We tend to blame the respective partner for this, whereas he or she is usually not to blame. There is no one to blame here, it is simply a case where we settle into our accustomed standard level of happiness.

The reality of this standard level of happiness possessed by each individual, shows why rich people are not happier than their poorer counterparts. When a person becomes rich, he or she is happy about it for a time, and then becomes accustomed to it and returns to his or her normal state of mind.

Often, rich people fail to cultivate positive characteristics such as love, empathy, serenity, and inner peace. They often ignore the spiritual side of life. Outer wealth can often lead to spiritual poverty over the long term. Wealth can be the biggest downfall in terms of happiness when one fails to view it in a healthy manner.

We can observe our society’s overall madness in the attempt to attain wealth, to build the perfect career, or to attract the perfect romantic partner. People base their entire lives around such goals, and invest their health and their potential for happiness. Sometimes these goals are never reached, and they are never satisfied and can thus never achieve true lasting happiness.

Occasionally, when people achieve their dreams of wealth and prestige, they see that these dreams were not all that they had hoped for. The success they long for doesn’t come with a guarantee for happiness.

The concept of one’s own capacity towards happiness is an important one. It can cause us to rethink our paths in life, and to consider whether such goals as wealth and career-driven success are really the right goals to shoot for. It can cause us to instead invest more time, thought, and care into developing our inner worlds and our capacity towards happiness unaffected by outer circumstances.

In terms of the experiences of the author, the levels of happiness a person can experience depend on the state of our inner conflict. Highly conflicted individuals tend towards negativity, agression, and depression. They live at a low niveau of happiness. Those who are less burdened by conflict, tend to be more positive and optimistic. Enlightened individuals are free of inner tension, they live life at a high level of happiness.

People can free themselves of conflict via spiritual exercises such as Yoga, meditation, and thought exercises. Everyone has the potential to find enlightenment.

Genetic status determines about half of the capacity to feel positivity. Many people have sensitive bodies and are therefore very sensitive in other regards. Some are built in a more robust fashion and are more robust in spiritual terms.

The human body is no exception. Through enlightenment, people can break through physical barriers. The body dwells in the center of a spiritual energy field. Its psychic characteristics depend mainly on the type of thoughts the brain generates. By controlling one’s thoughts and maintaining discipline over the quality of thoughts the human generates, even very sensitive people can experience peace of mind.

It is no easy task, then, to move the body at one point in time and then to observe a period of absolute stillness in a non-moving state. Even enlightened humans must remain sensible to the condition of their bodies. Basically, it is a situation of mind over matter.

Biochemically speaking, the level of happines of a person depends on hormones. Hormones give us feelings of power, of contenment, of optimism, and happiness. However, one can affect hormone production with the power of thoughts. Positive thoughts facilitate hormones which increase feelings of well-being. Many researchers stress positive thoughts as a way to create more hormones which facilitate happiness. The power of positive thinking is stressed by modern science in order to reach a happy life.

Positive thinking is not enough, however, to explain inner happiness fully. Inner happiness can also be reached through physical activities, such as sports of all types, Yoga, and meditation. That is the second way to inner happiness. This is the most commonly taught way towards inner peace found in the large spiritual traditions in the world. Modern research has found the effectiveness of meditiation to be real and has confirmed its positive affects.

Tension in body and soul are possible in large amounts. For this reason, the spiritual cleaning process is often very long and we get the feeling that we are stuck in one place. For this reason, we often feel as humans to possess a certain temperament and a particular set level of potential happiness in a set frame of mind that cannot be changed.

Tension can fix a person to a certain frame of mind. There are stories of Yogis who practice for years without any change, who suddenly experience a breakthrough of sorts and suddenly the tension disolves and they can then continue on the path to inner happiness.

It is also possible that a person grows spiritually more consistently over a long period of time in terms of inner happines. According to the experiences of Nils’ group, this appears to be the case with most people. He has observed phases in which he constantly grew, but also phases where nothing seemed to happen, and others where he seemed to regress. During these times, it is the case where at some point the light shines through and his contentment emerges once again, and he feels happy with himself and the world once more.

A human can boost his or her capacity for happiness to a level 40% higher than the accustomed amount with very little effort . This can be achieved with just positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle.

When a person would like to raise his or her level of contentment by 100%, than this individual should take the path of enlightentment. This requires a complete adoption of a new style of life. This path then gives the invidual serenity, inner contentment, inner strength, positivity, happiness and goodness. Such a new sort of consciousness can sometimes be a source of fear for some, but this new view of life requires just a period of adjustment.

Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount


Jesus was a Jewish man. He saw that most Jewish people lived spiritually incorrect. They followed a strict adherence to the laws of Moses, but missed the inner sense of it. They were trapped in the formality of the exercise, instead of feeling the sense of it. Jesus tried to bring his fellow beings to come to real spirituality. In the center of his teachings, Jesus emphasized that God is light and that the way is to love all living things.

From Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount:

„Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

Blessed are the clean of heart, for they will see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.“

Jesus meant „poor“ in terms of the inner self, and not the outer self. Outer poverty does not lead automatically to inner happines. Those who let go of outer attachments, can simply exist and find a way to inner contentment in God.

Suffering in and of itself does not lead to happiness. However, those who can take suffering in their lives and raise themselves through spiritual exercises, can find solace in inner peace. Mourning can help to let go, but one should not allow the self to be overwhelmed by grief. Grief is not the center of life, rather inner peace.

Those who can greet their fellow beings with non-violence and placidity, can live in a relaxed and peaceful way and relinquish into a cosmic consciousness. Those who are at peace with all things, are at peace with themselves.

Justice means correctness in the Bible. To long for a correct life, means to long for a life in the light. Those who long for happiness and search for it in the right places will receive it one day, in the form of inner peace.

Those full of empathy, will feel with the cosmos. Those who love their enemies will experience inner harmony. Those who experience the center of their existence as a love for all other beings will be rewarded by God with an all-encompassing love, peace, and inner happiness.

To dissolve inner tension, exercises for the body are required (going, meditation) and exercises for the spirit (reading, thought exercises). Those who exercise spiritually every day will reach a lasting happiness one day. Then one day the meaning of God will be found.

Those who let go of the ego, come into the light. Without a sacrifice, the breakthrough to enlightenment cannot be made. Those who live according to these teachings and therefore experience difficulty in their daily lives, provide the basis for such a spiritual sacrifice. To let go in a spiritual manner is an art. Those who do not go about this the right way create inner tension and conflict. We should not sacrifice too little or too much. Those who go about this the right way will be rid of their inner conflict.

A peacemaker is a person who makes peace within the self and the world. Those who are enlightened can be called holy, a son or daughter of God. Those who live in peace radiate peace into the world.

The central message of Jesus’ Mount Sermon is that a person cannot serve two lords. He cannot serve God (inner happiness) and money (the outer form of “happiness”). One has to decide for him or herself as to what form of happiness he or she will seek to attain. As a wise person, one must place the way of peace, serenity, love, and spiritual exercises as the central point of existence. In this way, he or she will one day find true happiness and live in the light.

The Search for Happiness


Nils met Evelyn in a dance club in 1971. Evelyn had blond hair and large breasts. Nils paid more attention to the outer appearance than the inner quality of women back then. Evelyn’s looks were very much to his liking.

Evelyn was searching for happiness in the context of a relationship. She was searching for the man of her dreams. For a time, she thought Nils could be just that man. Nils also tried to fulfill this expectation, but became overwhelmed after a time when attempting to live up to Evelyn’s idea of a perfect relationship. It’s hard to believe, but Nils wasn’t perfect. He was particularly inattentive when it comes to external things, and that annoyed Evelyn after a time.

Evelyn studied to become a foreign language correspondent. She had a difficult family life growing up as her parents had constantly quarreled with one another. She wanted love, affection, and a feeling of security. She hoped to find these things with Nils that she had lacked in her family and herself.

Evelyn visited Nils often. They went dancing together, talked a lot, and were affectionate and physical with one another. After a half a year, they had sex for the first time, then again and again and more and more often.

They wrote love letters to one another. A particularly lovely sentence from Evelyn read, “life is like a strong current. Everyone tries to hold oneself above water. Many do this alone, and others have someone they can hold onto. That is a wonderful gift.”

In their first year together, Evelyn and Nils were very much in love. That is normal. In the second year, they weren’t quite so smitten. That is also normal. In the third year, they began to fight a lot. That is unfortunately also quite normal in today’s world. Evelyn and Nils noticed that their relationship had reached a critical phase. They recognized that they had come to a turning point and that something needed to be done.

That was no easy task. Many couples first wake up to the reality of their situation when they first fully recognize the negativity that has rised between them. Then it is often too late to do anything about it. Those who can change their relationship dynamic in time, can often hold onto a long term happy relationship. But what exactly is the way to attain this long term happy relationship?

Evelyn and Nils tried to communicate better. They bought books about positive relationships and worked through these books together, but it didn’t help much. The center of their difficulties lay with the fact that Evelyn expected Nils to live up to the demands she placed on him to be the man of her dreams. She expected him to make her happy on a deep level.

Evelyn did not search for this happiness within herself. Those who cannot find happiness within themselves, need a partner to fill this void. Those who cannot be independently happy need extra happiness from the partner and often therefore overwhelm their partner with such a heavy burden.

Evelyn and Nils didn’t know the way to achieve a happy relationship. A relationship often tends to be a sort of dependency, where those involved expect something from the other. They want love, sex, affection, security. When the relationship depends on wanting, the feeling of love becomes cramped and a constant power struggle ensues. The person who can fight the best gets the most. Love doesn’t stand a chance in such a situation.

In the beginning of a relationship, the constant need for love is normal. When the relationship becomes long term, it must be based on a more spiritual foundation. The basis of the relationbship needs positive characteristics such as wisdom, love, peace, and thoughtfulness. We need to anchor ourselves in a goal of inner happiness and not expect the partner to provide happiness. Often, we depend on outer happiness instead of looking for it within. We must find this within in order to provide positive thinking and a love based on giving.

When we can live our relationship destinies out in such a way, we can be happy in the long term. We can grow in happiness and in love. A sort of love addiction burns out after a time. A love based on giving is true love and can grow without bounds. A pure heart chakra can open the individual up to the highest plain of enlightenment, until we are only love itself, and as such live love and radiate love into the world.

The way of superficial happiness is based on the tendency to expect to be happy through another person. This is the way of “addiction”. This means it is only destined to end in failure. Those who expect happiness from others will only be disappointed. At some point in time, the “honeymoon” phase is over and both people will revert to their usual tendencies. Most people blame the partner for their lack of happiness. They begin to fight or to draw back in frustration. We need to overcome this faulty philosophy of superficial happiness. Then we can live in long term happy relationships.

Evelyn got her ideas about the perfect relationship from Hollywood. Nils based his ideas on the psycho-analytic theories of Sigmund Freud. Both of these notions were incorrect and lead to unhappiness. Most actors , who live in the world of film, have unhappy relationships and split up constantly. The same goes for psychologists. The best relationships are to be had by those who care for the relationships with spirituality.

Instead of exercising positive thinking, Evelyn concentrated on Nils’ personality flaws. A spiritual person busies him or herself only with his or her own flaws and concentrates on the positive characteristics of others. The Yoga greeting “namaste” means: “the light in me recognizes and bows to the light in you”. Those who see positivity in others thereby awaken their own happiness. Those who fixate on negativity strengthen the negativity in themselves.

Evelyn saw the negative traits of Nils and this often enraged her. In the third year of their relationship, they had intense fights. Nils tried to understand what was going on. The sweet Evelyn had turned into a not so sweet individual. At some point, Evelyn began to see other men and Nils search for another woman. The happy fairytale came to a sad end.

The Ten Points of Happiness


The most important results of today’s happiness rsearch can be summed up in ten points.

1. A Proactive Life is a Happy One

Happy people have positive goals and positive tasks. Proactive people are 15% more satisfied with their lives than more passive people. Happiness researcher Ed Diener explains, “happy people set goals for themselves again and again.”

2. An Active Life is a Happy One

Regular physical activity keeps the body healthy and makes the spirit happy. Daily walks raise the level of happiness 12%. David Niven says, “people who stay fit via sports are healthier, more positive, and more successful.”

3. Doing Good for the World is a Source of Happiness

Those who regularly do good things for others are 24% happier than those who only live for themselves. John A. Schindler wrote, “live as a giving person. Those who give are happier than those who only take. Those who give to others discover the beauty in the world.”

4. Rest and Relaxation Bring Happiness

The central point of a healthy and happy life is to find the balance between rest and activity. Besides, work, physical activity, and time spent with others, we need time to rest and relax. We need to get enough sleep. Scientific research shows that relaxed people think more positively and are happier. Every hour of sleep missed lowers the positivity one can experience during the day.

Where that point of balance between rest and activity lies, must be decided for oneself. Everyone needs to experiment a little to find this correct balance. We have to figure out who much sleep we need and how much relaxation time we need and at what speed we function at our best. We in the western world of „go, go, go“ who wish to stay happy and healthy, must also live extra clever. We need to organize our lives in an intelligent way to facilitate inner happiness and find one’s personal way to inner balance.

5. Positive Thinking

Those who think positively double their chance to realize happiness. Those who wish to be happy should think positively. The positive characteristics of wisdom, love, peace, inner power and joy in life should be set as the central point of one’s life. One should exercise a conscious decision to be positive. Fo example, we can ask ourselves, “ how can I go through the day in a positive way?”

6. Too Much Television Makes You Unhappy

Scientific research states, „ every hour of television lowers the general quality of life by 5%“. TV orients people around superficial things, and the concept of superficial happiness. It raises desire, increases aggression, and creates sorros. Those who would like to grow in terms of happiness, should stop watching TV.

The way to positive TV viewing consists of : a) choose your programs carefully. Avoid negative films. B) Find the correct amount of TV. Children should watch a maximum of one hour per day of television. C) After watching TV, one should practice some form of spiritual exercise (such as yoga, meditation, walking, reading, contemplating the meaning of life).

7. Foster Friendship

Build on your positive circle of friends. Women who talk to others reduce their worries by 55%. Cancer stricken women who met with a group once a week raised their survival chances to twice as high as those who didn’t meet with a group. In the western world, there is a strong tendency towards isolation. There are many single and lonely people. People who have a good circle of friends are happier and not isolated. We should take care of our friendships and practice positive activities with them.

8. Facilitate Joy

Those who can find little elements of joy in their lives can raise their overall happiness by 20%. Nils once felt bad and in order to raise his spirits, he ate a lot of sweets. His spirit brightened more and more. Then he visualized the sweets in his stomach and awakened his kundalini energy. He awakened a strong energy which quickly brought him back into the light. Nils learned to thus connect outer enjoyment with spiritual exercises. One then needs less sweets. Just a bit of outer enjoyment is enough for inner happiness.

9. Humor

Those with a good sense of humor raise their positivity by 33%. We should foster our sense of humor and learn to not take things so seriously. We should learn to laugh at our selves. Those who are able to do so, can live lighter and brighter. It is good to see cheerful films, read funny books, and to visit joyful people.

10. Self-Confidence

Happy people believe in themselves. They believe in their goals, their wisdom, and their power. They see themselves as winners. They know they will prevail in the long term. In a world of doubt, all followers of the way of bliss need inner strength in order to go about their way successfully. The followers of the enlightened way need a clear anchor in terms of wisdom, self-discipline, and self-confidence. This needs constantly be affirmed to avoiding being brought off track by materialism and doubt.

Newest Findings

Quote taken from an interview with physicist Hans-Peter Dürr (P.M. magazine 05/2007)

Dürr: „Basically, there is no such thing as material. Primarily, there exists only connections to material foundation. We could also call it consciousness. Material and energie appear only secondarily as coagulated, solidified spirit.” „ many discoveries of quantum physics are not only immaterial, but also work in completely different ways that have nothing to do with the standard three-dimensional spatial sense we have. It is a pure information field, a sort of quantum code. It has nothing to do with mass and energy. This information field spans the entire universe. The cosmos is whole because this information field has no limit. There is only one, but this one united entity is differentiated.”

You are 78 years old. Do you believe in an afterlife? Is there existence after death?

Dürr: „That is an interesting question. What we consider the here and now, this world, it is actually just the material level that is comprehensible. The beyond is an infinite reality that is much bigger, which this world is rooted in. In this way, our lives in this plane of existence are encompassed, surrounded, by the afterworld already. When I imagine that I have written my existence in this world on a sort of hard drive on the tangible plane (the brain) that I have also transferred this data onto the spiritual quantum field (Nils: the spirit, the indepenendent consciousness), then I could say that when I die I don’t lose this information, this conscioiusness. The body dies but the spiritual quantum field continues. In this way, I am immortal.”

Quote from Rolf Froböse

(Originally from (in German):

„Professor Dr. Hans-Petter Dürr, former leader of the Max.Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, states that the body (material) and the soul (consciousness energy) can exist separately from one another. According to this notion, there is an afterlife that is composed of the universal consciousness. Dürr believes in life after death because of this purely scientific reasoning in connection with material and energy.“

Volker Becker (Gottes geheime Gedanken, 2006):

„Scientifically, it is confirmed that 13.7 billion years ago a Big Bang occurred, which meant the beginning of the universe. Everything in the cosmos, such as the development of stars or the formation of galaxies, cann be understood according to physicial laws. The chain of reasons can be traced back to the Big Bang. “

„We live in the midst of a universe that is embedded in multi-demensional space. This higher space is not comprehensible with our limited understanding because this space does not belong to our material universe. It appears as though our material existence disappears into nothingness, whereas a four (or more) dimensional cosmos actually comes into play.”

American Physics Professor Amit Goswami


A key supporter of this theory is the American Physics professor Amit Goswami from the University of Oregon. He wrote the book “The Conscious Universe” in 1992.

In his book, Goswami describes the most important discoveries of today’s quantum physics. He also develops his philosophy regarding monotheistic idealism. The monotheistic idealism explains that everything in the cosmos belongs together, to one consciousness, to God.

This world view is also found in the philosophy of yoga. In this philosophy, consciousness is the primary substance of the cosmos. Consciousness can be seen as God, as a higher dimension which resides over our material cosmos.

According to this philosophy, enlightenment should be the centerpoint of mankind’s thought patterns. The enlightened live in light. They find the light as primary and the rest of the cosmos secondary. For the enlightened on a higher level of consciousness development, the material cosmos even dissolves to the point where the world appears to be composed mainly of light.

From the Yoga frame of mind, all science supports spirituality. True happiness and all-encompassing love are essentials of existence. With today’s possibilities we could build a happy world. We could create a golden era of peace, love, and comfort for all. Instead, the world has sunk into chaos from hunger, sickness, and war. The material riches of the world are poured into luxury for a few instead of being donated to those who lack proper nourishment. All of that is a result of a false materialistic world view.

The new world view of physics says that we all belong together, that we are all connected. We live in one cosmos, and are of one energy and one form of happiness. We are all connected through the higher dimension in a spiritual sense. When we are aware of this, we can let go of egotism and pay more attention to the good of all.

Interview with Amit Goswami


(Shortened by the author)

Goswami: From the beginning of the field of Quantum physics in the year 1900, physicists have indicated that we can change our perspective of things. From 1982 came results from a Lab experiment in France where Alain Aspect and his colleagues conducted an experiment that could show the connection between quantums to a higher dimension which could be considered to have displayed transcendence and the believability of spiritual concepts of a beyond.

As a background for this experiment, quantum physics have indicated that there are other levels of existence besides the material plane. It began with the notion that quantum objects can be seen as waves of probability. At the beginning, they were considered just like ordinary waves, but it was quickly seen that they were not waves in time and space. They have chracteristics which do not correspond to the ordinary world. They are waves of potential. And this potential is transcendence, separated from material.

For a long time it was not very clear as to what the transcendental potential consisted of. An experiment changed this by showing that objects are connected but independently of time and space. In this experiment, an atom produced two photons which went in opposite directions. Afterwards, these photons still influenced one another without exchanging any type of signals. What is significant here is that these two particles influenced one another after this separation without exchanging signals. When the rotation of one of the two photons was altered, the rotation of the other changed accordingly and in a measurable way.

Einstein proved long ago that two objects in space and time can never influence one another immediately as everything can only function within the maximum speed that is the speed of light. It was thought that every signal is bound to space and only needs a certain amount of time to move itself through space. Photons freed from atoms in the course of an experiment can influence one another in a particular territorial distance within the blink of an eye, quicker than the speed of light. In conclusion, this control element could not have moved itself through soace and therefore it must be implied that the influence it had occurred in another dimension of time and space.

Hamilton: This introduces the notion of a higher dimension.

Goswami: Yes. Henry Stapp, a physicist from the University of Berkeley in California says just that in his work from 1977 where he wrote that things outside of time and space influence things within time and space. There is no question this is what happened with the quantum objects in the field of quantum physics.

Hamilton: What was your special discovery?

Goswami: I was fortunate enough to recognize, via quantum physics, that all the paradoxes of this field could be solved once we take into account consciousness as the basis for all existence. That was my specific contribution. At the same time, there is of course great potential for a paradigm shift where science and spirituality could really enrich one another.

Hamilton: Your starting point was brain research.

Goswami: Back then, it was assumed that consciousness comes from the brain. All the effects of the fundamental particles had to come from the brain. That presented a conundrum which I couldn’t find a simple solution to solve. Later, I recognized that consciousness is the primary form of reality. A higher reality exists over our material cosmos which consists of consciousness energy.

The universe is a conscious universe which is generated via consciousness. Consciousness is the only reality that exisists outside of the physical space and time. Consciousness isn’t an ephiphany of material, rather a result of the brain. Consciousness doesn’t come from material, rather, it can influence material in and of itself. The world of manifestation comes from a transcendent world of ideas.

The brain researcher John Eccles identified that the nerve signals in the brain are based on quantum waves. Here is the big point of connection between the spiritual and the material world. The spirit is energy which is separate from the body which can affect the brain as the tiniest particle of our cosmos via quantum particles.

Hamilton: When did you launch your search for a new world view?

Goswami: At the age of 37 I was no longer satisfied with the world of science where there was no God and the stuff of life only consists of a hunt for mental concepts for career-related glory. This didn’t make me happy and was only a source of suffering at the time.

This caused me to turn to meditation. I wanted to see if there was a way to soothe myself or even find a way to happiness. Gradually, I found great joy in this, but it took time. I stumbled upon something within myself that I couldn’t explain. This was the ultimate perception that I had in this moment.

In my psyche, a total change of direction occurred and I saw quite clearly, that consciousness is the basis for all existence. I can remember that I stayed awake an entire night and stared at the sky and had a really mystical feeling in terms of what the world is, with complete conviction, what the world is.

What Was There Before the Big Bang?


On German television in the middle of May 2009, there was a fascinating documentary on the topic of the Big Bang and God. Questions were asked of the three scientists present (two well-known physicists and one author of undogmatic religious philosophy) which went around the core question “what was there before the Big Bang?”

The dominating opinion of physics consists of the theory that the cosmos originated 13.7 billion years before the Big Bang. All mathematic calculations fail at the point of zero. For the startpoint and the time before the Big Bang, physics cannot make any proveable reasoning. They can only hypothesize. The main theories today are the string theory and the loop theory.

The string theory is favored by the vast majority of scientists. The theory states that the universe consists of many levels. Many dimensions co-exist with our material cosmos. With the Big Bang, our cosmos came into existence out of nothingness. This nothingness is, however, not empty space, rather it exists from many higher dimensions. This can be connected to spirituality well in that it takes into account many dimensions existing at once.

For the emergence of our cosmos from the higher plane, adherers of the string theory compare this theory with the image of a pot full of boiling water. The water is the higher space (the other side, the light dimension, the quantum field, the dimension of consciousness) and the steam bubbles are the material cosmos. The cosmos emerges from the universe’s nothingness along with microcosmic forms which come and go constantly.

The loop theory states that there is only a material cosmos. This cosmos comes and goes in a neverending loop which grows and shrinks in and on itself. In a times of great concentration, the universe became quite compact and then exploded and came into existence once again via the Big Bang. According to this theory, there must be particles of time and space which cannot be proven.

The religious philosopher stated that both of these theories were in existence thousands of years ago at the hands of the enlightened masters of India. He referred to the dance of the cosmic Shiva, who was created and destroyed out of the material cosmos again and again. All three scientists were of the mind that there are amazing parallels between this Indian philosophy and modern physics.

If we look closely at Indian philosophy, we can find connections to both of the common theories for the existence of the universe. The basis for these teachings are of the three worlds. The first world is the material cosmos. Behind our material cosmos, there are two higher worlds. The first higher world is the astral world and the second world is the light world. The light world is the absolute nothingness, resting consciousness. The astral world is consciousness, energy with oscillation.

The highest God of light, Vishnu, rests in the enlightenment line in absolute nothingness, which is visualized as white energy (or a sea of milk). With the power of his thoughts (the Astral world with oscillation/membranes/strings) he created the material cosmos (symbolized via the God of wisdom, Brahma). Brahma then created the multi-faceted elements of creation (mountains, plants, animals, people). The God of Yoga, Shiva, then danced for a time with material before he destroyed it again and then let it disappear into nothingness.

According to Indian philosophy, the string theory is valid in the first and second world. From nothing, the material plane comes into existence with a Big Bang of sorts. There are many material worlds and they come and go from this nothingness again and again.

All worlds (material and astral world) disappear eternally into the highest form of nothingness (resting consciousness, God). They then manifest again from this highest form of nothingness. Here is where the loop theory is valid. After the disappearing of the entire universe, Vishnu sleeps in thoughtless light and wakes again. He then builds thoughts once more and begins the dance of spirit and material once more.

The Three Worlds Model


The first world is the material cosmos that we humans live in.

Behind (or perhaps „over“) the material cosmos is the astral world, which is composed of energy. The beings there are composed of consciousness energy. They can think and feel. They live as spirits in a large ocean of energy that consists of various regions or areas.

Behind the cosmos of consciousness exists the third world, the world of light. Enlightened beings dwell in this world of light. In the highest dimension of the world of light there is only peace, love, happiness, and light. Everything is of a higher understanding. This understanding is only resting. When it allows multi-dimensional energy to emanate forth, the dance of light begins.

The world of light is capable of sending thoughts to all other areas of the cosmos. From this part of the three worlds, anything can be affected anywhere. The amount of influence this “light being” has depends on the development of the personal consciousness. The more developed the consciousness, the higher the ability to affect the other planes of existence. However, the more developed in the world of light this being is, the less likely it is to want to affect the other planes. It is enough to rest in the bliss of light.

In simple terms, it is possible to compare these three planes with the relationshop between ice, water, and steam. The highest dimension is the steam (the world of light). We can visualize God as the cloud of consciousness that floats above the other worlds and is yet present in both at all times. The astral world is a sea of consciousness energy. In the astral world, there are spirits of various kinds. Through the power of their thoughts and feelings, they communicate with one another and move about.

The hypothetical ice world exists in the middle of this sea of energy (our material cosmos). The beings there consist of stable material, this ice. They think that there is only an ice world and nothing more, because it is the extent of what they are able to see. But with death, the ice melts, the material form disappears and the soul goes as water into the water world. There, the power of thoughts generate a consciousness form.

When the soul is highly developed (through spiritual exercises which take on a lot of light and warmth), the spirit is then capable of changing into steam (light). As water based steam, this spirit can then live in God’s cloud of light. When the soul in the world of light so desires, this soul can return to the world of ice. However, this soul then remains connected with God, as this spirit already became aquainted with God as its true nature. When this spirit needs light in the ice world, he or she can then bring this into his or her life with the aid of spiritual exercise.

What reasons are there for a spirit to return to the ice world? A spirit can thus develop itself more and become a Buddha (a completely developed master). This soul can help the world as a Karma Yogi (Bodhisattva, Nitya-Siddha), and perhaps even wish to enjoy life in the world. When a spirit is “clever”, this being concentrates on all-encompassing love and spiritual exercise. We all have the ability to do this and someday become a Buddha.

Is there proof for this three world model? An important form of proof comes in the guise of near death experience research. So can it be discovered that there is a consciousness independent of the body. Humans consist of a material body and a more refined consciousness energy (the soul). After death, the body dissolves and the soul flows into the other side. With his or her consciousness, the human is already capable of looking into the other side.

The second form of proof comes from the enlightened masters. They have gotten rid of their egos, and are spiritually connected with the light and can thus see both worlds. They have confirmed the existence of the astral world (the sea of energy) and the world of light (or the Kingdom of God). They have given the world exact descriptions of the higher worlds and have explained to us how we can get there too.

Near-death Research

The doctor Elisabeth Kübler-Ross published her book „Interviews with the Dying“ in 1969. This book consists of an extensive discussion concerning death in Western societies. Kübler-Ross stumbled upon the amazing fact that many people were able to encounter the other side during their brief deaths (before they returned to their bodies and to life).

During their lives on Earth, blind people can sometimes suddenly see from the other side. They can observe what happens on earth from the beyond. How could a blind person suddenly get knocked unconscious during the course of a car accident and then be able to see other people in the area of the accident and then describe the circumstances after being revived?

Especially well-known is the so-called dentures incident. An older man was taken to a hospital in the Netherlands to be operated. His dentures were taken out so that his throat could be more easily accessed. During the hustle and bustle of the operation, a nurse misplaced the dentures and couldn’t find them. Luckily, the man left his body during the operation and watched the nurse from above. Afer he returned to consciousness, the man was able to tell the nurse exactly where she had put his dentures.

In 1975 Raymond Moody wrote the book „Life After Death“. In this book, he documented the near-death experiences of 150 people. Many reported that after death they travelled through a dark tunnel and then arrived at a dimension of light. In the light world, they met holy light beings and even their already death relatives. They learned things they didn’t know before. After their near-death experiences, many people changed their lives completely and then oriented themselves around spirituality.

Many researchers have looked into the insight of Kübler-Ross and Moody. With a flood of arguments against these findings, the researchers tried to prove the near-death researchers wrong. The typical argument of such naysayers was usually that the near-death visions were biochemical (material) or psychic reactions of the mind caused by nearing death. Before death, it is alleged, humans have hallucinations. The brain reacts to death with a flood of hormones.

One of these main critics was Dr. Michael Sabom. After he read Moody’s book, he stated that he had looked into these matters thoroughly himself. He interviewed over a hundred patients, who after experiencing cardiac arrest, were revived. Sabom was amazed to find that these people had seen things outside of their bodies which they didn’t know before, that they witnessed things while unconscious.

The biggest scientific breakthrough for Sabom occurred in 1991. The 35 year-old Pam Reynolds underwent a brain operation. Her blood was routed from her brain and she was placed in a state of artifical coma. Her head was attached with wires to measure brain waves. It was ascertained that no brain waves could travel during this half an hour. The thought processes were blocked, and as such no hormone release could occur. Hallucinations were not possible in this state.

And it just so happened that Pam Reynolds had her out of body experience at this time. She floated with her soul out of her body. She observed from above all of the details of her operation. She then floated through a tunnel to a world of light. There, she met her dead grandmother and other people. The beings there lived in a paradise dimension and possessed positive energy. With their energy, they strengthened Ms. Reynolds so that she could go through her operation successfully. In a BBC interview, Pam Reynolds explained that she had experienced the breath of God.

The special aspect of the case of Pam Reynolds lies with the fact that modern measurement equipment showed that the consciousness of a person exists even when the stuff of the brain is shut off. This leads one to conclude that there must be an independent consciousness separate from the body. The body and soul are two independent manifestations of energy.

The case of Pam Reynolds was tested with many other patients. They confirmed Sabom’s results. It was confirmed that the near-death experiences were not only of a biochemical nature or simply brain processes. They are independent of age, gender, religion, and of country of origin of the involved people.

Opponents of the soul theory have only one remaining argument: clairvoyance. Pam Reynolds supposedly had clairvoyance at her disposal. She experienced her operation in the past, and therefore was able to describe the operation.

This argument can also be proven false when considered that most near-death patients are not capable of being proven as clairvoyant. Clairvoyance is a spiritual ability that only a few developed individuals possess. When hundreds of near-death patients are considered, only one is typically a clairvoyant.

Furthermore, clairvoyants also profess the existence of an afterlife. If Pam Reynolds is declared a clairvoyant, then it is logical to not only accept her knowledge of the operation, but also her report about the world of light. Clairvoyants can see the afterlife and therefore prove the existence of the other side.

When weighing the arguments, we must conclude that there is life after death. Scientific breakthrough occurred with the case of Pam Reynolds in 1991. Further tests (Pim from Lommel in Holland in 2001, Sam Parnia from the University of South Hampton in 2001) confirmed Sabom’s results.

In 2007, the German newspaper „Der Spiegel“ published an article which concluded that the eternal nature of the spirit is more probable than the simple extinguishing of the spirit with death. “Der Spiegel” was previously known for having an atheist position on these matters, and so showed a complete 180 on their views as a collective publication.

German Television on Near-death Research


In 2003, a program appeared on German television dealing with the topic of near-death research. Regine Kexel portrayed the arguments of the supporters and opponents of the soul theory according to the book Dimension Psi from Walter von Lucardou and came to the conclusion that there are many reports about near death research that cannot simply be ignored.

Regine Kexel presented the aforementioned arguments, and all the arguments of the opponents to the soul theory were refuted. The independence of the consciousness is currently the accepted view of science, in the words of Regine Kexel (translated from German): “Critics of near-death research are hard pressed to find a plausible reason for this phenomenon.”.

According to her opinion, we are positioned at the very beginning of a large puzzle. Here is where the author must differ. Those who are concerned with spirituality already have an answer to the presented questions. The enlightened masters of the past and of today all have discovered the mysteries. One only needs to look further to find an answer to these questions.

For example, it is not entirely clear to the program moderator Kexel as to why not all those who brush with death go through have a near death experience as described. With adults, 30% go through this, and children to a percentage of 70%. The explanation for this is that most adults are so tied with their consciousness to their physical bodies that they remain in their bodies in these near death situations. Children have yet to really connect their spirits with their material bodies in such a strong way, and for this reason they leave their bodies more easily.

Careful consideration also raises the question as to why, when the reason for these near death experiences is only due to hormones and a lack of oxygen, and hallucinations, then do children and adults have such an unbelievable difference in the rate with which these near death experiences occur?

Another interesting aspect of the TV program is that experiences of hell were reported. Most near death experiences were reported as being positive. Only 10% of those researched reported an unpleasant world on the other side. They landed in a world of hate in which the beings there tortured one another, or they landed in a world of cold emptiness.

According to statements made by enlightened masters, the consciousness of a person before death is the same as afterward. On earth, some 10% of all people live in constant misery, and are considered to be unhappy people. They suffer from depression or sadness, or they are full of fear and aggression. When they take these negative psychic characteristics into the aferworld, they then encounter an afterlife which mirrors this negativity.

The positive souls in the afterworld could help them somewhat. The main way to salvation is to develop a positive consciousness in life. A spiritual life with meditation and thought exercises is a saving grace. Those who exercise spirituality can land in a world of light after death.

Many of the enlightened do profess the existence of a world of suffering in the after life. That does not change the fact that the overall nature of the other side is positive. The christian portrayal of the afterworld as being mainly a hell of sorts, where only a few souls land in light is not true. Even the beings who land in the world of suffering do not stay there forever. They are to be reborn on earth until they develop in and understand the way of light.

Often, experiencing suffering is the quickest way to the light. Suffering can trigger wisdom, and wisdom leads to a spiritual life. Most of those who have an easy and good existence on this earth do not bother with spiritual development. Those who suffer from fear and deppression would like to develop their inner happiness , and find themselves in bliss. Such individuals receive the motivation to search out a breakthrough into the light and to exercise spirituality.

The arguments of the atheists


—> Border experience on the operating table (Gerald M. Woerlee, 2005).

The main argument of Woerlee is that Pam should have been awake during the operation. This argument is very questionable. With a heavy brain surgery one can not awake and can not follow the conversations in the room and watch the proceedings. Especially when the blood is pumped out largely from the brain, the ears stoppered and the eyes are connected, and a cessation of brain waves is measured. There are many cases of near-death experience and all to explaine by a wake at the operation is very questionable. Waking up in the anesthesia is 1.3 from 1000 people. Near-death experiences have about 30% of the people. So the near-death experiences usually can not be explained by an awakening during the operation.

Woerlee: I can look back on more than 20 years of professional experience as an anesthesiologist, and it has always fascinated me, how the body is able to create seemingly paranormal experiences. So I know that this experience was caused by the interaction of the reactions of Pam Reynolds‘ bodies and their consciousness of her situation and her anesthesia.

Nils: „Knowledge“ is an unacceptable claim. You would have said better: „I believe …“

Woerlee: Sometimes the concentration of the anesthetics for a narcotic effect is not enough. These people stay awake: they hear what’s going on in their environment, they feel the work of surgeons and other persons and see what happens when their eyes are open.

Nils: A wake up under anesthesia comes at 1.3 from 1000 people. Near-death experiences have about 30% of the people. So the near-death experiences usually can not be explained by an awakening during the operation. „If their eyes are open.“ Pam Reynolds eyes were closed.

Woerlee: As Pam Reynolds during the operation several times was conscious, I suspect, however, that neither isoflurane nor enflurane were used as additional anesthetics. Without the application of these gases it is likely that the patient wakes up during surgery, and that’s what happened to Pam Reynolds.

Nils: You simply assert without proof that Pam Reynolds is woken up several times during the operation. This is very unlikely.

Woerlee: The screech of the saw woke Pam Reynolds.

Nils: The saw does not have the volume of a chainsaw, but the buzz of an electric toothbrush. In a deep anesthesia one does not awake from this.

Woerlee: She could hear people talking to each other.

Nils: The ears were stoppered. There flowed no brain waves. The blood was withdrawn from the brain part. It is very unlikely that she could follow the operation talks.

Woerlee: A malfunction of the brain, triggered by the interaction of anesthetics with the abnormal function of muscle fibers evoked the body experience.

Nils: That is a claim without sufficient evidence.

Woerlee: The high-frequency sound of the pneumatic saw, together with the subsequent feeling that her skull was sawed open, called in her memories the image of a device that looked like a dentist drill.

Nils: You use the term „safe“ when you think highly speculative. You try to convince the reader your view of things. Pam Reynolds said, however, that she had expected a kind of saw. And she described previously completely unknown details: „I had assumed that they would open the skull with a saw. I had heard the term saw, but what I then saw reminded me more of a drill. There were also several small drills in a box that looked like the tool box of my father when I was a child. „

On closer inspection, the arguments of Woerlee dissolve. There are thousands of further researches. Who wants to know exactly, should familiarize themselves thoroughly in the research. I did that to me. And other people did so too and came to the same results as I.

The experts largely agree that there is no natural explanation. At the moment, the most speaks for the duality of the brain and soul. Even in science is hotly debated. There are different camps. There are the materialists and the holistic thinker. And that’s good. The result is progress.

Quote from the homepage of the Human base project in December 2009:


The attending physician, Dr. Spetzler does not believe that Pam could know the facts from a previous observation: „There were the devices for her just not visible. The drills and the other things were covered or wrapped. They will not be discovered or unpacked, before the patient is not fully asleep. This is necessary to keep the area sterile.“

„In this phase of the operation, no one can see or hear something. It is inconceivable that in this phase senses like hearing do work. Apart from that, we put earphones for the click test in her ears. There was no way for her to hear the talks.“

Discussion about Woerlee in an internet forum:

Atheist: there are other explanations for the near-death research.

Nils: Give me your other statements. There are no reasonable explanations but the independence of consciousness from the body.

Atheist: most had an anesthesia.

Nils: The near-death experiences don´t come from the anesthesia. Then all anesthesia patients should have near-death experiences. There have only 30% of the people such experiences. How should an anesthetic make that one can see with closed eyes and hear with closed ears?

Atheist: The art of recording the information is unclear.

Nils: Pam Reynolds reported from a hovering above her body with her soul. Her observations during the operation speak for a consciousness independent from the body. If the things unclear for you, that must not apply to all. Some people are capable of logical conclusions. A consciousness independent from the body explains the events very well. All other explanations have logical defects. The greatest likelihood is for a consciousness independent from the body.

Proof of Life After Death


The scientist Bernhard Jakoby published the book „Die Brücke zum Licht“ (2002, „ The Bridge to Light“) in Germany and detailed the events of near death research. In 2007, he published the book “Wir Sterben Nie” (“We Never Die”) where he discusses the presumption of many that everything just stops with death.

Jakoby sees the main proof for life after death according to today’s near-death research, as well as reversion therapy, as well as statements of mystics and the enlightened.

In reversion therapy, people are hypnotized and then lead back to their previous lives. There, it is amazingly discovered that many people do not land in a previous life, but rather to a world of light. They describe this world in a way similar to that of the near-death patients. The findings of the reversion therapists also point to the existence of an afterlife.

The American professor Gary Schwartz tested the most well-known mediums of the USA from 1998 to 2001. The mediums could experience the afterlife with their spirits and make contact with the dead. He compared their statements about distanced things with a control group of average people. The mediums had a ratio of correct answers of 83%, whereas the control group only 36%. Mediums are important witnessses for life after death.

The Death of the 16th Karmapa


Enlightened Tibetan masters traditionally stay in their bodies for three days after death. This is recognized by the fact that their bodies do not begin to decompose and by the fact that the heart chakra is warm. This measurable fact can be explained with the continuation of life after death.

The Karmapa is the second highest master in Tibetan Buddhism, after the Dalai Lama. The 16th Karmapa died in 1981, in a hospital in Chicago. Dr. Levy cared for him until his death. The report appeared on the Internet (translated from the German original from

„He lay there in bed, dying with cancer, and he looked as if he were to have his tonsils removed. Every time I walked in the room, he smiled and his face brightened. I looked at him and said, “how are you today?” and he smiled and said “I’m okay”. I questioned him further:” do you have any pain?”, and he smiled and said, “no, not today”. It became something of a running joke.

For his Holiness, it was all just business as usual. It was just one more experience, the experience to find out if cancer would kill him or not. For him, it did not make a difference if he lived or died. You might as well have been talking about chicken soup with him. The way his death neared, was just one more tool with which he could work with others and help them.

Even in death, his Holiness never ceased to amaze the Western medical establishment. 48 hours after his death, his chest was still warm. Situ Rinpoche sent me to the room where his Holiness lay. He took my hand and lay it on the chest of his Holiness and I felt that it was still warm.

It is strange in that I had just washed my hands in cold water, and so questioned what I had just felt. I warmed my hands and then asked Situ Rinpoche if I could feel his chest again. He then moved the robe of his Holiness aside and laid my hand on the chest of his holiness once more. In this moment, my hands were both warm, and his chest was warmer than my hand. In order to test this, I moved my hands to the side of his chest, away from his heart, and there it was cold. I then felt the middle again, and above his heart it was warm.

I pinched his skin and found that it was still elastic and completely normal. After 36 hours, the dead typically have skin comparable to dough. And his skin was still like that of the living after 48 hours. It was as if he weren’t dead.

Shortly after we left the room, the surgeon came and said, „ he is warm, he is warm.“ And then it came to be that the medical staff asked again and again if he were still warm. It was naturally consistent to the traditional Tibetan experience. Developed individuals like his Holiness stay in their bodies after breath and heartbeat have stopped, within a state of deep meditation. After three days the Samadhi ended. It was recognized that his Holiness was no longer warm and that the process of death set in. After this, the atmosphere changed, it too became normal.”

Discussion Over the Death of the Karmapa


Nils: The Tibetan masters have considered how they can prove the existence of the soul beyond death. They prove this in that after physical death, the soul remains in the body for three days. Enlightened masters possess this ability. This is recognizable in that the heart chakra remains warm and the body doesn’t decompose, and the presence of the master can be perceived by sensitive people.

What is special in the case of the Karamapa is that he selected a normal, Western hospital in America, with average, everyday doctors as witnesses. Interesting is that the Karmapa had already “died” to the point where the doctors had given up and had turned off the measuring devices when the Karmapa returned to his body and lived on, according to the reports of the doctors responsible for treating him. These things cannot be explained in material terms. I don’t know of any account of this matter in which atheists could make some comment. They remain silent when presented with the facts.

Thale: All of these examples do not serve as proof for life after death.

Nils: Amit Goswami established that an information field (the Other Side, a quantum field, a higher dimension, consciousness field) must exist behind the material cosmos. That can be proven according to quantum physics. To get more into detail, I recommend the book “ The Conscious Universe” from Amit Goswami, and the book “God’s Secret Thoughts”, from Volker Becker.

Even the String theory, which dominates physics at the moment, says that a higher dimension is recognized as existing in the material cosmos. A higher field of information is implied in the String Theory.

The big question is only whether the human brain can really build an independent quantum field capable of existing in the context of a higher information field after death. Dürr implied it according to near death research. According to the Karmapa case and statements made by clairvoyants and enlightened individuals, it is likely. A complete change of point of view on the part of science is represented here, which most atheists have unfortunately failed to notice. I am here to change that.

Thale: The Karmapa case could have been the result of any number of things.

Nils: That’s right. But up to now, no one has been able to explain it. The continued existence of the soul after death is the most probable explanation up to this point. So long as the further existence of the soul after death is likelier than the non-existence of it, one should live oriented around this idea.

Thale: The Karmapa case proves life after death as exactly as it does the existence of an invisible unicorn.

Nils: You have a sense of humor. Your logical ability to think could still use some development, however. It doesn’t refer to the existence of invisible unicorns, but according to near-death research and quantum physics, for the existence of a soul independent of the body. The warmth of the chest after death in connection to an invisible unicorn can only emanate from the overactive imagination of a dogmatic atheist.

Thale: This phenomenon can neither be explained, nor conceived of.

Nils: For a dogmatic atheist it is inconceivable, because this atheist simply refuses to believe it. He would rather give up his understanding than his belief in atheism.

Thale: The Karmapa incident can also be attributed to genetic makeup, coincidence, imagination, through any number of things.

Nils: This statement proves your lack of insight. A warm heart chakra definitely cannot be explained through genetic predisposition. Who can think up such nonsense?

Coincidence isn’t a very good argument either, particularly when said coincidence occurs again and again. The enlightened masters of Tibetan Buddhism spend three days after death in their bodies, and there are hundreds of examples of this on record.

I also find it amazing that you refer to hundreds of other phenomena without giving sources. You are well-schooled in Sophism, but every sophist can be proved wrong with clear reasoning.

I have also forgotten the point relating to imagination. The Karmapa died in a western hospital. That a doctor in such a setting would imagine a warm heart chakra and elastic skin, is unlikely. He examined the Karmapa thoroughly after death, because he could hardly believe his own observations. Furthermore, there are many similar cases and the rest of the hospital staff also saw the Karmapa.

Thale: Show me the evidence for the existence of an afterlife.

Nils: If you want evidence, look at near death research, the death of the Karmapa, the reports of the afterlife from clairvoyants and the enlightened, the experiences acquired through regression therapy, reincarnation research, quantum physics experiments (especially Alain Aspect, but many other experiments are described in the book by Amit Goswami). Parapsychology also indicates the existence of higher cosmic dimensions.

Thale: But you need to show us the basis for your knowledge that you use to prove the sceptics wrong.

Nils: The basis of the existence of the soul after death is the duality from the body and the consciousness. The soul is consciousness energy. The soul consists of thoughts and feelings. The soul is a cloud of consciousness that is in and around the body. The soul is an oscillating connection to a higher cosmic information field.

The deciding point is whether there is such a higher cosmic information field. The experiments conducted in quantum physics speak in favor of this. The string theory also speaks in favor of it. The findings of near death research and the expriences of clairvoyants also refer to the existence of a higher information field. There are many indications for the existence of a higher cosmic dimension. When there is such a higher dimension, then it is quite possible that the consciousness of humans can also survive after death.

Reincarnation Research

The most well-known reincarnation researcher in the West is Professor Ian Stevenson from the University of Virginia. He examined over the course of 40 years over 3,000 reincarnations situations throughout the world. Often, he noticed similarities in behavior and typical bodily signals in line with incarnation. He established the institute for Reincarnations research which has been lead by his successor Professor Bruce Greyson since 2002.

In India, Dr. Kirti Swaroop Rawat worked on the examination of reincarnation cases. He had already collected 600 cases of reincarnation and India and looked into the exact truth of these cases. He had already checked if the witness statements were accurate, if the witnesses had cheated, or if their subconscious had played tricks. Reincarnation research is a difficult topic because the information about previous lives can come from many sources and are not easy to prove. Critics want hard proof. Even when solid proof is given, creative critics can almost always find a proverbial hair in the soup.

One of the most well-known cases of reincarnation in India is Shanti Devi. She was born in 1926 in New Delhi and could remember her previous life as a house wife in Mathura. Although she was never in that location, she was able to describe her previous husband, her previous house, and the city itself. She could even remember where she had always hidden her money in her former life.

In 1935 the Indian press became aware of Shanti Devi. Many journalists and scientists brought the little girl to her previous hometown. She found her earlier house herself and was able to answer all the questions of the owner of the house as to his previous wife. Even the money hiding place was found. The Swedish author Lönnerstrand heard about this, called it a farce and went to India to look into the matter. He came to the conclusion that it is a completely provable and unquestionable case of reincarnation.

A second debated case comes from that of the six-year old Taranjit Singh. He recalled his previous life in another location in India. He could give his previous name and reported the accident which caused him to perish. He was run over on his way to school. He had a bad head injury and died the next day.

All of his statements were examined and confirmed. Especially fascinating is that he was able to report that he had 30 rupees and two school books with him. These details were also checked and confirmed. Sometime later, the court doctor Chauhan thoroughly examined the case. He question the families in the two villages and made a forensic handwriting analysis. He found that Taranjit and his earlier identity’s handwriting were almost 100% exact.

The rebirth of the Dalai Lama is very well known. In Tibetan Buddhism, enlightened masters almost reincarnate themselves on earth in order to continue their work. They give the details of the location and details of their next incarnation shortly before death. Before official recognition of the reincarnation a test must be undergone to confirm the authenticity of the reincarnation. The subject has to choose items belonging to him from his previous incarnation among many similar items.

After the death of the thirteenth Dalai Lama, a search group of high Tibetan monks embarked to find the next Dalai Lama. They followed their visions and the indications of the dead Dalai Lama. As the search group found the house of the fourteenth Dalai Lama, they were greeted with the words “Sera Lama” by the four year old Tenzin Gyatsu. The old Lama came from the cloister Sera, which the little boy couldn’t know by ordinary means.

The group of Tibetan monks showed the little boy two prayer drums with which they were to determine the authenticity of his identity. He knew immediately. The fourteenth Dalai Lama was tested 12 times after this before they recognized his reincarnation. The search troop took him to Lhasa and brought him up for his role as the future head of Tibetans. The Dalai Lama himself explained later on that he could feel a spiritual connection to his predecessor.

These three cases were mentioned in a series on German television in 2003. They were described in detail in the book Dimension Psi from Lucadou. In order to not intimidate the Atheists, careful formulation of sentences was used. “There appears to be the potential that information could be present that we are not able to process.”

Manuel Mitternacht penned the chapter about reincarnation in the book from Lucadou and doubts the situation with reincarnation teachings. His main problem is that “it must be proven that humans possess souls.” He requires a biological or physical form of proof. However, he does no search for such proof himself. Perhaps he would have found sufficient proof if he had read the rest of the book from Lucadou.

In the chapter about near-death experiences, Regine Kexel reported on near-death experience research. She came to the same results as the author of this book. The current research available today indicates that there is an independent consciousness, independent of the physical body. Therefore, the basis for the possibility for reincarnation exists with this independent consciousness.

In the chapters on telekinesis and telepathy from Thomas Zintl and Thomas Staehler, a comprehensive portrayal on the results of the research on thought propagation and clairvoyance. If clairvoyance can be scientifically proven, then it must be recognized that clairvoyants are able to see into their earlier lives. It is then feasible that some people know about their previous lives. It is also possible that a dying enlightened master can see into the future and make known the time and place of his reincarnation, or to give his followers information as to his rebirth in the form of dreams and visions.

We have scientifically proven with considerable probability the existence of the soul. There is an after life, and there are many convincing reports of reincarnation. It speaks loudly for the teachings of reincarnations, even when most cases of reincarnation are not completely unambiguous. Ian Stevenson also admitted to this. He came to the conclusion that an overall appraisal of the cases, however, point in the direction of the plausibility of reincarnation.

Some billion people on earth believe in reincarnation. The teachings of reincarnation are the basis for Buddhism and Hinduism. In Christianity, reincarnation is partially believed in. Most Christians assume that the Holy can be born again to help mankind. It states in the Bible that Jesus will incarnate himself once again and John the Baptist was the reborn desert Yogi Elias.

It is often alleged in the larger religions that simply out of traditional reasons the concept of reincarnation is believed in without giving any proof for it. But this is not the case. The proof for rebirth comes from the statements of the founders of these religions. Jesus explained that he will be born again. Buddha attested that he could see his previous lives. Krishna also made reincarnation the focus of Hinduism from the basis of firsthand experience with said concept.

Earlier Life Along the Way of the Yogi


Yogi Nils:

My beliefs are based mainly on my own experiences. I can glimpse my previous lives during the course of meditation. I have seen some thousand previous lives seen in the course of my spiritual cleansing processes. After seven years as a Yogi, I was suddenly overcome by the wish to know my earlier life. I went back in spirit to a previous time and felt resonance with a particular time. I felt a sort of resistance, and looked in that direction and could spiritually “see” four earlier lives. I recognized the place, time, and also the nature of these earlier lives.

The return to these earlier lives in meditation is an advanced Yoga technique. A further technique consists of ridding the body systematically of all tension. That is the main route of Hatha Yoga. In this way, one comes to the point of stress in a previous life. Those who glimpse these previous lives too early, have difficulty dealing with the sometimes horrible occurences they glimpse there. One should never force these things.

All major stress situations are preserved in the spirit. Those who dissolve their tensions can glimpse these scenes in dreams or while awake. The process of dissolving tension are often connected with bodily reactions such as restlessness, trembling of the muscles, heat, or cold.

For me, the tension was first dissolved from my current life. In short scenes (like in a film) I saw stressful exam situations, relationship quarrels, and accidents. As I still had the stress incidents in memory, I became aware of the connection between spiritual exercises, the dissolving of inner tension, and the appearance of particular dreams. I learned to differentiate between these special dreams and normal ones.

After I lived for three years as a Yogi, the stress originating from my birth was released. I lived through my own birth in an aware state. I swam through a dark canal and experienced a great amount of stress, and then I was out in the open. I also experienced ten births from previous lives. Death and birth are, according to Tibetan yogis, the main reasons for stress situations to be preserved in the spirit.

After eleven years as a Yogi, a previous life appeared suddenly to me. First just single lives appeared, then many came to the surface of my consciousness. Differing from the conscious perceptions while meditating, very clear film-like scenes- appeared. I could see the details of the stress situations and the environment I was in at the time of the previous life. From the single pictures I could see geographical details.

The worst from my previous lives were many battles. I saw myself stand mourning before the ruins of houses. The enemy had killed my entire family, which was more horrible than if I had been killed myself. At that point, I developed the wish to live in a happy world with happy people and lasting peace.

Yogi without Eating


Quotes from internet May 2010:

In a hospital in Ahmedabad in the western Indian state of Gujarat had taken care of in the past two weeks about 30 doctors to a Hindu, who said that he more than 70 years neither ate nor drank. A team of doctors has examined the Indian Yogi Prahlad Jani. They found no answer to the question: How does the yogi survive without eating nor drinking for years?

The extremely ascetic living Yogi Prahlad Jani has put his Indian doctors in perplexity. „We still do not know how he survived,“ the neurologist Sudhir Shah said after the end of the two-week round-the-clock monitoring of the 83-year-olds. They tested him on the heart and kidneys, examined his brain functions and performed a DNA analysis and hormone tests. He only came in contakt with liquid when he was gurgling and bathing.

The 83-year-old yogi gains according to his own information his energy solely from meditation and yoga exercises. The yogi himself says that the goddess „Amba“ showed him a hole in his mouth, through which he received holy energy. This opening was already confirmed in 2003 by doctors.

70 years without eating? ‚Starving yogi‘ says it’s true. Prahlad Jani, an 83-year-old Indian yogi, is making headlines by claims that for the past 70 years he has had nothing — not one calorie — to eat and not one drop of liquid to drink. To test his claims, Indian military doctors put him under round-the-clock observation during a two-week hospital stay that ended last week, news reports say. During that time he didn’t ingest any food or water – and remained perfectly healthy, the researchers said.

But that’s simply impossible, said Dr. Michael Van Rooyen an emergency physician at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Van Rooyen says that a human could survive five or six days without water.

Discussion: What this yogi is doing has been done by yogi’s for millenia. It is an amazing feat in that it is real and it took this particular man an almost inconcievable of discipline to achieve. Our physicists are just beginning to skim the finest surface of understanding of our human potential.

This can be a real event where a person gains his energy from other sources which are not nutritional in the usual sense. A term sometimes used is „breathers“ getting energy from the prana in the environment.

It may truly be an example of mind over matter. These are things that enligtened being have been doing since the beginning of time.

What Dr. Michael Van Rooyen says is based on the science as we know it now. I have personally witnessed the things in India that science CAN’T explain.

Dr. Van Rooyen knows some science based on physical laws of nature, but has no idea of the subtle laws of nature. He and the humanity has a long way to go before science and religion meet at one point.

I’m a biomedical scientist and this is absolutely absurd.

Its true.

Not sure if this is true or not!


Can you really trust these Indian military men?

You propose the Indian military is just lying? I wouldn’t claim to believe him but I’m also not so arrogant to say I understand how the universe works. It’s entirely possible that this could happen.

I love that sneaky yogi.

While it looks impossible, we being well educated should also try to see and validate logic. At the same time, there are still some not so well known facts in modern science. Science is evolving every single day. What meets the eye is not all that exists in this world. There have been yogis who have done some things that seems impossible to normal humans. There are some folks who have not had anything except fruits in their diet for many many years, no grains at all. So while we can call it bullshit, let’s be rational and demand proof, rather than getting carried away and being disrespectful if he’s a really a great yogi.

Nils: Of course, many people doubt the truth. The pure facts speak clearly for it, however. The Yogi was examined two weeks of 30 doctors in an Indian hospital. He was observed night and day. The doctors confirmed the miracle. As a scientifically minded person for me it is clear from the facts. At the moment the facts speak for the Yogi. There are also many such cases, but they are investigated not so consistent. And there is the case of the Swiss holy Yogi St. Nicholas of Flüe, who had lived without food. It was at that time in the Middle Ages also doubted strongly. Then an official commission was formed, which was watching him for four weeks continuously. She came to the same results as the above Indian doctors Commission. I think we can trust both the Swiss and the Indian military doctors. And thirdly, there is the Karmapa, who confirmed in 1981 at the hospital in Chicago the existence of a higher dimension of consciousness, from which he could exceed the physical laws.

For me indicates the case of the Indian yogis out that the teachings of light body are true. Thereafter, an advanced yogi can dematerialize at his death his body. The Indian Yogi said, that he materializes energy from the higher dimension unto food and dematerialisiert his urine. When a person can dematerialize his urine, it is in principle possible to do the same with the hole body. I salute the spiritual abilities of the Indian yogi. I am very grateful to him that he has given our extremely materialistic thinking world such a clear proof of the truth of yoga.

We do not have to wander far afield, we can also practice in the West spiritually. I have been living for 22 years as a yogi in the vicinity of Hamburg. I live not only by light. I like to eat. I love raw foods and vegetarian dishes. This keeps the body healthy and the mind clear.

New is about Prahlad Jani Yogi that by the first time a team of scientists has clearly demonstrated the existence of a higher level of consciousness. We should live not only environmentally, but also spiritually. This is my message. That is the most important point.



Parapsychology is the study of the paranormal. This topic researches extrasensory phenomena with scientific means. The focus of the scientific research deals with telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and recollection of past occurences. The most extensively researched sub-topic is telepathy. Along these lines thousands of experiments have been conducted in England, the USA, and Russia.

In the course of these experiments, the existence of telepathic abilities have been clearly confirmed. The most conclusive of results occurred at the hands of American Psychologist Charles Honorton from Princeton in 1994. He showed his experiment subjects a videoclip of a minute in length and asked the subjects to project this film to a person sitting in the next room.

The results were amazing. The rate of success was too high to be considered coincidental. Before, Honorton had experimented with simple photos. The video clips were what gave sufficient scientific proof.

Of course, there were all possible and impossible objections to this experiment. Honorton sat with his main critic Professor Hyman and discussed the main points criticized. Finally, an explanation was reached. “We conclude that there is a significant effect in the data which cannot be explained by rational means.”

Professor of statistics Jessica Utts of the University of California evaluated the various types of telekinesis experiments conducted. She came to the conclusion that there is little point in developing longer experiments because the data on hand should be enough to prove its existence. We should concentrate instead on how telekinesis works and how we can use it in a sensible way, according to professor Utts.

Dean Radin of the University of Las Vegas is of a similar opinion. “After ten years of telekinesis research I have established that all experiments come to the same result. There are small, but robust telekinesis effects.The phenomena has been proven. Current experiments shouldn’t deal with proving existence, but should seek to understand how it works.”

German physicist and psychologist Walter von Lucadou of the University Freiburg developed a model of pragmatic information: ”telekinesis effects are not tied to location in psycho-physical systems.” Telekinesis is a measurable occurence between the psyche and the physical. This transcends the cosmic time and space dimension. It can appear in far away places and independent of future and past. It carries information. We cannot explain exactly how it occurs. We therefore call it “pragmatic”. It simply is.

Lucadou connects telekinesis with quantum physics. He explains telekinesis through the ability of quantum energy to carry information through higher cosmic spaces. The quantum particles in the brain send information in the form of waves in the higher time and space dimension and can be caught by another brain. They build a field of consciousness that can be connected to with other fields of consciousness.

For a spiritually sensitive person, things are much simpler. One feels a type of non-physical energy in and around oneself (an energy field). We can consider this energy a type of quantum energy in a higher cosmic space. A spiritual person can control things with the power of his or her thoughts. He or she can send information to other people, animals, and far away places in the cosmos. He or she can thus send and get information from other people.

Basically, predictions concerning the future can be scientifically proven. The researches establish that people have varied levels of paranormal abilities. Only a few people are especially talented.

The ability to see things from far away is called clairvoyance. This ability was used by secret services in both the USA and Russia during the Cold War. Both sides conducted massive research on the paranormal. Groups of psychic spies were trained. After the Cold War, the secret service operations were analyzed by scientists who came to the conclusion that a significant effect could be proven. The information was however consider rather unspecific.

In isolated cases however, amazing results were shown. Particularly talented as a clairvoyant was the American McMoneagle. He spied a factory with a new type of Russian submarine, which he described exactly, right down to detail. After the Cold War his abilities were verified.

Clairvoyance is used not only in military circumstances, but also in private spheres. Many clairvoyance deal with the telling of future events. Here, many isolated cases are shown to have amazingly accurate results. Right down to detail, future events are described, which occur exactly. A very talented clairvoyant described the para-psychologist Professor Ryzl his later flight from the then Czechoslovakia.

Paranormal powers have been known to man for ages and have been used many times over. People with paranormal abilities receive a high reputation and can earn money this way. It is therefore not a cause to wonder why there are so many phonies. An important task of science is to tell the difference between the real clairvoyants and the fakes. Most tricks of alleged clairvoyants are known and can therefore easily be detected.

Professor Milan Ryzl wrote a good book on the topic called „Handbook of Parapsychology“ (1997). He described the most important results of today’s research as well as the trickery employed commonly by fake clairvoyants. Professor Ryzl spent 15 years researching people with paranormal abilities.

The most important contribution to the field of parapsychology is that the material world is not the only reality. There is a non-material spirit world. It is a great gift that in today’s world spirituality can be researched in a scientific way and bring people the ability to live in harmony with the cosmic laws.

Are There Such Things as Ghosts?


An important and debated point in parapsychology is as to whether or not ghosts exist. In Germany, 8% of all people believe in ghosts. A further 6% consider their existence possible. In esoteric circles, channeling is popular. Channeling is when a being from the other side speaks through a sensitive person.

In earlier times, people felt threatened by evil spirits. Today, few people believe in evil spirits. Only small circles of people take into consideration their existence, and fewer still would go so far as to “worship” them. In the world, there are black magicians. In white magic, spiritual power is used for positive means. The followers of black magic believe in the power of negative, or of evil.

The boundary between black and white magic is sometimes rather thin. Many people land themselves in the world of black magic out of curiosity and then get caught up with such undertakings. We should generally stay away from such. Even if there are no evil spirits, a belief in such can have negative affects on the psyche.

In western societies, spirituality deals with the powers of good, inner peace, and unconditional love. Modern spirituality is oriented around the good, the positive. That was not always the case earlier. With the growth and evolution of spirituality in the West, we do not need to come from a negative point of view. Therefore it is important that positive energy, thoughts, actions, etc are encouraged and harnessed in spirituality. Positively spiritual people everywhere should cooperate and work with one another. Negative developments should be stopped before they can start.

A large problem to this extent is the widespread viewing of horror films. Here, irresponsible manipulation of human fears occurs. Impressionable people could wind up identifying with evil, which can affect the daily lives of such people. It can even lead to a kind of spiritual sickness in some people.

Exorcism is the expulsion of the devil. The concept within modern spirituality that there is no devil is important. When there is no devil, there can be no possession by the devil. Instead of exorcism, a psychological and medicinal form of treatment is needed. Spiritual knowledge can also be helpful, but such people should not be dealt with by priests as in the classic cases of exorcism.

Ghost expulsions are dangerous in that they strengthen neurotic tendencies. In the Catholic church, these exorcisms which originated from the Middle Ages are still practice. However, the church concluded in 1998 that priests should work with doctors.

In India and many developing lands black magic is widespread. The task of all enlightened individuals is to work against this. Religion and science must work together. Science can uncover errors within the development of religion. The proper cooperation needs to exist between spirituality and science.

The book „Dimension Psi“ from Walter von Lucardou (2003) deals with the question as to whether there is such thing as ghosts. The author leads a parapsychological institute in Freiburg, Germany in which paranormal activity can be reported. The institute is often called into action. Many cases are also reported on television.

The basis for parapsychological advice consists of explaining the cases as they appear in the most rational ways possible. More than half of the cases can be traced back to unaccustomed physical (material) situations. However, paranormal powers are often the reason. Sometimes, people with paranormal abilities let out their powers so to speak on things nearby without realizing it.

The British psychologist Richard Wisemann from the University of Herfordshire is a well-known ghost sceptic. He and his team examined some thousand unaccustomed cases. After his analysis was conducted, he found that the reason for most reported cases of ghostly happenings came from the psyche of people. Psychic energy caused such things as lights to go on or out, changes in temperature, etc.

After being asked by the English Queen in 2000, Wisemann looked into the London Hampton Court Palace. Since Henry the VIII. had his wife Catherine executed, many visitors were quite spooked at this location. According to a survey, more than half of all visitors experienced something unusual. Many even felt like they had been touched by an invisible hand. Wisemann could not prove the existence of any ghosts there.

A similar appraisal was conducted in 2001 in the Scottish castle in Edinburg. Here, half of all individuals surveyed reported unexplainable phenomenon. A psychologist locked herself into a reportedly haunted room. She fell into a state of panic as red lights in combination with the sound of breathing were seen in the corner. The experiment was ended and even Wisemann admitted that something was going on there.

At Lucadou’s institute in Freiburg, hauntings and the appearance of ghosts are differentiated. Hauntings can normally be explained rationally. They occur due to abnormal circumstances or through paranormal ability.

The appearance of ghosts are, according to researchers in Freiburg, usually a result of projections from within people. Those who believe in ghosts create these appearances from the belief within. Then these usually harmless appearances are interpreted as ghostly beings.

On the other hand, according to the results of research on the part of modern science, there is probably life after death. Therefore, there is very likely an afterworld with ghostly beings. The question is then whether these beings can affect life on this plane.

Basically, it is to be assumed that the other side and this world are two separate worlds. Only in cases of exception can the division between the two crossed.

From this plane of existence, only very talented clairvoyants can see into the other side. There are plenty of witnesses as to this. They sometimes get knowledge from the other side that can be tested in this world. All major religions touch upon the statements of enlightened individuals who can see into the other side.

Enlightened people have particular spiritual abilities. When they die, they can also reach people on this plane of existence from their positions on the other side. This usually takes place via dreams and visions had by spiritually developed people. Material appearances occur seldom.

A topic that needs to be researched further is as to what extent ghostly beings can affect this world from the other side. This particularly relates to contact the deceased can have with their relatives. The author can personally give his observations on this subject. His enlightened masters can communicate with dreams and visions, and his deceased father appeared to him in many dreams. He could even manifest his voice in the room of his son upon waking.

Otherwise, this author does not have contact with ghosts. Only once during a walk outdoors did the mother of a friend of his appear in the form of a ghost a few feet over him. He could not see her, but he could sense her and identify her. She wanted to see him one more time after death, and the author did not know she was dead at that time.

The enlightened basically keep to the simple rule „let the spirits rest in peace, and they will leave you alone in peace.“ Those who do not meddle in the affairs of ghosts will not have any difficulties with them. For normal people it is difficult to see whether contact with ghosts does more harm than good.

The other Side


The other side (in the spirit world) consists of many regions. The more closely one looks into it, the more energy levels (or consciousness dimensions) can be seen. One could divide this spirit world int a thousand, into fourteen, into seven, three, or even one area (heaven).

In Christianity, heaven is often spoken of. Paul the Apostle saw three Heavens in the course of his trip to the Afterlife. In Yoga, it is said that there are a thousand levels of enlightenment. Mainly, three worlds are considered (material cosmos, Bhur), the astral world (the energy world, the world of spirit, Bhuva), and the world of light (heaven, the dimension of enlightenment, Svarloka).

In the West, the most well-known concept of heaven is that of seven heavens. Everyone knows the saying “I feel like I’m in seventh heaven.” Connected with this saying is the concept of the biggest sense of happiness. According to this teaching, seventh heaven is where the most all-encompassing happiness to be found, and under this level the six smaller heavens have slightly less.

The Four Astral Worlds


Let’s say there are seven energy regions. When we die, we first come to the lower astral world. In Yoga, this is considered part of the earth and named Bhurloka. The lower astral world (the ether world) is part of the earth and is around the earth. This is the energy level next to the material world. We leave the body with our spirit and find ourselves suddenly next to our bodies. We our now composed of consciousness energy. We can see our bodies and the people in the material world, but they cannot see us.

The lower astral world is the world of spirits. Spirits are beings with slightly developed consciousness. They are possessed of seven emotions: rage, fear, sadness, dullness, addiction, jealousy, and pride. The most dominating of these emotions in the lower astral world is that of addiction. The beings in the lower astral world are mainly hunger ghosts (Pretas). They always want something and never get enough. They are never content. All people with a tendency towards addiction land in this world after they die. They live according to this temperament after they die.

The hunger ghosts do not realize they only need to change their consciousness. One only needs to orient oneself to inner happiness. These spirits only need to leave their search towards outer things and concentrate on happiness within. The characteristics of frugality, humility, temperance, positivity, and all-encompassing love as well as inner peace should be exercised. Then the soul becomes free and rises to the next highest consciousness level.

The lower astral world is already a sort of heaven. The all-around happiness of the soul is somewhat higher than that on earth. The souls there do not possess bodies and are therefore free of all bodily suffering. They are closer to God than the beings on earth, if only a bit closer.

The really tragic aspect of the lower astral world is the reality that a much higher level of happiness is possible. The souls there only needed to concentrate more on the way of inner happiness during their time on earth. They should have exercised positive thinking more, and they would have gained so much from that. They only need to be a bit happier during their lives. Those who devote just five minutes per day towards a spiritual life and a positive life can go so much further in the afterlife.

The second heaven is the middle astral world. This exists to the very edge of the cosmos. The souls in the middle astral world are not so attracted to life on the earth and the forms of enjoyment to be found there. They can therefore move about the entire cosmos. They can go to the region of stars. Every star has a different sort of energy, and every soul can settle itself in the realm of a star and stay there as long as it likes. They can meet similar souls in this region.

The level of happiness in the middle astral world is already larger than that of the lower astral world. The level of happiness is even higher in the upper astral world, the third heaven. The souls there administer the cosmos, the stars, and the earth, but their concentration is elsewhere. They do not focus on material things, rather, on positive ideas. Every soul in the third heaven has a task in life that makes he or she happy.

The fourth heaven is the world of positive souls. They have a positive system of beliefs. They follow love, peace, and truth. They are not totally enlightened in that they still have strong egos. They can control the negative tendencies of their spirits and concentrate on positive. All souls who are positive with one another can therefore establish a positive world.

A positive belief system could be established by a loving Christianity, a tolerant Islam, a peaceful Hinduism, or a loving Buddhism. An Atheist Humanist could also land here after death. Because consciousness after death is the consciousness before death, all positive people can continue to be so after death. They create forms of life with their consciousness. They move friends and relatives into this afterworld with whom they would like to work with further.

Three Worlds of Light


The fifth heaven is the first world of light. This light world is a paradise. This paradise cannot be described with human words. In paradise, souls live in a state of enlightenment. Just as enlightenment cannot be described in words, this paradise is equally indescribable. One can only begin to touch upon the surface using words as symbols, but it is only a basic understanding that can be reached under such terms.

The first important statement regarding this paradise is that enlightenment and this paradise are two sides of the same coin. One side has one image on it, perhaps a head. The other has another image, perhaps a number on it. The essence of the coin is the gold it is composed of. The gold here is compared to God, the life in light. The head is the happiness, the enlightenment, and the number is the happiness in and around us, the outer richness of this state.

Enlightenment is to really be aware of the light and the happiness within oneself. Paradise is to recognize the bliss in the world around oneself. Both are therefore connected because only a happy person can really see the positive aspects of the world. Only those who think positively can see the positive in the world, and only those who are positive with the world around themselves can really be happy.

The souls in paradise (the world of light) are happy within themselves and are also happy with the world around them. One can only get to this paradise by being happy with oneself. It is helpful to exercise spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation.

The main technique for entrance into the world of light is the disintegration of the ego. The souls in paradise live in a state of love and the giving of love. They consider other souls to be more important. They are not egoistic, rather altruistic.

The dissolving of the exaggerated „I“ consciousness is the central point of enlightenment. It is also the central element of life in paradise. Those who wish to end up in paradise must work towards dissolving the ego. They need to develop such characteristics as inner peace, all-encompassing love, and truth. One needs to live more for others than for oneself. God (inner happiness) must be the main point of life. Those who grow spiritually during their lives can end up in this world of light after death.

The first world of light (the fifth heaven) is the region of the smaller enlightened souls. These souls are considered the blessed within Christianity. The first light world can be described symbolically as a world of flowers. It is a world of plenty. In Christianity, this paradise is a garden full of fruit, such as the Garden of Eden. In Islam, it is seen as a world of springtime full of beautiful people. In Yoga, it is a mountain landscape with lots of flowers and a pleasant temperature. All beings there live with one another positively. It is a world full of love, flowers, and sunshine.

The portrayals of paradise in the various religions differ widely. It must be understood that these portrayals are merely symbolic. These afterworlds are described in such a way that we people in various cultures can understand them. When we imagine a lovely vacation land where all the people are happy, we have some idea of paradise. The various forms of paradise on earth are limited. The paradise in heaven is eternal, and we can be happy there forever.

In Buddhism, there are many understandings of paradise. Buddha concentrated on the life in light (Nirvana, the highest paradise). The Amitabhabuddhismus (the teachings of the pure land) is portrayed as having bright flowers and happy people. In Tibetan Buddhism, this paradise is considered to have mountains with flowing springs, trees with crystals, and joyful birds.

Everyone can imagine these forms of paradise in his or her own way. The only important point is that this heaven is a world of love, peace, happiness, and light.

In the fifth heaven there is a place where one can live with relatives and acquaintances happily. This is called Pitr Loka in Yoga. There are also places where one can exercise oneself spiritually. This place is called Sadhana Loka. There is a place to exercise for Karma Yogis, who are Yogis concerned with helping others, and for Hatha yogis, who are concerned with bodily exercise and meditation. In Christianity, the world of angels is the most commonly considered place for spiritual practice, for spiritual cultivation. The angels praise God, pray, sing, and develop further in the light.

The sixth heaven is the world of the holy. The holy are closer to God than the blessed. Their happiness is slightly higher than that of the souls in the first paradise. Each holy individual has let go of the ego and lives in essence and light, and feels to be of light (of happiness energy), rather than to be a person. This type of soul lives in love, peace, and in happiness and has a highly developed cosmic consciousness.

The holy souls in the sixth heaven are still beings which can deal and administer. They can send their fellow souls light and facilitate spiritual practices. They live from their point of being and act positively, at times, for the world. On the other side, it is generally the case that souls on higher planes can visit souls on the lower planes. The enlightened souls can therefore go to all other souls in the lower heavens and make contact on earth. They can send positive thoughts and power.

Symbolically, we can imagine the fifth heaven as being full of happy people and the sixth heaven as a place full of wise men and women. The wise women and men beam with peace, calmness, and love that streams from them. They are seen as inner happiness and holiness. One can sense the holy energy that emanates from these souls. They are an expression, an extension of God.

The holy women and men have the chance to go into the light, at which point they must dissolve fully of their individual egos.

There are three ways to evolve spiritually. We can go the way of love, power, or happiness. The way of love means to see all other beings as love and we visualize them as gods or holy beings, and this way we ourselves become such. The way of wisdom consists of imagining the unity of the cosmos and identifying the cosmos according to our spiritual example.

The way of power can be brought on with spiritual practice, such as with mantras, breath exercises, and bodily exercise. We let our happiness energy flow, and our entire thoughts are stopped and we rest for a time. This triggers an inner change. From this emptiness and lack of striving, we can let the light of God come in. Happiness, peace, and love, as well as the wisdom of God flow within. Then we are in the seventh heaven.

In the seventh heaven, duality ceases to be. The soul rests still within God. Love, happiness, and peace in the seventh heaven are so big that there is no more room for movement. The holy beings here are simply enjoy their rest within God. They can, however, get active again. They can return to the sixth heaven and so work for the happiness of all other beings.

In the seventh heaven, all outer forms cease to be. The soul takes only energy, love, and light to be true. However, this energy is still an individual consciousness within God. The soul does not cease to exist. Souls can unite into one at the end of the time, and then divide again. According to Hindu philosophy, the cosmos is a system of eternal coming and going.

The seventh heaven (the third world of light) is the absolute highest level of happiness within the cosmos. It is God himself. This is rest within God. We could describe this area as a large sun. The sun consists of strong light. This consists of happiness, love, and vast peace. Only spiritually developed souls can reach this region. We have to be strong enough to keep the energy of God within.

When we are one with God, there is nothing left to be achieved. We have realized our goal as souls. We have achieved our full selves and we have reached utter contentment. Teresa von Avila explains that “God alone is enough”. In God we have an end to all our wishes. Before we can reach this life in God, we can never be truly satisfied. People are geared towards this search for God, and through God the sense of life is achieved.

The Eighth Heaven


The eighth heaven is found above the seven heavens. It is everything in one, the connection of light and love in one dynamic, unified entity. It is life in light and the ability to affect in the lower worlds (earth and the astral world).

When we allow our happiness and enlightened bliss to permeate beyond the world of light, the happiness grows. The further we succeed in dissolving the ego, the more expansive is our level of happiness. If we live for the happiness of others, rather than our own happiness, we then become a kind of cosmic mother or father of all beings. God exists in essence as a mother and a father of all beings. He or she wants all beings to come to live in happiness and to come to the seventh heaven one day.

This ist the way of a spiritual master. A spiritual master devotes his or her life to the service of others.

Who wants to live as a spiritual master, should first of all even walk the spiritual path to the destination. Or he should practice a dual path. He should make himself spiritually to the target and simultaneously take all of his fellow men. Both ways are possible in yoga. One can live many years as a yogi first and then return after his enlightenment in the world in order to help his fellow human beings. Or you live simultaneously as a yogi and a Karma-yogi (spiritual teacher).

Who lives in the eighth heaven, lives in the ultimate double happiness. One lives in the light (in God) and additionally in the dimension of true love (in the heart of their followers). But this way is to go even harder than the normal spiritual path. It requires much wisdom, if you want to help the many souls in the cosmos. One often has to take grief into account, in order to lead his fellows well on the way into the light.

A spiritual master takes it into stride by bringing all the elements into balance within. The inner calm is achieved through outer peace in the form of time for oneself, spiritual exercises and trust in God. He deliveres essentially the leadership of the great masters and the spontaneous activity of life.

The path of love is a mystery. He feels like a way of sacrifice and ends in the overall happiness. One day, suddenly starts to flow the inner happiness and fills the whole world.

Seventh Heaven Meditation


With this meditation, we get to know the path of the seven heavens. We get a glimpse of life in light and the way of a mastered existence on earth.

1. The body

We concentrate on our bodies and through this process bring the spirit into a state of peace. We sense this through our legs and feet as we let the light circulate through our lower limbs. We think of the word “light” as our mantra. We let the light then circulate through our arms and hands while envisioning the word “light”. We then wrap our entire bodies in a vision of light and think of the word at the same time. Then we relax.

2. Energy cloud

We begin our ascent to heaven. First we enter the astral world. We become a soul. We then visualize a cloud composed of very fine energy which encircles the body. We are this cloud. We concentrate on the cloud and not our bodies. We leave the body and think of the mantra “I am a cloud. I am a soul. I am independent from my body.” We think of this mantra until we can feel this cloud.

3. Stars

We visualize the entire cosmos around us as full of stars. Our souls can travel anywhere they so desire. We meditate on the cosmos. We think of the mantra “stars”. We make large circles with the arms until we feel at one with the cosmos. We feel secure with our place in the world, we are at one with the world.

4. The world of positive souls

We land in the upper astral world, beyond the material cosmos. This is the world of positive souls. We become positive unto ourselves. We consider the positive points in our lives. We think of the mantra “Positive in my life is…” We count as many positive things as possible, until the soul is glowing with positivity.

5. The world of happy souls

Over the positive souls are the blessed souls. We are now in paradise. We imagine that all our wishes have been fulfilled. What do you wish? Fulfill them or let go of them here. Define the point where you have reached enough. Then long for nothing more. Create contentment with your life. “My way to contentment is…”

6. The world of the holy

Above the world of the happy souls lies the world of the enlightened. We become gods and goddesses, enlightened Yogis, Buddhas. We wish for a happy world. We envision the following: “I send light to… (then count as many people as possible and surround them with light and love in your mind’s eye). May all beings be happy. May the world be a happy world.”

7. The Great Transformation

We move our hand to bless the entire cosmos with love and light. We move light into all areas of suffering. We send all suffering beings light. We surround them with light and think of the mantra “I send light to all suffering beings”. We think of all the problems in our lives and surround these problems with light. We hold the mantra “light” in the mind’s eye. We surround our problems with light so long as we can take them and integrate them into our life. We then become masters of our own lives. We can surround all life’s situations with light.

8. Seventh Heaven

We come to the seventh heaven. We visualize a sun with strong energy composed of love and happiness. The hands lay relaxed in the lap. We think of the mantra, “Om sun, love, happiness, light.“ We fill our souls with sun, love, happiness and light and rest in this energy. We enjoy our restful state within the seventh heaven as long as we like.

9. Master Yoga

We connect ourselves with the enlightened masters. We rub the palms of our hands in front of the heart chakra and think, „Om all enlightened masters. I ask for your guidance and help along my way.” We then really feel like we are connected with these enlightened masters. We sense how the mantra triggers the flow of enlightened energy into us which in turn fills us. We feel protected along our way. We are filled with trust and optimism for the future.

10. Return

We move our feet slowly, then stretch and wiggle a bit. We then return to earth and our daily lives. We now are on the way of light and can grow within it.

Is there a Hell


The topic „hell“ is hotly debated. Most people do not believe there is such a thing. The larger religions, however, emphasize its existence. In Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and also in Buddhism, it is taught that there is a hell. How can we find out the truth regarding Hell? What do the people who can travel with their consciousness into the other side say about this? What do the enlightened have to say regarding Hell?

The exact meaning of the term „hell“ is also often discussed. In Buddhism and Hinduism, Hell is considered an plane of energy that exists between earth and paradise. The word “hell” is only another term for the astral world. This description can be confirmed with a look into the history of the word. The word “hel” was originally used to describe the afterlife. One meaning of this word was “to enshroud”. The afterworld is hidden from most people, and only reveals itself to clairvoyants.

When considering the term „hell“ from this perspective, as a thing merely hidden from view, it sounds much less threatening. To go to hell simply means to go to the afterlife. It is already a step up on an emotional level. The individual gets happier. When we look at death more closely, the individual loses the material body and all the suffering which goes with it. The individual loses sickness and bodily injury or handicap.

The afterlife reflects the tendencies one has in the material life on earth. Those who are addicted to some form of enjoyment, or are addicted to attaining more and more material belongings or riches, or are obsessed with rage, fear, or sadness, take these spiritual states with them into the afterlife. These beings are somewhat happier than they were on earth, but not by much. In principle, such individuals stay the same as they were before.

Christianity subscribed to heavily to the term „hell“ in the Middle Ages. From this hell, it was supposed that a realm of fear and torture existed. Christian priests used this angle of fear to motivate their followers to exercise their spirituality. Others used this fear to manipulate from a purely power- driven standpoint, devoid of spiritual gain. This was not just a traditional Christian problem, but also in religious systems such as Hinduism and Buddhism was the concept of a painful afterlife overstated.

This misuse of the term „hell“ should be pushed aside. A bit of nervousness regarding this concept is not such a bad thing as a motivator towards a more spiritual life, but fullblown fear is damaging to a spiritual worldview and hinders the development of a spiritual soul.

Modern near-death research emphasizes light and not darkness. Most experiences with the other side are positive. Only a few who travel to the other side experience a “hell” in the traditional sense. There are, however, reports of experiences with a hell. Also, some enlightened masters have seen this region with their souls in a form of astral journey and have reported their findings.

Is There a Devil?


The Christian faith of the Middle Ages believed the Devil occupied Hell. The Christian image of the Devil was an evil demon who tortured poor souls in his domain. A ruling devil with many lower demons as his minions who tried to tempt the pious from their faith completed this image.

When we look closely at the Bible, we see that the Devil is not discussed very often. Moses reported of a snake who lived in paradise and wound itself around a tree. The snake is the symbol for Kundalini energy in yoga. This snake winds itself around the tree of enlightenment, the middle energy canal. The snake embodies the wisdom of life in the energy of inner happiness, light, and in God.

The snake gave Eve an apple of paradise. The apple had a spherical shape. The sphere is a symbol of unity, of entirety. A person is whole in and of him or herself. He or she has reached a cosmic consciousness. The sphere is the cosmos, the God, in which the enlightened individual lives. In yoga, the concept of the Shivalinga, an oval or spherically shaped form. The Shivalinga is often interpreted as a penis, and this concept is often inferred to be an integrated take on sexuality. This form is found within a shell, which is often interpreted as a vagina. The masculine and the feminine connect in a form of spiritual unity and so reach the enlightenment.

The correctly practiced sexuality is a way to God. The Jewish people in former times were also aware of this. Sexuality and joy in life were important components of their spirituality. The snake in paradise should not be seen as the Devil, but of God who showed humans a lifelong path to spirituality. If Adam and Eve lived positively in their sexuality, they could find a way to happiness. This positive attitude toward sexuality can awaken Kundalini energy and bring the participants to a lasting consciousness in a sort of spiritual paradise.

When we read further in the Bible, we also can see that Jesus Christ was no enemy of sexuality. He taught the principles of a positive relationship and the enjoyment of wine. Differing from John the Baptist, Jesus was a friend of life itself. He knew that people need different ways to get to God. They need positive relationships, which also include joyful sexuality. Some need the way of the monks, who were celibate. Jesus emphasized the way of celibacy more than his Jewish forefathers, but he did not seek to form a completely new religion.

It was only later that Christians demonized the concept of sexuality. They interpreted the snake and the apple of paradise negatively. It began with the apostle Paul who wanted to lead the early Christians to a stronger sense of spirituality and away from worldly life. His high point was achieved via the teachings of Augustinus, in regards to this demonizing of sexuality.

Augustinus lived a life of sexual excess as a young man, and then later on life just as intensively denied his sexuality. He never learned to connect sex with spirituality, or to find a balance between the two. However, today’s Christianity should be able to overcome this mistake. Otherwise, a big opportunity is lost in order to bring about a big step forward in the world in this sense. Part of the tension and inner conflict that needs to be dissolved to achieve spiritual enlightenment includes dissolving sexual tension. In this light, Christianity could take a hint from yoga and Buddhism.

The snake in the Bible is not the devil. Where then is the devil? Jesus spoke of demons. He exorcised demons, drove them out. Demons are souls with many negative characteristics. Generally speaking, good people have more good characteristics, bad people more bad characteristics. Good people become helpful spirits and bad people tend to be more evil-doing, problem causing ghosts.

Despite this tendency, there are still good points in bad people. They are only mislead. Sometimes bad people are considered devils of sorts, but they are not really. They are only poor, lost souls in need of help and guidance. This is exactly the case with malevolent spirits. There is no such thing as a real devil who is a manifestation of absolute evil. This is only a construction of the minds of bored priests.

The Bible refers to a devil who came to Jesus as he sat for forty days in the desert and meditated. Shortly before Jesus came to enlightenment, the devil appeared to him. The devil wanted to stop him from destroying his ego and from attaining the point where he could stay in the light. Before the inner conflict within a person dissolve, they strengthen for a time. A strong feeling of aversion to a spiritual life appears and the worldly pleasures appear for a time to be more important than god. They appear as a large source of confusion and temptation.

With a little imagination, the devil can be imagined. One can see the ego as a sort of inner devil who stops one in the path towards enlightenment. However, this devil is not a being, but a part of the individual’s own self. This is a visualized ego conflict. In the Bible it is described with an image, a presence, but this is not to be taken literally.

In Buddhism, the devil is called Mara. Before he achieved enlightenment, Mara came to Buddha. Buddha reached his hand towards the earth, activated his root chakra, and rid himself of this ego conflict. Mara and his entire army of temptation disappeared. After Buddha triumphed, the light of enlightenment flowed within. With Jesus, it meant that angels came and served him, after he managed to overwhelm his ego.

Friedrich Rittelmeier („Das heilige Jahr“, 1980) says he encountered a being in the other side who he would describe as the devil. The main identifying factor was his pride. The main aspect of such ego-driven individuals is the thought and feeling that they are more important than other people.

Such ego-maniacs see themselves as more important than the rest of the cosmos. This is a larger error. People and the cosmos are not separate from one another. A human cannot exist without the cosmos, but the cosmos can exist without people. God is bigger than the human. The ego-driven individual would like to be bigger than God.

Rittelmeier met just such an ego-driven being in the other side. What do we know of this experience? We know that Rittelmeier found himself in the astral world at this time, and that he met beings typical of the astral world and he assigned the identity of a devil to a normal being there. It is likely that he met a being with an especially strong ego there that made an impression on him so that it was easy to imagine as being the devil, but this was no devil. This was just a spirit with a large amount of negative characteristics.

There is no devil. The building blocks of the cosmos are composed of light. Everything is of God, everything is pure. Mankind can only put the cosmos to false uses. Humans can live out their sexuality falsely and to live out their egos in a poor fashion. People cannot live out their outer tendencies and desires and follow the path of inner happiness at the same time. The right way must be found via truth and love. These characteristics are what bring victory over the inner “devil”. Proceeding on the path to light with love and truth are what bring one to the point of lasting inner happiness.

Rage as Hell


Considered one of the most important accounts of an astral journey is that of Yoga master Muktananda (from „Spiel des Bewusstseins“,1975). During the course of one such astral journey, he encountered a world of darkness separated from other areas of the astral world. Friedrich Rittelmeier also reported that his encountered world was also particularly dark. The two travelers to the other side come from completely different cultural backgrounds, so making the case for the existence of this dark world.

What meaning is to be taken from this place of darkness? In Christianity, hell is considered a kind of prison. It can be described as a cell with iron bars on the windows. In hell, the soul is chained and guarded by demons. We can therefore assume that this place is for particularly bad souls.

Here the souls are said to inherit the bad karma that they collected while on earth. They should improve their standing through these experiences. Through suffering, they should see what pain they inflicted on others.

This place in the astral world is also to protect other souls from the malevolence of particularly bad souls, just as it is thought a prison in the material world functions.

This prison in the astral world is the closest we come to a real „hell“ in the afterworld. The Christian description of hell relates to this astral “prison”.

Only a few especially bad souls are doomed to go there. They are also not doomed to be there forever, but rather only as long as they need to improve their standing and establish more positivity within the soul. Our task as enlightened individuals is to have pity and understanding for these souls.

Depression as Hell


During the course of his astral journey, Muktananda saw that the kingdom of darkness consists of two different worlds. One world is a hell consisting of aggressive beings and the other is full of depressed beings. Both hells are worlds of suffering. The world of depressed souls was found to be especially horrible, and Muktananda needed three days after his experience there to fully recover.

The author of this book also considers the conditions of depression to be the most awful hell. Nils was 31 years old when he was extremely depressed. He freed himself through spiritual exercises and experienced enlightenment for a time. For him to compare these to human conditions of depression and enlightenment were a way of comparing hell and heaven in a sense. It was clear that the point of life was to strive towards enlightenment.

Depression is a prison that a person makes for him or herself. Muktananda reported having seen no guards of any kind, to watch over the souls there. The souls themselves were trapped in a state of darkness through the power of their own negative thoughts. It is difficult to free oneself from chronic depression, and it is like a cycle that keeps a person trapped in his or her own self-defeating thoughts.

Nils was only able to let go of his depression by taking tiny steps under great exertion. Every day he made three little steps to come out of his depression, and fell back two steps. But Nils found the strength and discipline within and he was able to overwhelm his negative thoughts and come out of the depression.

Another believer in the existence of a hell region in the astral world is Teresa von Avila. She lived from 1515 until 1582 in Spain and was an enlightened master of Christianity. She had a similar experience as Nils. She first encountered hell, and then heaven. First, Jesus showed her a vision of hell and then Pedro de Alcantara showed her heaven, reportedly. Teresa von Avila found hell so awful that she wanted to save mankind from it. Her knowledge of hell gave her the power and motivation on her spiritual quest to save her fellow man. She founded the Order of the Carmelite, which still exists today.

Going Through Difficult Times


The consciousness one has before death is what one has ever death. It is therefore taboo to kill oneself in spiritual circles. Those who are depressed should not consider suicide. These individuals should let go of their egos instead of their bodies. Instead of killing oneself or engaging in self-destructive practices, it is instead advised to practice spiritual exercises and to bring the spirit into the light. When one is happy in life, one will also be happy after death.

If a Yogi feels bad, he or she should wait until he or she feels better again before making any important decisions. Before a breakthrough into the light, a period of darkness and depression is often experienced. Those who do not persevere through this time cannot hope to break through into the light. One must not give up during this difficult time.

A Yogi should get help from an enlightened master, and to go the way of wisdom. He or she should consider what is the best way to come to the light. A plan for the development of inner and outer happiness is advised. Motivation and discipline are needed. Everyone has their baggage to carry through life. When we take these burdens on with consciousness and live spiritually, we can lead ourselves into this paradise of spiritual light.

Standing in front of the gate to paradise are four angels with the characteristics strength (symbolized by the lion), wisdom (the eagle), love (symbolized by the human), and finally the sacrifice of the ego (which is embodied by the bull). A spiritual lion perseveres on the spiritual path. A spiritual eagle finds the way no matter what. The spiritual human lives striving for the joy of others and works for love and peace. Along the way, one sacrifices the ego and awakens in light, while thinking positively, dealing positively, and creating positive surroundings.

The Astrahl Jouney


Astral journeys are trips to the other side. The soul, or consciousness energy, leaves the body and goes to the dimension distanced from the material world. The astral journey is considered an important ability of shamans in the various folk groups on the earth. Shamans use spiritual techniques such as music, dance, and meditation to place themselves in a deep state of trance so they can leave their bodies and meet their ancestors. They ask questions about the future, how to heal, or about their purposes in life.

There are people who possess particular abilities regarding astral visitations. One such individual is Robert Allan Monroe. In 1973, Monroe founded an institute in Virginia to research out of body experiences. In 1985, he published the book, “The Second Body“.

Monroe himself had his first out of body experience at the age of 42. While meditating he left his body without having planned on it. As he became aware that he possessed the ability to travel through the astral realm, he began to make systematic trips to the other side. He traveled to other lands and to the world of stars. He met spirits and observed humans from the spirit world.

Some years later, these trips to the other side began to bore him. Then he met an enlightened spirit and his astral journeys became interesting again. This spirit told him that there are thousands of light beings who control the universe as helpers. They send light to those in need of it, and seek to illuminate with truth, love, and happiness.

The light beings gave him a message to take back to his fellow humans which is similar to the message of Jesus Christ: „Blessed are those who seek me out. They will awaken to their true nature and will spread the message of true love and radiate with true light in love. I am peace and I live eternally in the present. I am the light that leads all humans, and I will never abandon them. Leave the worldly way behind, live in truth. My children, remain in light and love”.

Two Ways to Paradise


There are two options to reach paradise, the light dimension in the cosmos. The first option is to visualize a journey through a long tunnel. The second option is to come to this light dimension via deep meditation.

Nils can confirm from personal experience both ways. Through a Kundalini meditation in 1986, he landed in the highest paradise (Satyaloka, the place of highest truth, the rest in God). He raised Kundalini energy, concentrated on it, and felt a warm stream of light climb from the middle of the body to the top of his head. As this stream of light came to his head, a spiritual change took place. His ego consciousness dissolved and Nils found himself in absolute peace, all-encompassing love, and the highest level of joy possible. The thought came to him that he knew the point of life. In this place, he found the true meaning for the terms truth and love.

In 2005, he found himself within a dream on a journey to paradise. The journey is often described in near death experiences as a long tunnel which ends in light. It is also reported that the soul can travel through various dimensions in the afterworld, and make stops in the various locations there.

The journey began with the Kundalini energy channel in the body and over the crown chakra up to the heaven. The starting point is seen as the heart chakra in Tibetan Buddhism. First, the individual has to collect his or her energy within the heart chakra and then to move along the Kundalini channel up to the crown chakra. Then the soul is moved up to the light world, with the aid of the powerful mantras “ah“ or „hri”.

This is not something that should be tried under normal circumstances. As long as you are not willing to die, you should not play with these things. One should only travel so far with his soul as the contact between the soul and the body can be maintained. One comes back into the body, in which one focuses on his body and moves the feet or hands.

To begin his guided dream, Nils envisioned himself as a soul in a large room. The room symbolized the material world. He climbed up a long rope until he came to the entrance of a dark tunnel. Along the way into paradise, Nils met seven black spiders. He caught the spiders in a glass and then continued on his journey. He was able to catch the spiders because he practiced the way of unconditional, all-encompassing love in his everyday life. His all-encompassing love was also extended to spiders. When a spider came from the woods into his house, he would take a jelly jar and catch the spider, then set it free outdoors. The spider’s catch, the way of embracing love, was his ticket to paradise.

The spiders symbolized the seven chakras, which are sitting from the bottom to the top of the Kundalini energy channel (the rope). You can watch the seven spiders as the seven guardians of enlightenment energy. When an individual sacrifices the ego (the aversion to the unpleasant), identifies oneself with the spiders and rescues them, they give him the inner strength that he needs for the climb to Paradise.

The seven spiders escaped into the dark tunnel. Nils followed them, caught them, and his consciousness dissolved for a short time. After he came to, he found himself in a second room. This room was the astral world, the world in between the material cosmos and the world of light. In this middle world, he met his deceased father. His father brought him to the end of the astral world where he found a large window. The window lead to a long walkway, which served as a ladder to heaven through a large lake.

The wooden walkway served as a pathway of cleansing and ego dissolving. A second inner cleansing was required before Nils could go from the astral world into the light world. (In near death experiences, a second tunnel is also sometimes reported.)

The large lake was the paradise. The paradise is a realm of highly concentrated joy-energy in the afterlife. It is a lake of light in which enlightened souls float. In Yoga, a visualization is practiced where the God Vishnu rests in a lake of energy, a lake of milk, atop a snake.

In the middle of the light sea Nils saw a group of holy beings. And these beings saw Nils. Some of the holy beings came to him, and he became a bit anxious. He did not wish to go to paradise just yet, he had a lot to do on earth and so he fled back to his body via the astral world, where he awoke in the material world.

Upon awakening, strong energy flowed through his body. He felt extremely joyful, and experienced peace, love, and happiness. Nils had taken a bit of paradise, a taste of it, back with him to earth. He was certain that he had really come into contact with heaven. The holy on the other side were his Buddhist, Christian, and Hindu spiritual masters. Nils perceived them as enlightened masters from various religions, as a collective.

The Jellyfish Dream


In the year of 2001, Nils saw himself as a jellyfish in a dream. This jellyfish was about to be eaten by a sea spider.The little jellyfish could not escape the spider, as it was stuck between the long legs of the giant spider. In the jellyfish’s state of desperation, it called to God. God gave the jellyfish the mantra “yes” (in German, „Ja“). The little fish thought of the mantra over and over, and went through death in a state of affirmation, constantly repeating the word “yes”.

The black spider killed the jellyfish and the fish continued to think „yes, yes, yes, yes…“ while Nils noticed how his consciousness lapsed. His life disappeared. That was a very unpleasant experience, but through the mantra „yes“, he was able to keep his spirit stabile and positive. He did not get tense in the course of the death experience, and did not lose positive energy.

After his consciousness was extinguished, he moved ahead spiritually. Suddenly, Nils was there again, and everything was light, peaceful and beautiful. The spider was no where to be seen. Nils was in a light dimension of the other side, and he felt good.

After a time, Nils woke up from the dream. He lay in bed again and found himself at home, as a person. He still felt happy though, and that day he took a long walk through trees and fields where flowers grew, as the sun shone on this beautiful day. Nils still had this cosmic consciousness with him from this paradise dream. He felt a large sense of peace, joy, and all-encompassing love for all beings and plants around him. He stayed in this state for three days after the dream.

Nils saw this dream as a gift. In the dream, Nils learned that one can go through death more easily with a mantra. Those who die repeating a positive mantra can land in paradise after death. The knowledge of the death mantra was a saving grace for him. The concept of such is hardly known in the western world. That Nils is able to share this dream, imparted to him by his enlightened masters of the light world, is a great gift.

Everyone must die one day. It is good to have a mantra at hand for this experience. Everyone can choose whichever mantra serves him or her. The mantra “yes” lent power and a sense of relaxation which is useful to go through death. Christians might have a prayer at hand. It is at any rate good to practice this mantra, so that when the time comes, the mantra comes to mind automatically.

Swami Muktananda


One of the enlightened Yogis of recent times is Swami Muktananda, who was born in 1908 and died in 1983. He travelled through India as a spiritual seeker. At age 39, he met Nityananda, a spiritual master. Nityananda guided him through the awakening of his Kundalini energy and recommended he move to a secluded cottage to practice Yoga.

An important technique for meditating Muktananda learned during these times, was to concentrate on his crown chakra. He wound his Kundalini energy around a particular point and could thus spend a long time in a state of meditation. At the same time, Muktananda was able to leave his body with his soul through the crown chakra and to travel through various regions of the other side. After nine years of practice, Muktananda reached a state of enlightenment. This is described in the book “Game of Consciousness”(1975).

Especially fascinating is the account of Muktananda’s journey into the yoga paradise. This paradise is called Siddhaloka or Shivaloka. This is said to be the home of the god Shiva. This is a heaven consisting of mountains, flowers, light, and bubbling springs. Feminine energy resides there too, as the wife of Shiva (also known as Parvati, Gauri, Durga in Hinduism). Siddhaloka is a good place to go to in the course of meditation, an especially good place to visualize.

According to Muktananda, Siddhaloka is the most beautiful of paradises and is filled with the energy of joy and the potential to grow spiritually. Muktananda described exactly how Siddhaloka can be reached. One first enters meditation, concentrates on the crown chakra (here visualized as a blue star). Muktananda then proceeded by flowing into the blue star, where the star brought him into the other side until he reached Siddhaloka. Blue is the color of Shiva and is connected with this god.

Muktananda experienced Siddhaloka as a paradise full of rest and peace. There was joyful blue light everywhere, and Muktananda met many Yogis and Yoginis (Yoginis are female yogis). Siddhaloka has high mountains, green forests and in the middle a lake of seven wise men. The seven ways embody the seven positive characteristics with which one reaches enlightenment. These are wisdom, peace, love, vigor, joy, happiness, and cosmic consciousness.

Every Yogi and Yogini can imagine Siddhaloka his or her own way. The main thing is that this image should activate one’s sense of inner happiness and motivate the yogi or yogini to spiritual practice in order to come to this place of light when it comes time to die. It is helpful to visualize one’s spirit guide.

Nils’ Life as a Yogi

Spiritually, humans can be compared to onions. Tension and conflict must be dissolved layer by layer. When one layer is peeled away, the next quickly appears at the surface until the inner core is revealed. At this point, a lasting inner joy is found, and the Yogi or Yogini lives in light (despite the fact there is still much to be done).

Nils experienced many intense cleansing processes along the path as a Yogi. Heat and cold flooded his body. Fear coursed through his spirit, doubts plagued him. Sometimes he felt dull and inactive. His muscles ticked and relieved themselves of tension.

For many years Nils had to work through his sadness. He grieved for the loss of Helga, Petra, the Eco-woman, the Sex Goddess, and the Yoga Woman. He grieved over his youth, the loss of his career goals, his lonely life and the suffering and rage in general.

Then he returned to his spiritual goals and continued with self-discipline to the way of enlightenment.

The first four years saw a continuous forward progress. After he became used to his new situation, defined his goals, and found the appropriate exercises, many old stressful situations were easier to handle and he returned to his state of happiness.

In his dreams he lived through past exam situations, school stress and negative experiences from his childhood. All these stress situations dissolved and receded. His entire past life’ stress dissolved from his sub-conscious. His soul experienced calm and peace.

In January 1989, Nils dreamt of a small cottage which stood on pillars in the middle of the sea. Then came a storm and the cottage crashed into the sea. The cottage was a symbol of his old self. That old self went under and made room for the experience of inner joy. Nils woke up and perceived the energy of happiness coursing through his body, and felt as though he were swimming in a sea of joy.

In 1990 he wrote a book called “Positive Thinking, Basics and Techniques” from what he had learned. In writing this book, he pushed open the question of how important the life of being is in order to be happy. Who lives in being, can be at peace with life. He lives very relaxed. Such a way of life dissolve well all the internal tension. On the other hand it is on the Yoga Way too important to practice every day consistently. Even the intense spiritual practice is an important way to resolve the tension.

There are two different schools of yoga. One teaching is to live based on existence (Ramana Maharshi, Lao Tzu, Buddha) and the other focuses on the spiritual practice (Swami Shivananda, Sai Baba, Amma, the Dalai Lama). Who is right?

Nils had to answer the question for himself. He busied himself everyday with the question of existence to the point where he continued to consider the question even when asleep. As he woke up in the morning, he was in a deep state of enlightenment. His spirit had solved the problem while he was asleep.

The answer was convincing. Enlightenment, inner happiness, and existence (beeing) are tightly connected. Those who come into a deep state of being reach for enlightenment. Those who let go of all attachments to external things, relaxed so deeply in their soul that enlightenment and inner joy can be found.

One can look at existence as a stage preceding enlightenment. A Yogi or Yogini must first come into being. Then develop enlightenment (the inner happiness) by itself. However, it goes the other not without practicing.

Nils is of the opinion that both teachings are correct. Exercise and practice as well as merely existing are both important along the spiritual path. Each person must go into the self and find out what point at one moment is the most important for him or her. Who is prone to inertia, should emphasize the intense practice. Who is internally restless, should first found to be.

Every type of person needs a special way of approaching stillness and exercise in order to grow optimally along the spiritual path. Nils tends to be a restless person. He is quickly excited by large goals and busies himself quickly with outer goals. He therefore needs to concentrate on rest and relaxation, the cultivation of the self.

But at the same time, Nils tends toward dullness and depression. He therefore needs to practice and exercise himself at the same time. Every day, Nils asks himself what way is the best on that particular day.

In the beginning of the year 1991, Nils visualized an entire cosmos full of happy beings. He wished that all beings on earth would be happy. He identified himself with all beings and their wish for happiness. He thought of the mantra, “ may all beings on earth find happiness”.

He opened his heart to all beings and suddenly he found himself in a dimension of all-encompassing love. The landscape around him changed completely, as all was bathed in light. The thought, “I am love” reverberated throughout. He had never experienced such a strong love. The whole universe was nothing but happiness and love.

Nils reached a point in his endeavors toward enlightenment where such breakthroughs took place frequently. It was a very fascinating, but demanding time. Nils felt inner happiness and cosmic consciousness in his being quite often, and these experiences lasted about an hour at a time. Because of this strong energy, a lot of inner conflict was dissolved, and a difficult process of spiritual purification took place.

When these bouts of depression appeared, Nils then practiced spiritual exercises, went for walks, and read spiritual books. He lay in bed and meditated for hours, until the inner turmoil receded. He sometimes also ate sweets or watched television.

The first half of 1992 was a very difficult time. Nils lived a constant roller coaster ride, where he experienced extreme joy and extreme suffering. This constant change took its toll on his energy. Although he rejoiced in the experience, he was glad when the large fluxes of energy calmed over time. He felt the huge wells of joy less often, but also experienced the difficult phases less often, for which he was quite relieved.

The autumn of 1992 saw the process of spiritual purification come to a smoother and more consistent phase. Nils attributed this to the fact that he went about this in a more gentle fashion.

Secondly, he created a routine to live by with which he could avoid these periods of depression and negativity. He combined the purification and recovery periods with one another.

In December 1995, another difficult period began. Intense energy coursed through his body, and he could scarcely sleep at night and was dull and not well-rested during hte day.

The last major period of spiritual cleansing was in March 2003. In a short amount of time, a lot of inner conflict dissolved. Nils felt as though he was being electrocuted, and was so warm he did not need blankets at night despite the winter cold.

After four weeks, the cosmos turned off the electricity, so to speak. Nils needed a week to recover. Afterwards, he ate a lot of cake. Then he felt good again.

The Five Duties


Inner joy appears in a person when the conflict in body and soul have been dissolved. Buddha developed a very simple yet genius practice. This consisted of “sitting, going, and thought practice.” When one varies one’s activities between sitting and being on the go, the inner conflict and tension can be done away with.

When a person only sits, the spirit becomes dull and listless. Routine movement makes the spirit clear and keeps the body healthy and gives the person inner energy. If you only go, the mind is restless. Inner happiness comes from inner peace. If the body is kept very quiet, well you can get into deeper dimensions of meditation.

Meditation can be practiced either in a sitting position or lying down. Some people can meditate better when sitting, others when lying down. Those who fall asleep easily when lying down, should meditate by sitting. Those who cannot sit straight for a long time should practice meditation lying down.

In addition to periods of sitting and relaxing in combination with movement, working with the thoughts is important in getting rid of inner conflict. A Yogi or Yogini should develop his or her thoughts with love, wisdom, and self-discipline. He or she should learn to bring the thoughts into stillness, until the thoughts are always tranquil. Then he or she only thinks when thinking is required.

Nils has developed this basic model of stress resolution in the way of the five activities.The five activities according to Nils are: lying down (or sitting and meditating), reading, movement (such as exercise and yoga), doing good for others (work), and to enjoy life. These five duties should be practiced in varying amounts, in the right balance, and are an effective way to get rid of inner conflict.

Nils divided his meditation into two levels. The first level consisted of purifying himself through visualizations, mantras, and breath exercises to activate his Kundalini energy. Then he stopped all thoughts. His spirit came entirely to rest. Then he rested and let the thoughts and feelings come and go as they would.

The second important task for those seeking enlightenment is reading. Reading spiritual books helps to cleanse the spirit by helping let go of inner conflict. Everyone can read books to obtain spiritual inspiration. There are thousands of spiritual books available.

Another duty of those seeking enlightenment is movement, particularly cardiovascular sports such as walking, running, biking, swimming. Yoga is also a good form of movement. Even the Dalai Lama rides a stationary bike every day, for a half an hour. Swama Shivananda likes to take walks. There are appropriate exercises for everyone. Yogis living in caves developed the very well-known sun salute, for example.

The fourth duty is that of Karma yoga. Nils refers to this as “doing good”. Karma yoga opens the heart, gives inner power, and develops the consciousness towards all-encompassing love. Karma yoga can be practiced one to six hours per day. Swami Shivananda recommended one hour, while Sai Baba is for six. Nils found three to four hours per day to be a good amount for him.

Karma yoga can also be practiced by working people, but of course money is needed to exist in today’s world. The best situation is when one is not required to work full-time. Realistically, one should balance the demands of work with a low-stress attitude and practice Karma yoga when possible.

The fifth duty consists of enjoying life. We should live our lives in a way that facilitates a long term commitment to a spiritual life. We should bring joy into our lives, open our hearts, and bring light in. Everyone is predisposed towards something. You can listen to music every day, eat something delicious, read a good book, watch an excellent movie, find time for your favorite creative hobbies, and so forth.

It is important though, to pay attention to the amount with which we busy ourselves with enjoyment. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing, too little makes life dull. Also, too much direct contact with other people during the development of inner happiness should be avoided. A yogi should find out how much contact with others is good for him or her.

At a certain point, physical rest can cause the energy of a person to go inward. The person no longer has to direct oneself towards outer activities, and puts more worth on the inner spiritual cleansing, the dissolving of inner conflict, and the development of inner happiness. A yogi then no longer needs to put so much effort into the process of spiritual exercise, rather remains in a state of spiritual and physical rest.

This turning point must be discovered by each yogi for him or herself. It is difficult to find and difficult to hold onto. Life energy tends toward an excess of activity or towards dullness. Both need to be avoided with daily exercised self-discipline.

When we keep inner calm, inner happiness appears. We can develop our true selves, and our sense of life. We land in a lasting life of light. We live in unity with God and with cosmic consciousness.

According to Swami Shivananda, enlightenment occurs via relaxation, practice, and love. When a Yogi or Yogini lives in an area of peace, he or she is already halfway there. The second half is tackled with spiritual practice. In order to pass through the gate to a life in light, all-encompassing love must be at the heart of the seeker of enlightenment. When a Yogi lives for the happiness of others, then the ego can be dissolved. When the ego disappears, the person is in light. Individuals who reach this point relax so deeply into their souls that the energy of happiness awakes from within.

The Spiritual Daily Schedule


For Nils, the spiritual daily schedule is a central technique on the path to light. This is based on letting go of tension in the body and soul.

When we live and practice spiritual exercises for the body and mind everyday, then we will reach enlightenment. The number of hours required on a daily basis to attain a life in the light (in happiness) varies from person to person, and their situation and abilities.

Nils meditates for six hours and goes for an hour walk twice a day. He practices Yoga for an hour and reads a spiritual book for one hour. He also works towards the happiness of others three to four hours per day.

He exercises constantly. He divides these spiritual exercises in a way that enables him to constantly undergo the inner purification process. If we meditate before going to sleep, meditation continues while sleeping. When we work in a state of relaxation, work becomes a type of meditation. Eating, sleeping, working, and even watching TV are Yoga exercises for Nils.

Nils spiritual techniques are simple. They consist of walking, reading, helping others, and lying in bed. Everyone can do that. The secret here is the right application of the right technique at the right moment. You can lie in bed, read, and take walks in a way that only causes you to feel dull and lazy. This is often the case for the unemployed and elderly around the world, and thus is their suffering the greater.

Yogis know when they need which technique. When the body is dull and lacking energy, the Yogi goes for a walk. When he or she feels restless, he or she practices Yoga or meditates. When the spirit seems to rebel against the spiritual way, a book on spiritual topics helps to bring back the conviction towards enlightenment.

A Yogi senses the inner conflict and uses the proper techniques to dissolve the tension. That is usually what the body and soul wants the least at that moment. Wherever the neurotic tendency to feel repelled towards something is usually the way to the light.

On the other hand, we need to sometimes give the body and soul what they would like, otherwise tension is built. The way to happiness requires a lot of wisdom and inner sensitivity.

Nils begins his day with a positive attitude and assessment of the day, to get himself situated. Which exercises does he need in which order? What should be emphasized? If he feels dull, he emphasizes exercises to activate himself. If he feels restless, he emphasizes rest.

He asks himself, ”What do I need today? What do I want today?” He builds an image of the day in his mind in a positive way. Then he places a statue of a spiritual role model on his window sill.

Nils also heeds his inner voice as he asks for spiritual guidance. He asks, “What is right at the moment? What is the way of truth? What occurs to me at the moment?” He asks for guidance in the form of prayer of some enlightened master.

With the daily master yoga, people can win on the spiritual path. Anyone can achieve the goal of enlightenment. Anyone can go to paradise. He only has to go with an enlightened master of his choice (Buddha, Jesus, Patanjali connect …). The master he will come up with the right thoughts and steer him in the right direction.

Nils thanks the founder of the Tibetan tradition of Buddhism, Padmasambhava for guidance along the way to inner light. “Whenever you doubt or hesitate along the path to enlightenment, pray to your enlightened master. Then follow the inner voice to your inner wisdom. Then you will hear the voice of your master. When you take heed, you will be victorious along the spiritual path.”

The Way of All-Encompassing Love


The way of all-encompassing love gives life a deeper meaning. It gives the power to overcome barriers and burdens. The vision of a happy world provides motivation in a life as a Yogi. When Nils doesn’t feel like practicing Yoga, he fills his practice with the motivation of a happier world. He connects himself with suffering beings in the world and gets energy that way.He sends light to particular people everyday. He does this until his heart is open. Then he sends love to all beings, and finds happiness.

When we facilitate the desire for a better world, then we grow further towards enlightenment. The secret to this wish is the connection from the inner to the outer world. We are not spiritually separated from other beings. Their happiness or lack thereof affects us. When we visualize other beings as happy, then we also feel happy.

Those who foster and encourage this goal to a happy world creates positivity within. When we send light to all beings, then one day light will come through to our souls. When we do something good for the world, the world will reward us with a positive psyche.

But there is a danger along the path of unconditional, all-encompassing love. We can overwhelm ourselves and work too hard and have no energy left for happiness. A karma yogi must practice equally rooted in love and rest and balance rest with activity. A karma yogi must take care of him or herself, as it is impossible to take care of others unless the self is cared for. Furthermore, a path of exhaustion only leads to burn-out, not enlightenment.

The Dalai Lama explains, “live balanced by helping and by meditating.“ Jesus said, “love God and love your neighbor.” (Meaning, practice spiritually for the development of the self and help others.) Swami Shivananda said, “love, serve, give, meditate, purify, and realize your true self.”

Sai Baba said, “helping hands are holier than lips which pray.“ Those who work towards happiness for all beings is holier than the yogi who only searches for self-enlightenment. Sai Baba taught balance and the connection between personal practice and all-encompassing love. He recommended six hours per day of helping the fellow man, six hours per day of meditation, six hours per day to enjoy life, and six hours of sleep.

Today, Indian yoga, Buddhism, and Christianity can be brought together to the way of all-encompassing love. It is very important to live for and work for a better, happier world. Bringing these three spiritual teachings together can be helpful in facilitating that.

There are two great goals a human can have. He or she can seek enlightenment or work towards a happier world. At best, we combine the two.

In 1991, the Dalai Lama initiated Nils into Tibetan divinity Yoga and in 1998 into the way of all-encompassing love (Bodhisattva initiation, Avalokiteshva/Chenrezig). Nils could feel the energy of the Dalai Lama flow into his crown chakra. Later on, the Dalai Lama appeared to him often in dreams and presented helpful teachings to him.

The most important aspect of the teachings of the Dalai Lama is that humans are like one big family and that we need to be responsible for the earth and each other in order for peace and love to exist in this world.

Amma Embraces the World


Amma was born in 1953 in India. She was said to have been born with a big smile on her face, in contrast to most babies who are born crying. Her full spiritual name is „Mata Amritanandamayi“, which means “mother of bliss-energy”. She began her spiritual journey at the age of five, praying to Krishna everyday.

Amma had a difficult childhood. She was beaten and forced to work extremely hard. Despite this suffering, she never swayed from her spiritual path. It only served to strengthen her conviction.

While working, she repeated Mantras silently and found enlightenment at the age of 17. At first her enlightenment was unstable, but with the age of 22, the light flowed into her being. She became a Buddha as she developed this full state of enlightenment.

Her inner voice told her to help everyone on earth to follow the spiritual path to self-realization, to become a sort of mother of all beings. She taught the way of all-encompassing love, meditation, and yoga. She explained that a master is needed for most people to have success along the spiritual path.

Amma built up an extensive humanitarian organization in India. She financed schools, universities, and hospitals. She also set up an organization for single mothers which gave enough money for them to live, which is quite extraordinary in India.

Amma also engaged herself in the efforts towards equality for men and women. She renewed the Brahma cult. Brahma is the Indian god of wisdom. Equal to his side is Brahmani, the priestess of the comprehensive love. She is also called Sarasvati, the goddess of science, arts and creativity. Amma was a living proof of the ability women possess to achieve enlightenment, equal to that of men.

In the year of 2002 Amma was awarded the Gandhi-King prize from the UNO. In her speech she said , “real leadership doesn’t consist of domination, rather than the service of people with love and empathy.” At the World Parliament of Religions in 2004 in Barcelona she added, “love is our true self. Love and empathy are the essence of all religions. For this reason, it is unnecessary to compete or fight”.

She said that in today’s world people suffer from two kinds of inadequacy. The first is a lack of nourishment, and the second is a lack of love. We need to overcome both types of poverty. In order to fight wars, people spend billions. If only a small portion of that could be invested in peace and harmony, all the hunger and poverty in the world could be overcome. More than a billion people on earth suffer from hunger and poverty. That is actually the biggest enemy of mankind. When we develop love in ourselves, then we can really defeat the enemy that is suffering and misery.

Amma travels every year around the world, and has been doing this since 1987. She gives everyone her Darshan, her blessing. Her particular spiritual method consists of hugging people. She shows everyone that they are loved. She makes love tangible. “Let’s concentrate on what we can give, and not what we can get from others, then we can experience happiness and fulfillment in life”.

Nils first read about Amma in 2001 in a Yoga publication. He saw her smiling photograph and was immediately enthused. He then felt spiritually connected with Amma. He had the feeling that she was with him although she had never appeared to him in a dream. Nils learned to not expect a personal master to appear to followers in their dreams, but that the connection is there anyway.

In December 2005, the film “Darshan“ was released. “Darshan” means the transfer of blessings. A full Darshan consists of the three elements of seeing, hearing, and touch. Seeing means to see an enlightened master through photos, films, or the direct appearance of such a holy being. Hearing is conveyed through the teachings of the enlightened, perhaps in the form of a book or lecture.

The deciding factor is touch. One has to feel touched, affected by the holy. Through the inner touch, you are one with the master and receive his or her blessing.

Nils took the subway to the cinema in Hamburg, bought a ticket and sat down in the theater. He experienced a strong spiritual energy as the film began. At first, he was endlessly sad about the suffering in the world. He thought, “how can it be that one person has enough to eat, and another doesn’t?!” He also mulled the point in his mind that the “devil” in the minds of humans seems to grow, and that we need a spiritual turning point to change the world from one of suffering and destruction to one of love and peace.

Then Nils experienced a deep state of bliss, as happiness energy filled him. Amma’s spiritual presence had permeated Nils through the film, and had blessed him. This helped a door of happiness to open in him, and his Kundalini energy was activated. She had given him a real Darshan.

Darshan of Mother Meera


Mother Meera lives in Germany as an enlightened master. She was born on December 26, 1960 in India and married a German man in 1982. Today she lives near Frankfurt, where visitors can visit her on the weekend and receive her blessing, free of charge. Her address can also be found on the Internet.

Mother Meera said, „do your work, and stay where you live. Pray to God. I will help you. On the backs of humans there is a white line from head to toe. This line is thinner than a hair. This line sometimes becomes knotted, but the enlightened can help to untangle these knots. When I hold your head, I undo these knots. I also do away with other obstacles in the way of your spiritual practice. I look through your existence and see where I can help, heal, and give the strength needed.”

Nils recommends that every Yogi receive the blessing of an enlightened master at least once in his or her lifetime. A Darshan is an important part of the purification process along the spiritual way, and as this enlightened energy is transfered, it can one day be transformed into grace for the recipient of it.

Mother Meera empasizes the unity of all religions and the individual path of every person. Everyone may follow the spiritual path that fits him or her. Mother Meera lived in the Ashram (a place to practice spiritually) belonging to Shri Aurobindo. Aurobindo was one of the more well-known Indian holy people of the modern day. He taught integrative Yoga, which connects meditation with Karma Yoga.

Mother Meera offers light and blessings in peace as a gift to all people. To visit her and receive her blessings is free of charge. When she first started opened her doors, only a few people came. It did not take long, though, for her to become a central figure for the followers of Eastern style spirituality in Germany.

2009 Nils met Mother Meera in Hamburg. As soon as he decided to receive her blessing, he felt a strong, energetic connection. He felt this meeting would be a sort of pilgrimage to Mother Meera.

On the day of the meeting, there was already a very long line of people gathered at 1:30 p.m. outside of the Mozart Hall near the University of Hamburg. He first met a member of his Yoga group, Regina, who thanked Nils as he was responsible for introducing her to the teachings and life of Mother Meera. He was happy to see a familiar face at the event.

Mother Meera walked into the room and sat down in front of the podium. She was dressed in a blue sari, which contrasted with her black hair. She came across as gentle and calm. She simply sat down, and the people present gathered closer.

Mother Meera had no introduction. Her way is simply to personally touch the temples, look into the crown chakra, and then the eyes. She reminded Nils of Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Ma), who hugs anyone and everyone.

Nils found it interesting, how cool and calm the people in Hamburg at this event were. There were just over a thousand people waiting in a hall for a few hours. They waited patiently, received their blessing, and went home. They did not seem to think much was out of the ordinary. There did not seem to be any special, remarkable energy in the hall.

The first time Nils had a Darshan 2006 with Mother Meera, the atmosphere was much different. In the chamber in the castle in Balduinstein, a meditative calm permeated with the energy of doubt was present. In Hamburg the people doubted little, and Nils expected doubt, as most people in the western world who are strongly tied to the materialistic cosmos tend to doubt the authenticity of the spiritual experience. It would not be so far-fetched to expect people to doubt or be shocked by such a “godly” individual as Mother Meera, but the people there in Hamburg were not. They accepted it.

What is a godly person? Nils considers such people enlightened masters. A godly person lives in another dimension. They live with a portion of their spirit in the lightworld of God and possess the abilities of the people on earth. Those who think of such holy people can be seen by the holy people no matter where they are. Jesus and Buddha were such people. If Jesus or Buddha were to visit the masses in a city like Hamburg or New York, people would be excited and behave perhaps as if a rock star had come to town.

As Nils received his blessing, he was also rather cool. He expected nothing but to be touched and to be looked upon. He used the opportunity to look at Mother Meera, and saw a gentle, middle-aged Indian woman who personally touches thousands of people.

The real amazing thing occurred at the beginning of the event. Nils sat in his seat in the twentieth row on the left, and as Mother Meera came in and began with the blessings he looked at her. From her heart emanated a stream of energy. This energy beam dissolved the tension and conflict in his heart chakra and he cried for a half an hour. The tears ran over his face and he felt connected with Mother Meera. The real Darshan was this energy beam.

The situation reminded him of his initiation with the Dalai Lama. He received two initiations. One was through the heart chakra of the Dalai Lama in 1991 and the second was a flow of energy to his crown chakra in 1998. With Mother Meera it was the same, but first she cleansed his crown chakra in 2006 and then his heart chakra in 2009. The crown chakra stands for peace and enlightenment. The heart chakra is the center of all-encompassing love.

After the Darshan, Nils bought a large photo of Mother Meera and some incense. He made a special appreciation ritual at home by hanging her photo in his room, kneeling before the photo and lighting the incense. He connected with her spiritually every day and lived by her example.

The ability of the omnipresence of a fully enlightened individual is difficult to understand. However, in his years as a Yogi, Nils has experienced the ability of the enlightened to communicate with people who are physically at a large distance.

The great teaching of Mother Meera is the daily master yoga (the daily association with one or all enlightened masters). If you are connected through a spiritual book, a prayer, a meditation or an oracle every day with the enlightened masters, you are positively guided through the life and led into the light.

The 85th Birthday of Nils’ Mother


The big birthday party! Nils’ mother turned 85. Nils celebrated with her and her friends in a restaurant. The guests were seven old ladies, the majority of whom were over the age of 80 and had some sort of prosthetic body part. If you don’t have a new hip, you can’t really talk about illness and injury.

It was chaotic. One woman couldn’t find the way to the restaurant. She was 70 years young and had some difficulty seeing and had driven too far. She called a member of the group and asked for directions. Nils described the way and told her the exact name of the location, which she quickly forgot.

She arrived fifteen minutes later at the apartment belonging to Nils’ mother. There was no one there, of course. The group sat in the restaurant and waited for her. The restaurant was only a few yards away from the apartment. This was too difficult for her, and she drove home instead.

Nils’ mother sat nervously for a half an hour, constantly looking out the window and asking when her friend would arrive. Nils told her she wasn’t going to show up, and finally the old ladies turned their attention to the topic of his mother’s birthday.

They ordered food, and as they were at a Greek restaurant, Ouzo was given to the guests. The more inebriated the old ladies got, the happier and louder they got.

Most of the old ladies in her circle of friends suffered from loneliness. They had all been married, but old men tend to die earlier then old women, leaving the wives alone. But Nils’ mother had spirit, and gave joy and meaning to the lives of her friends.

Nils visits his mother once a month, but hadn’t met most of her friends. Her 85th birthday was a good opportunity to meet her friends. Sooner or later, nature would take its course and some of her friends would celebrate in heaven, rather than with the group on earth in a Greek restaurant.

As the topic of elderly happiness and contentment interested Nils, he asked the old ladies about the way to a positive aging process. As long as they had the energy, they could still do a lot of things on a regular basis. But when sickness appears it is difficult to move around, and then difficult to remain positive. At that point, visiting friends and family is very important. For this reason, Nils tries to live healthy. Such a lifestyle keeps a person youthful longer.

Nils wishes the elderly would take more interest in the topic of spirituality. The development of inner happiness would give their lives a deeper meaning and help them through the difficult times. Unfortunately, most of the old ladies in his mother’s circle of friends were not spiritual. They did not believe in God, and didn’t want to hear about enlightenment.

Fortunately, Nils’ mother had a spiritual role model. She admired Sai Baba and read a spiritual book every day. She did not practice intensive spiritual exercises, as she loved her worldly life too much. Despite this, she practiced a form of Yoga daily, and therefore would receive help from the spirit world upon dying. According to the teachings of Yoga, there is a law of karma in the universe. The more one practices spiritually, the larger the positive harvest on the other side. Never lose your spiritual way!

The Great Atheist Debate 2009

An atheist discussion took place in June 2009 in Germany with the thesis, “there is with certainty no God”. There was an accompanying forum online, with which Nils took part in the debate.

„“Dear friends, here is Yogi Nils. I am known as the crazy Yogi. I have a middle standing between atheists and Christians. I see myself as a friend of both. There is a God and God can be scientifically proven to exist. The big discussion regarding the scientific proof of God is taking place already in the ecological forum Utopia. There isn’t an atheist on earth who can win the argument against the existence of God.

From my point of view, Christians and atheists both are correct, and incorrect, in part. God is a term of speech from the world of experience of the enlightened (holy beings, developed philosophers), which an unenlightened individual cannot really conceive of. It can be compared to the situation where someone talks about love who has never really been in love or loved.

So don’t fight too much. To talk about God a bit, can be helpful in finding oneself. But to really know and understand God, can only be achieved after years of spiritual practice. The enlightened generally have a good sense of humor, it is good to be able to laugh at oneself. I love it when people laugh about how crazy I am. I work in a world of egoism and self-addiction toward the goal of a harmonious life on earth for all beings. I wish love, peace, and wisdom where war, hate, and senselessness reign. I am totally crazy.”

Sven and Nils


Quote from Sven: Hello Nils, I am a neurobiologist and I work as a brain researcher in Bonn.

Nils: Hello, Sven, I am the little, unimportant Yogi Nils.

Sven: As no one in this forum can prove my point incorrect, I see that as indication for the instability of the argument in favor of the ability to prove the existence of God in a scientific manner.

Nils: I propose renaming God Sven. Sven is so clever, that he already knows that no one can prove him wrong. The proof is so strong that Sven is God. Sven is all-knowing and all-powerful.

Sven: The harrowing topic is at hand, that the point of life is not very deep or complex. Why do we exist? Because our cells have formed themselves into a functioning system which can reproduce. What do we learn from this? Live your life, have children, plant a tree, and dream with the media about forming settlements on other planets.

Nils: Dear Sven, dream on. When you are shallow, you don’t need to worry about other humans. I don’t dream of settling outer space, rather of a world full of happiness. I dream of a world of fairness, where resources are divided fairly so that people have enough to eat, can live happily together and live in a healthy environment.

Sven: I assume love is a relatively primitive emotion which earlier forms of life have developed. There is no reason to believe that love is anything but a bodily phenomenon. We are driven by this strong physical reaction to be unable to form objective opinions on the topic.

Nils: Dear Sven, it is a shame if love is merely a physical experience for you. When your judgement is clouded by physical occurrences, that is a shame for you, but it is not the case for all beings. Love is not just sex! Humans who are more developed, and not stuck in an earlier way of living, can feel love as coming from the heart. Love is spiritual.

Sven: It is clear that religion is important for the structuring of social situations among humans.

Nils: Religion can be misused through the malevolent goal to gain control over other people. Real religion leads to enlightenment. This is the center of spirituality. The abuse of religion and the manipulation of others through religion is NOT the center of spirituality. We should all consciously avoid the abuse of religion. This is where I find connections with atheists, humanistically engaged scientists, and spiritual individuals very important for this reason.

Sven: It is often stated that God gives emotions to people, which manifest themselves in the brains of the believers. To the contrary, emotions come from the neurons in the brains of humans.

Nils: Dear Sven, I am an undogmatic Yogi and not a fundamentalist. I can prove your irrefutable statements wrong. Humans consist of material brain and soul (or consciousness energy). Material can influence emotions through nerve cells, but the soul can also influence thoughts and feelings. In the astral word, it is possible to think and feel without a material body.

Spiritual experiences can be summoned with the use of drugs. This is often practiced in Indian Yoga. I don’t use drugs because a considerable negative impact on health is also associated with drugs, and it is impossible to reach lasting enlightenment this way.

Enlightenment experiences such as inner bliss, ecstasy, trance techniques can also be found using such methods as drumming, music, mantras, through sex (Tantric Yoga), dancing, and so on. In Yoga, the body is used as an instrument to reach higher planes of consciousness. Enlightenment can also be found using material processes on the brain. The way to enlightenment using meditation and thought work is the best in the long run.

Sven: „Spirituality“ and „closeness to God“ occur as a result of excessive emotional processes in the brain. This can be connected with trance states that occur when large groups of people gather (such as a group prayer at the Vatican), or visits to night clubs (dancing) or when experiencing an orgasm.

Nils: It’s not as simple as you think. Humans are not machines. People consist of material bodies and souls. Brain research has not taken into consideration the findings of quantum physics, near death research, parapsychology, or the experiences of the enlightened themselves. Brain research has not solved the riddle of consciousness.

The reality of a material brain does not address the existence of further dimensions. This does not take into consideration whether a higher consciousness (a soul or quantum field) exists. The findings of near death research, parapsychology, quantum physics and reincarnation research come closer to solving this puzzle, not to mention the statements made by the enlightened themselves.

Brain research concerns the material mind. It can therefore only make educated statements on the material brain. Statements about God and enlightenment from a neurobiologist are shaky, especially when said neurobiologist knows little to nothing about enlightenment and higher consciousness.

Sven: Religion and science are definitely not compatible with one another.

Nils: Separating religion and science from one another is a very dangerous road to take. There are plenty of flaws in spirituality which can only be discovered through scientific speculation and study. Furthermore, there are many scientists who are very helpful in enriching our knowledge base concerning spirituality. On this note, I could refer to the research efforts of parapsychologists. With such research we can reveal phony clairvoyants, for example, as the swindlers they are.

Psychology, philosophy, and theology are also schools of science. Would you seek to ban all forms of spiritual science from the universities? For you, only natural science appears to be science. It seems in your world, you are the only scientist who exists.

Sven: I can assure you that in serious brain research “enlightened” individuals with “extraordinary abilities” are not subjects of research.

Nils: And then the serious researchers declare their positions regarding God. They don’t bother to look into the topic of enlightenment, and then persist that there is no such thing as God. That seems to be not all too serious to me. Good that you can assure me you have not the faintest idea about enlightenment.

Sven: Nils, you claim energy is multi-dimensional. Do you have references for that? Do you have direct proof that God exists?

Nils: Sven, as a „serious“ brain researcher, you refuse to bother with enlightenment. The ability to sense energy is an ability of the enlightened. This ability often appears quite early along the spiritual path. Perhaps you’ve heard of the concept of the aura or have seen pictures of the saints in Christianity, or the holy in Buddhism or Hinduism. They are often depicted with an aura above the head and around the body in paintings.

The aura is an energy field around the enlightened. The energy field (or consciousness field) is multi-dimensional. It consists of multiple levels. An enlightened individual can deal and affect change on various levels (thoughts and feelings can be sensed and sent to others).

I stress the point that the concept of God is a term from the world of the enlightened. An enlightened being experiences God as energy, as light and happiness, all around. As long as brain research in Germany excludes enlightenment from their subjects of research, they cannot make serious statements regarding the existence or non-existence of God. It would be necessary for a researcher to come to enlightenment himself if he wishes to understand God.

Klaus the Physicist


Klaus: I consider Yogi Nils to be a nice guy with good intentions.

Nils: Thanks. I believe you are also an honest person.

Klaus: I also believe that it is possible for people to reach a real state of happiness.

Nils: Wonderful. You have a bit of enlightenment already. Now, you only need to confirm that happiness is an important goal in life for most people and that it would be good to work towards a happy world. Then we could really be friends.

Klaus: My argument is that you deliver the classic circular argument: there is enlightenment because enlightened report that it exists. It is only to be experienced by the enlightened.

Nils: Enlightenment was measured and studied by US brain researchers, as I have already written. In addition, there are many witnesses for enlightenment. Witness statements are valid forms of proof for the reality of enlightenment. Therefore, I don’t express myself in the form of circular reasoning, you turn yourself in spiritual circles. To be enlightened is to experience the proof of its existence. It concerns finding out exactly what enlightenment is. This is what science should research in order to clarify remaining questions about the reality of God.

Klaus: Regarding the higher dimensions: in principle, there are four proven dimensions. Three consist of space, one is time. Every postulated dimension correlates to a mathematical construction which gives us known concepts we can work with. There is no possibility to prove the existence of a fifth, sixth, or further dimensions.

Nils: I have already said that. It is a theory. Anyway. It is very nice to see the way modern physics have developed.

Klaus: The only known physicist who conducted a meanignful experiment in the 80s was Alain Aspect. The publication of his results emerged in 1982. He performed an experiment that showed that the Einstein-Podolski-Rosen effect could be real. Einstein had such problems with quantum mechanics and basically reduced it to absurdity. He needed one of his famous thought experiments, in which he had to exchange information between limited quantum objects and theories relating to achieving velocity over the speed of light. This was difficult to achieve. The experiment from Aspect showed that this was however the case. I still must ask, what does Aspect have to do with cosmic consciousness? The experiment of Aspect says nothing about higher dimensions.

Nils: Many physicists see that considerably different. I have already quoted the former head of the Max-Plank-Institute Prof. Dürr. I could also add Walter of Lucadou (ARD), Amit Goswami, Volker Becker and many others. My assumption is that there is a connection between higher fields of information (quantum fields, a higher dimension) and enlightenment consciousness. It should be researched further if we want to answer questions relating to God and consciousness.

Klaus: Your argument is that God can only be discussed by those who have personally experienced him. You can believe and assume, Yogi, but you cannot prove.

Nils: You should first read my text thoroughly. “God is a concept of experience of the enlightened.” That can be proven with the holy books of the major religions and the statements of the enlightened.

Klaus: I can also make the claim that experiences of God are hallucinations that come as a result of our own complex bodily chemistry, such as from drugs, sex, or trance. What is your response to that?

Nils: We’ve already discussed that. Enlightenment can be created through drugs, sex, or trance techniques. It is also practiced quite often in Indian yoga.

What can I say to that? Humans consist of material bodies and brains as well as souls (consciousness energy). Both can exist independently of one another, according to near-death research and the experiences of the enlightened. Enlightenment is therefore capable of being created via the world of material. But it can also be achieved with consciousness work (thought control and meditation). It can also come from a higher plane of consciousness, such as from God or gurus.

In the end, there is a higher field of consciousness that I would call spiritual energy. It is depicted in paintings as an aura around the head and body. Scientific research has only begun to consider this. I recommend further research. Today’s science should take on the topic of enlightenment if it wants to clear up the question regarding God’s existence.

Klaus: I can’t comment on the topic of near-death experiences as I don’t have the background there. I certainly wish there was something there.

Nils: You should definitely get acquainted with near-death research. It possesses the best chances for understanding the phenomenon of a consciousness independent of the physical body.

Brain Research


(Translated from the German Wikipedia article on near-death experiences): The case of Pam Reynolds is well-known from television documentaries. While Reynolds was a patient undergoing brain operation, various instruments were used to measure her brain activity while she was under the influence of anesthetics, and other brain activity slowing and numbing substances and techniques. The eyes of the patient were shut, and the ears blocked. Reynolds reported afterwards to have observed the operation while floating above her body and the scene of operation below. She gave details as to the discussion that went on, and could carefully describe the instruments and their application.)

Sven: Brain wave measurement is a complex and difficult undertaking. There are weak electromagnetic signals which need to be measured through thick, bone, ligament, hair, and cartilage. That researchers weren’t able to measure anything in this case is no surprise.

Nils: Your argument is incorrect. The near death researchers are not stupid. They researched thoroughly and came to the conclusion that no brain waves came through. With that statement, I refer to the researchers, such as Pim van Lommel from Holland and Sam Parnia of the University of South Hampton.

Sven: The brain cannot be emptied entirely. This would cause permanent and irreversible damage and could cause the patient to be mentally handicapped, and definitely not in the position to talk about God. At any rate, it is not noteworthy that patients under the influence of anesthetics can follow discussions during their operations. Even with blocked ears, patients can hear via the vibrations of the skull cap.

Nils: Your argument is not convincing. I do not believe that one can hear all of the details of a discussion with a skull cap and to see the details of an operation with eyes closed, particularly as a good supply of blood has been cut off from the brain.

I will admit that there was still blood present in the brain, as you stated. I have already explained that her brain was not entirely dead during the operation.

I have established that with ears blocked, it would be very difficult to follow a discussion only through the vibrations of a skull cap. Perhaps you have a very special skull cap. I would gladly have this, then I wouldn’t need ears anymore. This would be a very important medical development for those hard of hearing. Where can I find such a skull cap? Or do you only get one when you become a brain researcher?

Even more amazing is that you can see with eyes shut. You are probably God, as I have already concluded. You must have a super brain.

Karl Quark: I am not a biologist, but I know that the brain cannot be shut off. The body can only be slowed and cooled to the point where circulation is slowed considerably, but it is still intact. The oxygen present is not sufficient for normal purposes. The same goes for the deceased. Even when the blood stops pumping, the circulation continues for a time so long as oxygen remains in the blood.

Nils: The oxygen theory is scientifically refuted. The theory regarding hormone secretion has also been refuted. It has been established that brain waves did not flow. The ears were plugged and the eyes shut. How should a person observe things in a room when the brain, the ears, and the eyes have all been shut down?

The only explanation for this is the separation of the consciousness from the body. The soul observed the operation from above. Even you as a non-biologist should know that a person cannot easily observe an operation to the brain and then report its details. Perhaps there is something to the theory of the duality of the body and the consciousness. I’m just throwing that out there.

Hipsitipsu: You are nothing but a forum troll! Your Wikipedia article only contains a selected quote, in order to produce the wrong impression. Anyone who can read can see that it says, “ this is however not proof of the complete absence of consciousness. The neurologist Martin Klein: the EEG only measures the brain activity of the cerebral cortex, and only part of it”. That means impressions could still come to the patient in such a state.

Nils: I already wrote about that. To remind you, I said that blood was still in the brain. I admitted that readily. I have already explained the brain was not dead during operation. We have to take things carefully into consideration. Finally, I recommend that every reader of this forum read the entire discussion on Wikipedia.

I’ll stress it again: these things are not completely clear. It should be researched further and further discussed. At the moment, however, the results of the near death research point in the direction of the reality of the independence of the consciousness and the body.

There are thousands of other cases as a result of research performed on this topic. I already posted the gist of these findings at the beginning. If you’d like to have a look at the exact details, you should look into the vast wealth of research on the topic. I’ve already done just that, and summarized my results and posted them here.

Evoluzzer: I trust experts more than I trust yogis or gurus. For such extraordinary allegations, I require an extraordinarily convincing collection of proof from a serious site.

Nils: The experts say that there is no natural explanation. If you observe their discussions on near death experiences, there is a lot of room to infer the truth to the reality of a separation of brain and soul. This is also heavily discussed in science. There are various viewpoints. That’s good, that is the way progress is made.

It is a popular trick from materialistic scientists to set the standards for proof so high that no one can ever reach them. It’s important to approach these things without preconceptions, and to weigh the arguments wisely. I maintain there are many indications that higher dimensions of consciousness exist.

Julia and Nils


Julia: It would be nice if you would answer more than once a day and at the same time put all the arguments in their place, in your special way.

Nils: Julia, I like you. You have a sense of humor. Be happy that I can make you a little happy everyday. Even a Yogi has other things to do besides sitting in front of the computer. He needs to do Yoga and send atheists light. Today I am sending you lots of love. Feel the warmth in your heart. Open your heart.

Peter007: Hello Julia, have you heard this before? Little Julia goes to church on Easter and her father asks her afterwards what she liked the best and she answers:” that everyone sang “hello Julia”!”

Julia: In my opinion, a fully-developed theory on the part of an enlightened individual should be able to hold its ground without changing its basis.

Nils: Well said. Great that you find my theory well-developed. I would like to state, however, that I am not enlightened. I am just an unimportant Yogi. I don’t believe I am changing my theory when I formulate my thesis more gently, though.

Julia: If I may put your thesis into context: God is a concept that is not to be fully grasped, as I am not enlightened, which displays its essence in the form of strong feelings. These feelings can be measured and even proven by science and proof of God can only come to the individual’s own brain, at some point in time.

Nils: Dear Julia, that’s right. Enlightenment can be measured and has been measured (for example, in the case of Matthieu Ricard, who was tested by US brain researchers). There is already proof of this. On television, we can even observe how happily the neurologists went about their work, smiling while dealing with the enlightened. The only problem is proving whether God exists outside of the experiences and lives of the enlightened.

The strong feelings possessed by the enlightened are happiness, inner peace, and empathy. The feeling of empathy on the part of Ricard was much greater than that of the also-examined non-enlightened.

Julia: We can assume that someday the brain will be totally understood by science.

Nils: That I don’t believe. The cosmos are not to be completely understood by humans. We are a piece of a system (cosmos, God) and can only glimpse a small piece of this system. Science is an eternal process.

Julia: Is God to be understood as an established part of our material world, who lives only in the brains of the enlightened?

Nils: God is an established component of our world. According to the findings of quantum physics, there is a higher dimension of consciousness (a higher information field) that permeates the entire world. The enlightened see this higher dimension of consciousness as light. They see this light as happiness energy (peace, love, light, truth). They see light in the world around them and in all people. God is in all beings, even if these beings do not realize it.

Julia: I find the argument that God can be proven via the brain a shaky one.

Nils: Proving God using brain research is just one way. Brain research can prove that there are enlightened individuals and that there are people with special abilities. The supernatural abilities of the enlightened have hardly been researched. Some references are given in parapsychology, also when many materialistic scientists refer to this science as invalid. There are black sheep everywhere, but to condemn an entire branch of science is unbelievably arrogant.

Another way to prove God is via physics, even if Klaus says otherwise. Some other physicists interpret quantum physics more progressively than he does. There are even physicists who concern themselves solely on the question as to what existed before the big bang. For this reason, the topic often touches on spiritual themes.

The main form of scientific proof being dealt with presently is in the field of near death research. An important reference on life after death was given by the sixteenth Karmapa. Many statements from enlightened masters and clairvoyants refer to the existence of the soul after death.

Thanks, Wikipedia


Someone: Not only atheists see that differently, but all serious scientists.

Nils: In Science, these things are often debated. There are materialistic and more holistic-thinking scientists. Who is serious? It is a popular trick to consider those who have a conflicting point of view to one’s own as not “serious”. First, there are some trailblazers, then a hundred years later that point of view is the mainstream.

Peter007: Nils, I am amazed at the patience you have to try and get people to understand your ideas regarding the notion that there are other dimensions.

Nils: I believe that the discussion between atheists and spiritual people has purpose. The most important part is that this is taken seriously. We live in aggressive times. Therefore, aggression and offense in a discussion are normal and should be taken in stride. Humor makes the debate interesting. We should, however, be careful that the emotions don’t get too strong.

I write for the silent majority who read this forum. Most of the active discussion participants have their opinions and stick to them. I mainly write for those reading. I wish that the world was a happy place and that all people could be happy. Spiritual knowledge is necessary.

Karl Quark: Perhaps you could give us a link.

Nils: There are lots of links on near death research on Spiritualwiki. On the topic of enlightenment, Wikipedia is quite good. The experiment performed on Pam Reynolds can be found under near death experiences in Wikipedia. The duality of brain and soul is described quite well there.

Sven: I would not like to say that the scientists you have mentioned are incompetent or esoterics or pseudo-scientists, but there are reasons why their work isn’t recognized among mainstream science.

Nils: The majority of scientists think bound to materialism. They are stuck in an old way of thinking and are blocking new developments. Despite this, there are many scientists who do argue in a way similar to my own. It is often the case that there are first a few trailblazers, and then this line of thinking becomes mainstream a few years later. Finally, I am only interested in arguments. When we can respect both sides, then we can get along.

Being called an esoteric is not an insult for me. In esoterism there are many people who seriously and honestly try to find their way in life. We live in a multi-faceted culture, and that should be accepted.

Julia: As far as I understand, science regards the topic of near death experiences as a possibility. That means scientific findings cannot prove this phenomena wrong, but they cannot prove it either. It is a topic not completely understood.

Nils: Simply read the Spritualwiki under near death research and Wikipedia for text on near death experiences and enlightenment. Then perhaps your opinion will be more concrete. There is a considerable amount of indication for the theory of duality from brain and soul, and the existence of another dimension.

At any rate, Wikipedia and SpiritualWiki are on my side when it comes to the topics of near death research, near death experiences and enlightenment.

Seven Arguments


Wolfgang: How can you justify your presumption that God exists?

Nils: I have seven arguments:

1. The statements of the enlightened. They could see God as light in the world in the form of love, peace, and happiness. God is a term for the perception of the enlightened. Every real religion establishes itself around an enlightened master. Every real religion has a word for God, (Tao, nirvana, Brahman, Allah, Yahwe).

2. The near death research refers to the independence of the soul from the body and the continued existence of the soul after death. Wikipedia supports my view on these things. At the same time, Wikipedia also brings up the arguments of the opposition. Everyone can read the discussion there.

3. Reincarnation research has referred to many cases of rebirth. I know I have seen over a thousand earlier lives. Buddha knew his earlier lives. Amma has reported on her own experiences. A good overview on reincarnations research can be found on Wikipedia. I have portrayed the most important and well-known of these cases of rebirth at the beginning of this book.

4. Physics refers to the existence of a higher cosmic information field (Amit Goswami, God as higher consciousness). The string theory supports this point of view. Quantum physics refers to a higher information field (Alain Aspect 1982).

5. Parapsychology researches spiritual abilities such as thought transfer, the ability to see into the future, and to perceive and sense over large distances. This field has collected many cases of aforementioned topics.

6. Scientific happiness research has proven the context between enlightenment, peace, happiness, and love. They have recognized the principles which lead to a happy life. They have researched Matthieu Ricard as an enlightened person.

7. I live as a Yogi. I have been in various states of enlightenment. I have seen God as light in the world, and as happiness, love, peace, and truth in myself. I maintain that enlightenment and God exist. I maintain that it is better and happier to be enlightened than unenlightened. I maintain that it is good to live in God.

God and Enlightenment


Fridolin: The discussion here has brought me further.

Nils: I also think that a lot of good arguments have taken place here, except for the more aggressive ones.

Fridolin: Even in Germany, Evangelical churches with rather radical perspectives have been popping up. Encouraging more moderate churches doesn’t seem like the worst idea to me.

Nils: I agree. We need to strengthen the moderate position if we would like to have peace in the world.

Karl Quark: You see God as love and through your feelings of love, you live in God? How should I interpret that? We live in a material universe. We are nothing more than material.

Nils: That is difficult for a materialist to understand. Love can be developed with spiritual techniques. God is then experienced as limitless love and peace.

Karl Quark: For you, experiences of love are unexplainable and godly?

Nils: That can only be understood by those who have experienced it. The causal explanation is God, because cosmic consciousness opens the door to love, peace, and happiness. In Yoga, that is called Sat-Chid-Ananda. First, limitless existence (inner peace), then a cosmic consciousness (the experience of the unity of nature) , and then suddenly happiness occurs. If this is exercised systematically, one finds enlightenment.

Karl Quark: The term God leads to the experience of contentment?

Nils: The cosmos is a system of happiness. It serves to bring souls to enlightenment. That can only be seen when we assume that the soul exists after death. The evolution principle exists on this higher plane as well. Everything develops to a higher and higher enlightenment consciousness (the life in God, in paradise). Humans then go to God.

Karl Quark: Why cannot God be comprehended rationally?

Nils: God cannot be comprehended rationally because God is a higher form of consciousness. If you consider God as a quantum field (or a higher cosmic field of information), as Professor Dürr understands God, then God can permeate every aspect of the material world. Then you stumble upon God in through physics, but to really comprehend God, you need to be enlightened.

Karl Quark: Enlightenment means inner peace, inner happiness, and all-encompassing love, according to you. Good, then I cannot find fault with enlightenment.

Nils: Wonderful. Then we can come to terms on that.

Klaus: Do you believe that God only allows himself to be found where rational understanding ends?

Nils: Yes. God can only be found through enlightenment. Life in God can be found through spiritual practice. The knowledge of God transcends all rational understanding. According to Buddha, enlightenment is best described as the way there, rather than the goal itself.

The way there is very simple. Set yourself somewhere for twelve years ( the amount of time most often given in Yoga texts) in an isolated place, stop your thoughts, meditate, and the light in you will awaken. You will see and understand what God is.

It is good to have an enlightened master as a role model along the way to God, such as Jesus or Buddha. A Darshan can (but doesn’t have to) open the gate to spiritual energy (love, light, peace, and happiness) in you. It is helpful to be peaceful, honest, and to have all-encompassing love for all things.

But be careful: enlightenment is not a game. The path should be tread carefully. It could happen that you open a door and need twenty years before you can integrate the newfound energy into your life. It can be quite intense to go through the purification process that ensues after such an energy gate is opened.

Klaus: I want DETAILS. Where and how can scientists find God?

Nils: I’ve already explained enlightenment in detail, as you can read in many spiritual books. It isn’t easy to give a physicist the convincing details he or she wants. Look at it this way: I give you what I know and you give what you know, and together we can try to find the way of truth.

Scientists find God within themselves. When you can understand God in you, then you can continue your research from that standpoint. You can find out how your inner knowledge and the outer findings can be brought to harmonious integration.

Reformation of the Church

Julia: The Catholic Church has other ideas, unfortunately.

Nils: The Catholic Church is partially stuck in the Middle Ages, in terms of their ideas and beliefs. They missed an opportunity to change with the times, which they should quickly rectify, otherwise there will only be atheists in the world. And that would be a real shame.

I believe in the Catholic Church. I have friends who are Catholic Christians. The way to fit Christian beliefs with current knowledge, is not as difficult as the Catholics believe. They already have many progressive thinkers. I refer to my friend Bede Griffiths here (who is an undogmatic, enlightened master, and a Catholic priest in India) and my friend Frere Roger and Mother Teresa and the holy Antonius (the first Christian Yogi). I am also a fan of the Carthusian monks, who practice a type of Zen Buddhism in the context of Christianity.

Jesus was a teacher of enlightenment. The Roman emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion, from which point it became a way to control the population, to use as a tool for power. The second Vatican Council (1963-1965) then made a big change in ideology from religion of oppression to a religion of love and peace. But remants of the past still hinder the Church’s ability to move forward into the future.

The Church needs to comprehend what is intended with the term God. God is not a person, rather a dimension of consciousness. God is a term from the experiences of the enlightened. The Bible didn’t fly down from heaven, rather it was developed by enlightened prophets. The real saints of the Catholic Church are the enlightened.

The Church especially needs to recognize the Apostle Thomas as a part of the Bible. In the teachings of Thomas, Jesus was seen as a teacher of enlightenment. That doesn’t fit with the earlier power-hungry version of the Church and they withheld these teachings. The Gospel of Thomas was hidden and reappeared in the middle of the 20th century.

LuxFerre: Christianity hasn’t changed. It still has the same medieval dogma and every attempt to update this religion gets stuck in Rome. Monotheism isn’t capable of changing.

Nils: That’s not right. The second Vatican council was a big turning point. It was a a return to the original meaning of Christianity, a return to love and peace. We should continue to tread this path. Many Christians are continuing along this way. The Catholic church is a large institution that changes slowly. But anything is possible.

I can think of two positive examples of change in Christianity: Taize in France with founder Frere Roger and father Bede Griffiths.

Bede Griffiths was the Christian master of adapting Christianity for today’s world. He was born in England in 1906 and died in India in 1993. He traveled throughout the Western lands to give inspiring lectures and wrote many books. He taught that we can learn from the religious books of all religions. Shirley du Boulay wrote a good book about his life called “Overcoming the Darkness” (2001).

Bede Griffiths explained that the Catholic church needs to change. It needs to find new ways to express the Christianity. It should set love as the center of the religion, and not sin. He was for the abolition of forced celibacy for priests, and he was for allowing women to become priests. People from all over the world and from many different religions came to him.

Father Ödön: I’ve been following the discussion in this forum for awhile. I’d just like to say that religion is important for salvation. Greetings from my Saxonian rectory, and I wish you a fulfilling life!

Nils: Thank you.

The Story of Creation


Nils: Science doesn’t know what is what in terms of the Bible. As long as they don’t understand enlightenment, then they cannot understand the Bible either. The Bible was developed by enlightened masters of the Jewish people. It isn’t a history book, rather it describes a symbolic path to enlightenment. Knowledge of enlightenment was hidden by what appears to be historical data. Those who interpret the Bible in terms of history only prove their ignorance in spiritual matters.

That is unfortunately the case for many Christians, for example, the creationists in the USA. But atheists also get caught up in the surface material of the Bible. Without knowledge of enlightenment, the Bible cannot be understood. The story of creation isn’t a historical report, rather a visualization meditation to awaken enlightenment energy. In the beginning, the earth was empty. In order for a person to come to enlightenment, the individual must empty him or herself. He or she must first completely relax so that bliss can awaken in him or her. Then light fills the being, and the spirit of God flows within the human.

The tree in the story of paradise symbolized the middle Kundalini channel (Sushumna in yoga), the snake is the rising Kundalini energy, and the fruit symbolizes cosmic consciousness (apple, wholeness). To bite into an apple symbolizes the loss of the cosmic consciousness (life in God, inner bliss, inner harmony). The reason (the sin) according to Buddha is conflict drawn from some dependence (on an object of enjoyment), a denunciation, or ignorance (ignorance to a deeper sense of life).

The story of Adam and Eve has nothing to do with the denunciation of sexuality. That was a big error in interpretation on the part of the Christian theologians. The Jewish people accepted sexuality. The paradise story comes from the Jewish people. The Jews even practiced a type of Tantric Yoga. In reality, sexuality can be seen as a way to God. It just has to be practiced with spiritual knowledge and love. The sacrament of marriage has been preached by the church very often, but little understood. The sacrament of marriage means to land in a life of light through spiritual sexuality and a spiritual relationship.

Is there a God?


Seeker: I was a very religious man. However, I ask myself the question a year ago if there is a God. I am very doubtful.

Nils: 1st God does exist. If one is enlightened, one can see and feel God.

2nd It is not easy to describe God for unenlightened people. One can describe God as a higher field of consciousness that is above and in all beings. The goal of all souls is it to live in God, and to be one with God. Then you are in harmony with yourselve.

3rd God is connected with the characteristics of calmness, peace, truth, love, happiness, strength and unity. Practicing these properties is a way to find God.

4th There are three main paths to live in God: rest, love and spiritual practice. It is important that man lives in a spiritual focus, and not in a worldly life.

5th Everyone has his own personal spiritual path.

6th There are enlightened masters. The enlightened masters are the embodiment of the higher consciousness field. They can see us on the higher dimension and help us.

7th Those who consistently lead a life of truth and love and ask the enlightened master for guidance, get help.

8th There is likely a life after death. This is indicated by the statements of the enlightened, the near-death research, the reincarnation research and the findings of quantum physics.

9th The Paradise does exist. Paradise is the living area of the enlightened ones. Paradise is a level of consciousness. In this level of consciousness can one live before and after death. The enlightened ones are inwardly happy and see their environment generally positive. They have a vision of paradise. Practicing the paradise view (positive thinking) is a path to enlightenment.

10th A Yogi lives in two worlds. He lives in the light (in God) and in the world (in the material world). Thus he can be inwardly happy, while outwardly acting. Depending on the situation, he can be focused in one area or another. He can change between the two fields back and forth. He can meditate, act, oder do both things at the same time.

God is Love


Anna Franziska: I am a Christian, but I respect Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and other religions.

Nils: Thanks. We should all respect one another.

Sven: You have your interpretation of the Bible, but I could imagine another just as well.

Nils: Jesus gave humanity a new idea of God. God is a God of love according to Jesus. Most Christians in Germany and in this forum believe in a God of love. We should defend ourselves against confused fanatics. They have the wrong idea about religion.

You can also find theology in the Bible which is not to be agreed with. The christian church, Buddhism, and Hinduism, have all developed further. Neo-Hinduism emphasizes the love and unity of all religions. The Dalai Lama (Buddhism) is also for the love and empathy of the world. The Catholics have returned to the roots of Jesus Christ, of love and peace. Even the Evangelical Christians work for peace and love in the world. Their social work is to be admired.

Luecke: You mean God has something to do with love, but you cannot prove it.

Nils: I can prove that. God is a term from the experiences of the enlightenment. When you see God as an enlightened being, you also experience a door open in your heart to love. You live in energy of peace, love, and happiness. God has everything to do with love.

Mutter Teresa:

The fruit of calm is prayer.

The fruit of prayer is belief.

The fruit of belief is love.

The fruit of love is service.

The fruit of service is peace.

According to Nils: In meditation, conflict and tension dissipate. When all conflict recedes, inner happiness remains. The human lives in God. He or she experiences God and believes in God. With God, love and goodness awaken. He or she would then like to help his suffering fellow beings. He or she remains in God when he lives from that point of inner calm, and for the good of all beings.

Esther: God’s most important concern is love. “And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.”( John 4,16)

Nils: Thank you. That is exactly the way it is. God and enlightenment (holiness) are two sides of the same coin and the middle is love.

Luecke: The Bible is a collection of myths.

Nils: That’s right. That’s how I see it as well. The old Testament is mostly a collection of myths. The myths serve as a description of the way to enlightenment. The new Testament, which is what Christianity is based on, is however not a collection of myths. The mountain sermon is the most important part of the new testament and is a direct indication of the way to go about the spiritual path. The statements made there fit according to the knowledge of many of today’s enlightened.

The Personal Concept of God


Volkmar: Hi Nils. I am a Christian, and I once taught religious studies. It is nice to see that you talk about God.

Nils: The main problem with today’s Christian church is that they fail to demonstrate knowledge of the enlightenment. Enlightenment means “holiness”, in Christian terms. Holiness is the goal of every Catholic and Protestant church. Without knowledge of the enlightenment, God and the Christian faith cannot really be understood, and it cannot really be passed down to future generations in a convincing manner.

The main technique of the Church is prayer, and a prayer doesn’t work if you don’t believe in God from the bottom of your heart. I have observed that during Church services, about 90% of all Christians only pray on a surface level. Such prayer brings neither inner happiness nor the soul to paradise after death.

Scientifically centered people in today’s modern day need scientific proof of God. Many Christians are torn on the inside because the Church cannot deliver sensible proof of God.

Volkmar: In my youth, I had a sort of quarrel with God. I sent insults at him, accused him of being responsible for everything that is wrong with the world, until I one day realized, God is different. God is something that is completely different from every image we can have of him. God cannot be made responsible for something (as I tried to do in my youth). God said, “you are free and remain free in everything you do.” He helped us by giving us rules , that most say are laws, but allowed us to choose whether we adhere to them or not. He gave us freedom, but he also gave us responsibility! We may use his “garden”, live in it, allow it to nourish us and uplift us. According to the Bible, God has reached into the lives of humans many times, sometimes in radical ways. Then he concluded he would no longer do so, even when we destroy his garden.

Nils: My dear friend Volkmar, God is an optimist. Everything will be good! In the Bible it says, “and God saw everything he made, and saw that it was good.” The world will be saved, because we will save it. We already know the way.

God is a higher consciousness dimension that is also within you. It only sleeps in you, you only need to awaken this consciousness. You have already experienced this when you have experienced miracles and angels in your life. At the same time, you torture yourself with the concept of responsibility. That is the problem with personal concepts of God. When we see God as a person, the suffering in the world is unacceptable. When we see God as a higher consciousness, then we can work towards the goal of a better world. We cannot make anyone other than ourselves responsible.

The cosmos is the way it is. One cannot consider him good or bad. Moses had even pointed that out. The name of God is “I am”: In the words of Yoga, enlightenment is the consciousness of unity in happiness (Sat-Chid-Ananda). Those who develop their free existence live in God. They live in light, in inner peace, and in happiness. The goal of life is not limited to seeing God as a punishing or loving God, rather to become a God or Goddess unto oneself. For Christians, it is better said to live in God, to live in light, and to become a saint.

If we see God as an old man in the sky, then of course we cannot prove his existence. What doesn’t exist cannot be proven. God as a higher consciousness can be proven. And that proof is very important. So that the world can be saved, we must prove that the cosmos are good at heart, that there is an order of happiness in the cosmos.

The goal is to live in God. All shall live in God and happiness. The entire world should be enlightened. The world should become a paradise. I wish that we could all live where nature is in order and people are peaceful. A little bit of fighting is OK in paradise. In paradise, there are also lions. Lions sometimes have to roar, that is their nature. But they shouldn’t eat the sheep right then in there. In paradise, the lions are also vegetarians. Sheep and lions can live together peacefully. Christians and atheists, women and men, black and white deal constructively with one another. They consider themselves a world family.

Along the way to enlightenment, a personal concept of God can be helpful. When one makes the break through to enlightenment, everything has to be left behind. Master Eckhart said that as well. Master Eckhard was in charge of many convents in the Middle Ages. He was an enlightened Catholic and wanted to help the nuns in his convents to enlightenment. But the nuns liked to honor Jesus in a way that enabled them to forego ego eradication and to let Jesus be the enlightened one in place of them, and to remain unenlightened. That was of course quite stupid. Master Eckhart then told them they needed to let of of their personal concept of God, and to even forget God entirely in order to find the life in God.

It is for that reason that the Bible says,“you not have an image of God.“ God is above all images and can only be realized when all ideas are simply let go of. Until you reach that level though, you are allowed to have ideas and images of God. You can even visualize God as an old man with a beard. Have courage. You are a lion. Jump into to light. It doesn’t hurt. You lose your ego and your doubts. You will go from believing to knowing.

Jesus as the One Way?


Todoroff: Jesus Christ said: „I am the way and the truth and life, no one comes to the Lord without me.“

Nils: This sentence has been misunderstood by many Christians. Jesus didn’t say that he was the one enlightened and the only way to God. If that were so, he would have denunciated spiritual masters such as Abraham, Moses, John the Baptists as false prophets. Jesus didn’t seek to start his own religion. He explained clearly “I did not come here to dissolve the teachings of Moses or other prophets, I am here to fulfill their teachings”.

Jesus saw himself as a person who had realized the laws and testaments of the Bible in his life. He wanted to take the Jewish people back to the original point of the Bible. He wanted them to practice spirituality. Many Jews had interpreted the teachings at the time in a dogmatic way and were missing the true point of these teachings.

Without enlightened teachers, every religion can become dogmatic. The task of the enlightened is to bring humans back to spiritual exercise. The words “I am the way” should be understood in this light. Every enlightened is a way to God. When we understand the words in that sense, then we can refer to the necessity of enlightened masters to effectively practice spirituality. The Desert Fathers (St. Anthony) had this principle and were therefore successful on their spiritual path. Later the Christian church has abandoned this principle incorrectly.

Those who consider their religion as the one true religion, only serve to strengthen violence on earth. When we fail to stop this, there will always be faith driven wars. When a group of believers think they are the only ones who are right, they need to then slay their foes, those who believe otherwise in a physical or spiritual way. A too rigid interpretation of the sentence “I am the way” is incorrect.

I refer once more to my words: „Every enlightened is a son or daughter of God. He or she embodies God consciousness. The reality of enlightenment can be proven. One can ask the enlightened, and measure their special abilities. The Christians need to let go of the idea that Jesus was the only enlightened master. This idea is understandable from a psychological standpoint, but fully unacceptable in scientific terms. Every small child thinks his father is the biggest. When we grow up a bit, we understand that there are many fathers, just as there are many enlightened masters.”

Practice and Grace


Todoroff: We are saved through grace. Grace cannot be worked on.

Nils: Enlightenment occurs through spiritual practice and grace. To reduce enlightenment to grace is a big mistake. It encourages spiritual laziness. Martin Luther’s biggest mistake was the teaching of grace. This should be reversed by the Protestant church, the Catholic church has a better position on this matter. They know that one has to practice intensively if he or she wishes to go far in the afterlife. They didn’t get rid of cloisters, instead they preserved them as places for intensive spiritual practice.

The Dalai Lama teaches, „enlightenment is hard work.“ I can confirm that after twenty years living as a yogi. Grace is part of it, but laziness is not smiled upon by God. Jesus explained, “those who believe in me will go to heaven.” He meant a real and deep belief with that statement. The non-enlightened are not capable of total belief. The Dalai Lama has the “two hand” teaching. One hand is that of the student, and the other that of the master. Only when both hands work towards the goal, can the student be brought to the world of light.

Regarding intense spiritual practice, a few sentences from the sermon on the mount: “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” Righteousness means truth. To hunger for the right life means to long for a life in light. To be pure in heart, one must first engage in intense spiritual practice.

Jesus Christ was enlightened. He sat for forty days and nights in the desert. Than the angels of God came to him and served him. Those who wish to live in God must meditate. Meditation is the way to a godly life. The early Christian desert dwellers often meditated in the desert like Yogis. The gospel of Thomas says “search for a place of calm.” The gospel of Philip adds, “it is necessary that each disciple finds a place of stillness. From strength Christ managed his work, but through rest (meditation) he created light (the divine child). “

Shuichi: I tend to exercises and ways to achieve something now and not work towards a later goal. This striving for enlightenment is a matter of ego. That would be actually counterproductive, because you are so focused on a target, instead of momentary existence. I believe that also unenlightenend people can talk about God.

Nils: 1st Enlightenment is good. Living in God is good. Unenlightment sometimes is not so nice.

2nd Anyone can talk about enlightenment and God. The preoccupation with the question of the meaning of life is basically good.

3rd Since enlightenment is a good goal, it is good to strive for it. The enlightenment itself comes from grace, but without any effort is usually no grace.

4th After I had met the enlightenment, I realized that it is the deeper meaning of life and it’s all worth to do it.

5th The path to enlightenment is very individual. You should feel very sensitive, where the road is personally. In my experience, the principles of truth (wisdom) and love are very important.

6th Who really wants to reach the target, is helped by God (the enlightened masters). It is good to pray every day, to meditate and to read spiritual books.

7th Aims are a matter of ego. Shortly before reaching the aim of enlightement the ego disappears. Then you fall into the great being. On the path of yoga I find a constant back and forth between being and striving for the goal. Both are important. Both must be lived in each of the right moment.

8th My way is to live as a yogi.

9th I believe in you, my friends. You’ll find your way home.

10th Unfortunately, I am totally unenlightened. Do not listen to the words of a stupid yogi. Think for yourself.

An Atheist Meets Jesus


Nylen: If I were to meet Jesus, I’d have a lot to say to him. A lot of people criticize the Christians with quotes from the Old Testament. I think that is pure trouble-making, nonsense. The newness of the New Testament is a break from the old. At the same time, it is gratifying to recognize that Jesus really lived and was effective.

Nils: Very good.

Nylen: My premise as an atheist, however, is that God does not exist.

Nils: Then you cannot really understand Jesus at a deeper level. I can agree that God does not exist as a person. Let’s assume that enlightenment exists and Jesus was enlightened. Then we can discuss your thesis and work out the true basis of the various gospels.

Nylen: If I were to encounter Jesus, I would first accuse him of destroying families. Jesus was a “fisher of men”, as constantly reiterated and emphasized in the Bible. Jesus said to his new followers, “ let everyone standing and follow me” and “forget your fathers and mothers and siblings, as they are not your heavenly parents and siblings.”

Nils: Those who want to come to enlightenment quickly need a lot of inner and outer calm. Jesus wasn’t trying to destroy families, but to accomplish the conditions needed for quick spiritual growth for his followers.

Nylen: Among Jesus’ teachings is to love your enemy. Is that a good way to deal with enemies? I think not. Why the hell should I love Adolf Hitler, or other criminals? Here is where I immediately think of the God of the Old Testament.

Nils: It doesn’t concern outer dealings here, rather enlightenment. Enlightenment is inner harmony. Inner harmony occurs when I see God in all beings, then I can love at a deeper level. However, it is also important to create boundaries to protect oneself. In Buddhism, there is a lot of debate on that topic. I believe it is important, for example, to stop a murderer from murdering.

Nylen: Jesus thought it best to „turn the other cheek“.

Nils: To live at a higher spiritual level, non-violence is very important. When dealing with others however, it is important to decide case by case. To preserve one’s inner peace, it can also be helpful to yield to an opponent.

Nylen: Jesus taught: “even thinking about harming another is a sin.“ Sorry. Just because someone thinks something horrible, does not make him or her a horrible person.

Nils: For enlightenment it is important. Those who can think positively are twice as happy as those who think negatively.

Nylen: Jesus taught that sins can be forgiven, that God forgives sin. If I hit someone on in the face, he can forgive me, not Jesus or God.

Nils: To forgive sins, means to forgive yourself, first and foremost. Jesus helped people to let go of their feelings of guilt and to come to inner peace.

Nylen: Jesus told of a kingdom of God. The God described there is a loveable dictator. Lovely that he is so good and nice, but he is still a dictator, a one-ruler who is jealous of all others and doesn’t allow any others, who only wants humble servents. I am for democracy.

Nils: God is a higher dimension of consciousness. Your thesis is based on misunderstanding.

Nylen: Jesus taught that God would establish a heaven on earth sometime during the lifetime of his disciples. Obviously, he was mistaken, the Lord Jesus.

Nils: The kingdom of heaven is within a human, and not outside of him or her. Humans are responsible for creating a happy world. Jesus helped his disciples to come to enlightenment.

Nylen: Jesus wasn’t wise. A wise man teaches his students to think for themselves. Jesus warned his students to not stray from his teachings in the slightest.

Nils: Jesus wanted to keep his followers from falling into ignorance. At the heart of all things though, he encouraged his followers to think for themselves. They were allowed to decide for or against the spiritual life he practiced. Jesus didn’t force anyone to do anything.

Nylen: Jesus said to pay God his dues and to to pay the emperor his dues. Neither a particularly good stance. That’s full acceptance and submission to dictators.

Nils: Give your psyche what your psyche needs, and your country what your country needs.

Nylen: “God is a higher dimension of consciousness“. Really? In the Bible it is quite clear what is meant by God. I fear you read something into the Bible from your yogi experience.

Nils: From the Gospel of John 4:24: “God is spirit, and those who worship Him, must serve him in spirit and truth.“ From the Gospel of Thomas: ” God ( the kingdom) is within you, and is outside of you. When you know yourselves, you will know that you are the sons of God. I am the light that is above all. Split the wood and there I am, lift a stone and I am under it.“ This means God is everything and everywhere. He is a higher cosmic information field that is in all beings and over all beings at the same time.

The false representation and understanding of God as a person occurred because the explanation of this higher dimension of consciousness (transcendence) is described as being personal and abstract at the same time.

In Christianity, the cosmic representation of God was withheld for a long time. The Gospel of Thomas was destroyed in the fourth century by the pope due to a desire for power. However, some Christians managed to hide some copies of the text and to bury them in the earth. In 1945 these were found by Nag Hammadi. The Gospel belongs in the Bible with all the rest.

Is the Bible God’s Word


Philosophyofscience: The reality of enlightenment cannot be proven scientifically. Please provide studies, formulas, rules, etc.

Nils: Here we arrive at the heart of the entire thing. There are thousands of witnesses for enlightenment, thousands of books and reports, there are plenty of scientific investigations on the matter. It is a shame that philosophy has not concerned itself with the topic of enlightenment more.

Philosophyofscience: Pure examples of various cases of enlightenment do not have the backing to prove anything. There needs to be tangible examples capable of being examined, and this valid proof does not exist.

Nils: Of course there are valid examples. Constructed stories of God, saints, and enlightened people do not have validity. However, real life reports of enlightened individuals are valid. Lab tests of enlightened people are valid. Field research (visits, observations) are valid. There are thousands of examples of such valid proof.

Philosophyofscience: Do you wish to construe the Bible and other religious texts as empirical, scientific materials? If so, how can you come to such a conclusion? God’s word came to the language of people? Could the original authors have lied? Could the interpretations have made mistakes? Even contradictions within the texts- who can you believe? Shouldn’t such texts also contain proof capable of enduring inspection?

Nils: I would like to. According to my original thesis, all real religions are based on one of the enlightened. The core text materials of most religions come from the enlightened. They attest to the connection between the enlightened and the interpretation of God. My opinion is that the statements in the holy texts and the enligtened can be examined.

Buddha was enlightened. Jesus was enlightened. Patanjali was enlightened. Laotse was enlightened. Socrates was enlightened. Epicure was enlightened. The Dalai Lama is enlightened. Matthieu Ricard is enlightened. Many people today are enlightened.

I am unfortunately not enlightened, but I have experienced enlightenment. I can therefore judge which texts are real and which are not. Those who are not enlightened, cannot really judge the texts. A philosopher without enlightenment cannot really comprehend religious text in depth. Religious texts should be judged by those who understand spirituality.

Is the Bible God’s word? Yes, if God is transcendent consciousness who had contact with enlightened authors. Even enlightened people are humans and can judge things to varying degrees. There are many levels of enlightenment. The more enlightened the human is, the clearer he or she can see these things. Unfortunately, the higher the level of enlightenment, the less understandable their explanations become for other humans.

The translators who worked with these texts could have naturally made mistakes if they were not enlightened or hadn’t had some experiences with enlightenment. A blind chicken rarely finds grain. A blind professor also leads his students into confusion. Contradictions occur in the texts, but enlightened individuals can and do clarify these mistakes for us.

Can I explain everything? How should I completely explain enlightenment to unenlightened people? Then they would come to enlightenment through this conversation. Gangaji sometimes is able to do this successfully. I cannot do this. You should then search for enlightenment yourselves.

Levels of Enlightenment


Partygänger: Hey nils !! How does one know whether one is enlightened?

Nils: According to my opinion, there are many levels or degrees of enlightenment. Normal people can also have feelings of happiness, love, and peace. It can feel like you are one wit the world. In the second level of enlightenment, these feelings are especially strong at particular moments.

A third degree would be when a person dwells on this level for a long time. In the fourth level, the ego begins to dissolve. This individual sees his or her fellow beings more than his or her self. He or she gives more than he or she takes and is therefore happier than his or her more selfish fellow humans.

A fifth level could be described as a feeling of holiness. The person has such a high state of energy that he or she experiences the self as being holy. He or she senses a large aura around his or her head and around the body. In this level there is still an ego and sense of the self. In the sixth level, you reach cosmic consciousness. You lose your “me” feeling. You are at one with everything, you are simply consciousness.

On the seventh level, you see God in all things and everywhere in the world. In the eighth level, you forget the material world and see yourself as being independent of material. You are free of joy and peace. At the ninth level, particularly special spiritual abilities appear.

The tenth level is reached then after death, when one lives permanently in the highest dimension of happiness (Paradise, God, Satyaloka).

What I just typed comes from my own knowledge and experience. In Tibetan Buddhism there are ten Bodhisattva levels. In yoga we also speak of a thousand stages of enlightenment. There are basically small, medium and large enlightened.

Partygänger: Hello nils !! Total enlightenment must be an experience that does away with all the other possible human possibilities to experience.

Nils: That’s how it is. It was clear to me afterwards that I knew the deeper sense of life.

Partygänger: I imagine an out of body experience where I float as a ray of energy down a street of milk full of unlimited, undescribable, absolute, ultimate psychedelic happiness. It would definitely be worth it to find this condition… in this lifetime!!!

Nils: Enlightenment is very good. According to my experience, it is so good that one would do anything for it. However, it is difficult to describe. It is more of an act of inaction (simply being blissful), but sometimes a very forceful action. It depends on what one needs along the way to inner happiness.

The Psychological and the Physical Proof of God


glorin: What do near death experiences and enlightenment theories have to do with one another?

Nils: When dealing with enlightenment theories, we are dealing with two things, the psychological and the physical proof of enlightenment. For the psychological proof, we don’t need near-death research. It is enough that enlightenment exists psychically and that the enlightened see God. God as a transcendental experience is already proven. There are enough enlightened witnesses who have attested to it.

The physical proof of enlightenment indicates that God doesn’t just exist in the enlightened, rather is also an external reality. There is an afterlife, there is a world of light in the afterlife, there is a soul which can live in the dimension of God after death. Body and soul are then independent of one another. To prove that, we need the near-death research, and also the proof of the Karmapa.

Shui: What happens then? Do you float above the body or through a jolly tunnel? If these experiences are really paired with life after death, it poses the question as to why there are such different experiences described.

Nils: First you float above the body. When the observation of the operation starts to get boring, you can continue your journey via the jolly tunnel to the light world. You can do both or either as a soul. There are two different levels (realms) in the other world.

Shui: These people were NOT dead, rather almost dead. Consequently, it wouldn’t be right to say that is what happens after death as these people were not really dead. If the heart stops, and they are pronounced medically dead, then they can be examined and this information then considered valid.

Nils: These things have been researched. For the cases of after death, there is the Karmapa case. From the near-death experiences, we can come to the logical conclusion that the soul is independent from the body.

Shui: Feelings are hormones. You can create feelings through hormones. What is so special about that?

Nils: That is the double-quality of feelings. They can be created through hormonews. But they are also consciousness energy. For that reason, they are also independent of the body. The fascinating thing is the duality of body and consciousness. After death, consciousness separates itself from the body. It lives in the afterlife.

Shui: The scientific problem is simple. We don’t know what consciousness is, and therefore we cannot fully comprehend why hormones create feelings.

Nils: Thank you for this sentence. We don’t know what consciousness is. Therefore, we don’t know what enlightenment is, and therefore we don’t know what God is. We don’t know if there is a body with an independent soul. These things are still not touched upon by science. The near death research and the death of the Karmapa disprove the one-sided materialistic explanations. They should also cause you to think. Rise above the limited model of materialistic explanations.

Shui: Everything that you experience through enlightenment are feelings and could simply be a result of hormones released through the brain. This also explains the similar experiences of others under the influence of drugs. Enlightenment could be anything.

Nils: You don’t want to understand. You see it as purely physical. I will try to explain it again. It principally deals with happiness. Enlightenment is psychology. Enlightenment is a way to create inner bliss. That can also be achieved with drugs. Drugs, however, destroy the body and the soul. Then the person isn’t happy anymore. Along the way to enlightenment it is better to create inner bliss using systematic thought work and regular meditation. You then live healthily, think positively, and have a happy life. The further you spiritually develop yourself, the larger and more stabile the inner bliss. At some point in time, you land in transcendence. You find unity with the cosmos. You see God. You have a consciousness experience that many would consider God. You could also describe that experience as Tao, Nirvana, or Brahman.

The second question is whether God is real and if God exists in the external world. Physics entertains the idea that there are several higher dimensions in our cosmos. There are possibly higher information fields. There is probably an all-encompassing consciousness which exists behind the material cosmos. That would be God in the external form. According to the experiences of the enlightened, the consciousness of the enlightened connects itself with this higher consciousness dimension. The enlightened are not only happy, but they can deal in this higher cosmic dimension. They have special abilities.

The Most Powerful and Effective Exercise


Carsten: What is the most powerful and effective exercise, in your opinion?

Nils: The quickest way to progress along the spiritual way is to let an enlightened master open the energy door for you and then live in calm and peace alone. Then everything will develop the right way. According to Amma, you grow five times as quickly in isolation as you do as a spiritual person in a worldly environment. A worldly environment robs a lot of energy, which is then not present for the inner transformation. Relationships take the most energy away. Everyone needs to find his or her own way, as I have stated in the past.

It is difficult to live as a yogi in isolation. Most people would get overwhelmed. Good that I didn’t know how difficult it would be before I tried it. But now I am through with the largest crisis and have learned to deal with my situation. Now I feel much more relaxed with it all. I have had a computer for five years and surf the net happily.

I have lived for over twentytwo years in isolation. The first fifteen years were mainly without outer contact. The extreme phase was necessary. Swami Shivananda went his way in such an extreme way at first, and then relaxed it a bit afterwards. The important thing is to find the right combination for yourself. The most effective exercise is to rest, to practice (Yoga, meditation, reading) and to love all beings (to do good for others).

For me, the most powerful exercise is to maintain a spiritual daily routine. You must center your life in inner happiness and find out how you can stay within and grow spiritually.

Tension comes through stress situations. When they dissolve, the stress situations appear again, briefly. Feelings such as anger, sadness, and fear appear again and then dissolve. With the meditation, there is potential for two mistakes. One could be that we meditate to strongly. Then the problems don’t rise to the surface and we can’t dissolve any inner tension. The second pitfall is conscious thinking. We can think to much or fall into day dreams. The correct way is to be a passive observer of one’s own emotions. We don’t control these things consciously. We observe with interest as things rise from our inner worlds. We let the condition of calm prevail and the tension will dissolve.

Nils’ Life as a Single


Partygänger: Hi Nils! Are you married or single, or do you have a girlfriend? Who were you in your last incarnation and where did you stay between death and your next life? Why were you born again? What did you do wrong in your last life?

Nils: I am single. I don’t have a girlfriend. In my last incarnation I was a Benedictine monk in the Middle Ages. Where I was after death is not known to me. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that is important to me is where I will go after this life: where the best party is.

Fascinating that you ask what I did wrong in my last life. As a monk I had a good life. There was always enough to eat and we laughed a lot. It wasn’t so strict. Unfortunately, we made the big mistake most monks and nuns make. We only practiced spiritually in a formal way, which wasn’t effective. We prayed without sensing inwards, we did the rituals without really waking inner happiness or looking inwards to true holiness.

The way to effectively practice is difficult. Principally, one needs an enlightened master. That didn’t exist in our cloister. I wanted to live not only a good life, but to move forward spiritually. That was clear to me at the end of my life as a monk. I was reincarnated with the established goal to find an effective spiritual practice. This is done in this life.

Nylen: You said that your visions of your former life occurred during sleep or daydreams. What brings you to believe they are more than that?

Nils : Naturally, one can consider the images of an earlier life as simply the creation of the brain. It isn’t easy to prove the opposite. I have five arguments for this, though.

1. Quantum physics and Amti Goswami have stated that a consciousness dimension exists behind the material cosmos.

2. According to current near-death research it is probable that there is a spirit independent of the body and there exists an afterlife.

3. The death of the 16th Karmapa in 1981 in Chicago also points to the reality that life is not over with death.

4. There is comprehensive reincarnation research which also indicates the reality of the phenomenon.

5. In individual cases, it is important to look closely to see if what one experiences are real pictures of an earlier life, or only daydreams. With practice, this can be differentiated. Real images are clearer, are logical, and typically accompanied by bodily stress-dissolving reactions.

I can personally tell the difference, because events from my present life appeared first. I could remember these incidents. Then this occurred in a similar fashion with unknown incidents, with physical and emotional reactions that I recognized as coming from earlier lives. The images I saw were very clear, and not from something I had read or seen in a film.

Partygänger: That’s totally out of the ordinary. You’ve been doing this whole spiritual thing for over twenty years, and yet you say you have not advanced. Either you’ve been doing something wrong or the way is too difficult for you.

Nils: I’m making progress, but I am not at my goal yet. I grow everyday, as fast as I can. I am just a little Yogi, and it doesn’t go any quicker for me. You can’t make a little twig into a large oak tree overnight.

Partygänger: At some point, you get so far that you are no longer wallowing in the filth that is normal life!

Nils: You really believe that? A man is still a man, no matter that he is enlightened or not. Sexuality belongs to the needs of a person. You can suppress that, but then you create tension and block the enlightenment. It’s important to manage sexuality in an intelligent way, you have to learn how to deal with it positively.

The Dalai Lama explained that sometimes “naked women dance” in his head. Why should this be different when it comes to a little Yogi? Let them dance. At some point it will calm down. So in summary: a pig stays a pig and so sometimes has to wallow. God created the filth, and the enlightenment. Praise the Lord.

Mariposa: Dear Yogi, perhaps you don’t have enough love in your life to go further in your quest for enlightenment. Read Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse! ”Love, Oh Govinda, seems to be the most important of all. To look at the world and to explain it is a task for a great thinker. For me the way is loving the world and not judging it and not hating it, to love and be amazed at all beings.“

Nils: Dear Mariposa. You are so right. I don’t have enough love in my life. But Hermann Hesse diverted from the spiritual way because he concentrated on sexual love. That is a big mistake. It leads to confusion and unhappiness. A wiseman centers himself in God. He is not controlled by his sexual desires, he keeps to his inner balance.

The essence of the Mount Sermon is: one must choose between inner happiness (God) or outer happiness (sex, money). Spiritual realization should be the main point of life. Don’t build your house on sand, but on the solid roots of spirituality. A Buddha can be happy with or without a relationship. He takes it as it comes. That is what I orient myself around.

Humans are Good


Carsten: I don’t know about the idea that a human is principally good, not aggressive, and socially oriented. I can’t justify that.

Nils: A basic philosophical question. It can be taken on the basis of the enlightenment philosophy. Aggression and stress create inner tension. Inner tension makes a person negative, aggressive, and egotistical. When the tension dissolves, that human is peaceful and gentle, happy and positive with his or her fellow beings. The human is good.

JFooo: I am of the opinion that the world is really about love, peace, and happiness. It is just the case that unfortunately the way to happiness is understood in many different ways. Isn’t it strange that someone could say we need to go to war to reach peace?

Nils: If you orient yourself around the right goals, you can find wisdom and sense what the right way is. This can sometimes involve a fight. However, most wars are fought out of egotistical power struggles. They are not interested in the happiness of all beings.

JFooo: Everyone has his or her own God. Which God and which holy text is the true?

Nils: In the beginning, the religions and holy texts were mixed up with egotistical tribal and power aims. Life is an evolution towards enlightenment consciousness. The development is moving towards the inner happiness of all humans. This process is not finished. There is still a long way to go before that process is finished. We can observe this development in Judaism/Christianity, Buddhism/ Mahayanabuddhism, Hinduism/ Neo-Hinduism, and even Islam/ Sufis.

raphael: Hello Nils! I don’t have the discipline to live the Yogi life.

Nils: A regular schedule and self-discipline can be learned. According to my experience, it is difficult for two to three months. Then the spirit becomes used to the daily exercises and everything flows on its own.

There are strong and weak Yogis. I am a little, weak Yogi. Strong Yogis sit there for twelve years and are enlightened. Little Yogis practice in small steps and motivate themselves everyday.

There is the story of the Jewish Nachman. One day, the Jewish man Nachman wanted to be enlightened. He wanted to see God and live in God. But he was just a little man, very weak, and very fearful. But he was also very clever. Therefore, he developed a path of enlightenment for little, weak, yet clever Jews. He put music, joy, and celebrating in the center of his yogi life. He made every day into a personal party. After some years, thank the grace of the universe, his entire life was a party.

What is Scientific Proof?

kidt: What is scientific proof?

Nils: In the scientific proof of God we are dealing with an empirical (inductive) proof. A quote from Wikipedia: Proof is a valid derivation of correctness (verification) or incorrectness (falsification) of a statement from true premises. The inductive proof comes from observations and experiences and can principally deliver no absolute certainty. The inductive proof is used especially in the law and the sciences .

Deductive proof is mainly used in logic and mathematics and comes from a judgement made from premises or definitions according to established, logical methods of conclusion.

Proof is rendered when the individual responsible for providing proof has convinced the judge in a court of the correctness of said proof.

Wikipedia: A proof is supplied when the judge’s personal belief in the correctness of the statement of fact is given. A proof (in the words of the Federal Supreme Court) is whether the judge is personally convinced of the truth of the assertion of fact. It may ask the judge for his conviction no scientifically reliable evidence, but must deal with a practical degree of certainty to be content. The conviction of the court may rely on circumstantial evidence.

kidt: What we cannot do is to change the opinions of the sceptics. The criteria is missing to accomplish that.

Nils:The sceptics suffer from spiritual self-blockage. The sceptics should open themselves to understand, and indications would lead them to see the proof and the truth in these matters.

Quote from (quoted from original German) What is proof? In theory there are three types of proof: natural scientific proof, mathematical, and historical proof. The historic proof is examined under one-time circumstances, the physical proof is based on empirical data (observations, experiments, or experiences which can be repeated). Mathematic proof is of a purely logical nature.

The problem in the discussion regarding the ability to prove something is the underestimation of historical proof. Things which happen only once and not in an experiment, and cannot be repeated in the context of an experiment, are called unproven by sceptics.

In the case of historical proof, it deals with the ability to believe in the details of an incident and to put these details into question. Are the consequences and effects of the incident conclusive? Are there witnesses? Are there reasons for the witnesses to not tell the truth?

It isn’t possible to experimentally examine these statements and findings. History happens once and cannot be repeated in a lab. Estimation is possible, and it must be estimated as to whether the witness are believable and real.

Jevi, the Enlightened


Jeverman belongs to a internet-forum. I appreciate him as an enlightened philosopher. After I stopped posting in a discussion, he appeared suddenly. I like reading what he writes.

Here a few quotes from him: My home is the emptiness apart from being and not being. This emptiness is at the same time fulfillment. Only those who stop trying to find, find the basis of all things.

My never-ending search stopped. I want nothing and accept nothingness as myself. I live in the clarity of reality, in pure light. I am pure existence. This purity cannot be known before one experiences it, and it can also not be described with words. My transformation was from a taker to a giver.

Wishes separate you from reality. In order to find truth, you have to uncover untruth. It is necessary to recognize that all wishes are false. Always when you deny, when you have hate, rage and anger, your ego starts to dance. Your ego is what hides the holy in you.

The goal of self-recognition is to be free. Everything you need is already in you. It is necessary to wish only for self- recognition. Dive deep in yourself, discover yourself, that you are in the eternal ocean of life. All of creation is your universal body. In the same moment, you are and are not. That is your true nature. When you reach your true self, you go over the person.

Longing and fear are the cause of inner discontent. These emotions destroy the harmony of life. When suffering is accepted as a lesson, and is considered such in a deep way and processed under the surface, then the separation between joy and pain breaks down and both become clear experiences. Pain is resistance, and joy is acceptance. Everything that takes place simply takes place and there is no need to worry or fear.

Your biggest task is to return to the source. Your inner teacher shows you how to use your thoughts properly. Wisdom is the gate to freedom. Wakeful attention is the mother of wisdom. The world around you is not the real world. In reality, harmony is the highest law. Darkness is good, as it makes the light visible.

Consciousness is the magic tool. You are space in which life moves and love which leads your life. Stop viewing the world as separate from you. Love and empathy are the true nature of the enlightened, he is one with all.

To imagine God as a person is not right. God is not divided, God is everything. He free of the chains of definition. He is the nectar of love which is the harmony of everything and the fabric of heaven.

Only theories require proof, reality proves themselve. When you are reality, then God is also. Once you dissolve the theories regarding who you are, you will realize that the only reality is that you are. Those who find God do not need outer proof anymore.

Within the manifestation, there is nothing static. Everything that exists must change. Everything that has a beginning, must also end. To live is an experience. Every experience can be the basis for self-recognition. You only have to learn to think and to feel in the form of your true self.

Buddha did not negate life, rather the suffering in life. It is natural to be born, to live and to die, but not to suffer. The self-preservation, the self-salvation can not be brought about by anyone else. Therefore it is called self-salvation. Jesus went this way to show the principal possibility, but he cannot walk the path for you. The return to truth is your own task. Greetings 😉 jevi

The Goal of Reincarnation


wokarb: Isn’t the goal of reincarnation religions to become free of the painful cycle of life?

Nils: See it in a positive light. It is a wonderful thing to be able to live again and again for eternity. When your body is old and used up, you lay it down and you get a new one. Then the party goes on. Then you can post your jokes in this forum again. You can live on earth as long as you want. When the earth is no longer inhabitable, we can look for a new star, establish a philosophy forum and we can have more fun there.

And when we don’t feel like doing that anymore, there is also a way out of the game. We will all become Yogis, go towards enlightenment, and we will move up spiritually and above the eternal dance of joy and pain. We will then live in a light dimension. According to the yoga teachings, every enlightened yogi has the choice if he or she would like to return to the earth or to live forever in the world of light. With her or his last thoughts (mantra or prayer) she or he decide the future of her or his soul.

I favor the middle path. To live as a Yogi, you live with your consciousness in the light dimension (in God) and also in the world of material. Then you don’t completely leave the dance of joy and pain, you can enjoy life, help all beings and grow spiritually.

A good example for this is the laughing Buddha. He is resting within himself and laughs with his friends over life. In Yoga, there is the fat elephant Ganesha, the God of happiness. I like to call him as a Yogi so that laughing is a part of my path as a Yogi. I also interpret Jesus as a smiling savior. Jesus loved bread and wine. He was a friend of life.

The Zen Way


nescio: I orient myself around Zen.

Nils: Zen is good and I have practiced it myself.

hancock: You practiced Zen? But not anymore? Why?

Nils: I’ve tried almost every spiritual way. The power and self-discipline of Zen amaze me the most. I have read a lot of books on the topic, I’ve gone to Zen events and met Zen masters. Finally, I have settled on the way best for me. It is a mixture of Yoga, Zen, Christianity, and western philosophy.

I believe in the unity of all religions. I believe that there is only one God (a higher consciousness), that all real religions are only differentiated by their terminology. The task of everybody is to find his or her own spiritual path, which works for him or her. For me, it is this this mix system.

I can describe this path as a way of undogmatic Yoga, or as a sort of Zen Buddhism. An important teacher for me is the Dalai Lama. In Tibetan Buddhism there is an element of Zen, which is called Dzogchen. Here, I feel very much at home. I have read stories of the Yogi Patrul Rinpche (Surya Das, the Tibetan Wisdom stories.).

The essence of Zen is a routine of sitting and moving over a long time. This spiritual purification technique is something I have extended to lying (I meditate lying down because it is more comfortable), reading, moving (I go walking twice a day for an hour each time), doing good (to work for a happy world), and enjoying life (watching TV, Internet, good food). That is something I have practiced for twentytwo years now. I feel like it works well.

I’ve left all dogma behind. I find Zen good, but many other paths as well. I develop my spiritual path from moment to moment, spontaneously.

nescio: Hi Nils, a friend of mine who is into Zen informed me that Buddha denied the usual speculation regarding the existence of Gods. This is what first awakened my interest in Buddhism. So what’s the deal with Zen and God?

Nils: Enlightenment is pure consciousness and is above all systems. For this reason, Buddha was against speculation. As an atheist, you can go the Buddha way of things.

According to my religious philosophical roots, God can best be defined according to enlightenment. An enlightened individual sees God as light in the world. He or she sees God as unity, as the origin of all things. The world is illuminated from itself. An enlightenment perspective sees the totality of all things. Through this, inner peace and inner happiness unfold. The kingdom of truth is what is meant by God, or with Tao, Nirvana, or Brahman.

All real religions are based on an enlightened founder. All real religions have a term for God. There are personal terms (God as an old man or a mother Goddess) and abstract terms for God (cosmos, Nirvana, light). When properly used, all terms lead to a life in light. Instead of a father God or Jesus, you can imagine a Buddha statue.

hancock: Thinking is supposed to lead to enlightenment? How does that work? Thinking too much leads to confusion. Dual thinking leads to conflict and confusion.

Nils: Principally it can be said that enlightenment can be reached via clever thought work and through meditation. In normal cases, both techniques are required. In singular cases, thought work or meditation alone can lead to a breakthrough.

When we exchange negative thoughts for positive thoughts, we will become light unto ourselves. We should think in a way that brings light in our life. We should hold to the five basics of love , peace, self-discipline, joy, and wisdom. These five principals make the world happy. These principals can be considered the essence of all religions, and what leads to enlightenment.

According to Patanjali, a yogi should calm his thoughts with positive thinking and then meditate to deepen the calm. The teaching of Patanjalis correspond with the eight-fold path of Buddhism. Yoga and Buddhism are identical in terms of their central exercises.

A Zen Poem


The true Way is like the infinite cosmos,

it lacks nothing and nothing is superfluous to it.

Addicted to gain or loss, we are not free.

Do not run after phenomena.

If our spirit stays calm and serene,

enlightement will appear naturally and spontaneously.

In the Philosophy Room


Bartleby: To be enlightened and happy are supposedly abilities one can learn?

Nils: Being happy is doable. Happiness can be learnt. A person can raise his or her happiness by 40% with simple daily exercises. American researchers who studied the topic of happiness found that to be the case.

Enlightenment occurs when a person dissolves his or her inner tension through spiritual techniques such as meditation and thought work. An individual can relax through exercise. Inner happiness then unfolds on its own. A person can work for the conditions best suited to enlightenment, but this grace comes from God. If a person practices spiritually long enough, he or she develops inner happiness. How quickly this occurs depends on the intensity and nature of the inner conflict.

Bartleby: To be “free from joy and pain“ is nothing I consider worth striving for.

Nils: An enlightened individual has feelings just like a non-enlightened person: feelings of grief and joy. He or she simply lives at a higher level of happiness, in general. He or she has more peace, power, happiness, and love.

There are two ways to approach feelings in spirituality. Buddha based himself in a great feeling of inner relaxation, free from intense emotions. He rose above feelings like rage, sadness, fear, and joy. The Dalai Lama in comparison, represents a form of Buddhism which emphasizes feelings. He cultivates feelings such as all-encompassing love and empathy.

I teach the allowance of feelings of rage and sadness in my yoga lessons. I practice regular anger, grief, love, and joy exercises. Many yoga teachers overpower such feelings. There are also various ways to go in yoga.

Trist: To know about God, you first have to be enlightened. That it is an infinite circle and can never be proven.

Nils: That is not a circular argument. Enlightenment, like love, cannot be measured with devices, but it exists anyway. One can measure the results of such feelings as happiness, love, and enlightenment. One can measure brain waves and conclude regarding particular feelings. The main proof for enlightenment comes from witnesses. We could also ask if someone has ever been in love, in a similar way.

LuxFerre: I can think for myself, and decide for myself. I don’t need help from enlightened people.

Nils: I consider it a mistake to not accept help from enlightened teachers, but everyone has his or her own way. Help is voluntary.

Accepting the help of an enlightened master has the advantage that the teacher knows the goal and can help people from straying from it. Without an enlightened teacher, it is more difficult to come to self-realization. Only a few people can find the correct way and reach the goal without a teacher.

It is ok for a beginner to read spiritual books and to look for the wisdom within, but if you wish to make real progress, it helps to have a teacher.

A bad teacher is harmful, but a good one can help bring people forward spiritually. We should first check out our teachers before we truly put our spiritual lives in their hands. I recommend that you center yourself in your own wisdom, and view the master’s wisdom as additional help.

Fliege: What ist enlightenment energy?

Nils: Enlightenment energy feels like light, water, or a magnet field around the person. It has the characteristics of peace, power, happiness, and love. When the person is pure enough on the inside, this happiness energy fills the body and the space around the person. He is then surrounded by an aura of holy energy.

Enlightenment energy can be sensed. In science, it is often debated as to what it deals with. I experience it as consciousness energy. I can create this energy through my spiritual exercises and spiritually control this energy and transfer it to other people. I also got enlightenment energy from my teachers. The center of initiation in yoga is the transfer of enlightenment energy.



Thale: God must be holy. God must have consciousness.

Nils: God has no consciousness. God is a higher consciousness, a higher information field behind the material cosmos. When we cleanse our consciousness of all neurosis and tension, then we can connect with this higher consciousness and share its characteristics. Then we radiate peace, happiness, love, and truth and we are holy.

Thale: I go more towards nihilism. I don’t believe in the holy. I don’t believe in righteous.

Nils: That is a big mistake. There is an absolute righteousness. There is a cosmos and in the cosmos, there are particular rules. In the cosmos, there is an order of happiness. The point of life is to be happy. The task of all people is to be happy and to create a happy world.

In the cosmos, everything develops towards a higher purpose. The highest is the enlightenment consciousness. The task of all souls is to develop towards enlightenment. Then, these souls will be one with the highest consciousness. There is an evolution towards enlightenment.

I have experienced great pain and great happiness. The biggest happiness I experienced in enlightenment. The cosmos has given humans the ability to move to wisdom. I can therefore say I would like to avoid suffering to the greatest extent possible, and to realize a state of happiness as far as possible. Those who have experienced intense suffering and intense happiness in life, know their lives’ challenges. They know that there is a correct way to the correct life. This could be called the holy path.

Nihilists are confused people who inflict harm on others. The task of philosophy is to overwhelm nihilism and to give people sense.

Thale: I don’t believe that one can reach a higher quality of consciousness.

Nils: Research on the topic of happiness has proven that one can certainly reach a higher quality of consciousness with meditation and positive thinking. A normal person can raise his or her general level of happiness with simple exercises by 40%. Meditation and positive thinking are scientifically proven to be the best way to live at a higher level of happiness.

A nihilist possesses a sick, negative psyche. This psyche brings such people to criticize and to never attempt a positive outlook. Nihilists tend to destroy themselves and others, and think that happiness is not possible because the world is bad.

The reason for nihilism is tension in the body and soul of nihilists. This comes from difficult life situations, such as a loveless childhood, pressure in school, trauma, etc, but could be dissolved through exercise like yoga, meditation, and positive thinking, or by psychological treatment.

Thale: I am a nihilist. I like to concentrate on the negative points in life.

Nils: How can I help you? The reason for your confusion is in your psyche. You tend towards negativity. You think along the lines of nihilistic logic. It is difficult to convince you because you have such a deep predisposition against goodness.

You long for goodness, but you are so wounded from life that you deny the existence of goodness in order to avoid confronting your spiritual wounds. The only things that can help you are psychotherapy or the way of enlightenment. I fear that you would only block psychotherapy with your sharp yet negative intellect. Only a master psychologist or an enlightened master could help you. Through the way of enlightenment, you could systematically dissolve your inner conflict and live in goodness again.

Take a risk. Experience God personally. Only that can convince you on a deeper level. Realize God through spiritual exercise without believing God in the depths of your suffering soul. God will show himself to you. You have the power of many centuries to take the spiritual path. When you receive the blessings of an enlightened master, then you will have success. But you have to jump over the shadows of your ego. You have to sacrifice the nihilism in the depths of your soul and consider the possibilities of an absolute Good. That is the price for the experience of ultimate holiness. You have only your nihilism to lose. You lose something meaningless and win everything. Go forward.

Love is the Essence


blabla: Isn’t love the essence of Christianity?

Nils: Very good. We should all love more.

blabla: To carry around love within oneself all day and everyday should be enough for enlightenment?

Nils: Try it. It is enough. You will see God in the world and in other people. You will have love, peace, and happiness within. All-encompassing love is the quickest way to a life in God.

blabla: What I don’t understand is how people know the universe scientifically, they know how big it is, how old it is, they know that it is there. Despite that, they don’t know it really, because the feeling for it is missing.

Nils: Very well stated. Enlightenment is a cosmic consciousness. One feels like he or she is a part of the universe. Enlightenment can be created in that the cosmos are visualized around oneself and the universe as a whole. The visualization of the universe activates the Kundalini energy (the enlightenment energy). It is not enough to know something of the universe, one must also feel it.

blabla: It is as though we know there is a God, but we don’t feel or sense the existence of this God. If we look in the right direction, we then become aware and can thus become enlightened?

Nils: Visualizing God awakens the enlightenment energy. Praying with real feeling awakens the Kundalini energy. For this reason, many Christians say they can feel God. They think about God and have feelings of peace and happiness.

Thale: And what do you want to do with your happiness?

Nils: Those who are happy in and of themselves, are sufficient in and of themselves. Those who are not happy, cannot get enough of external things. Inner happiness is the center of life.

Thale: Uninterrupted perceptions of happiness. Why is that worth striving for?

Nils: Try it, then you’ll know why.

Thale: Do you know the end of the way?

Nils: The way of enlightenment is endless. God cannot be measured. You can grow eternally. When you have saved yourself, then you can save everyone else. Amma meditates for herself first. When she has enough enlightenment energy in herself, she then meditates for other people and sends them happiness, wisdom, love, power, and peace. Most people could use a lot of these things.

Thale: Isn’t the world unimportant for the enlightened?

Nils: An enlightened master has peace within him or her, but the suffering of others is not unimportant to him or her. Those who have God within, have enough for themselves. But God is also love. Enlightenment changes people from egotistical persons to loving, giving individuals. The ego is dissolved and through the destruction of the ego, the enlightened recognizes him or herself and all of his or her fellow humans. The enlightened see the suffering of others and wish them happiness. Love flows from them to their fellow humans and their enlightenment becomes more all-encompassing. An enlightened is not a nihilist, rather a Buddha who is concerned with the happiness of his or her fellow humans.

The Highest Philosophy


blabla: “Those who set themselves down for twelve years and doesn’t think of anything, will get enlightenment.” That is the essence of what you have been saying.

Nils: Correct. The essence of enlightenment is in simply existing (calm, rest, not thinking). You think when you need to think. Simply ceasing thoughts sounds simple, but it is a rather dynamic process. Before the thoughts come to a point of calm, all of the suppressed emotions and stress situations in the subconscious come to the surface and dissolve.

To force thoughts to stop would be wrong. You sit down somewhere, wait a bit, and then the dance of thoughts and feelings begin. After a time, it all comes to rest, and inner peace, harmony, and happiness emerge. That is how you rise from one level to the next. The “I” and “me” mentality ceases. You cannot force enlightenment. It comes of its own speed.

blabla: Nils, I’m beginning to understand. The world changes its reality, and people change their reality, but the world is still the world and the people are still people. In absolute transcendence, other beings begin to all be the same, and God is something above all of that. The absolute transcendence is somewhere in between, where you are neither a non-believer or a believer, a wiseman or a fool, you are nothing more. You don’t even have an opinion about it because an opinion requires thinking.

Nils: You have described it well, although it cannot really be described. There is no “I” consciousness anymore. Everything is pure consciousness without restless thought changes. There is enlightenment, but there is no enlightenment. You are happy, but you don’t exist anymore. But happiness alone is not enough. You don’t have an opinion about things, you are everywhere. But that is just a concept for us in the meantime.

I follow the philosophy of the Dalai Lama, who connects absolute transcendence with relative transcendence. In absolute transcendence, everything is unreal. There is only God (light, cosmic consciousness). The world is a fleeting dream. In relative transcendence, the world remains the world, you only view everything from a higher level of consciousness. The absolute transcendence allows people to rise above suffering in the world and to rest at a higher level. The relative transcendence allows humans to deal in the world, and to work for a happy world. I hope that isn’t too complicated. It is really the highest philosophy.

Ra-Jah: Isn’t the goal of a person to become a human? And as such, to be humanitarian? When an “enlightened“ is confronted with the suffering of another, then how should this enlightened be indifferent to this suffering?

Nils: What does it mean to “become a human?“ It means to be oneself, to be in harmony with the deepest inner being. The deepest inner being of a human is to rest in happiness (in Sat-Chid-Ananda).

Secondly, to be a human means to have feelings, to be able to empathize with other beings and to live in all-encompassing love. An enlightened dissolves the ego, and sees him or herself through all fellow beings. He or she is at a deeper level with all other beings. He or she considers others in their entirety and all of their feelings as well. He or she feels their joy and their worries. And because the enlightened senses other beings over the higher information field, he or she can help with positive energy and positive thoughts.

Finally, an enlightened lives in two worlds. He or she lives in absolute transcendence with joy, happiness, peace, free of suffering. When he would like to deal in this world, he or she has to return with a part of his or her consciousness into the material world. Through this action, his or her happiness gets smaller, but he or she can expand the happiness of his or her fellow humans. This in turn makes the enlightened happy.

The practical aspect of this path of dual consciousness (absolute and relative transcendence) is that one can take part in both worlds. The Dalai Lama meditates during the night and stays in a higher enlightenment consciousness. Through this action he is deeply happy and grows spiritually in his enlightenment. In the morning he returns to the material world and strengthens his friends along the spiritual way.

An enlightened is between all things in that he or she lives in both worlds. He is both not in this world, and is in this world. I experience it in that I have a place in the world of light where I can regenerate and rest optimally. My main point of dealing is this world, without totally forgetting the light dimension. I can sense my fellow humans at a deeper level when I come to peace in meditation. Then their energy appears, I feel connected with them in love, I am happy in this state of all-encompassing love, and I send them the energy they need.

The Omnipotent God



God is a cosmic consciousness field that is over and in all beings.God is described as ubiquitous, all-powerful, all-knowing, omnipotent, and blissful. In transcendence, God is described as all-encompassing mother and father, full of love and happiness.

Ubiquitous is a good description for the cosmic information field. All-knowing is a good component of this field.

Love and happiness are experienced when you become one with this cosmic field.But what’s the deal with all-powerful? That I am not so sure of.

The way I deal with this concept, is to see

God as the cosmic law working everywhere and absolutely.An enlightened feels God as an all-powerful being. At the same time, he has the ability to deal only within his possibilities. He must remain within the rules of the cosmos.

The power of the cosmic consciousness field is limited, in my opinion. It has to emerge with whatever material is at hand. It can create a material cosmos. It can manifest itself as an enlightened. It can influence the development of the material cosmos. But it remains within the rules of the universe. For that reason, I define the all-powerful nature of the cosmos as an inner feeling. I define the power of God as transcendent and contradictory.

Atheist: Isn’t love the essence of Christianity?

Yogi: Very good. We should all love more.


To carry around love within oneself all day and everyday should be enough for enlightenment?

Yogi: Try it. It is enough. You will see God in the world and in other people. You will have love, peace, and happiness within.

All-encompassing love is the quickest way to a life in God.

Atheist: What I don’t understand is how people know the universe scientifically, they know how big it is, how old it is, they know that it is there. Despite that, they don’t know it really, because the feeling for it is missing.

Yogi: Very well stated. Enlightenment is a cosmic consciousness. One feels like he or she is a part of the universe.

Enlightenment can be created in that the cosmos are visualized around oneself and the universe as a whole. The visualization of the universe activates the Kundalini energy (the enlightenment energy).It is not enough to know something of the universe, one must also feel it.

Atheist: It is as though we know there is a God, but we don’t feel or sense the existence of this God. If we look in the right direction, we then become aware and can thus become enlightened?


Visualizing God awakens the enlightenment energy. Praying with real feeling awakens the Kundalini energy. For this reason, many Christians say they can feel God. They think about God and have feelings of peace and happiness.

Atheist: Do you know the end of the way?


The way of enlightenment is endless. God cannot be measured.You can grow eternally. When you have saved yourself, then you can save everyone else. Amma meditates for herself first. When she has enough enlightenment energy in herself, she then meditates for other people and sends them happiness, wisdom, love, power, and peace. Most people could use a lot of these things.

Atheist: Isn’t the world unimportant for the enlightened?


An enlightened has peace within him or her, but the suffering of others is not unimportant to him or her. Those who have God within, have enough for themselves. But God is also love. Enlightenment changes people from egotistical persons to loving, giving individuals. The ego is dissolved and through the destruction of the ego, the enlightened recognizes them in all of their fellow humans. The enlightened see the suffering of others and wish them happiness. Love flows from them to their fellow humans and their enlightenment becomes more all-encompassing. An enlightened is not a nihilist, rather a Buddha who is concerned with the happiness of his or her fellow humans.

The Unity of All Religions

Nils: Enlightenment is the center of all great religions. The unity of all religions is an important goal towardws building a happy world. The communication between religions is important, even when it’s sometimes difficult.

Anand (atheistic Buddhist): It is obvious that not all religions teach the same. Buddha taught that God and the soul don’t exist. Hinduism alleges the opposite. Honestly, there isn’t even unity within Hinduism. Simply allow the plurality of the different paths to be. The paths are simply different. For some, there is an afterlife, for others there isn’t.

Nils: Dear Anand, I find our discussion good because it clarifies many basic things. Even within Buddhism it is discussed.

1. There is only one God. There is only one highest reality. There is only one truth. Varied religions are helpful so that one can discuss the ultimate truth. We can only comprehend that once we have attained enlightenment.

2. I have experienced that there is such a thing as reincarnation. I have seen my earlier life.

3. Modern near-death research has shown that humans have souls that can think and observe independently of the body.

4. There are many clairvoyants who can see into the afterlife. Reincarnation therapy has also confirmed the reality of repeated existence and the reality of an afterlife. Documentaries on television often appear where people describe their earlier lives in a hypnotized state and then travel with the TV crew to the area described. Many accounts can be confirmed as the truth.

5. Buddha saw his earlier lives once he became enlightened. In the book “The Sayings of Buddha” from Hermann Oldenberg, it is described over the attainment of Buddha-dom: “With gathered spirit I saw the remembrance and recognition of my earlier existences. I let go of myself, and was born again.”

6. The Buddhist teachings only make sense when we consider the reality of rebirth. Why should you work towards enlightenment through the centuries when so few reach the goal? Most people would squander their lives if they couldn’t take the fruit of their striving into the next life. In Yoga, a Yogi resumes his practice from life to life until he has reached the goal of enlightenment. In this way, all spiritual people reach their goal at some point.

7. Buddha had simply emphasized his teachings on the dissolving of the self. For that reason, he especially emphasized emptiness (the non-self). In Yoga, fulfillment is emphasized (lots of energy, love, peace, happiness). In enlightenment there is emptiness (nothingness) and unity (fullfillment) at the same time. According to my experience, one should concentrate on emptiness so that one can live in happiness.

8. The earlier lives reveal themselves only after a certain point along the way. A human can be enlightened on a lower level, and despite this have no contact with his earlier life. For this reason, even some enlightened individuals may allege there is no such thing as reincarnation.

9. There is a lot of confusion among the religions of the world. I am of the opinion that all fully enlightened masters like Buddha, Jesus, Swami Shivananda, Amma, and Mother Meera see things the same way, they simply express them differently.

10. I am for freedom of faith and opinion. I allow for the plurality of opinions and religion. I accept Atheists, even, although I consider their path false. I can deal with the idea of an atheistic Buddhism. I am for the unity of all religions. It means that all religions should work together for a better world and for a world of love, peace, and truth. Differences of opinion between the religions can of course continue to exist.

From the German language Wikipedia entry on Buddhism:

The Atman or Atta concept of “self“, known from Indian philosophy, can be compared with the personal soul known in the Western knowledge system. Buddha spoke of Anatman(Sanskrit) and Annata (Pali) as the “non-self”. What was referred to as the Atman in Vedic tradition is not in fact constant unity according to Buddhist thought, but rather continuous growth, change, and the perpetration of misdoings. Reincarnation is not understood as transmigration in Buddhism, rather as a impulse emanating from the karma of the deceased who constantly creates new entities.

Interview with an Enlightened Master


Interviewer: Why do you speak when you don’t wish to grant consolation or comfort?

Master: What should I do instead? Should I throw stones at you?

Interviewer: When you talk about life, it sounds irrational to us.

Master: What I say conflicts with your logical structure. Logic makes it incomprehensible.

Interviewer: The gurus and priests teach us that there isn’t a separative structure and that this is the cause for our problems.

Master: For you, those are only words. You’ve rationalized what the gurus and the holy books teach.

Interviewer: It seems a type of radical change must take place.

Master: It doesn’t bring anything to question reality. Instead, question your goals and your convictions. You must free yourself from these things, and not from reality.

Interviewer: But for many of us, life is holy. We fight to protect our children and nature and to avoid war.

Master: You are all neurotic people.

Interviewer: But you can’t simply do away with everything that is holy to us.

Master: Of course I can, it is all just imaginary stuff.

Interviewer: Then why bother speaking?

Master: I don’t give humans what they want. I confront them with calm. Everyone who comes is silent after they come here. When you can’t take the silence, you will go away. But when you stay for a long time, you will become silent. Not because this was so amazingly convincing and rational, but because the calm itself brings the movement to silence. Everything will be burnt by the calm. All experiences will be demolished.

Interviewer: Somehow you seem free of all of the contradictions. Although you claim you are not in a permanent state of bliss, you seem to be rather happy anyhow. Do you believe in modern psychology?

Master: Krishnamurti talked of a revolution of the psyche. There is no psyche.

Interviewer: But you demonstrate a similar approach like Krishnamurti.

Master: I use 80% of his words and expressions that he used to damn the gurus, the saints and saviors. He is full of character, but I don’t care about people with character.

Interviewer: Then there is only eating, sleeping, and breathing?

Master: Yes.

Interviewer: Then it doesn’t matter what we do because we are operating in an unnatural way?

Master: Forget the ideal society or the ideal way of being. I never ask myself how I function. Does a machine ask how it functions?

Interviewer: But machines don’t have feelings, a psyche or a spiritual dimension.

Master: Every time you try to put me into your religious structure, you have failed to comprehend. All of this spiritual stuff is just a form of insanity.

Note: From the highest level there is only god. The soul is just a fleeting manifestation, in this way, the master is right. From the middle level, we consider the existence of a soul or a continuum of consciousness that wanders from life to life and develops spiritually. As long as all three worlds (earth, astral world, light world) don’t dissolve in the highest light world, the soul exists. For this reason, we can say that the soul exists forever, except if the enlightened master chooses to dissolve into God after death. A Karma Yogi usually keeps his or her soul after death so he or she can support his or her followers.

On the lower level (materialism), we can only consider the body.

What is the right way to consider these things? Principally, all three levels are real. We have a body, a soul, and we are God at the same time. It depends on where you want to place your attention at a particular time in your life.

The master concentrates on light and remains in enlightenment. At the same time, he is tied to his body, which he sees as a sort of machine, or an instrument of the cosmos. The consideration of one’s own person as a cosmically determined machine without its own will helps to hold the enlightenment consciousness.

The humans among us are not so far along the path as the master. Our task is to keep the body healthy and to develop the soul towards the light. We should therefore concentrate our energies on the body, the soul, and the light.

The enlightened masters teach many contradictory things. In order to understand them, we need our own understanding. When we center ourselves in our own wisdom, then we can learn from the enlightened masters in all directions and we don’t lose ourselves in the jungle of multi-faceted opinions.

Through these varied words, confusion can result. As already described, there are three levels in the cosmos. There is a material level where the body is born and where it dies. There is an energy level where the soul wanders through a variety of lives. Then there is the light level where all souls will become one soul and at the same time nothing. The soul goes to God and this is not comprehensible for a non-enlightened individual.

Buddha concentrated on the highest level. He taught the non-existence of the self. This teaching is absolutely correct from the highest level. If you are able to understand, you will become a Buddha immediately. Most of us are not so far along the way and need many lives to get there. According to Sai Baba, a soul needs three lives as a Yogi to become a completely enlightened being.

Nils can only report what he has experienced. He has seen a thousand earlier lives. He can therefore say that there is a soul that develops further from life to life. He experienced, however, his ego in each life, his sense of self dependent on that one particular life that could not be transferred to another life. In this way, there is no self which can be reborn.

He sees himself as Nils as a totally separate entity from his earlier lives. These are somehow totally foreign people who have given their experiences, their abilities, their feelings, and ways of thinking to him. He feels he is connected to them, as he needs to heal all of their wounds within him so that he can become whole (and live in light). That occurs almost automatically on his Yoga path. He does exercises for the body and the soul. He works on his “temporary” psyche and heals all of his earlier lives along with his current one.

Go your own Way

Anand: There are many spiritual ways, and they partly contradict one another.

Nils: The best is to simply go your own way and then upon enlightenment you will see the connection between all spiritual ways. Atheism is also a concept. To have no concept is also a concept. Most people have to follow a clear spiritual concept for many years before they can step over the level of concepts.

As you aren’t enlightened, you don’t understand Balsekar or Krishnamurti. They are two big enlightened confusers. As a Yogi, one should principally stay away from this teaching, unless one has excercised for years and stands right before the gateway to enlightenment.

Then you can reach a still higher level when you leave all goals of enlightenment behind. In Tibetan Buddhism, a story is often told of a Yogi who exercised spiritually in an extremely intense way and then took three years to simply rest in a state of existence. He could then leave all false ambitions behind.

Principally, it is correct according to the words of Dalai Lama and Swami Sivananda: „It is hard work over a long period of time to reach enlightenment consciousness. Only a few people reach this state spontaneously and without prior work.“ Enlightenment comes on its own, but you can certainly practice for it. It is enough to have an enlightened master and to follow his commands.

Beate: Now I’d like to share my excitement and enthusiasm for he spirited contributions from Yogi Nils. Thanks for the time you give us here with the sharing of your mind and spirit. Such clear text is seldom seen. It is a true joy! For me, your words are highly inspiring. Many thanks, Beate.

Saradevi: I know that this life is not my last and only life. It is rather true certainty that we only leave our earthly bodies when we “die”. “WE” are immortal.

Rita: Dear Nils, I find your confessions absolutely fascinating. This is for me the philosophic foundation with which I base my teachings. Warm Greetings, Rita

The Swan


from Swami Satyanada Saraswati (Quote)

Climb upon the white swan of Yoga.

You will see people winking, full of addictions.

If you remain firm and strong,

the Swan will bring you to light.

The moment he flies to the center of the sun,

Drums will pound and voices will sound.

You will be flooded with energy.

The light will clothe you with a golden coat.

You will enter the kingdom of God

and meet the children of eternity.

Quotes of enlightement


God is so great, that it is entirely worth the effort to search for him for the entirety of your life.

Therese von Avila (1515-1582), Spanish Mystic


“All material emerges through power which brings energy particles into motion, which in turn hold the universe together. We must infer there is a conscious, intelligent mind behind this power. This mind is the origin of all material. Not the visible but temporary material, rather the invisible, immortal mind is the true power behind the universe!”

Max Planck (1858-1947), German physicist and founder of the Quantum Theory.


The Church of the future needs to be a living form of spirituality.The Christ of the 21st century is a mystic, or he isn’t anything at all.

Karl Rahner (1904-1984, Philosopher of Religion)


True happiness cannot be found in things, rather in the depths of the soul.

Theresia von Lisieux


If we could take Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and live out the meaning, then we could solve all of the problems in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

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